Elena’s Party


It is Elena’s birthday party, Elena is turning 35 and had decided to throw a big nineties party. The kind of party for people in their early to mid-thirties who do not party as much as they used to and like it when they get to. Elena is a colleague of Sam, my wife.

Sam and I are very much the target group: on most Friday evenings, we fall asleep on the couch at 10 PM after a long workweek, and although we like to dance and paint the town, somehow it is very low on our priority list.

Tonight though is very much on, the party spot is a place we used to frequent when we were students, the people are our kind of people and the music is very much our kind of music. I wear blue jeans and a black T-shirt. Sam is wearing a little black dress and black sneakers. It is summer and the place was only 500 meters away from where we live, so there’s no need for jackets.

We know quite a few people at the party. We drink a bit, dance a bit, talk to interesting people, and drink some more. Overall, we have a good time.

Somewhere mid-monologue, a story from a past holiday in Oman, Sam stops speaking, smiles a big smile, and screams “Tim!”

A dark-haired guy, in his late twenties or early thirties, square-jawed, slim built and carefully dressed turns, beams in Sam’s direction and comes our way. They hug and kiss each other’s cheek (we are European, it is what we do). Tim had done a six-month stint at Sam’s workplace a year ago. Sam had loved Tim from the get-go. He was funny, smart, caring, took initiative… all the things Sam likes in her colleagues.

She would rave at home about him: how happy she was that he was in her team, how she hoped he could stay, the books they had both read, the theories of psychology they both liked and disliked (she’s a psychologist)… For a few months, he was her best friend and his name would be mentioned at the dinner table. A few weeks before he changed jobs he came to eat at our place and I got to know him as a very affable and attractive guy. I understood how Sam liked him.

Tim introduces himself to some people, shakes my hand warmly, holding on a bit longer than necessary. After a few minutes of how-have-you-been-and-where-do-you-work-now chit chat, the DJ plays a great song by the Strokes, and much of the party moves to the barely-lit dance floor. We dance together. We dance apart. Sam has this sexy dance where she dances seductively with me.

She becomes all swaying hips. Nothing dirty, just flirty and sexy, and then she leaves me and dances alone for a bit. Then she moves to dance with another girl or with another guy and does the same. It’s all harmless fun. If I had a body like hers I’d do the same.

The Strokes get replaced by other 90s classics. Sam dances with me, with Tim, with other guys and girls. When a new DJ arrives the music changes, more soul, more funk, and more groove: Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown. So we dance closer. More tender. While dancing close with Sam, she pushes and grinds her behind into my crotch.

Earlier she danced like a flirt, mersin escort now there is a sexual charge. Tim appears in front of her. We sandwich her together. Two men friskily caress her svelte body. Just 10 seconds. My hands massage her butt and hips. His hands are on her side and shoulders. We move in unison together. I disengage, dance apart, They stay close. They touch each other, pet each other, and grind against each other.

A bit later Sam dances in my direction and pushes her body straight into mine. We move together. My upper leg is applying pressure on her nether region. Her breasts are on my chest. She brings her lips to my ear and in a husky voice, she says: “Can we take him home?” I lift an eyebrow, though, with her cheek on my cheek, there is no way she can see that. “Does he want to be taken home?” “I am sure he will want to if I ask it nicely.” She says and gives me her faux-innocent look.

We do not often discuss threesomes, but I know this is something she would love to try, and tonight is as good a night as any.

“Cool,” I whisper and kiss her neck.

She rubs her crotch some more on my upper leg. Kisses me and let’s go. She circumnavigates some other dancers straight to Tim. They dance, they talk. He looks in my direction. An eyebrow shoots up. I give him a confirmation nod from across the room as if to say “If that is what she wants, we’re good.”

I turn and head for the bar. If we’re going to do this, we may as well be tipsy. Three shots of vodka. One per person and off we go. Sam walks in between us and chirps about how she’s so happy we’re all getting along, that it was a beautiful party, and on and on. When she is just a bit nervous, she starts rattling, and she’s rattling now.

Our apartment building has a small elevator, I hold the door open, Tim gets in first, then Sam and then me. I softly push Sam into Tim. She barely needs a push. Her lips aim for his lips her hands for his back. They kiss hungrily. I place my hands on her behind and squeeze her while pushing her crotch forward into him. I kiss her neck. She groans.

Getting into the apartment, they barely stop kissing. After closing the door, I kneel behind her and I kiss my way up from her calves and start sucking and massaging her butt. She moans again. When I am through working her butt cheeks, I get up and take her dress with me. She puts her arms up to accommodate me removing her dress. The dress drops to the floor.

Sam is wearing a light blue silk bra and matching panties. Tim and I go on massaging, kissing, and sucking her every bit from her calves up to fingertips. We suck, lick, nibble, bite, fondle and pinch every square centimeter of Sam.

She stands, moans in appreciation, and allows things to happen to her. From behind, my hand finds its way into the front of her panties. I find her clitoris and stroke it the way I know she likes it (two fingers, one on each side).

My left hand massages her butt. Tim undoes her bra and her small breasts jump free. kocaeli escort He takes one in his mouth. She squirms, moans, and gasps. It takes a few seconds before she finds her composure again. She leans forward, unbuttons Tim’s pants, and pulls them down.

She pushes him against the wall, bends over by the waste, and takes his cock, already long and hard, in her mouth. While she sucks him off, I strip down her panties and massage her pussy lips and her behind. After a while, he lifts her and turns her around.

She looks at me straight while she rubs her but in his crotch. Her fingers make a come here sign. So I do and we kiss passionately. She takes off my T-shirt, unbuttons my jeans, and takes off my jeans and boxers in one go.

Going all pornstarlike on us, she gets down on her knees and puts my cock in her mouth, with her other hand she jerks off Tim. We just stand there. I know I could be jealous, but Sam is living her dream and I love her.

I nod at Tim and together we pick her up and carry her to the couch. We drop her on her back. I take place between her legs and start licking her while Sam takes Tim’s cock in her mouth. Tim massages her breasts while he’s being sucked off. I put one of my fingers in Sam and with another, I massage her perineum.

She starts moaning and spasms shoot through her leg. I start massaging her butt cheeks. Soon enough she releases Tim’s cock from her mouth. She pulls him off erratically with one hand and with the other, she pushes my face deeper into her clit. I suck and lick.

Her noises became squeaks, the noise she makes before reaching orgasm. Soon her body convulses, her vagina contracts and it takes a few minutes before she responds again. When she comes back, she turns on her hands and knees with her behind to me and starts to suck Tim off again. I start penetrating her from behind.

We ride her each on our side, passionately more than aggressively. But Sam wants Tim’s cock. So she unplugs herself from both sides and gets Tim to lay on his back. Her face is beaming as she lowers herself on his cock. She seems completely taken by the moment as she slowly rocks on his cock, her hands on his chest, her arms pushing her breasts together. He has his hands in his neck to lift his head and looks at her, a sly smile on his face.

I go to the kitchen to get olive oil. I grease my cock and work an oiled up finger inside her asshole. For a second she shrieks and then holds still. I work my finger completely in and take it out. She knows what is coming. I slide my oily cock up and down her ass crack. Every time I touch her asshole, her breathing abruptly changes.

When she is good and ready, I place my cock at her entrance and slowly build up pressure. She looks back, her eyes slightly bewildered, a combination of love, lust, and fear. She leans forward on top of Tim until her face is in his and they kiss, at the same time her hands move backward and hold open her ass cheeks.

I apply some more pressure samsun escort and I feel how her anus slowly gives way. She stops kissing Tim, her breathing is about all we hear, slow, and deep as if she is expecting what is to come. Then, her resistance breaks, and the top of my penis is inside. She still taking long and deep breaths. I look up from her ass and catch the eye of Tim, we hold still for a few seconds to let her adjust. Then I nod at Tim and we both start moving.

At first slowly, but once Sam has adjusted we push into her faster and faster, and in barely any time, we find our rhythm. We ride her calmly in and out. He goes deep, I almost retreat, he retreats, I go in deep. With her ass and her pussy filled, with Tim massaging her clit with one hand, sucking her breast in his mouth and massaging the other, all Sam’s sex boxes are getting ticked.

She is panting and moaning when she looks back at me I can see she’s horny as hell and about to lose the plot. We continue and Sam explodes in a great big orgasm, her sphincter contracts and contracts around my penis so that I can barely move anymore. Instead of letting her come to quietly though, I shift her weight to my side and pick her up by her ass globes.

We stand up together, my cock lodged deep inside of her ass. I let go of one of her legs which she puts on the ground. She turns her head and kisses me hungrily.

Then she turns back to Tim and beckons him. He gets up, stands in front of us, and puts his cock back in her pussy. She closes her legs behind him they share a long kiss. Only our two cocks, lodged deep inside of her, now hold her up.

We start moving again. It is barely a comfortable position for anyone, but the idea of Sam getting fucked in both holes and floating on our cocks is well worth it. After a bit, Sam taps me on the leg three times as a sign that we need change. We gently drop her to the floor and again she’s on her knees between us. She takes Tim in her mouth and now really sets her mind to finishing him off. His cock is deep in her mouth.

With one hand she pulls tickles his balls, the other reaches around the back. She massages either his perineum or his anus. Whatever she is doing, Tim barely has the time to place his hands on her head and face fuck her a few strokes before he comes in her mouth. She locks her lips around his cock as he shoots his bitter semen.

Then she swallows and licks his cock all clean. She looks up, their eyes lock, they smile. She walks hand and knees back to the couch. She puts her ass high up in the air and drops the rest of her on the couch. I am rock hard and place my cock back at the entrance of her anus. Slowly, I push my member in until my balls touch her coochie.

Then I start fucking her ass with abandon. I slide in and out fast. She groans and moans, but bucks back. I am not going to last long and when she starts tickling my balls, I go over the edge. With an aggressive last bump, I push her deep in the coach and slide my cock all in. She shrieks as I pin her down and my cock explodes deep inside of her. I collapse on top of her and stay for a bit, before removing my shrinking member from her ass.

We just lie there a bit. Tim, who had gone to the bathroom to clean himself up, now comes back into the room, gets dressed, kisses her on the lips, kisses me on the cheeks, and leaves. Sam dozes off.