Great Nips


Although I never get anything more than a trim, Great Nips is my go-to hair salon. The stylists are beautiful, and they can do everything: ‘dos, perms, braids, dyes, extensions, even mani-pedis. Their prices are cheap, too—well, as far as men’s haircuts go, anyway. Fourteen bucks, and customers are in and out of the chair in twenty minutes, tops. I always hand the stylist a twenty and say “keep the change.” It’s worth it. Like I say, Great Nips has the most gorgeous stylists in town—mine or any other.

I left my barber Vinnie for Great Nips when I heard the topless salon was open for business. At least, it was supposed to be topless. Hence the name, Great Nips, a play on words, with “nips” referring both to cuts and to nipples. Rumor was the stylists were even going to trim women’s bushes, if their customers—excuse me, their clientele—wanted such service. I don’t know if they’d clip a guy down there, too. Maybe, if the price was right.

Anyway, the city refused to issue them a business license if topless stylists were part of their operation, so Great Nips kept the name but tossed the nipples (and the bare breasts). Bureaucrats always seem to find a way to fuck things up.

Great Nips has an app (what business doesn’t nowadays) that lets clients sign in before they arrive at the salon. The stylists take sign-ins in the order they call in; walk-ins have to wait. Generally, I don’t like to wait, but my phone is an older model, and the service provider stopped updating the software that the phone uses to interface with most apps, including Great Nips’s, so I get to the salon at opening time, which is nine o’clock, to minimize the chance I’ll have to wait. Today, my technique works, as it usually does.

Mandy, one of the stylists, greets me as I enter the salon. There are two stylists on duty, she says, so no waiting. (More will clock in later, as business picks up). Unfortunately, some fat old bag signed in using the salon’s app, so she gets Mandy. I’d get the new stylist, I’m told.

New? That sounds interesting. All the stylists at Great Nips are hot, but a chance to check out some fresh tits and ass while I get clipped by a new chick makes me forget all about Mandy, for the moment, at least.

You can imagine my horror when the new stylist turns out to be a dude!

He’s in his late twenties, with a bald head, and sinewy, tattooed arms. He wears black shoes, black socks, black slacks, and a black tee shirt, like he’s a damn undertaker or Escort Bayan Gaziantep something. Most likely, he’s gay, I think, although I don’t detect a limp wrist of a swish of his hips. He doesn’t speak with a lisp, either, when he asks, “How do you want it?”

I can’t tell whether his question’s intended to have a double meaning. “Just a trim.”

He steps on a lever, and my chair ratchets up a few inches. He spritzes my hair with water from a spray bottle. It’s cold against my scalp. Then, he picks up a pair of scissors and starts to clip my hair, cutting along his fingers, through which the ends of my hair protrude. Unlike the chicks, he doesn’t say anything. Mandy and the other female stylists talk pretty much non-stop while any client’s in a chair. Maybe they think they have to chat up their clients to get a decent tip, maybe they just like to yak, or maybe they’re bored. Anyway, the dude trimming my hair doesn’t say a word.

I watch him as he shifts and moves. His hand run through my hair. With the hand holding the scissors, he seizes a hank of my hair, feeding the tresses between the forefinger and the middle finger of his other hand. Then he trims the hair protruding through his fingers. He’s deft, sure, and quick. His hands in my hair, strong, but gentle, feel kind of good, although they’re thicker than Mandy’s fingers or those of the other stylists.

He spritzes me with more of the cold water, and I imagine it’s something else. I recall reading, a few years back, that demon semen is ice cold. Maybe it feels like this water, except that it’s thicker. The thought disturbs me, and I frown.

“Everything okay?” the stylist asks.

I nod. I guess he thought he hurt me or I didn’t like something he did. I tell myself not to frown again.

His hands float and glide around my head, as his scissors snip and clip and nip.

As he steps one way or another, I catch glimpses of his physique: broad shoulders, deep chest, taut abs, muscular arms. He’s fit and trim, but sinewy. He has strong fingers and hands, but he moves with grace and gentleness, as if he were conducting an orchestra or performing a ballet. Poetry in motion, I think. For the first time, I notice how handsome he is. Mandy and the other women at Great Nips must enjoy watching him all day.

In the mirror, I catch sight of Mandy, working on the fat lady on the other side of the room, opposite me. She wears light-pink sweatpants. They’re skin-tight; she wears them like another layer of skin, and they show off her firm, smooth buttocks so well she might as well be naked from the waist down. Her ass, like the rest of her, is beautiful. I watch her full, round cheeks until she turns, her bottom visible now only in profile.

“How much do you want off?”

For a moment, I think he’s said, “How much do you want to get off?” and I feel my cheeks burn as I blush.

“An inch?” he enquirers. “More?”

“What do you think?” I ask.

“A couple, maybe, but it’s up to you.”

I shrugged. “Let’s go with two.”

His hands softly rake my hair, capture a swath, and his scissors click and clip. Cut hair falls, brown, straight, and soft, on the smock he’s wrapped around me. I try to think of something to say to him, wanting to hear his voice, which is rich and deep, but I cannot think of anything to say.

In the mirror, Mandy’s lovely backside is again on display. The flare of her hips, the full, but firm mounds jiggling as she steps this way and that, are mesmerizing. I wonder if she has dimples. One day, she may wear sweatpants low enough or a tank top high enough to answer this question for me, but, alas, today is not that day. I watch her in the glass, secretly studying the curves of her hips, the swell of her bottom, the tapering of her long, shapely legs. She rounds the front of the chair, her lower body vanishing from view behind her obese client’s bulk. Her boobs, high, round, and perfect, jiggle slightly, their nipples erect. Great Nips, I think, and smile.

My stylist’s palm perches against my cheek, light, gentle, almost a caress, as he trims the hair he holds between his fingers. Is it my imagination, or does his touch linger a moment after he’s finished the cut?

I close my eyes, luxuriating in the feel of those strong, thick fingers caressing my hair, feel his body press my own as he shifts and steps about my chair, smell the scent of him up close. I am glad of the smock around the front of my body; it hides my burgeoning erection. What would he think, I wonder, if he were to see the sign of my arousal? I thought of Mandy’s lovely buttocks displayed in her tight pink sweatpants, and my half-stiff cock throbbed. Was it stiffening for him or for her? For which stylist did my prick swell? Did it lengthen for Mandy or her colleague.

Maybe, I thought, it was long and stiff and swollen for both of them.

In the mirror, Mandy’s breasts. Before me, my stylist’s sculpted chest and abs.

Behind me, Mandy’s feminine charms; in front of me, my stylist’s masculine physique. How unfair it was that we were compelled to choose only one type of fruit from the garden of pleasure when both were tempting, succulent, and delicious.

His hand rested upon the nape of my neck, strong but light. “Do you want the back cut square or rounded?”

Would I sound square if I said square?

That’s the way I wore it.

“Rounded, please.”

The clippers in his hand skimmed my neck. Then, he followed up with his scissors, snip, snip, snip.

He held a mirror up for me. It framed the rounded cut. It wasn’t square, as I preferred, but it looked good, and I told him as much.

He fussed about my ears, trimming a few hairs there, snipped an errant hair from my left eyebrow, and said, “Close your eyes.”

I obeyed, and felt a rush of warm air from the hair dryer he used to blow away the snipped hair on my neck and shoulders. He was as good giving a blowjob as he was at cutting hair, I thought, repressing the smile that wanted to curve my lips.

The smock was swept away, and I rose. Thankfully, my dick had reverted to its flaccid state—but his had grown considerably, making a tent of the crotch of his slacks. It was unmistakable, insistent, proudly defiant of social norms and conventions, virility displayed without embarrassment or apology. “You’re all done, sir,” he announced.

On the way to the cash register on the front counter near the entrance to the salon, I peeked at Mandy, but she was hidden, once again, behind the girth of her client, and I saw only her face, beautiful but oblivious to me, as she tended to the woman before her.

My stylist rang up the haircut. “Fourteen dollars,” he said, smiling for the first time. His whole face was transformed, and his male beauty shone as if he were full of angelic light.

I handed him a twenty. “Keep the change.”

“Your receipt, sir,” he said.

I almost told him I didn’t need one, but I saw him writing on the slip of paper and stayed my tongue.

He handed the it to me, and I stuck it into the breast pocket of my shirt. When I’d crossed the parking lot, I dipped my fingers into the pocket and removed the paper. On it, he’d written “Sam” and his telephone number.

I unlocked my vehicle, climbed inside, started the engine, shifted into gear, released the parking brake, and drove home.

But I’d be back again, before long.

My hair grows fast, Mandy tells me.

Meantime, I’ll give Sam a call. It will be fun to get to know him better.

Cindy Lou Seduces the New Stockboy


Cindy Lou really enjoyed her job in her Uncle Fred’s furniture store. The work wasn’t really exciting or challenging but it was quite interesting and paid well enough and she enjoyed interacting with her co-workers and the other people she dealt with. Mostly, she was a receptionist, actually more like a hostess, greeting customers who came into the store and schmoozing with them until somebody from the sales staff was available but she filled in other places where needed.

One day, her uncle approached her, accompanied by a tall young man. “Cindy,” he said, shortening her name in a way she didn’t like but hadn’t said anything about. “This is Carlos. He just turned 18 and he will be working in the stockroom after school. How about showing him around?”

“Hi, Carlos,” Cindy Lou greeted him, offering her hand to shake. Shyly, he reached out and took her hand, but quickly dropped it as if it were hot. It was obvious that he was extremely bashful, especially around women. She thought that was a shame, because he was quite handsome, with curly black hair and clear, light brown skin. Cindy Lou felt the familiar, pleasant feeling in her pussy that she always gets when she meets a good-looking man, especially when he is young and tall.

“Show him all over the stockrooms, Cindy, even the dead storage. We’ll be donating some of the old stuff from there pretty soon.” This was a reference to the area where old furniture, sometimes damaged, was kept. It was very much out of the way and people hardly ever had any reason to go there. Cindy Lou had sometimes thought of the dead storage area as a being a good place to take a nap if she ever needed one, because of its isolation and privacy. Looking at the handsome young man whom she would be showing around, she thought of a better use for the place, especially for a certain bed that she knew was stored there.

She started by taking him around the showrooms where customers browsed. Cindy Lou was glad she had worn sheer panties and one of her shortest skirts that day. When she had a chance, she raised the hemline even more by pulling the skirt up higher on her waist. By undoing the top buttons on her blouse and pulling her bra down, she was able to show off even more cleavage than usual. At the first opportunity, she dropped her pencil and bent down in front of Carlos. She took her time picking it up because she wanted to give him a good, long look at what she hoped he would soon be licking and fondling. The anticipation made her pussy wetter.

Cindy Lou has never been clumsy, but that afternoon she found herself frequently dropping pencils and other things. Whatever landed on the floor, she picked it up, smiling up at the young man as she bent over in front of him to make sure he had as good a look at her creamy breasts as she could give him. In the sections where dressers and chests of drawers were stored or displayed, her tactics escalated. Although she had no real reason to open any of the drawers, she did so anyhow, and always the lowest ones. To open them, she bent over with her legs straight, raising her skirt all the way up her back, giving Carlos, who was standing behind her, a perfect look at her legs and ass. His view was practically unimpeded by her panties, which were transparent to start with and their wetness made them cling to her skin.

Because of his extreme shyness, Carlos responded to her putting herself on display and her friendly and provocative comments in monosyllables, sometimes stuttering too much for even that. Cindy Lou persisted in her attempts to start a personal conversation that she could steer into some action between the two of them. She was sure that, with her charm, blonde good looks and sexy body, she would succeed in seducing him when they reached the bed she had in her mind.

However, by the time they reached the dead storage area, where she had expected her plans to come to fruition, Cindy Lou was starting to feel frustrated. From surreptitious looks at the front of Carlos’ pants, she knew the show that she was giving him was having the desired effect, but he had yet to put his hands on her or say or do anything remotely intimate. Even so, the apparent length and thickness of the bulge that she had been ogling encouraged her to continue, but she decided she was being too subtle with the bashful and probably inexperienced young man.

Cindy Lou stopped at the side of the bed and mattress she thought would be the best place for what she had in mind. It was in the most isolated corner of the top floor of the building, the headboard right against one wall and one side close to the other wall. Pieces of furniture were piled on the other two sides, concealing it. There was just a narrow passage leading to the bed so that if anybody were to come here it would be for this specific item, such as Cindy Lou had done, bringing along the youthful object of her lust.

“Come over her, Carlos. I want to show you something about the head of this bed.”

To Escort Kız get to where she wanted him, he had to squeeze past her and, as he did, she felt his stiff cock rubbing against her through his pants. The palm of Cindy Lou’s hand was waiting for him when he got by her and when she felt his cock, she gave it a squeeze, acting quickly before he had time to jump away. Elation filled her because, from the brief contact, his cock felt thick and heavy, just what she wanted in her pussy.

“Excuse me, Miss Cindy,” the flustered young man finally managed to say, after much stammering.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she responded as she sat on the bed, first pulling off her shoes. “I liked it. Please, call me Cindy Lou. Why don’t you sit here beside me?” She looked up at him and patted the bed. Once he was sitting, she expected to put one arm around his shoulders, pull his promising cock out of his pants, take it in her mouth and go from there. Unfortunately, he was too tongue-tied to say anything and too bashful to do anything but stand where he was, shifting his weight back and forth from one foot to the other.

“You sure are a good-looking dude, Carlos. I’ll bet you’ve got a lot of girlfriends. How many do you have, anyhow?”

“N-n-n-none,” he was finally able to squeeze out of his mouth.

“Aw, I can’t believe that. Someone as tall and handsome as you? I’ll bet you have sex with half the girls in town.”

Carlos couldn’t even answer; he just stood there with his mouth open but nothing came out. He did manage to shake his head from side to side.

Cindy Lou decided she wasn’t getting anywhere trying to get the bashful young man to open up or make any kind of move. If she was going to get his big cock in her pussy, where it was urgently desired, she would need to take even more direct action.

Carlos was still backed up in the corner by the head of the bed so Cindy Lou stood up and stepped in front of him. “You’re not only good-looking, you’ve got something here that all the girls want.” She gently squeezed his cock through his pants. It felt even bigger than it had before, and it was definitely harder. The nylon zipper slid down easily and she reached through the fly of his underwear to fondle his bare cock. It was too big and hard to be pulled out through that opening, which made Cindy Lou even more avid to get it inside her eager, wet pussy.

Still pinning him in the corner, she unfastened his belt and pants and pulled them down to his knees. Carlos’ erection was stretching the front of his shorts but she carefully worked the waistband around it and pulled the underwear down to join his pants. When his stiff cock bounced free, it was even bigger than she had expected. As Cindy Lou held it in her hand she was elated that she couldn’t even come close to getting her fingers around it.

“You’ve got a really great cock here, Carlos. How many girls have you had this big tool in? How many women have you fucked?”

Seconds later, he was able to stammer out an answer. “N-n-none.”

“None? You’ve never had sex with a girl? Do you really mean that?”

Carlos couldn’t answer out loud but he was able to nod his head up and down.

Although she was surprised at first by the lack of experience for such a handsome young man, Cindy Lou realized it made sense. He was so shy he would never be able to ask a girl out and he would probably shrink from a girl or woman who was the aggressor. If he hadn’t been trapped in the corner, Carlos might have actually run away from her. Even if he had ever been out on a date with a girl, she would have been so turned off and bored with his extreme shyness, nothing would have happened.

Cindy Lou felt a certain amount of pride that she would be taking his cherry, the first time she had ever done that with anybody. She also felt a lot of responsibility. Since this would be Carlos’s first time, she wanted it to be truly memorable for him, and she wanted to give him the very best time she could, as well as having fun herself. Cindy Lou was confident she had the pussy and the experience to do just that.

“Carlos, since this will be your first time, I’m going to make it as good for you as I can. Just do what I say and it will be really great for both of us. Okay?” He nodded his head.

“First, lie down here on your back.”

As the young virgin got onto the bed, Cindy Lou unfastened the remaining buttons on her blouse and removed it and her bra, letting her big, firm breasts swing free. She thought about having Carlos lick and suck them but decided that such advanced lessons would come at another time. For now, she just wanted his big cock in her pussy. After seeing what would soon be inside her, the juices were running down her legs.

While he lay on the bed, Cindy Lou removed his shoes and socks and pulled his pants and underwear off, all the time gazing lustfully at his cock, big and hard and pointing straight up into the air. “Do you have a condom?” she asked.

He pointed at his pants. “W-wallet.” Carlos was still quite nervous and tongue-tied but the knowledge that he was about to have sex with the beautiful woman on the bed with him was increasing his confidence and allowing him to speak more coherently.

Before retrieving the wallet from the pants pocket, Cindy Lou removed her skirt and wet panties and put them aside. Since she seldom wore stockings, and was not doing so on that day, she was completely naked and ready for what she expected to be some good fucking. When she handed Carlos his wallet, she grinned at the ring shape that was protruding from its side. Like many young men, he apparently kept a condom there semi-permanently. To form such a shape, it had probably been there for many months but, as long is it was still sealed, it would be allright. As always, she was prepared and had condoms in her purse but she always considered it to be the man’s obligation to provide one.

With one hand at the base of his shaft, she was about to roll on the condom when she felt his cock start to throb and jerk. She had felt this reaction hundreds of times but, until then, always when it was in her mouth. That was where she quickly put Carlos’s cock and, a second later, a gusher of thick fluid squirted against her throat. She swallowed it, noting its spicy flavor and caught the next splash on her tongue. It was quite tasty, a blend of chili and garlic, and on another occasion, she might have been willing to settle for that, but not this time. Not if she could help it. She was much too horny by then to settle for a taste of his cum.

Although Cindy Lou felt a certain amount of frustration, she didn’t let it show and realized his premature ejaculation might even be for the better. He was young and still horny and in her hands and mouth, his cock would quickly stiffen enough to go where she wanted it. Cumming like that was certainly better than if it had been after a few strokes in her pussy, because he could be prepared again. The edge had now been taken off his need and, once it was stiff again, they would be able to fuck longer and better than they otherwise would have.

Carlos was so embarrassed he was almost crying and Cindy Lou knew his stammering and stuttering was an attempt to apologize to her. He couldn’t talk but she could easily guess what he was trying to say.

“Don’t worry about it, Carlos. It’s not your fault; you’re such a hot and virile stud you had to cum like that.” As she spoke soothingly to the young man, expressing her admiration for his good looks, his height and his general manliness, her hand was slowly pumping his cock up and down. It had softened somewhat but it was still semi-erect. After a few minutes of her soft, flattering words and soft, caressing hands, she took his cock back into her mouth, stroking it between her lips until it stiffened to full erection.

This time, there were no mishaps as Cindy Lou rolled the condom onto the young stockboy’s cock and straddled his legs. Crouching over him, she held her pussy lips open and gave further instructions. “Guide your cock into me, Carlos. It’s so big and long and thick, I don’t know if I can get all of it in my pussy. I sure hope so, though. I’ve really got the hots for you.” He smiled and held his cock upright so the lovely blonde could impale herself on it.

Her comment about his cock had been only partly flattery. It was long and thick but Cindy Lou’s pussy was easily wet enough that she would be able to accommodate it. Slowly and carefully, she lowered her body until she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy, sending a shiver of delight through her body. Still holding her lips open with one hand, she moved his cock head with the other until it slipped inside her where she had wanted it for the last hour.

With just the tip of his cock inside her, Cindy Lou sighed happily and smiled at the man who was about to lose his virginity. “You’ve got a wonderful cock here, Carlos, so big and hard. It already feels great in my pussy, and you’ve made me sooo wet! You should be sharing it with dozens of girlfriends.”

Not nearly as shy as he had been, he smiled back, glad to be finally losing his cherry, especially because he was losing it to such a hot and beautiful woman. He could see how wet she was, with juices running down her legs and even trickling down his cock, and he took pride in knowing that he was the man who had caused her extreme state of arousal.

“Today, it’s all yours, Cindy Lou,” he told her without stuttering.

“I’m glad, Carlos. It’s an honor.”

Slowly, she lowered herself until an inch of his hard shaft had entered her. It was so thick that already Cindy Lou could feel it stretching open the entrance to her pussy. She was cooing from the intense pleasure she was already feeling, partly from knowing she was going to be the first for this handsome, young man, but mostly from what Carlos’s cock was already doing for her.

What it was doing, as it wedged into her, forcing her open, was sending bliss swirling throughout her body. As she lowered herself farther, her love channel was stretched equally, intensifying her feelings and already driving her toward ecstasy. Slowly stroking her pussy up and down on the big, virginal cock, taking it deeper with every stroke, she enveloped it completely, until his black pubic hair was tickling her swollen lips.

“Carlos, you are such a stud! Your cock feels wonderful and it’s going to feel even better for both of us. Put your hands on my thighs here. I’m going to rise up now and, when I lower myself again, fuck that nice big cock of yours up into my pussy.”

Slowly, she raised herself until she could feel just the head of his cock inside her. After pausing a second, she started to lower herself equally slowly, loving the feeling of his cock plowing into her, until she suddenly felt a great burst of intense pleasure. Carlos had rammed his cock up into her, driving it in even farther than it had been. When she sank all the way back down again, pushing it in deeper yet, it felt like a mountain was in her pussy, and it was producing a mountain of joy for her.

“Did that hurt? You looked surprised.”

“Oh, no, it didn’t hurt at all. I was just surprised because it felt so good. Your cock is really wonderful and it makes me feel really good. Keep doing it the same way.”

Once again, Cindy Lou rose high up from Carlos, paused, and started to lower herself. Once again his cock surged into her pussy like a reverse avalanche. She moaned from the incredible pleasure, which was added to the mountain that was already filling her body.

“Are you sure that didn’t hurt? It sounded like you were moaning.”

“I was moaning because your cock felt so good. When a man and woman are fucking and she moans like I did, it means he is giving her a really, really good time, and that’s what you’re doing for me. You sure are a good-lookin’ dude and I love what your cock is doing for my pussy. Just keep fucking me like that.”

Cindy Lou was rewarded by a big smile on Carlos’s handsome face and by his cock ramming into her over and over as she continued raising and lowering herself. Her moaning continued also, and every time she expressed herself like that, it gave another boost to Carlos’s ego and made him want to make it even better for her. The feelings of affectionate bonding that were rising in him were something completely new, as were the feelings of love toward her and the desire to protect her.

He was getting a tremendous amount of pleasure too, from the way Cindy Lou’s pussy was caressing his cock. Every time he had masturbated while looking at a magazine centerfold, he had dreamed of a moment like this, when his cock would be going in and out of the woman in the picture instead of his hand. To Carlos, the sweet, beautiful blonde who was astride him looked better than any of the photos ever had, and the pleasure that radiated out from his cock as it plunged in and out of her pussy was far better than he had even imagined any of those women ever giving him.

Everything about losing his virginity was wonderful to Carlos. The best part was the way his cock felt in Cindy Lou’s wet pussy, of course, but even the feel of the soft skin of her thighs under his hands was a source of bliss. Her moans of pleasure from what he was doing for her, after he understood what they meant, was music to his ears, and the aroma of her copious pussy juices was one of the most delectable things he had ever smelled. Second only to the feel of her pussy massaging his cock was the sight of her beautiful body moving on top of him. Her gorgeous breasts, swaying and bouncing above him was the most erotic thing he had ever seen, and he stared at them as if hypnotized.

Cindy Lou couldn’t help but notice where the young man’s gaze was fixed, and it came as no shock to her. She was accustomed to men admiring her naked body, especially her breasts, and she derived strong feelings of pride from it. As she had decided earlier, since this was Carlos’s first time, she would make it as good for him as she could.

“Do you like my titties, Carlos? They sure like you.”

“I like them too. They’re the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.”

“Do you want to play with them?” Without waiting for an answer, Cindy Lou leaned forward to put her lovely breasts within easy reach of Carlos’s hands.

“Just be careful, though. Ok? They’re very sensitive. Feel how hard you made my nipples. That means you’ve gotten me very aroused, when they’re hard like that.”

There was nothing shy or backward about the way Carlos held her breasts in his hands, and nothing rough either. One succulent globe was held in either hand while his fingers carefully fondled the nipples, which were as rigid as Cindy Lou had said. His hands had never held anything as marvelous as the big, firm breasts that were filling them so delightfully, and his fingers had never touched anything that could give him such a thrill as her nipples.