Saving Brian


The loud banging on his front door pulled Brian out of his meloncholic reverie. It wouldn’t stop. He looked out the window at the gray, looming skies, and moaned. Bloody perfect day to do himself in. The banging persisted until he shook his head and rose from the chair, the gun dropping on the floor next to it.

Brian went to the door and reluctantly opened it. Two big women, clad in wet raincoats pushed him back against the hall door and surged past him.

“Really, Brian, you could have been quicker. We were getting soaked out there, you bastard. You really are inconsiderate sometimes. I wonder what Wendy saw in you.” It was his very much older sister-in-law, Ruth, he saw. She kept going onward to the kitchen shedding her raincoat and hat as she went. He recognised the other woman as his mother-in-law, Julia. “We’re making a coffee. Come and join us,” Ruth shouted, entering the kitchen.

Brian closed the door and leant his head against it. Just what he wanted. The two relatives most like his beloved Wendy. Big, full of life and demanding. Wendy had been all that but had also been romantic, funny and incredibly, wantonly sexy. He tapped his head on the door. She had died two weeks before of a sudden brain haemorrhage, snatched from him after 7 years of joyous marriage, not blessed by children. Wendy had wanted them and demanded that Brian fuck her relentlessly for most of those 7 years. Her loss was devastating to a lonely man she had dragged out of hiding and nurtured into a strong, confident and handsome man changing him from the diffident nerd he had been.

“Come on, Brian. And bring some towels. We’re soaking in here,” Ruth shouted.

Reluctantly, he went to the hallway closet and pulled out two large fluffy towels and went into the big country kitchen. Big though the kitchen was, the two women filled a fair part of it. He handed them a towel each and sat down at the table. Wendy, too, had been a big woman and he had revelled in all that flesh as they had rolled around the bed. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Ruth had her head and hair buried in the towel as she rubbed vigorously. She was big, easily five ten, with big hips, a thickened waist and large breasts roiling inside a damp pullover as she moved the towel around her head. He could see extremely large nipples pushing out of the damp material and shook his head and quickly looked away. She was about 15 years older than Wendy, being the product of an earlier marriage. She was dark and italianate-looking, olive skinned and blooming with health.

Julia was Wendy’s mother but not Ruth’s. She was about mid fifties and short, round and roly-poly. Her figure was like a figure eight. Round hips, small waist, big round breasts. Her lack of height was due to her short, fat dimpled legs. She was the picture of health, pink cheeked and dyed blonde hair. Her face emerged from the towel she was using and said, “Please fetch another two, Brian darling – these are simply not enough.” In that moment, fresh and scrubbed she forcefully reminded him of Wendy. He scrambled out of the chair and went to fetch more towels, ducking into the lounge to hide the gun in a drawer.

By the time he got back, they were sitting at the table sipping steaming cups of coffee. One awaited him. He gave them the towels and sat.

“Really, Brian, this is all your fault,” said Ruth vexedly. “We hadn’t seen you since the funeral, so I thought we had better come and see how you were. Stupidly, we took Julia’s car and of course it ran out of petrol a mile from here.” She glared at Julia, who cheerily smiled back, completely unaffected.

“I see you haven’t been looking after yourself,” said Julia, looking around and noting general untidiness and a sink full of dishes. Very un-Brian like. His eyes looked like hot coals, his hair was unkempt and he gaziantep escort was unshaven. “You look and absolute mess. Finish that coffee and take yourself upstairs and clean yourself up. You smell like you haven’t washed in a week.” She might look like a twinkle but she put up with no nonsense.

Brian drank the last of his coffee and dragged himself upstairs. As he pulled his shirt off, he realised he smelt like a horse. He shaved and stepped into the shower, shampooed his hair and washed all over.

Downstairs, the two women looked at each other. “I’d go, but you look more like her, Julia, don’t you think?” queried Ruth. “He needs to come back to the world, and Wendy would have wanted that. Go on – get up there and give him what he needs. I’ll clean up and join you shortly.”

Julia rose, and smoothed her dress over her rounded hips. “I suppose you’re right. I’ve always fancied him, especially after Wendy told us what he was giving her.” She left and made her way upstairs into the bedroom. She could hear the shower running in the ensuite and looked at the untidy bed. Quickly, she stripped off the rancid sheets and changed them for fresh ones from the closet. She stripped off her own clothes and dropped her bra and panties on a convenient chair. Julia carefully opened the ensuite door and peeked in.

Brian was leaning forward against the wall, his hands braced as the water flowed over him. Julia gasped and felt her pussy spasm as her eyes roamed over his broad shoulders, down his muscled back to his tight white arse. Even his legs looked good. On most men they were ugly. Quietly, she opened the door and pressed her voluptuous body against his back, her hands clasping him around his middle and latching on to his hard muscled stomach. Her mountainous, slightly drooping boobs pressed into the small of his back, her nipples hardening.

“What the hell,” gasped Brian.

“Shut up, Brian and pass me the soap. I’m going to wash your filthy back,” growled Julia. Nonplussed, he passed the soap back and felt her lather his back down to his butt cheeks. She spent some time slowly lathering them up then rubbed the soap between his legs, concentrating on his arse hole. He felt himself thickening as her hand glided over his sensitized anus. She pressed against him, and, using the soap as a lubricant rubbed her voluptuously fleshy body against him, around and around, up and down, going up on tiptoes to pushing her hairy mons against his firm arse cheeks. She reached around and found his partly tumescent cock. It was long and thick even in its present state. As she ran her hand up and down, it jerked to steel-like rigidity.

“Christ, what a whopper!” exclaimed Julia, as she uncapped the broad mushroom head of his glans. She gently clasped his hairy balls with the other hand, the soap dropped and forgotten, and massaged him, continually rubbing her body against his back.

“Julia, I’m going to spunk all over the place,” gasped Brian.

“Oh no you’re not,” growled Julia, pinching him at the base of his penis, effectively shutting off the urge to blow a load all over the tiles. “Turn that shower, off and let’s fuck,” she demanded, pulling him out of the shower by his prick. She picked up a towel each and threw one at him, towelling herself rapidly, her huge, drooping tits flopping around.

“Come on, that will do. I can’t wait.” Julia dropped to her knees and took his burgeoning cock into her voracious mouth. He was still rigidly hard and she could taste his juicy pre-cum as she swirled her tongue over the gloriously smooth head of his pulsing dick. She reached down and rubbed her pea sized clit, feeling the slimy juices of her arousal.

Brian clutched her head. “Julia, we can’t. You’re her mother for Christ’s sake. We can’t.”

“Codswallop. Wendy wouldn’t hatay escort want you to go without and she would have loved knowing it was me that was going to fuck you out your misery.” She rose, and grabbed him by his dick. “Now, on your back. You bloody well lie back and think of England. I’m going to enjoy myself. I’ve waited years for this and I won’t take no for an answer.”

Julia pushed Brian back on the bed and quite nimbly, for an older woman, eagerly straddled his hips pushing up on one to leg to grab his rigid cock and jam it into her eager cunt. She threw her head back as she felt it slide all the way to the top of her pulsing pussy. “It’s so big. Wendy was soooo lucky. Now I’m going to have my way with you, you big cocked boy.” She started to post up and down, savouring every stroke, her large elongated tits rolling around her chest, acorn sized nipples pointing down at him and pouting.

Brian laid back and watched the sight of his old mother-in-law, lips pursed in concentration, riding up and down on his cock. She looked like Wendy, both in face and figure, even if the tits weren’t as tight. They were still luscious, mouth watering, full and voluptuous. He had always want to get to grips with them but had been too shy. Plus he’d had Wendy who seemed to know that her mother turned him on, giving him a quick head job in the car on the way home after visiting the in-laws. Julia’s husband had died last year, and Wendy had tried to persuade Brian to give her a fuck to keep her going. Now Wendy’s mum was fucking him. Ironic, but fucking sexy!

Julia was orgasmic, coming over and over again, at last fucking the man she’d lusted after for years. “Fuck mummy, fuck mummy,” she chanted, over and over as she rode up and down. Her climaxes signalled by a few “fuck mummeeeeeeeeeeee”s thrown in. Her seemingly endless cunt cream flowed down his cock, over his balls, past his anus and pooled on the sheets. She had pulled his hands to her bouncing breasts and had ordered him to pinch her nipples, hard.

She showed no sign of stopping but Brian, who had had several orgasms choked off my her expert pinching of the base of his cock was bursting to cum, and did, hugely – spectacularly – 6, 7, 8 jets of man juice splattering against her cervix making her cum again reaching a high point she had never been to before. She slumped down on him, her massive breasts, shaking and shivering against his hairy chest, her pussy lips palpitating on his slowly shrinking cock.

Julia gently kissed him and licked his sensuous lips. “That was absolutely gorgeous Brian.” She hugged him close and kissed him again. “You won’t get over Wendy quickly, I know, and I love you for it. But, I am here – any time – to help, whether you want me or not. She would have said ‘life is for living – get over it’. You know she would have said that.”

Brian laid back and closed his eyes and contemplated. Was a cold, dank grave better than a round or two in bed with his sexually charged mother-in-law, even if she was some twenty five years older than him. Nope, not really. He sighed and looked up into her gorgeous blue eyes. “I can’t live alone, I just can’t.”

“I know, darling, and that is why we came to take you home with us.” She hunched up and smothered his face in her perfumed cleavage. Brian’s fat cock had slipped out of her drooling maw and lay on his thigh, still oozing cum. Almost unable to breathe, his head wreathed in tit flesh, he felt his cock lifted and sucked into a hot mouth, the tongue swirling back and forth over his piss hole. His cock rose from the dead, urged on by the gently sucking of his knob and the caressing of his slimy balls. Although blinded by the creamy breasts muffling his face, he still had enough wit to realise it wasn’t Julia expertly sucking his love machine, it must be Ruth. hatay escort Somehow, he wasn’t surprised.

Brian felt her cloud of thick dark hair sweeping across his upper thighs as Julia pushed herself up and fed a thick, burgeoning nipple into his mouth. “Suck Mummy’s nipple, Brian. Ruth wants a turn. You don’t mind, do you darling?” He shook his head, his teeth nipping her as he flared to a steely cock stand. “He said yes,” she giggled as his mouth sucked her big nipple like a baby.

“I thought you were going to rip his cock off Julia, you horny slut,” breathed Ruth. “Move up, you fat tart, so I can get this gorgeous hunk of meat into me. Go on!” she demanded, pushing Julia forward.

Julia pulled her aching nipple from Brian’s avidly sucking mouth and shuffled up to straddle his face with her firm, meaty thighs. “Lick me Brian, there’s a good boy.”

As Julia’s lightly furred muff descended and kissed his lips, Brian felt himself straddled by Ruth, her hand pulling his rigid cock to an upright position as she slowly slid it into her tight, welcoming twat.

“Aaahhhh,” she sighed as it filled and stretched her as never before. “Hmmm Brian, you naughty boy. You’ve been hiding your light in your pants. Well – Auntie Ruth won’t let that happen. God, it’s so good.” Her bulging pussy lips were being titillated by his hairy ball sack and she savoured the pulsing rigid cock before gently giving it a squeeze with her cunning cunny muscles. Ruth rose almost to the plum shaped head before sliding down hard to butt it hard against her cervix. The sensation was exquisite. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she started the ride to ecstasy, slewing her increasingly slimy cunt up and down, and side to side with a cork screwing motion, her globular olive tits gently bouncing.

Meanwhile Julia was in seventh heaven. Wendy had taught him well, she reflected as his educated tongue rasped back and forth and around and around the pulsing nubbin of her erect clit. His hands were moulding her breasts, his fingers tweaking her sensitized nipples while his tongue took her high, very high.

Brian’s hands were pulled from the pleasant enjoyment of his mother-in-law’s marvellous breasts, stretched around her torso and placed on the large, firm breasts of his sister-in-law. He begun the dance of exploration, weighing them – they were heavy; squeezing them – they were firm and full, drooping just a little; her nipples – her nipples were immense, conical buds with large flat tops, easily half an inch in diameter. Strangely, they seemed to be oozing milk drops but he knew it had been years since she had given birth to her grown daughter, and five years since she had kicked her closetted homosexual husband out her front door. He’d investigate later, almost unable to wait to suck her dry.

Meanwhile, Julia having shuddered to yet another ecstatic orgasm on his tongue, fell to the side, nearly knocking Ruth off her perch. “No more, I can’t stand it. I’m totally shagged” she panted.

“Not me, I’ve only just started,” growled Ruth as she hunched over and grabbed as much shaking tit as she could to steer an amazing nipple into Brian’s sexy mouth smeared with Julia’s, and his, sex juices. “Suck on that, big boy, suck hard.”

He did, and a spurt of thin mother’s milk hit the back of his throat. He moved to the other one and was again rewarded. Overcome with the raunchiness of what had, and was happening to him, filled with a bursting heart for two women he had loved for years, he thrust up into Ruth’s sucking welcoming cunt and lasciviously blasted another huge load, shaking and shuddering with the joy of complete satisfaction. The sensation of hot cum spunking against her cervix triggered Ruth’s climax and she came, copiously flooding, her creamy thick orgasmic juice drooling out and slowly sliming his balls.

She fell forward and cuddled him, pressing her huge tits into his chest and gripping his heaving flanks with her strong legs. “Oh baby, Auntie Ruth and mummy Julia are going to look after you. And we are going to love it, aren’t we?”