Wet Seduction Ch. 06


The next few days after the conference had been a bit strange for Mary. She’d never been in the position of seeing a work colleague before, and she hadn’t known how this would feel.

They discussed the matter in the car on the way from the conference. Work was work, and the rest of the time they could see each other; but nobody at work was to know.

It had taken Mary those first few days to adjust her mind to this, but now she could talk to Helen without feeling weird, but she was looking forward to getting together with Helen again.

Then on the Wednesday Mary had received an email from Helen.

Dear Mary,

I’ve arranged a training session regarding the new system for Friday at 5.00pm in the conference suit.


Ps. Like the white trouser suit you wore yesterday.

So now it was Friday and Mary had spent the day trying to moderate her drinking so that she didn’t ‘peak’ to early. Unknowingly, and just like Ben and Helen before, she was about to join the office piss club.

She’d bumped into Helen in the corridor just before lunch. Helen had been carrying a bottle of water. As they’d passed, Helen had winked at her and waved the bottle, “”Don’t know what the matter with me is today, I can’t stop drinking!””

Mary had known exactly what she’d meant and made sure she drank plenty for the rest of the day.

Thinking about what was going to happen later, Mary felt herself getting aroused. She knew that the white blouse and white trousers she was wearing would be completely saturated by the time she’d wet herself and Helen had pissed on her. The thought made her even hornier.

With quarter of an hour to go before the end of the day, and with the office mostly empty, she decided to get in the mood. Slipping off to the toilet and finding it empty she used one of the cubicles to strip off her underwear. Now she was just wearing her trousers and blouse. The blouse wasn’t too light, but anybody looking would have been able to see her nipples easily. She wondered if maybe she should put her bra back on, but thought better of the idea. She was feeling daring.

As Mary made her way back to desk she felt completely naked without her underwear on. When she’d exited the cubicle and checked her outfit in the mirror she could easily see her dark nipples through her blouse. She slipped back to her desk a few minutes later walking with her arms folded hiding her bra and knickers feeling very excited, nervous and aroused at the same time.

She watched the other staff leave, and finally watched Brenda chatting with Helen.

Brenda smiled and waved at Mary as she left the office; Mary waved back and unwittingly gave Brenda full view of her braless breasts.

Brenda smiled to herself at the sight, the girl did have amazing tits, she thought to herself.

For the briefest of moments the feeling that Brenda knew what was going on swept through Mary before she thought better of it.

Then Helen was at her desk.

“I can see you’re ready?” She Maltepe escort bayan said admiring Mary’s breasts. The she lent forward and kissed Mary, who automatically responded feeling one of Helen’s hands caressing her through her blouse.

“God, you have great tits!” Helen said standing up.

Taking Mary’s hand she led her into the meeting room.

Closing the door Helen stood for a moment looking at Mary then embracing her kissed her hard. Suddenly Helen’s hands were all over Mary’s body and soon the two women were pressed against the wall with their tongues entwined and hands everywhere.

Mary was conscious of her bladder and between kisses moaned “I need to go Helen”

Helen stepped back, her face hungry with desire.

“On the table” Helen said.

Mary turned to look at the table, it was bare and about half way up the long table was a pile of towels laid out on the floor. Mary smiled, “When did you sort that out?”

“Ooh, about half an hour ago.” Helen said offhandedly, “Now get on the table!”

Mary kicked off her shoes and sat on the edge of the table.

“Oh no, I want you to squat on the table.” Helen said sitting down facing Mary.

Mary climbed onto the table and squatted down in front of Helen.

“Now get those legs wide open.” Helen commanded.

Mary did as she was told and spread her legs.

Helen could see the material of Mary’s trousers pulled tight over her bare pussy.

“Perfect” Helen said admiringly, “Now you can pee.”

After thinking about this moment all day Mary found that when she tried relaxing her bladder she couldn’t pee. She was bursting, but couldn’t do anything about it.

“Just relax” Helen whispered soothingly leaning forward and stroking Mary’s legs, “Relax and it’ll come.”

Mary focused on relaxing and then suddenly she felt the first drop of pee soak into her trousers. Automatically she stopped.

“That’s good” whispered Helen, “Now try again. I guarantee once you start you won’t be able to stop.”

Mary concentrated on relaxing herself again, and this time the pee started almost immediately and she forced herself to carry on. The pee quickly soaked her crotch, turning it transparent, before splashing onto the table top. Mary looked down to see a pool of pee expanding across the table. She watched it reach the edge of the table and cascade over the side onto Helen’s skirt as she sat watching Mary closely. Then to Mary’s delight Helen leant forward and rested her chest in the pool of pee which immediately began to soak through her blouse.

Mary strained to force every drop of pee out, soaking her trousers even more. Leaning back and spreading her legs wide she felt the pee running underneath her and soaking the seat of her trousers.

“This feels so naughty” She cried as the last few drops of pee escape.

“Isn’t it great?” Helen said leaning back to show Mary the state of her blouse, through which her bra was clearly visible, “Now for the next bit. Lie back Escort Maltepe on the table”.

Mary positioned herself and lay down in the pool of pee. The feel of the pee soaking through her blouse made her feel even naughtier.

Mary watched as Helen slowly stripped off her soaking blouse and bra, followed by her skirt. Underneath she has no knickers on. Once again the sight of Helen naked filled Mary with desire. Then Helen then leant over the table to kiss Mary, as they kissed Mary felt Helen’s hand slip between her legs and stroke her sodden crotch.

Stepping back Helen licked the pee from her hand. “Mmm, “She moaned smacking her lips as she tasted Mary’s pee.

Then Helen climbed on to the table, and stood above Mary looked down at her, “Do you like the view?”

“You’re so beautiful” Mary breathed drinking in the sight above her.

Then without any delay Helen crouched down over Mary and started peeing on her. The piss hit Mary directly on her breasts and the thin material of the blouse was immediately saturated. Her breasts topped with those gorgeous dark brown nipples were clearly visible to Helen through the material. Holding open her pussy lips Helen directed the spray of pee all over Mary.

With the pee splashing all over her Mary was in heaven, she felt so naughty and couldn’t help herself. She pulled open her blouse to feel the piss on her naked flesh. Then quickly undoing her trousers she reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit whilst Helen continued to pee on her.

Helen directed the flow of pee onto Mary’s hand between her legs.

As Helen felt the flow begin to subside Helen moved the flow up Mary’s body. “I’m going to piss on your face!” She cried.

In anticipation Mary raised her head and in the next moment felt Helen’s warm pee splash over her face and into her mouth. Letting her mouth fill up she swallowed the salty pee as the last few drops fell on her face.

Immediately, Helen dropped on to Mary and started kissing her over her piss covered face. Their mouths met and tongues entwined, their wet bodies were pressed against each other, their large breasts squashed between them.

“Lick me!” Mary whispered between kisses “Suck my clit, finger my pussy. I want you to fuck me!”

Helen didn’t need telling twice, she kissed her way down Mary’s body and grabbing her trousers pulled them off.

Once again she was staring at Mary’s beautiful pussy, then climbing over Mary she lowered her herself onto Mary’s eagerly waiting mouth. The feeling of Mary’s tongue as it buried itself in her pussy made her cry out in pleasure.

Pushing Mary’s legs open Helen buried her face in Mary’s sweet pussy.

Helen slid two fingers into Mary as she sucked her clit. Clamping it in her teeth she expertly flicked her tongue of the nub of hard skin as she finger fucked Mary.

Mary could hardly concentrate on Helen’s pussy such was the pleasure she was experiencing. She spread Helen’s arse cheeks wide so she could Maltepe Rus Escort get her tongue as deep into her pussy as possible. Her face was covered in Helen’s love juices as she slipped a finger into Helen’s pussy along side her tongue.

As soon as it was slick with juice Mary began fingering Helen’s tight little arsehole. First one finger then a second burrowed into Helen’s arse.

Helen groaned as she felt Mary’s fingers slid into her arse. Ever since she’d had the plug up her arse to the conference she’d fallen in love with anal play. She’d even worn the plug that Mary had given her to work.

Now they revelled in the shear delight of being together and concentrated on pleasuring each other.

Soon they were both nearing the brink and they writhed on the table. Helen felt her orgasm building and pushed her pussy harder onto Mary’s face whilst burying her face deeper into Mary’s pussy. Both women’s faces were covered in each other’s piss and juices when moments later then both came together; their screams muffled in the folds of each others pussies. They were both so horny that rather than stop they both carried on licking and fingering each other until they came for a second time. The conference room rang to the sound of their panting and moaning.

Finally they separated and lay next to each other on the table.

“Holy fuck!” Mary exclaimed, “That was unbelievable! I can’t feel my feet!”

Helen laughed.

Suddenly Mary looked over at Helen. She pointed at the corner of the room where a video camera sat on a tripod. “Have you been filming this?” She asked with a giggle.

“Oh yes” Helen said “I love filming myself. I’ll be going through this again later on, and I don’t’ think I’ll be able to resist a quick flick. What I’d really like to do is film you stripping off and then fucking yourself to orgasm. That would be great.”

“You said if I was nice to you you’d show me some of these films.” Mary said, “If you do then I’ll think about posing for you. But you’d have to do the same for me, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.”

Helen laughed. “It’s a deal,” She said, patting Mary on the leg, “but before that we’d better get this tidied up before the cleaner catches us.”

Helen sliding off the table and bent over to pick up the towels,

Mary moved to the edge of the table and wrapping her legs around Helen pulled her close, “When can we do this again?”

“Are you busy tomorrow night?” Helen asked running a finger along Mary’s jaw line.

“Not now I’m not. Will we be watching some of these video’s you’ve made.” Mary said excitedly.

“That was kind of the plan.” Helen said.

They cleaned themselves up and put on the spare clothes they’d brought with them.

At the front of the building Helen watched Mary leave; they’d agreed Mary would go round to Helen’s the next night.

Then instead of going to her car, Helen walked over to meet Brenda who was parked down the street.

Sliding into the passenger seat she leant over and kissed Brenda.

“You need to have that girl Bren, you really do.” Helen said.

Brenda smiled and placed a hand on Helen’s thigh, “Why don’t we discuss that in bed with a video?”

Helen smiled back and waved the just made video at Brenda “I have the perfect one”.