Double Trouble


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


“I don’t do this very often,” Demetri said to Devon as they looked at their prized possession kneeling at their feet. Devon dropped down to one knee and held Ashley’s face up.

“Are you sure, this is what you want kitten?” He took a deep breath glancing up at Demetri as he did so. “If you say yes, there’s no turning back.” Demetri nodded and Devon stood up.

They both looked at her waiting for a reply. She looked at both of them in the eyes and with determination said. “Yes Sirs.”

“Good girl,” Demetri whispered in excitement. “Go lie on the bed and close your eyes.” She hurriedly got up and did what she was told. Devon went the draws and selected the toys that would be needed for this play. A mask, a collar, a leash, anal beads, a vibrator, lube, condoms etc. He placed them side by side and then watched as Demetri quickly made use of the mask and the blindfold.

“You smell so sweet kitten.” he slips his hands into her already damp underwear. “Wet already kitten?” he says with a smirk. He makes quick work removing her clothes and other items and then flips her over on her belly. “Face down, ass up kitten, lets take care of you,” he purred.

She laid down on the bed, legs spread apart and hands tied behind her back. She knew there was no turning back. His hands collided with her butt and a loud smack resounded in the room followed by a moan. A wave of pleasure took over her body.

“Count!” Devon’s stern voice replied.

Demetri’s hand’s collided with her bare butt again.

“One,” she barely managed to gasp out. His hands caressed her butt, massaging her, and then another slap landed a little harder. “Two” she moaned out. He continued till she reached ten. Her cunt dripping wet while she whimpered in pleasure. She looked to the side to see Devon slowly stroking his cock. Demetri gently traced his hand prints that were left on her butt. He slipped his fingers inside her; her juices dripping around his fingers. He slowly started moving inside her.

They watched as she struggled to keep her legs apart as she slowly moving her hips to the rhythm of his fingers. He removed his fingers and made her taste them. “Beautiful isn’t she?” he remarked to Devon who was already rock hard at the sight of her sucking off her juices on Demetri’s fingers. Demetri dipped his head in between his legs and licked her. He watched as she visibly shivered. “You taste so sweet,” he groaned. He winked at Devon who physically shuddered.

“Spread your legs more,” he said as he placed his hands on her thighs. “Let Master urfa escort Devon see how wet you are.” he winked at Devon and motioned him to come closer. “Such a good girl,” He licked her pussy again slowly. She gasped and whimpered. “Devon’s gonna enter you now, be a good girl and take all of him okay?”

“Yes Sir,” she whispered as she wiggled her hips. Demetri motioned for Devon to take his place at her entrance. Devon stroked his dick while passing it up and down her clit and her entrance. Demetri stroking himself as she whimpered in pleasure. Devon slowly eased himself into her as she tensed up and then relaxed as she began to take all of him inside her. She moaned and gripped the sheets. She opened her legs wider and moaned louder.

“Hogging all the fun Devy?” Demetri said still stroking himself as he made his way to him. “Let me have a taste of her.” Devon pulled out of her and gasped as he felt a pair of warm lips wrapped around the head of his cock pulling him deep into his throat. He pulled back suddenly.

“What the fuck Deme?” He exclaimed quite surprised that his friend, hand his hands and mouth wrapped around his cock. Demetri winked at him “I said lemme taste her, I never said from where.” He pulled Devon’s cock back into his mouth and started to suck like his life depended on it. He smiled as he heard Devon’s strangled moan and his body shook as his knees began to buckle. Deme felt a small pair of hands meet his and she opened his eyes to see that Ashley had joined him in sucking Devon’s cock. Devon hissed and moan as the two other them worked on his cock.

Bliss was the exact word to describe what he was in right now. He looked down to see 2 pairs of eyes staring back at him as they pleasured his cock. They both moaned as his cock throbbed and jerked from their attention.

“Please,” Ashley panted as she licked up and down his shaft.

“Please what?!” he barely managed to breathe out.

“Cum all over me Sir,” she moaned. “I wanna be covered in your cum Sir.”

He threw his head back as his climax hit him and he came hard letting out ropes of cum. He looked down to see that he had managed to cover both of his pleasurers with cum and they were both licking at each other trying to get the most of his cum inside of themselves.

“Come here,” he said as he took a sit on the bed. They both crawled towards him and he watched them in confusion. He had never seen Demetri like this. He had known him for a very long time and he had never once been anything like this. Gone was the alpha male, womanizer he knew and instead before him kneeled balıkesir escort a cum covered male eyeing his dick like it was some kind last supper.

Demetri licked his lips and stared at him in an almost vulnerable state. He felt his heart clench. He turned to Ashley who looked at him like she wanted nothing more than to bury him inside her.

“Let us take care of you Deve.” Demetri said almost pleadingly. He looked at Ashley who nodded at him sincerely; he didn’t know what to do. Slowly he nodded slowly turning his head to Demetri. He saw his friend exhale a sigh of relief. Demetri got up and kissed Ashley then nodded to her. She then got up and straddled Devon kissing him and rubbing her body against his. Gripping his hair in her hands rubbing her wet sex against his limp sex. He moaned softly wrapping his arms around her waist. He felt gentle touch approach him from the back and he froze. Ashley deepened her kiss and he relaxed slightly. He felt Demetri’s hands wander around his back and across his chest playing with his nipples as Ashley’s boobs rubbed against his chest.

He felt himself getting hard much to Ashley’s delight. He felt soft kisses on his neck and jaw, a slight touch of rough stubble grazing his body. Demetri took his ear lobes into his mouth and he felt his body set on fire. He moaned loudly as Ashley’s wet pussy surrounded his hardened cock. A loud moan followed and he opened his eyes to see Ashley’s eyes rolled back as she rode his cock with the fervour of a starving woman. Demetri got off the bed and placed his cock in front of Ashley who quickly took it into her mouth and sucked and licked it like it was an icicle on a hot day. He listened to Demetri moan and whimper under her mouth and he felt a pang in his chest. He looked at Demetri who was staring straight at him as he moaned. A question in his eyes.

He moaned as he felt Ashley’s pussy squeeze tightly around him. His eyes never leaving Demetri’s. Demetri leaned forward, tentatively running his hands in Devon’s hair who closed his eyes. Taking his chance he pressed his lips against Devon’s who gasped allowing Demetri’s tongue inside his mouth. Devon froze, unaccustomed to the situation he was in. Ashley was riding him hard and fast while sucking on Demetri’s cock. He moaned as he felt his nipples pinched. Demetri kissed him hard and he kissed back with all the dominance he could muster as his body convulsed under the amount of pleasure running through him.

Demetri pulled back watching him with lust in his eyes. He held Ashley’s head as he pounded into her mouth. Groaning as trabzon escort he came hard into her mouth. Ashley’s body shivering as she swallowed his hot cum. Devon watched as she sucked it all out and felt his cock twitch and throb. He held fast unto Ashley’s waist as he pounded into her. Her loud moans filling the apartment.

“Yes!” “Yes!” “Oh God Yes!” she yelled as she threw her head back enjoying the ride. He felt her body shift as he pleasured a nipple with his mouth enjoying the frantic motion her body was doing as she wanted more of him in her inside her. He felt her still, a warm feeling rubbed against him.

“Fuck,” he heard Demetri say as he entered Ashley’s ass.

“Oh, God! Yes,” Ashley moaned. Her body going limp and her pussy clamping down on his dick rapidly. He groaned as she seemed to strangle his dick inside her in pleasure. Ashley kissed him hard and rough as she rubbed her body against him; Devon pounding into her ass. He pinched her nipples and watched as she cam hard against him. She screamed and clawed at him as she came. Her whites of her eyes the only thing that was visible. Her mouth parted, tears running down her face.

He had no time to react as he felt something wet and warm enter his butthole. An involuntary moan escaped. He felt his whole body clench and a pool of sensations hit him as he felt the warmth curve up inside him. His entire body shook. His toes clenched, his body tensed, his mouth parted and his dick tightened impossible hard that he felt pain. He gasped as tears ran down his face. He felt Ashley move but there was nothing he could do. His entire body felt like it was taking captive by the shivers and sensations he was feeling. He felt hollow for a second then cried out as he felt the warm length full him up and pulse inside him. He gasped opened his eyes. Above him was a pleasure induced Demetri. His mouth opened in a pant, his eyes filled with lust as he stared down at him. He moaned as he thrusted into him hitting that spot that caused his entire body to freeze.

Demetri leaned forward and captured his ear lobes in his mouth and gripped his hair in his hands as he thrusted deep into him. He moaned loudly. If this was what heaven felt like, he didn’t want to let go. He let Demetri kiss him, he let Demetri flip him over and pound into him as waves and waves of pleasure hit him over and over again until he couldn’t feel his body. He left Ashley pleasure his cock as he got thoroughly fucked in the ass. He let Demetri fuck him so hard he was sure he felt him in his stomach and when he climaxed. He let Ashley suck his life out of him while Demetri filled him with his hot roping cum.

And when Demetri pulled out of him he sucked his cock like his life depended on it. Cleaning Demetri’s cock sucking the rest of his cum out licking and lapping at the dick that gave him the most pleasure in all of his life. He lifted himself off his knees and kissed him. He was never letting that go.