Patty Burns


“Blake, Blake Hartley is that you?”

Standing I turned and squinted at the sunlight filtering through the fence surrounding the garden section of Home Depot.

Shading my eyes I saw a voluptuous brunette in a T-shirt and jeans addressing me.

“It’s me, Patty Burns, from when you were,”

“A kid, of course. My favorite former babysitter…wow, what a surprise!”

Shifting her stance she moved from the sunlight to my side. “You’ve turned into a nice looking man.”

“Thank you,” I said blushing slightly. “What are you doing back in town? I thought I heard you lived in the City?”

“I’m staying at the old homestead for awhile. I’ve had some changes in my life recently and am trying to figure some things out.”

My questioning look encouraged her to continue.

“You know, it’s not important and you look like you’re busy.”

“Yeah, I’m doing some work at my folks’ house, they’re kind of getting up there.”

“Why don’t you come by the house later? You remember where it is don’t you? I’ll finish my gardening then we can have a drink and catch up.”

“Sounds good.”

Patty reached up and lightly touched my arm. “See you around six?”


Noting her abundant bust as she turned from me I watched her shapely ass, sheathed in jeans, move down the aisle towards the plants. Her long, brown ponytail reached down the curve of her back towards her well portioned bottom.

My mind reeled as I recalled how she’d been the first girl to really turn me, even when I was a kid. That rack…Now here she was inviting me to her abode.

I had to change the subject of my ruminations before my bulge became too evident. Patty Burns–

The heavy wooden door opened slowly.

Patty stood with an expectant smile on her face.

Handing her the bouquet I’d brought I remarked, “From my Mom’s garden.”

“That was so thoughtful Blake. Come in. Let me put these in water.”

I followed her to the kitchen noting the light dress she’d put on. It appeared to be a wrap around style with a belt around the waist. The bright pink and purple flowered pattern accented her shapely figure.

Placing the vase on the counter she turned her attention to me. Her brown hair was still pulled back but in more of a layered fashion and her blue eyes seemed to look deep into my soul.

“You look really nice Patty.”

“You clean up pretty well yourself. Drink?”

“Whatever you’re having.”

She poured two glasses of wine then lead me to the couch. Toasting we each took a sip then settled on the sofa.

“So Blake tell me about erzurum escort you!”

We talked about many subjects, got caught up on many fronts. We decided it’d been many years since we’d encountered each other, the last time being shortly after she’d married.

It’d been six months since she divorced when she decided to abandon the city for respite in the suburbs.

“My parents passed a couple of years back and I considered selling but now I’m glad I didn’t. This has been my refuge, my escape from my former life.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t want to bore you. Things changed, we changed, so we moved on. Maybe some other time I’ll tell you about it.”

We chatted some more, me telling her about life’s triumphs, my parents’ slow decline and how I tried to spend time with them.

We killed the wine. Finally, I told her I had a boyhood confession to make.

“You were my first crush, my dream girl if you will. I mean even when you came to the house to sit for me you were already so developed.”

“I kind of knew. You were such a sweet kid but I’d catch you eyeing my tits. Even though you were younger I appreciated you noticing.”

“Geez, look at the time…I should go.”

“Already?” Patty slid next to me. Placing a hand on my thigh she focused her gaze on my eyes. Reaching up with her other hand she brushed my cheek with her palm then reached her face towards mine. Our lips met briefly.

“Patty, I…,” our mouths met again as if magnetized, this time our lips opened and our tongues danced lightly, sensuously.

Patty moved her mouth next to my ear. “Blake, make love to me.” We kissed again before she continued. “Fuck me Blake, I want you to fuck me right now!”


“Don’t you want me? I’m sure you’ve got something down there for me.”

Taking her in my arms we kissed passionately. “I’ve dreamed of fucking you for years!”

“Well, undress me and take me Blake. I’ve been thinking about you all afternoon.”

My hands inspected her real estate running over her cotton dress from her shoulders, over and around her big breasts, down her sides to her hips and rounded ass.

Patty’s hands rested against my chest before beginning to unbutton my shirt.

Untying the belt at her waist I let her dress slip from her shoulders to the floor.

Following suit with my shirt her hands found my belt next My jeans dropped to my ankles.

Standing before each other in our underwear we resumed kissing and exploring with our hands.

Her bra was a cupped garment meant to appear smooth under any top and bodrum escort her matching panties were low cut.

My briefs housed my bulge and her hand lightly traced my member.

I reached behind Patty unhooking the thick bra strap. One, two, three, then the fourth and final hook. The bra slid from her shoulders exposing the treasures I’d dreamt of since age eight.

Patty stepped back and posed showing her voluptuous breasts from the front then turned to show off her profile.

I touched her elbow encouraging her to turn back to me.

“Grab my tits Blake, suck my nipples, squeeze my breasts.”

I didn’t hesitate. I licked and sucked on her big nipples. Her aereolas were the size of half dollars. My hands caressed and squeezed her big tits. They had to be 38G’s or more.

Patty’s hands cradled the back of my head encouraging my continued fondling.

Her breasts were soft and large, filling my hands. Their weight surprised me. I couldn’t believe my luck running into Patty and now her wonderful rack was in my hands.

“Blake, that feels so good…but don’t forget my pussy baby, I’m really wet for you!”

She lowered my briefs and kneeling went at my hard cock like a woman possessed. Her tongue slid up and down my engorged shaft, her lips and mouth engulfing my manhood.

“Mmmm, what a wonderful cock.”

Pulling me from her wet, warm mouth she stood and grabbing my cock led me to a large leather ottoman.

Lying down on the smooth leather she said, “Pull down my panties Blake and fuck me with that big, beautiful cock!”

Patty Burns, my original muse for all things sexual, was lying expectantly before me instructing me to make my dreams reality. Her arms were folded beneath her breasts accentuating their size. One hand diddled her hard nipples, the other stroked her pussy through her white bikini panties.

Moving to her I kneeled and spread her legs wide. I kissed her pussy through the thin panties then moved them to the side. Licking her slit up and down then flicking her clit with my tongue I tasted her womanly tang. My cock grew harder and longer with anticipation.

I lightly licked then sucked on her big, exposed clitoris.

Patty pushed her pussy against my face her breathing increasing in intensity. She pulled her nipples, a small, sexy moan escaping her mouth.

I reached for the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs.

Greedily she reached for me her two hands grabbing my thick cock and guiding me to her wet pussy.

Pausing at her lips I took over. I ran my head up and down her moist eskişehir escort lips and slightly into her soaked pussy.

Patty’s eyes were closed and her fingers again tweaked her big, dark red nipples.

“Fuck me Blake, fuck me.”

Lining up my engorged head I slowly slid my length and breadth into her wanton, wet cootchie.

“Oh yeah, oh god, oh Blake that feels so good…it’s been too long…”

I moved in and out, slowly at first, then gradually increasing my intensity and depth.

Patty moved with me then against me, the pleasure discernable on her face. Arching her back she bucked against me my cock bottoming out in her womanly depths. “Oh Blake.”

“Mmmm, Patty you feel so good. You know it’s been a little while for me.”

“Doesn’t seem like it!”

“I want to pound you. I want to fuck you hard.”

“Do it Blake, I’m yours.”

We fucked like two beasts set free. My length didn’t seem to bother her as I alternated my depth in her well lubed cunt. My member was like a battering ram invading her dark castle of love.

I lost track of time relishing the unbelievable pleasure running through my cock and loins. The rythm of sex held me captive.

“I want you to cum for me Blake.”

Continuing to pump her pussy I responded, “I want to Patty, I want to cum! Where do you want it?”

“Anywhere you want Blake. Cum in me, on me, I don’t care. Just give me your spunk.”

I slowed the penetration of her vagina relishing the feeling of fucking her slowly.

Patty pushed against me, her lower torso holding me captive, her pussy moving up and down my length.

“What about you? I want to make you cum too.”

“I’m close, I’m close.”

Patty rode my length with increasing intensity. I held myself up with my arms and watched her body shake with pleasure.

The stimulation worked wonders and I soon pulled myself from her satisfied pussy.

I grabbed my shaft stroked it to an explosive climax.

Ropes of cum sprayed her belly and her big tits. One blast reached her chin.

Straddling her I let Patty lick the head of my dick capturing the remaining drops of cum with her tongue.

“Oh Patty, that was incredible! I haven’t cum like that in a long time.”

“Nor have I baby. I think I needed that!” She rubbed my cum over her body and massaged her wonderful tits with it.

We kissed again, passionately. Taking her in my arms we embraced, her big tits and shapely body pressing against me.

“So, would you like to see me again,” I pondered?

“Absolutely Blake. I’ve got some tricks I’d like to show you.”

“Just tell me when.”

“Take me on a date, Blake. Take me to dinner and I’ll dress up for you. I love dressing for a man. I’m sure I can make it worth your while.”

Responding with another passionate kiss I said, “That sounds perfect Patty.”