Brian and Jeremy


Jeremy and Brian had always been close brothers so it was a difficult day when Jeremy watched Brian leave for college. They were only a year apart and had been almost inseparable growing up. They often took camping trips to a local lake and always enjoyed their time together. That’s why Jeremy was so excited when Brian called from college and suggested they take a camping trip during his spring break.

Jeremy was all packed and ready to go when Brian arrived. They loaded up their gear in Brian’s truck and headed to the lake. They had a special spot that was close to the lake with hardly anyone else around. When they arrived, they unpacked their gear and started setting up the two-person tent. Once that was done, they grabbed their fishing poles and headed down to the lake. After a few hours of fishing they had caught a couple fish that would be their dinner that night. Brian cleaned and cooked the fish while Jeremy unrolled their sleeping bags in the tent.

Once dinner was done, they sat around the campfire, drank beer, and traded stories about the women they dated.

“You should have seen the tits on Cheryl! I couldn’t get enough of titty-fucking her.”

“Wow, you’re all grown up, Jeremy, talking about titty-fucking and everything. I wasn’t that lucky in high school but man, there are plenty of good looking women at college.”

They continued to talk and catch up on what they had been doing while Brian was away. Jeremy was close to graduating from high school so he was eager to hear all Brian’s stories about college and college women. As it grew later, the beer started hitting them and they both realized they were pretty drunk. With the courage of the beer, Brian began telling more graphic stories and finally admitted something to Jeremy.

“One day my roommate, who’s gay, was taking a shower but he had left the bathroom door open thinking no one would be home. I walked by the doorway and noticed he was standing in the bathroom with a raging hard-on and he was stroking it like crazy. His dick was huge!”

“Why are you looking at a guy’s dick, man?”

“I don’t know; it just happened. Anyway, he caught me watching him and smiled at me. He walked over to me and started rubbing my cock through my pants. I pushed his hand away and went into my room. Now you have to swear to me that you won’t tell this next thing to anyone.”

“I swear.”

“I realized when I got to my room that my dick was getting hard.”

Jeremy was stunned. Brian had always been a lady’s man. The idea of him getting aroused by the touch of a guy was too much.

“Wow. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Fuck it. I probably never should have told you.”

“No, you can tell me anything. I’m just surprised, that’s all. I didn’t expect anything like this.” “Well, I know I’m not gay. I mean, I love women. But there was something about watching him stroke his cock…”

Jeremy didn’t quite know what to say. They sat in silence for a while and continued to drink and watch the campfire.

“Well, it’s getting pretty late; I guess we should call it a night.”

Jeremy and Brian climbed into the tent and, because it was still warm, laid on top of their sleeping bags. Jeremy continued to think about Brian’s confession. He had to admit that he liked checking out guys in the locker room and wondered if that would lead to something like what Brian described. bursa escort bayan He wasn’t sure how he felt about the whole thing.

After a little silence, Brian cracked a joke and they started laughing again. The beer was still making their heads fuzzy and they were laughing at stupid things. Finally, Brian started giving Jeremy shit and they started wrestling around. They were laughing and struggling with each other when Jeremy suddenly realized that Brian had a hard-on. Brian was trying to hide it as they wrestled but it was obvious. They continued to wrestle and finally Jeremy ended up lying on top of Brian. They were breathing heavy with the exertion of the mock fighting. Jeremy could feel Brian’s hard cock pressed up against his and his dick began getting hard as well. As their labored breathing began to settle down, they looked into each other’s eyes. Suddenly Jeremy felt Brian begin to move his hips slightly causing their hard dicks to barely rub together through their clothes.

Jeremy began moving his hips as well and they were both enjoying the feel of their hard cocks sliding together. Jeremy finally caught his breath and said to Brian, “What are we doing?”

“I realized when I saw my roommate that I’ve always kind of wondered what it would be like to be with a guy. Have you ever wondered that?”

Stunned, Jeremy didn’t know what to say. He realized that they were still rubbing their cocks against each other and his was straining to get out of his pants.

“Well, I guess I’ve kind of wondered that too, but I don’t know about this.”

“Come on, bro; who would be better to try this with than each other? If we don’t like it we never have to do it or talk about it again.”

Jeremy had to admit that he was very aroused, but also confused about the whole thing. Should he give in and try it? What was the harm? And the idea that it was his own brother added a level of taboo that was very arousing. Jeremy didn’t say anything but they continued to look into each other’s eyes.

Finally Brian put his hands around Jeremy’s neck and pulled him down to him until their faces were close. He leaned up and kissed Jeremy. At first Jeremy didn’t know what to do but as Brian’s tongue began exploring Jeremy’s mouth, he began to kiss back. He felt Brian moan softly into his mouth as they kissed.

As they kissed, Brian began unbuttoning Jeremy’s shirt and he helped him remove it. Jeremy was still a little too uncertain to undress his brother so Brian removed his own shirt. Their hips continued to grind against each other and their cocks were rock hard.

They broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes again. Jeremy trusted Brian with his life so if he thought this was ok, who was he to question it?

Brian began groping for Jeremy’s pants; he unbuttoned and unzipped them.

“Why don’t we take off our pants?”

Jeremy stood and pulled his pants down revealing a raging hard cock straining against his boxers. Brian soon followed and they laid back down on their sides facing each other.

“Are you sure you’re ok with this? I don’t want to do anything you’ll regret.”

Jeremy thought about it for a minute and answered the question with a soft kiss on Brian’s lips. Brian moaned again and pulled Jeremy into him. He ran his hands down the side of Jeremy and over his belly until he had access to the waistband bursa bayan escort on his boxers. This time it was Jeremy’s turn to moan as he felt Brian’s hand on his cock. Brian wrapped his hand around Jeremy’s cock and slowly began to stroke it. They continued to kiss passionately as Brian stroked his cock.

Brian began trying to push Jeremy’s boxers down and he lifted himself up to help Brian. He pulled his boxers down his legs and Jeremy kicked them off. Then Brian pulled down and took off his own boxers. Finally they lay naked together on the sleeping bags. Jeremy looked down and saw Brian’s hard cock pulsating and jerking slightly. He slowly moved his hand and wrapped it around his cock. It was so warm to the touch and he enjoyed the feel of another person’s cock in his hand.

Brian softly pushed Jeremy onto his back and got on top of him. Their naked cocks were touching and the heat felt good to both of them. Brian moved to straddle Jeremy and began kissing his neck and ears. Jeremy ran his hands up and down Brian’s back as he enjoyed feeling his mouth on him. Brian kissed down to Jeremy’s chest and took one of his nipples into his mouth; he sucked and gently bit Jeremy’s nipple then repeated the same on the other nipple.

Continuing, Brian began kissing down Jeremy’s belly and Jeremy moaned in anticipation. He could feel Brian’s tongue moving toward his cock and suddenly realized he wanted Brian’s mouth on his cock. But Brian wasn’t going to give that to Jeremy just yet. He licked around the base of Jeremy’s cock and made his way down to his balls. Brian slowly licked Jeremy’s balls all over getting them nice and wet.

“Please suck my cock!”

Brian was determined to take his time and continued to lick Jeremy’s balls. Then he carefully sucked one ball into his mouth and Jeremy groaned loudly. He felt Brian’s mouth sucking his ball while his tongue ran over the ball in his mouth. He slowly released it and sucked the other ball into his mouth; swirling his tongue around it as he softly sucked.

“Oh god, that feels so good. Please don’t stop!”

Brian finally released Jeremy’s balls and ran his tongue around the base of Jeremy’s cock.

“That’s it, bro, suck my cock. Please suck it!”

Taking his time he ran his tongue slowly up and down Jeremy’s cock. He ran his tongue around the underside of his head and back down again. Jeremy was squirming, wanting Brian to take his cock into his mouth.

Finally Brian opened his mouth and sucked the head of his cock into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head while he softly sucked on it. Jeremy raised his hips off the ground trying to get more of his cock into Brian’s mouth but Brian pulled back a little bit and Jeremy groaned in frustration. As Jeremy relaxed his hips Brian slowly slid his lips down Jeremy’s cock. He moaned as he took all of Jeremy’s cock into his mouth.

“Yes! Suck it, please suck it.”

Brian had all of Jeremy’s cock in his mouth and he clamped his lips tightly around the base of his cock. As he slowly slid his lips up his cock, Brian swirled his tongue around Jeremy’s cock. He pulled his cock out of his mouth until just the head remained, then slowly slid back down. Brian’s hand moved up to Jeremy’s balls and softly played with them while he sucked his brother’s cock.

“I love the feeling bursa merkez escort of your mouth on my cock. Please don’t stop — keep sucking my hard cock!”

Brian began moving faster, sliding Jeremy’s cock in and out of his mouth. His fingers were wet from playing with his balls and he took a finger and softly played with Jeremy’s ass.

“Oh god, yes! Suck my cock and play with my ass. That feels so fucking good.”

Slowly and carefully Brian slid a wet finger into Jeremy’s ass while he continued to slide his cock in and out of his mouth.

“I’m going to cum! Keep sucking me and fingering my ass. Yes! That’s it. I’m going to cum!”

Brian sped up his movements and was rewarded with a gush of his brother’s cum in his mouth. They both groaned as Jeremy came in Brian’s mouth.

“Oh god, that felt so good!”

Brian slid his mouth off his brother’s cock and slowly removed his finger from his ass. They were both breathing heavy as Brian lay down next to Jeremy. Finally they both caught their breath and calmed down. Jeremy rolled onto his side, leaned over and kissed Brian. He ran his hand down Brian’s belly and wrapped his hand around Brian’s hard cock. Pre-cum collected on his head and Jeremy used it as lubricant as stroked his brother’s cock. Their kisses became more insistent as Jeremy stroked Brian.

Brian pulled away from Jeremy and asked, “Will you let me fuck you?”

The question surprised Jeremy but he realized he wanted his brother to fuck him and feel his cock up his ass. Jeremy didn’t say anything; he just moved up and got on his hands and knees. Brian got up and started running his hands up and down Jeremy’s back and down his ass. He moved his mouth to his brother’s ass and began licking it to moisten the area. Jeremy moaned as he felt his brother’s tongue on his ass.

Brian finally moved up and pointed his cock at Jeremy’s ass. He grabbed him by the hips and slowly moved him back onto his cock. It was very tight but Brian managed to get his head inside Jeremy’s ass. Being careful not to hurt Jeremy too much, Brian took his time even though his cock was aching to slam into Jeremy’s ass. As Jeremy relaxed, Brian was able to slide his cock further into his brother’s ass.

Brian loved the look of his cock disappearing into Jeremy’s ass. Finally Brian was completely inside Jeremy’s ass.

“Ohhh, that feels so good to have your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass!”

“Yes, I’m going to fuck my brother’s ass. Your ass is so tight around my hard cock.”

Slowly Brian began moving his cock in and out of Jeremy’s ass. He could feel his balls slapping against Jeremy’s balls as he fucked him harder and harder. Both Jeremy and Brian were groaning with excitement.

“That’s it, fuck my ass! I want my brother to fuck my ass.”

“Oh, you feel so good around my cock. I’m going to fuck your ass until I cum.”

Brian was fucking his brother’s ass faster and faster.

“I’m going to come! I’m going to cum in your ass!”

“Yes, cum in my ass! Fuck me and shoot your cum in my ass!”

Brian groaned loudly as he slammed into Jeremy one last time and felt his cock shoot into his brother’s ass.

“Oh, I can feel you cumming in my ass!”

After cumming, Brian pulled out of Jeremy and laid back on the sleeping bags, trying to catch his breath. Jeremy laid down next to him, panting as well. Finally, after they had both calmed down they turned to look at each other and both started laughing.

“Well, I sure didn’t expect that to happen!”

“Me either but I’m glad it did. Are you?”

“Hell yes! It all felt wonderful!”

Exhausted, the brothers got into their sleeping bags and fell asleep.