Mother in Law to Lover in Law


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My name is Danny Hill and have had had a thing for my mother in law Heather Ann for a long time. She was an attractive woman when I met her, but soon after I married my wife, Heather Ann transformed herself. She lost a lot of weight, she bought fashionable clothes and she cut and coloured her hair in styles that would have been daring for a younger woman. Just hearing about her active social life was exhausting. She didn’t look 63 and she definitely didn’t act 63.

I married her daughter Heidi about 15 years ago and we were the happiest couple in the world. We enjoyed 12 years of the pure happiness until Heidi become sick and before I knew it she was taken away from me. I was inconsolable and I existed for months in a fog until Heather Ann stepped in and forced me to get the help that I needed to overcome my grief. I was able to function after but I knew that things would never be the same for me. We didn’t have any children so that helped as well.

I also found an odd way to cope. My entire life I have been drawn to women’s underwear. For years I fought my urges but once Heidi was gone I gave in and embraced them. I overcame my embarrassment to buy several pairs of panties in a lingerie store. Once the dam was broken I amassed quite a collection in all styles. Thongs, boyshorts, bikinis in the brightest colours I could find. I loved them all. Gradually I came to prefer women’s underwear to my own and I would wear them everyday under my clothes. I didn’t even own any men’s underwear after a while. And so in due course I became obsessed with Heather Ann’s underwear. A psychologist would probably tell me that I was looking for a surrogate for my wife, so I settled on her mother.

More specifically I became obsessed with her bras. She loved expensive bras in beautiful colours and patterns and I made it my mission to know what they were. I was always on the look for a bra strap or slip of her shirt so I see the colour or pattern. Eventually I came to know them all and at a glance could tell what bra she was wearing. So there you have it. I had an obsession with my mother in law that was bordering on the unhealthy.

About a year after I lost Heidi Heather Ann got divorced as well. She was upset because her marriage had dissolved but I think secretly she was relieved. Or at least that’s how she seemed to. We stayed close, having lunch or dinner occasionally, just to catch up. I probably stared at her breasts a bit too much but she never seemed to notice.

Then one day the phone rang and it was Heather Ann.

“Honey, we need to talk. Can you come over tonight?”

“Ok. Is everything okay?”

“Oh yes, there’s just something that I need to talk to you about. How about 8?”

“That will be fine Heather Ann. See you then.”

That was a little unusual but I didn’t really dwell on it for the rest of the day.

Heather Ann sounded very excited to see when I walked into her house.

“Up here honey” she called out to me

She was curled up in a chair with her bathrobe wrapped around her.

“Can I get you anything honey?”

“No thanks Heather Ann. So what’s on the go?”

“Well, I’m concerned. I know that you have a lot on the go right now and I am a bit worried. Heidi has been gone for a long time and I know that is still very hard for you. So I was just wondering, when was the last time you had sex?”

You could have knocked me over with a feather at that minute. Never in my wildest wildest unhealthy dreams had I imagined sitting across my mother in law as she inquired about my sex life. I generally thought of her as rather prudish when it came to sex so this was totally unexpected.

“I just want to make sure that your needs are being taken care of. I feel like it is my responsibility to step in and give you what you need. So, when was the last time you had sex?”

I honestly didn’t know the answer to the question. With Heidi’s illness it had been months and months, without sex. And I hadn’t been with anyone since she passed. It was just me, my right hand and a whole bunch of porn.

“I had sex with myself this morning. But I haven’t had sex in 4 years I guess”

She giggled. “You poor darling. Well from now on you can have sex with me. No more masturbating. I will not have it, not when I am here to take care of your needs.” she said eagerly “If you want.” she added in a small, almost sad voice.

Say what? Did I really just get propositioned by my mother in law? This was too much.

“Heather Ann, I could never do this to Heidi. No, it’s just so wrong.”

“Please let me do this for you. You did so much for Heidi and I want to show my gratitude by doing this for you.” she said earnestly and sincerely.

“Heather Ann, I..I..I..” I just didn’t know what to say. In her own mind this was the most loving gesture that Heather Ann could give us. I had the distant thought that this was some weird coping mechanism after her divorce. And in fairness Pendik Türbanlı Escort this was something that I fantasized about many times. But there was a huge difference in indulging in your fantasy as you masturbated and bringing your fantasy to life.

“Well, then do this for me. I haven’t had sex in 3 years. I need it bbbbbaaaadddddd! Please. And I want it to be you. I’ve wanted you since you started dating Heidi.”

Silence enveloped the room after this confession and we both knew our relationship was changed forever, no matter what happened between us.

She rose and came to sit next to me on the couch. She bent and gently kissed me on the lips.

“Please?” her beautiful hazel eyes starting to shine with tears.

That one kiss had unleashed a flood of emotion and I knew was powerless to fight it. My need, her need, my fantasies and obsession coming true were too much. I kissed her back, softly at first, and then more passionately as I felt passion building inside of me.

Suddenly a cold wave of terror washed over me and I broke our kiss. I had forgotten that I was wearing black lace panties. How was I going to explain that?

I looked up at her guiltily only too see that she was smiling at me. Now I was confused.

“You’re wearing panties aren’t you.” she asked as she looked at me intently.

“I…I…I…I” was all I could stammer out in my shock and embarrassment.

A warm smile spread across her beautiful face.

“It’s okay honey. I’ve known for a long time that you like women’s underwear. A woman knows what panty lines look like, and sometimes I would catch a glimpse when you bent over or tied your shoe. You’re not the only one who watches to see what the other is wearing. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Who cares what you are wearing under your pants? I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

With that she stood and pulled off her robe, leaving her in a beautiful black lace bra and matching panties. I forgot to breath as I look in the scene. Her large breasts were encased in black lace embroidered with white and yellow flowers. Her large coral areolas showed through the transparent lace and as I watched her nipples hardened and pressed through the thin material of her bra. Looking down I was excited to see the dark vee of her pubic hair was showing through the transparent lace of her panties. It was too much and I started to pant from excitement. Heather Ann spun and I got to see all of her. She looked amazing. Her skin was smooth and soft looking, belly soft and round with a c-section scar, her hips wide, calves tapered and toned. Her toenails were painted a glossy vermillion, accentuating her small feet.

“Do you like what you see?”

“It’s better than I ever imagined.” Any doubts were gone now, I was just focused on making my fantasies come true. “Is the lingerie new?” I asked already knowing the answer to that question.

“What, these old things? I’ve had them forever.” she said with a laugh.

“Fibber. I love it.”

“I thought you would. Now it’s your turn.”

I stood and started to undress. She made small sounds and mouthed a wow as I pulled off my pants to show my hard 7 inch cock straining against the lace of my panties.

I shuddered as she cupped my lace covered cock with her hand. “Ummmmm, I haven’t had a cock this hard in a long time. I love the feeling of the lace too. But before you get too excited I have one more suprise before you fuck me with that magnificent tool. Let’s go the bed room.”

She didn’t let go and led me to her bedroom by my cock.

I gasped as I saw the tableau laid out before me on the bed. It was covered in Heather Ann’s lingerie.

“I was going through my lingerie and I didn’t get a chance to put it all away. Do you think you can help me?” she asked innocently.

I nodded in dumbly, taking stock of the garments on the bed. I saw all of the bras that I knew about and a couple that I hadn’t. Her panties were in all colours and patterns, mostly full cut briefs, but there were a couple of thongs too. There were stockings and garter belts, babydolls, even a body suit or body stocking. I started to shake as I realized that I was going to get to touch all of this beautiful lingerie.

“Okay, lets start with the bras. You hand them to me and I will put them away in the drawer.”

Slowly I handed her each of her bras and her panties, taking time to look at each of the beautiful pieces. Heather Ann let me take my time and just smiled at me.

By this point I had filled my panties with precum and it was starting to ooze out. Noticing, Heather Ann got on her knees before me and proceeded to lick and suck all of the precum soaking through the lace of my panties. The combined feeling of her tongue and the lace on my cock was overpowering and I was about to unleash a massive orgasm when she stopped.

“No no no.” Heather Ann wagged a finger at me “You will not be cumming in your panties. From now on it goes in my mouth or Pendik Otele Gelen Escort in my pussy.” With that she pulled down my panties and engulfed my drooling cock with her mouth. It took only three pumps before I felt my balls tighten and hot cum came spurt out. Heather Ann grunted as the first blast hit the back of her through but eagerly she swallowed as hot cum flooded her mouth. I shot again and again, more that I had ever cum in my life as Heather Ann continued to eagerly swallow. Finally I was done and my spent cock popped out of mouth. Slowly and carefully Heather Ann licked every inch of my cock, getting every trace of cum. Patting my cock, she pulled my panties back up over my cock.

“Wow, you gave me quite a meal there. You must have been pretty excited.”

“I’ve been dreaming about you doing that for a very long time. It’s not every day your sexual fantasies come true.”

“Well let’s get the rest of this lingerie put away and we can make the rest of our fantasies come true.” She said with a seductive smile.

Our fantasies? Hearing that caused an extra flutter from my heart.

There wasn’t as much to put away but I got to feel all of her pantyhose and stockings so I was just as hard as I had been before when I finished.

“I tell you what honey, sometime I will model all of this for you, how does that sound? And anytime if you want to come in and look through my lingerie drawers you can. You know where everything is now.” She said as she winked.

“I intend to take you up on that offer. Often.”

“Oh my, I haven’t put everything away. Can you help me with this one?” she asked, motioning to the bra she was wearing.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me, but instead of undoing her bra, I kissed the back of her neck. My hands went to her breasts, feeling their size and firmness. She moaned as I ran my fingers over the hard nubs of her nipples. She moaned again as my hands roamed, caressing her breasts through the lace of her bra and my lips covered her neck, sucking and biting. She pressed against me, grinding her ass into my hard cock.

“It feels so big. I hope it will fit in, it’s been so long since I’ve had a hard cock inside me.” It was surreal to hear my normally staid mother in law talk like this.

“I’ll be gentle.” I replied as I pinched her nipples through the material of her bra. Heather Ann’s arm reached around and she freed my cock from the confines of my panties. She slowed stroked my cock, her hand sliding easily as her hand coated my entire cock in precum. Her fingers felt exquisite.

Suddenly she spun and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue hungrily darting into mine. Apparently she was getting impatient because she reached back and undid her bra, flinging the lacy garment across the room. Her breasts weren’t as firm as a 20 years old but they were creamy white and tipped in coral. I ran my palms over her nipples, tickling my palms with the engorged nubs. Her hand was back on my cock and she was slowly jerking me off.

She broke our kiss and looked up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. Taking me by the hand, she pulled me towards the bed. Getting comfortable, she pulled me down and we kissed passionately as I savored the feel of her hard nippeles on my chest. Breaking our kiss again, I moved my body and lowered my head to her nipple, taking the engorged coral bud into my mouth.

“Oh that feels so good. But there are two of them.”

I did as I was told and made sure that each nipple received equal attention until both were glistening and covered in tiny tooth marks. Heather Ann didn’t say anything but her eyes were half closed and her mouth was open. I couldn’t resist any longer so I slowly drew my fingers down over her belly and then over the soft fabric of her panties. Her eyes flew open as I slowly ran my fingers over her panty covered pussy, savoring the feel of the heat and moisture soaking them.

“Please take them off” Heather Ann whispered as I caressed her.

Gently I pulled her panties down her hips and flung them on the floor. I resumed my position between Heather Ann’s legs and I just sat there for a moment transfixed by the beautiful sight of her pussy. I had once heard her in an unguarded moment describe her pubic hair as being like a shag carpet. That description did not begin to do justice to what was on display for me. Her hair was incredibly thick and glossy like the pelt of an animal. It completely covered Heather Ann’s mons and her labia but it was clipped short and neatly trimmed because she liked to swim and sunbathe. It was so thick it rustled as I ran my fingers through the luxurious locks. I ran my fingers across the thick outer labia, feeling the hairs that were slick and matted with the juices leaking from Heather Ann.

Bending as if to get a closer look, I bent my head to my gorgeous mother in law and slowly ran my tongue though the cleft between her outer labia. Slowly and gingerly I spread her pussy open with my tongue, feeling her smooth inner Pendik Ucuz Escort lips and tasting her delightful honey for the first time. I felt Heather Ann’s pussy swell,opening up to reveal a beautiful, dewy flower. I saw her clit peeking out of its hood like a glistening pink pearl.

“Oh my god what are you doing to me? she moaned as I ran my tongue across the hood of her clit “No one has ever done that to me before. Oh my god, that feels amazinnngggg!”

I was absolutely thrilled that I would be the one to introduce my mother in law to the joys of oral sex. How could no one have ever taken the time to do this to such a beautiful woman?

“Really? You in for the time of your life beautiful lady.” With a smile I dove back in, this time aiming my tongue of the glossy bud of her clit.

Heather Ann’s back arched like she was hit by an electric shock as I ran the tip of my tongue in small circles around her clit.

Her mouth was open but the only sound that she could make was a series of ooohs and aaahs.

I had also considered myself skilled at oral and I put all of my experience to work to make sure that my mother in law remembered the first time she had her pussy eaten. I would flick her clit a few times, then tease her labia, savoring the taste of her. Sometimes I would stop and kiss the insides of her thighs or her fur covered outer labia. Then a few laps at her clit before moving over. Then it was her turn to surprise me. I was flicking her clit when I felt her thighs clamp around my head and her fingers in my hair keeping me from moving.

“Right there please. Oh. My. God. Why did I never let a man do this before! More, pllllleeeeeaaaaassse.”

Who was I to refuse such a request from a beautiful lady?

I mercilessly attached her clit and Heather Ann began to buck over the bed.

“Yessssssssss! MORE! MORE! I have never felt this before!!” she screamed as I felt her jerk once, twice, three times, then collapse limply as her orgasms washed through her.

It was a full five minutes before she was able to speak again.

“You can do that to me whenever you want and whenever I want. Wow!” she said she blew a stray strand of hair out of her face.

“Your turn honey. Hopefully I can make you feel as good as you made me feel.” Heather Ann said as she sat up and motioned for me to take her spot on the mattress. But she surprised me when she didn’t get between my spread legs, Instead she reached into her nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“I’ll return the favor soon, but right now I need you inside of me. I’ve been waiting 10 years for this.”

“I’m not as young as I used to be” she said smiling as she gently spread lube all over my cock before handing me the bottle “I need a little too.” she said as handed me the bottle.

My hands were shaking as I poured some lube on my fingers. Heather Ann stood above me giving me a full view of her beautiful pussy. She jumped as when my fingers touched her.

“That’s a little bit cold.” she giggled

Gently I smeared the lube around her vagina. We both moaned as I slipped a lube covered finger inside of her. I finger fucked her for a few seconds before but her hand on my wrist to stop me.

“That’s not big enough.” she said breathlessly as she lowered herself onto me until her nipples were tickling my chest and her pussy was resting against my cock. Pulling her close I kissed her passionately. There was no going back now.

She rose and stood on her knees with her pussy almost touching the head of my cock. She lowered herself and as I watched her labia engulfed the head of my cock and spread them open, the head of my cock coming to rest at the opening to her vagina. Slowly she lowered herself until the head popped into her virgin like vagina.

“Oh my god you are so big” she panted as she quickly pulled herself off my cock. The head popped in easier the second time she lowered herself and she did this again and again, deeper and deeper until her vagina had become accustomed to me. I will never forget the feeling as Heather Ann’s silky smooth vagina engulfed my cock going deeper and deeper until she was sitting on my lap, my cock fully buried in my mother in law.

I pulled her towards me and we shared our first passionate kiss as lovers. As our tongues entwined she began to wiggle and twirl her hips, driving me crazy. I had never felt anything like what she was doing. Faster and faster she went until her wiggles became thrusts and my mother in law began to gently fuck me.

My slowly cock pistoned in and out of Heather Ann as she rhythmically bobbed up and down, the bedsprings softly raising a symphony of delicious sound.

“Oh yes, oh yes oh yes, give me your cock” Heather Ann moaned as she slowly took my cock as deep as it would go.

At one point I grabbed her ass and began to thrust into her but she stopped me.

“No honey, you can fuck me anyway you want later, but right now this is my time.” Who was I to argue with her? And besides, what she was doing to me was indescribable. She was slowly lifting herself up until only the very tip was left inside of her vagina, then just as slowly she was lowering herself again. I was almost overwhelmed by the feeling of her vagina sliding up and down my cock, gently massaging the my cock head like I enjoyed so much.