Nylon Suck Again Ch. 02


I slept in one of the single beds that night. After Jimmy and Nils had flooded me with their come I had a beer and went to sleep. It was apparent that both guys wanted a second round but for some reason I was not up for it. My stomach was a little upset after it was flooded with the two massive loads I had swallowed. Before dozing off I could hear them speaking but I did not know and did not care what they were saying. For some reason I was exhausted.

It was about 7:00 A.M. when I opened my eyes. Jimmy was sleeping across from me on a bed and Nils must have slept in the queen sized bed at the rear of the RV. I had a piss hard on and got up and used the bathroom. I found a pair of running shorts that I put on. I returned to the bed and just got under the blanket and thought about the night before. Jimmy had not moved and was sleeping. One of his legs was outside of his blanket. There was a little mountain around where I assumed his cock was. I guess he was hard in his sleep. I was going to be busy this weekend. I looked at the foot of the bed and saw the rolled up and come stained pantyhose.

I tried to go back to sleep but I could not. I heard Nils moving around at the rear of the RV and he used the bathroom. He then walked towards where Jimmy and I were located. He had a pair of black sweatpants and a white cotton tee shirt. He gave me a very big grin.

He said, “Good morning.” I responded in kind. He said, “When is lazybones getting up?” I said, “Why would he want to get up from the great dream he is having?”

Nils said, “What dream?” I said, “Look at the mountain he is building under the blanket. He must be having a great dream.”

With that Jimmy opened his eyes and smiled. He wished both Nils and me a good morning and then he got up to use the bathroom. He had a hard on that he did not try to hide and he walked that way from the bed to the bathroom.

I said to Nils, “I will make the coffee. Will you or Jimmy make breakfast?”

Nils shrugged his shoulders and waited for Jimmy. When Jimmy came out of the bathroom (his cock still hard) he said he would make us Taylor Ham, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Jimmy had not put on any shorts and was cooking with just a blue tee shirt on with no bottoms on.

I located the coffee and started it up. Jimmy started frying the Taylor ham and eggs and Nils cut the rolls needed for the breakfast sandwiches. He then placed slices of yellow American cheese on the rolls and then placed the rolls under the broiler so that the cheese would melt.

Nils put on the radio. There was a local station that broadcast news and weather as well as music. The weather was supposed to be decent until late that same afternoon when there was a chance for some heavy showers.

I mentioned that if we were going to go out on a boat that we probably would be better off doing so before noon so that we could enjoy what sun there was. They both nodded their assent.

Sometimes there is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. This was one of those times. The day appeared to be beautiful. The breakfast sandwiches were nearly ready and I was one of three very horny guys. I sipped on my coffee. We sat at a table that we set with paper plates and cups and we ate. Jimmy was still sitting and walking around bottomless with his cock waving in the air.

Nils talked more about his native country and asked us if we would ever consider Sweden. I said I would and Jimmy said he would only if Nils was part of the group. We toasted the possibility by clicking our coffee cups together and saying in unison, “To Sweden.!”

The conversation changed when Nils asked me what the experience was like (for me) physically the night before. He wanted to know how I was able to swallow some much of the come that had been pumped out and exactly what I got out of it.

First I said that the first time I had ever tried it was with Jimmy and that it just happened. I told him that I just found the experience of a hard cock in my mouth to be pleasurable and that I would not mind having the same done for me in the future. As to the swallowing I just said that when the spurting started that gaziantep escort I tried to collect it and then try to swallow. I told him that before last night that I had only done it twice and both times were with Jimmy I did say that not all of their come made it down my throat last night as evidenced by the crust on the pantyhose that were at the foot of my bed.

I wondered at the time why Nils was asking these questions. Maybe he was curious to suck on me.

Nils offered to wash out and try to get the come off of the pantyhose. I told him that would be fine if that is what he wanted to do.

At this time I noticed that Jimmy’s eyes seemed to be glistening. I noticed that between bites on his sandwich and sips on his coffee that he was reaching down towards his cock. I could not see his cock as we were seated at the table. Jimmy mentioned to Nils that the morning after the first time I sucked him off that I had done it a second time after drinking hot coffee. He said to Nils that he only held his load for about a minute because of the sensations of my hot mouth from the coffee on his cock. At this time Nils stared at me as I took a sip.

Jimmy stood up and walked over to the coffee maker to pour himself another cup. As he did so I saw his cock. It looked delectable. He was deliberate in his pouring of the coffee as both Nils and I stared at him. There was a little bit of the exhibitionist in Jimmy.

I sensed again that Nils was getting a little curious. I took another sip and kept the hot coffee in my mouth for about ten seconds before swallowing. As Jimmy walked towards the table carrying his full cup I reached out with my right hand and softly grabbed his cock. He changed directions and stood near me. He sipped on his coffee and I ran my fingers slowly on the underside of his cock and pulled towards the head. I saw a droplet form at the end of his cock. His breathing changed. I took another large sip of coffee and held it in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

I pulled him closer and took the head into my mouth. I kept just the head in my mouth and then closed my mouth tightly and pulled and licked the underside. After about fifteen seconds of pulling without using my hands Jimmy dropped his morning load. He groaned as he shot. He was good for six strong spurts. I just held his cock in my mouth for about thirty seconds after he came and then let it slip out. I swallowed it all and then turned back to finish my coffee and sandwich. Jimmy went to the bedroom.

Nils looked at me and his eyes were wide. His hand was in his lap. I took a bite of the sandwich and another sip of coffee. Without speaking to him I motioned with my head for him to get up and stand where Jimmy had been. He did so and dropped his sweatpants to his ankles.

I took a swallow of coffee and pulled his cock with my hand and stroked it. He was pulsing in my hand. I placed the head in my mouth and he said something in Swedish. I did the same with Nils as I did with Jimmy. I held him in my mouth and had just his cock head beyond the ridge in my mouth and just pulled with my mouth. Nils lasted about thirty seconds but when his load came it was propelled like mini cannon shots. As he came I kept my tongue lashing out at the underside of his cock He pulled at the back of my head and held me as he mumbled in Swedish and shot. His pulsing lasted at least fifteen seconds before he let go of my head. In those fifteen seconds there I swallowed four times.

Nils appeared to be unsteady on his feet. He slowly pulled up his sweatpants and then sat down at the table.

After breakfast we washed up and made our way towards the lake. Prior to leaving I noticed that Nils had taken the crusty pantyhose and washed them with dishwashing detergent and then hanged them in the bathroom. We packed some food and water to bring with us. The lake is about ten square miles in size. There is an island in the middle of it that is about five acres in size.

We went to where there was a concession to rent row boats and we rented one for the day. We took turns rowing on the lake. It took about a half hour to row out to the island. It was hatay escort warm and we all went shirtless.

The island was a little rocky but there was an area that had room for some sunbathing. There were other boaters there along with their kids. We had bought a Frisbee with us and we threw it around and went diving after it into the water. We had some fruit and some snacks for lunch. We were on the island for three hours when we noticed that there were some dark clouds forming in the distance and thought it best to row back.

By the time we got back to the boat concession, there was some thunder and the wind was kicking up. We got back to the RV just in time to avoid the deluge.

We sat in the RV and watched the rains come. We took turns showering and shaving and got ready for dinner. There were three dry aged sirloin steaks along with baked potatoes and some vegetables that we micro waved. The steaks I cooked in a hibachi that was set up under an awning that folded out from the side of the RV. Nils brought out some red wine for us to drink that his parents had evidently had not used from one of their trips.

The dinner was delicious to say the least. We talked about everything including a serious conversation about all of us going to Sweden before the end of the summer.

The rains had subsided and we went for a walk after dinner around the campgrounds. There was the sight of some campfires burning and of people walking around and kids playing. The ground was wet from the rains but there did not seem to be a dampening of the spirit. There did not seem to be any dampening of the spirit from Jimmy and Nils as there was a point in time when Jimmy suggested that we go back to the RV and Nils agreed. They both looked at me and smiled so we returned.

It was dusk as we returned to the RV. There was something in the air but I did not know what.

Jimmy suggested a game of poker. Neither I nor Nils were very experienced at any card games so we ended up playing war. Jimmy wanted to have some type of betting. When I asked him what the stakes would be he just smiled.

Prior to playing both guys asked me to dress up. That came as no surprise. I took my bag into the bathroom. I retrieved a pair of long black nylons that normally needed a garter belt. I had two thick rubber bands that I slid up my legs to hold the stockings up. I did not put my underwear on but put on a pair of loose short grey running shorts and put on the heels from the night before. I put on a grey tee shirt as well.

The stakes involved hand jobs, blowjobs or (perish the thought fucking).I was not at all comfortable with the last (and grand option). The game really was silly. There is no strategy to war and is just pure luck. We would take turns winning and losing. Finally there was showdown hand. The bet was for the winner to get (or give anything) he wanted.

Jimmy won. I asked him what he wanted to do. He looked at Nils and then at me. He said he would love to fuck me. I did not respond. This was something that I did not think I wanted to do. Nils said nothing. I asked Jimmy to make me a vodka straight up with ice.

Both guys had that horny look that I was growing accustomed to. Jimmy did not press and Nils said nothing. The perversion of what he had done and what we might do gave me a hard on. I got up and walked to the window as the rains returned. My cock was causing a tent in my shorts. Nils looked at it and touched my legs as I started to return to my seat. I asked him if he wanted to touch my cock. He did not respond verbally. I stood close to him and slipped my cock from inside of my shorts. He reached with his fingers and slowly stroked the underside. He was gentle and he stared at it as he did so. He licked his lips with uncertainty. After a few minutes I thanked him and sat down.

Jimmy made himself a drink and one for Nils as well. I drank my vodka quickly and asked for another. Nils quickly got up and made me a fresh one. We sat and talked as we had on the boat and on the island that day. There was some not so subliminal tension in the air.

I drank the second vodka a little slower. I finally asked Jimmy how hatay escort long he had fantasized about fucking me. He said he had never had relations with a girl of any kind before our first meeting and wondered what it felt like to shoot a load inside of a pussy or an ass. He said although it was obvious to him that I was not a female he still lusted after me because of the way I sucked on him and of the way my ass looked and swayed in heels and pantyhose. He said he really first thought about it the night before when I paraded in pantyhose and heels. This conversation was turning me on.

I told him that I was a novice as well and that any movies I had ever seen with s guy fucking a woman’s ass always involved what appeared to be some type of lubrication such as KY or Vaseline.

Without hesitation Nils got up and went to the kitchen cabinets and retrieved salad oil and then went into the refrigerator and got a sick of butter out. I laughed out loud and said, “Are you guys trying to get laid or are you making a meal?

They laughed in response and said, “Both”.

There was now lightning and thunder that accompanied the new rain assault.

I finished the second vodka and used the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered whether I should let Jimmy have his wish.

I came out of the bathroom. I told Jimmy that I would consider trying it provided that he would be gentle and if I was in too much pain then he would stop and pull out. Part of me could not believe what I was saying. The three of us went to the queen sized bed at the rear of the RV. I took off my shorts and left on the stockings. Jimmy was jumpy and appeared anxious. He took off all his clothes. I looked at Jimmy’s cock and stroked it while I was on the bed and he was standing. I pulled it into my mouth. Nile gave me the butter (that he had softened in the microwave) that I spread on Jimmy’s cock and then licked off only to place another coating on it. I spread oil all over my butt and then all over Jimmy’s cock until it was totally covered.

I got on my right side. Jimmy got on the bed and was behind me. Nils crouched at the side of the bed and watched. Jimmy got closer and was trying to find my butt hole with the head of his cock. His cock felt warm against me. He wrapped his arms around me. Nils got on the bed and slowly stroked my cock and made me very hard.

Jimmy found his mark and pushed. I felt some discomfort and asked him to stop. He did. He then pushed in again and I asked him to stop again. I felt something warm on my cock and it was Nils licking my cock. He then placed his mouth over the top of my cock and sucked. I told Jimmy to push. The head of his cock went in. Jimmy said he had never felt anything so good in his life. I tried to catch my breath. He pushed and Nils sucked. All of my nerve sensors were going wild. As Nils sucked he rubbed my legs and at the same time Jimmy was hugging me and pushing his cock deeper. I had to take deep breaths. We were at it for several minutes. Jimmy would stop every now and then to collect himself. When Jimmy stopped I could actually feel his cock moving inside of me to the beat of his pulse. A rhythm started with Nils taking my cock deep into and out of his mouth and Jimmy pushing in and out. Nils now was full involved with my cock and was on the bed with his wet tipped cock near my mouth. I couldn’t resist. I pulled him closer. We basically got into a 69 while we were on our sides. It was tricky but it worked. How it worked! My left leg was up over his head as he sucked and at the same time Jimmy was fucking me.

I pulled the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked as well as I could. I imagined that from the outside the RV was rocking. It certainly was rocking on the inside. Jimmy’s cock must have made its way all the way as his hips were slapping against me. He pulled onto my shoulders for leverage as he fucked me. I did not feel any pain just fullness. He was going in and out like a piston. Jimmy moaned and then grunted and I felt his cock twitch and pulse in me as he was coming. I warned Nils and shot what felt like the load of the century into his mouth. He did not stop sucking and drank me down. As this occurred Nils went off in my mouth and I swallowed, tasted and then swallowed again. There was thunder on the outside and groaning on the inside. Outside the rains pelted the side of the RV as my mouth and insides were pelted with fresh loads of come.