Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 03


For the next few weeks things stayed pretty much the same with Sholanda. She would meet up with me about thrice a week at my house and demand at least four or five orgasms every time.

She slowly grew more dominating and I was happy to let her have her way with me. Eating her creampie had become a regular activity that I had to do every time that I came in her. I learned to love the taste of my cum.

Sholanda also made me eat her ass on every visit and I loved doing it! The depravity, of the feeling of seclusion, while my face was trapped between her huge cheeks, with only her asshole being the center of my attention was just pure heaven!

She regularly incorporated new humiliations and domination into our activities. She started smothering me. She had me withdraw, cum in her ass crack and lick it clean. This was hard to do for I really had to pry those fat cheeks apart in order to lick inside.

On the few times that she sucked me off, Sholanda always made me cum all over her floppy tits and suck all the cum off.

Sholanda mardin escort started putting me over her lap and spanking my ass beet red whenever I had an orgasm before she did. This started happening much more frequently as of late. Sometimes I was so turned on by it that I would immediately get hard again, even though I had just cum. When this happened my hard cock would usually get trapped between her fat thighs and I would cum again before the spanking was over. She always made me lick my mess clean.

Sholanda also began verbally abusing me during the sex. She would call me a worthless white boy. She would make fun at how fast I came. I can’t count the number of times that she said I was just a slutty bitch, while cleaning up my cum. She started calling me her little sissy and doll.

One evening Sholanda sat on the bathtub wall with her feet inside and made me get in too. I thought this was weird since she was still wearing her panties. As soon as I got in she pushed my head down to her crotch and said, “Eat!”

I nevşehir escort gladly started licking her gash through the material of the panties. In no time she was sopping wet and I enjoyed sucking her womanly taste out of the the panty material. Sholanda was really getting into this when I stumbled upon pushing the material over her clit with my tongue. This really turned her on and she had three quick violent orgasms, clasping my head in her vice like thighs so hard, that I thought my ears would pop.

I was surprised when she continued to hold my head into her crotch because she usually likes a respite after two or three orgasms. I continued pushing the material over her clit and into her gash when she clamped her thighs hard onto my head yet again and flooded her panties and my face with piss! This was beyond humiliation and I immediately came in the bottom of the tub. Sholanda kept holding my head in place and told me to continue sucking.

I sucked as hard as I could getting a few mouthfuls of her niğde escort piss and swallowing it down. It was bitter almost like strong coffee without milk and sugar. I thought of how Mahatma Gandhi used to start his day with a good drink of piss and I felt humbled. When the flow ebbed, and I was not not getting any more piss taste out of her panty material, she finally released my head.

I raised my head up, still kneeling in the bottom of the tub and Sholanda pointed to my cum and ordered. “Lick it up!” “You sissy piss drinking fagot!”

It was pooled on the bottom of the tub mixed in with some of her piss. I gladly leaned down and sucked it all up. I swished it around my mouth a few times, for I had grown to love the taste of my cum, and swallowed it down.

Then without her asking, I leaned back down and started sucking up her piss that had also pooled in the bottom of the tub. This fluid had come from her and I felt that it should not be wasted. When I had finished Sholanda hugged me tightly and told me, “I love my white, sissy, piss drinking doll!”

I knew that the feeling was mutual and I replied, “I love you too Sholanda.” “Everything about you and everything that you make me do.” “I have never been happier and more secure than when I am serving you and am in your arms!”