Uncle Jim’s Pet Store Ch. 03

Adriana Chechik

Yesterday was the best day of the young dog-girl’s life.

It felt like she had spent weeks locked up in her cage in the back room of Jim’s store. Jim had never left her alone that long before and as the days passed she began to fear he’d never come back. After a few days the food he had left her had run out and the smell of that room grew worse and worse. She had seen some of the animals in the store die and every day she began to believe more and more that the growling in her stomach, the pains in her head, and the weakness in her limbs were all signs that she was going to die as well. Before the light bulb in her room burned out she spent most of her days howling to alleviate her fear but once the bulb died all she could do was whimper in the dark.

Then she caught his scent. At first she thought she was imagining it but the longer it lingered the more she began to realize it was real.

After so long alone the smell of someone else was almost intoxicating. With each deep breath her excitement grew as the scent began to make more sense. It wasn’t just anyone that had entered the store. The person was a man, but not Jim. His scent was close to Jim’s though, almost like a puppy’s scent is similar to that of its mother.

He had heard her whimpering and followed it to her. When he opened her cage she was not only free of her death trap but all of her problems as well. This new man wasn’t old like Jim but her age and that plus his relationship to Jim meant to her that clearly he was to be her new master. And, though she didn’t know why, she instantly loved him.

His mere presence made her body tingle in ways she couldn’t understand. His smile made her tail wage uncontrollably. His voice made her ears perk straight up. And when he touched her she could hardly control her lustful desires.

She had never had a lover before or a master she lusted over so she wasn’t sure how to deal with what was going on. All she could do was act on instinct and hope that he would teach her the rest.

She was scared at first when he seemed unwilling to be her master, but fear was replaced with joy when he reluctantly accepted her devotion. By the time he brought her to her new home his reluctance was gone and her joy became pure elation.

Within 24 hours she had gone from a starving, virgin pup trapped in a cage to a well fed dog-girl lying in her master’s bed, still covered in sweat and love juices from the night before.

And despite the fact that the exhaustion that had ended last nights fun had not been completely resolved by the relatively few hours of sleep, her semi-conscious mind had already begun to fire up her sex drive. She had dreamed about him all night yet her body now wanted the real thing. She wanted to rub up against him to feel his relaxing warmth. She wanted to kiss him all over his body and gently lick him so her senses would be smothered by his presence.

The soft moaning of sleepy girl became the panicked whimpering of one who couldn’t find her master. When her eyes opened, her panic changed into horror. Her master was gone and she was all alone.

Thoughts Bayan Eskort began to quickly flow through her mind just like the tears that had begun to flow down her cheeks.

Maybe she hadn’t tried hard enough? Maybe she wasn’t any good? Maybe she wasn’t loyal enough? Maybe he found someone better then her? Maybe she was ugly? Maybe this was some form of punishment for passing out? Maybe he would be gone just like Jim? Maybe, just like Jim, he would never come back?

The last few months had been an emotional roller coaster. First so far down and then up higher then she thought she could ever go and now crashing back down even further before. All this had worn her thin. All she could do now was act on her animalistic drives.

His scent was everywhere in the room and it was driving her crazy. Still, one part of the room had a much stronger scent then the rest. Sticking her nose out like a bloodhound she sniffed the air and inched her way closer to the source of the scent. She was confused when she finally found it.

Jim had shown her a mirror before, so that did not surprise her, expect this one was much bigger and stayed on the wall through some sort of unknown magic force. Any other time this would have interested her but now she was focused on what was below the mirror. On the floor sat a bin of discarded outer skin and on a small table next to it sat a piece of prickly wood. Both of these strange objects were radiating her master’s scent enough to draw her here from the other side of the room.

After sniffing and poking the prickly wood to make sure it was safe, she began to inspect it more closely. Unlike her original assessment, the wood turned out to only be prickly on one side and at only one end. The rest of the wood was very smooth and tapered off as it moved away from the prickly end.

While the purpose of this piece of wood eluded her, she had figured out how to safely handle it. Her curiosity was peeked and she began to imagine how this wood was used. If she held it by the thicker end and made sure not to touch the prickles, this wood almost resembled a finger. Testing her theory, she closed her eyes and began to rub the smooth end over her stomach, pretending it was her master gently touching her. She could hear his voice in her head trying to southing her, repeating over and over “you’re my good girl.”

She jolted when she realized that she had moved the wood down to her thighs without even thinking about it. As it touched her vaginal lips she realized what part of her had already known. The wood, with its scent and shape, resembled not only part of her master’s hand but his cock as well.

Having found a purpose for the prickly wood, she placed it back on the table paying careful attention to place it back in the exact the same spot that she had found it. Now she wanted to figure out why the bin was there. She had learned about outer skin was she was little so she closed her eyes tightly and tried to remember back to then.


Jim wouldn’t let her leave the back rooms while the store was open. She could never understand why Jim wouldn’t let her see the other people who came into the store, but Jim was in charge so she did what she was told. Still, whenever Jim would forget to close the door all the way she would secretly peer through and watch all the different people move around.

Once the store closed she was finally allowed out into the main section of the store until Jim left to go home. There were so many different animals out in the store and she loved to play with them; at least most of them. She felt a special bond to the puppies, the kittens were fairly agreeable, the fish couldn’t leave the water but they were pretty, and some of the birds could talk like her. She hated the snakes though. All they did was lay there and hiss and look at her with their cold eyes. When ever she went near the snake cage she would growl at them just to show them she wasn’t afraid of them.

Even though she hated the snakes, they did help her to understand people and their outer skin. Jim had explained to her that snakes would shed there skin once they got to big for it. She realized then that, unlike her, humans must sometimes have an outer skin that they outgrow and discard. That would be why Jim and the other people she saw always had different colors and textures covering their arms and legs and chests. She was surprised though at how fast humans outgrew their outer coverings. Snakes could take months or longer to outgrow and shed, but people seemed to do it almost everyday!

Whiling the humans shedding seemed odd to her, she knew that dogs sometimes shed their fur. So, she decided that the rate of shedding must be different for every animal.

She could never figure out the proper way to ask Jim if she was right about shedding and since she didn’t want to upset him, she simply assumed she was right and forgot about it.


She still didn’t know why her master kept his sheddings in this bin or even at all but when she accidentally knocked the bin over she no longer had time to think about it. Her master might be furious with her if she didn’t clean up this mess.

She got down onto her hands and knees and began to scoop up the mess on the floor when her instincts completely took over her. This pile was soft to the touch and felt and smelled like her master. She couldn’t believe that now instead of cleaning up the mess she was lying in it and rubbing it over her body. When she found a smaller piece of the mess that smelled not only like her master but like sex as well any sense of self-control was lost.

Holding the sex scented article in one hand and the prickly wood in the other, she began to rub her breasts. She quickly closed her eyes and dived into a fantasy.

“Oh yes master, telling me I’m your good girl! Please!” She begged her master as she licked both the article from the bin and the prickly wood one by one before returning them to her breasts.

“I’m sorry I… was bad. I’ll try… harder for you. Don’t… ever leave me.” She managed to whimper as she ran her tongue along the base of the wood, imagining it was her master’s cock.

“I love you master! I’ll do what you want me to do. I only want to make you happy.” She cried as she draped the article over her face and used both hands to move the wood to between her legs.

“You make me so happy! Do I make you happy?” She mumbled, sniffing in the smell of his sex from the article that covered her face. As her body began to quiver from the scent, she very slowly began to move the wood inside of her.

“Oh my god, master!” Was all she could say as she slipped the wood in deeper.

She began to pant as she slowly pulled the wood almost completely out of her wet pussy and then trusted it back in. She whelped louder and louder each time she repeated this process, each time moving faster. She arched her back and began to thrust against the wooden cock each time it thrusted into her. The wood began to make a sloshing sound each time she thrusted it and each slosh and thrust brought her closer to cumming.

She let out a howl when the orgasm finally came. She could feel the sweat covering her body and could smell her wetness leaking out onto the wood and the mess on the floor. She left the article with the wonderful scent over her face as she began to calm down.

Still in her fantasy world, she whimpered “Please master, I lover you. Tell me that you love me.”

He had entered the room only a few minute ago and stood silently staring at what he saw. While he was gone she had knocked over his clothes hamper and was now lying in a giant pile of his clothes. On top of that, she had taken the boxers he was wearing last night and placed them over her head, completely obscuring her face. If that wasn’t surprising enough, she was using his hair brush as a dildo and mumbling as she fucked herself.

Once she finally cummed and was lying silently, dripping her love juice all over his clothes, he decided he was going to ask her what she was doing when she spoke first.

“Please master, I lover you. Tell me that you love me.” She asked in the shyest, most longing voice he had ever heard. He knew her senses were obscured by the underwear on her head so she wasn’t asking the real him but the fantasy him she had been dreaming about.

“Don’t worry. I love you.” He told her with a smile.

He laughed as she jumped up out of the pile and shook her head furiously trying to get the underwear off. When she finally succeeded her eyes grew huge when she saw him.

“Oh master, I thought you left me! I’m so sorry I made a mess. I’ll clean it up, I promise.” She said as she ran over to the door and fell to her knees.

“Shh…. It’s okay.” He whispered to her as he rubbed her head in an effort to comfort her. At first she rubbed up against his leg in response but abruptly stopped.

“Master, did you say you loved me?” She asked him, hoping she hadn’t misheard him.

“Yes… yes I did.” He told her with a sigh.

“Oh I’m so relieved! I thought you didn’t like me and that you had left me forever and I was so scared and…” She franticly told him before he stopped her.

“You thought I left you forever? Honey, all I did was go and get us some breakfast. I figured you’d be hungry after last night.”