Retired Operative


As Bob walked toward me, Cool Whip smeared all over his cock; I looked down at the picture of Karen and Shawna again. My mind suddenly began to race and the light came on…I realized what had been going on. Then a plan began to form. This great awakening was not only exhilarating, but it made me incredibly hot, just in those few seconds. I had to get to work on it. But first, I would have to deal with Bob’s randiness.

I deliberately put the picture down and moved toward Bob. I knew he expected me to blow him, but I don’t think he was ready for what my newly energized libido had in store.

Bob reached for me as we got to within arms reach of each other, but he only met air, as I immediately dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hand. I guided it directly to my lips and with my other hand firmly grabbed his ass, and pulled him toward me. I relaxed my muscles and deep throated him in one smooth stroke. Bob gasped, and froze in his tracks. As soon as my nose hit pubic hair, I grasped his free butt cheek and held his crotch to my face. I then began to kneed his cheeks, while I stroked back and forth with my head, sucking like mad all the while. The cool whip was gone in 2 strokes.

Bob was obviously stunned by the suddenness and intensity of my moves. He did not or could not speak, but steadied himself by leaning on my shoulders “Good,” I thought, just the effect I was looking for.

I continued blow him, sucking as hard, fast and firmly as I could. With a finger of my left hand I scooped up some cool whip off his balls and began to work it into is hole. I’d have use for that fairly soon. With my right hand I cupped his sack and began to move it in time with my sucking and fingering. Bob rocked as if his knees got weak for a second and his breathing became a little ragged. That was my signal to plunge my finger deep into his ass and massage yetişkin porno his prostate. At the same time I deep throated him, I swallowed, and sucked hard, withdrawing my mouth along his hard shaft slowly, steadily…with constant suction, all the way to his cockhead, then I deep throated him again…and started the process all over again. All the while working firm, slow circles on his prostate.

The third time my nose hit his pubes, a strained “Ohhhhh,” escaped his lips and his prick began to jerk powerfully and launch the first ribbon of his seed into my sucking mouth. I wrapped both my arms around his ass and crushed my face into his crotch, pinning his cock in my throat. He struggled to keep his balance, still not making a sound, as his balls blasted jism into the vacuum tunnel of my mouth. I continued to work my mouth on the length of his shaft, swallowing every drop of his cum. But he wasn’t getting off that easily.

“Wooooow,” he said as he began to regain his composure. “What’s got into you… you’re,”

“Nothing yet Bob…” I replied, cutting him off as my mouth released his cock. Then I put my arms around his waist, picked him up and headed back for the bedroom. “But that’ll change in a moment!”

“What are you going to do?” He asked, puzzled…”I thought you’d never been with a man before and now you’re…”

His question was lost again, as I flopped him on the bed. He sat up on his elbows, his cock still hard against his belly. Results of the prostate massage I had given him a few minutes ago. He’d be rock hard for a few more minutes whether he wanted to be or not. More than enough time.

I grabbed his cock and with my free hand grabbed the KY we used earlier from the nightstand. I squirted a large gob onto his shaft and stroked it in with the other hand. He immediately fell back youjizz porno on the bed, as his rod was still ultra-sensitive from his orgasm a few seconds ago.

“Wait!!! Stop!!!… I’m,” but he couldn’t finish because I was already straddling him, and in one smooth movement, I had his cock inside me. It hurt a bit, but I was so hot I didn’t care. I wrapped my legs under his, getting the heels of my feet under his ass. I leaned forward, grasped his waist and began riding him with wild abandon. Bob bit his lip and thrashed for a moment, but I had no intention of stopping. I rode him as though I was breaking a wild stallion.

I squeezed my ass tight around his cock on each up stroke for maximum friction. On the down stroke I made sure to grind a bit and flex my ass cheeks so that the walls of my asshole would grip and swirl on the head of his thick cock. All Bob could do was moan and writhe from the pleasure. “I do this pretty well for a straight guy,” I thought to myself as I continued this anal slam dance with my office mate.

I fixed my mind intently on the cock boring into me, until it was the only thing in the world. My motion on it was the only thing that mattered. I pictured it inside me in my mind, how all the movements must look on it from inside my ass, and how I had to make that prick shoot. I had to. And the harder and faster I moved, the better it felt. I had a diamond splitting hard on that was untouched and straining. The frustration of having no other stimulation on my dick than the air and an occasional brush against my stomach only inflamed my lust.

“You like that…” I hissed, knowing he couldn’t answer. “you like being inside my hot ass, don’t you…I love it…I love having your hot, thick cock up my tight ass…squeezing it…stroking it…”

Bob was beside himself. He was breathing hard, youporn porno moaning, writhing and sweating, trying to keep up with me, but having no luck. He was in good shape, but I had control of his cock, and it was not used to such treatment. Finally, I achieved my goal. Bob tensed, and I could feel his balls move up around the base of his cock. His breathing got faster, and the movement of his hips began to match mine in strength. Sensing his urgency, I released his hips from the grasp of my legs and began to match his trusts, increasing in speed. A pained expression came over Bob’s face and he said “YEEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” I felt his cock spasm and for the second time in 20 minutes, Bob had cum. I felt his jism hot inside me again and it drove me even wilder. I saw a sharp blue flash in my mind’s eye, and I was overcome with lewd and lascivious ideas.

I leapt off of Bob’s still spurting cock and deep throated it. I sucked the last drop down, tasting my own ass as well as his salty sperm. Then I reached behind myself and pushed 4 fingers up my ass. A second later I retrieved it, covered with KY and Semen. I smeared it on my cock as Bob lay motionless on the bed, attempting to recover. I grabbed the KY and squirted a blob against his hole, then I lifted his right leg and entered him. My balls had slapped his ass and before he could protest, I had hold of his cock and was stroking it in time with the rhythm I was fucking him. He began to writhe and moan again, unable to handle the flood of sensations. I pounded him impossibly fast, stroking his prick the entire time. His ass lifted off the bed with each stroke. After about 3 minutes of machinegun fucking, I came…in torrents. The room spun and I began to see shooting stars in my vision. I looked down and Bob was again spraying jism across his chest.

Finally…I began to settle down. Bob didn’t move. The bedclothes were covered in sweat and cum.

“I’ve created a monster…,” He breathed…

“Quite possibly…,” I replied. Then he fell asleep. I checked the clock. It was 2AM. Perfect.

I hurried and took a shower. Then I broke out my Laptop and cell phone. Time to start on my plan.