Escapades of Eva Ch. 27

College Student

Eva swept in the door and set her packages down on the table. Her Master would be home soon and she knew that she would need to hurry to have things ready for his arrival. She quickly took off her clothes and folded them by the door in case someone should knock. Then she ran across the floor completely nude to put the groceries up. She knew that Sir insisted that she be naked at all times when she was at home.

When she had the groceries taken care of she turned on some favorite music and headed to the shower. She wanted to be clean and smelling good when he came in because she also knew that he would want to inspect her right away. As she stood under the warm shower she soaped herself with the soft plastic mesh poof that she loved. It made lots of lather and she had chosen to use the Fresh Spring scented soap that smelled so good and clean. As she rubbed the soft lathered rag over her body she delighted in the feeling of it sliding smoothly over her body. When she got to her breasts she rubbed the nipples a little longer than usual because she liked the feeling of her nipples when they got hard. Then she lifted one leg and put her foot on the side of the tub. She slid her hand down and soaped between her legs savoring the feeling of the lather as she soaped her hairless pussy. It felt so good she couldn’t help sliding her finger up and down on her clit. She sighed and thought about her handsome Master and how she loved it when he touched her there. Then she began to feel the first twinges of an orgasm coming on and she started to rinse off.

Just then her Sir silently slipped behind her in the shower. He grabbed her tightly by the arms and shoved her hard up against the shower tile. She cried out in fright. But then she realized it was him. How had he gotten in without her hearing him? He had all his clothes on but he pressed his body up against her and pinned her there between him and the shower stall as the warm water ran over both of them. She felt one of his hands reach down the front of her and grab her cunt lips, squeezing them hard and pinning her hand in that position as well. Then with his other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled it back hard until it hurt her neck. He growled in her ear, “Are you masturbating bitch?”

“No Sir,” she gasped.

“That’s a good thing because you know I would have to beat you if you climax without my permission don’t you slut?”

“Yes Sir, I know that Sir,” she muttered. She was breathless with the lust that seized her as he slid his fingers roughly in between her pussy lips and pushed her hand away from her clit. Then he shoved his fingers up into her cunt and she knew he could feel the slick wetness that had happened when she was rubbing her clit.

“You know that I own you don’t you? And, I own that cunt. And, I did not give you permission to play with it,” he growled again as he bit her shoulder hard. He shook her skin between his teeth giving her a soaring pain and a maddening lust to be fucked by this man she adored. He fucked her cunt a few times and paused. “You liar. I can feel it. You have been playing with my cunt haven’t you?”

She only managed to mumble, “Yes Sir,” as he shoved his fingers up into her cunt. “But I didn’t cum Sir.”

“You are not to play with it without my permission period,” he snarled. He bit her ear then, and then again sank his teeth into the soft part of her neck where it joined the shoulder.

“Ayyiieeee!” she howled. She couldn’t help reacting to the pain, but she loved it as well. Her Sir knew that when he bit her it drove all sensibility from her mind. All she could do at that point with his body pinning her and his teeth tearing at her skin was gasp and shudder as the lust began to make her pussy tremble.

Feeling her begin to react and hearing the passion in her breathing he immediately withdrew his hand from her cunt, but not before he pinched her pussy lips again. “Don’t you dare cum my little fuck whore? Do you hear me?” Not waiting for an answer he smacked her ass hard and spun her around to face him. As she opened her mouth to answer he slammed her back against the shower and kissed her hard, driving his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her long and hard and then backed up from her for a moment while he slapped her on her breasts several times. As he slapped her he grunted, “YOU ARE MINE! AND THIS IS MINE!” he snapped as he pinched her pussy again, “And you better not forget it. Do you understand you nasty little cunt?”

“Yes Sir,” she moaned. She needed so badly to be fucked.

He slapped her breasts again and grabbed her cunt. At the same time he drove his knee between her legs hard, pinning her against the shower wall again as he lifted one breast and bit her just above her nipple. She cried out with pain and with pleasure. She loved it when her Sir took her under his control physically and mentally. She got a thrill every time he made her submit and held her in his power. She loved the feeling of his strong hot body pinning her, and the feeling of his jeans as he drove his leg into her. He bit her again on her other breast. She could smell the sweat of his working porno indir day on his clothes as he kept her pinned. She was weak with her desire for him. Still holding her between his body and the shower wall she felt the water soaking him as he held her tight. All she could do was whimper as he took her submission the way he wanted to.

While he kissed her hard again he pinned her head between his hands as he kissed her and licked the water that was running down her face. He ran his hot tongue all over her face tasting her. Then he began to nibble at her chin as he moaned, “Were you trying to cum bitch?” And, he bit her on the side of her neck.

“No Sir, I was just bathing. I rubbed my clit a few times but stopped. I did not cum Sir.” She moaned hard in the heat that overcame her as he began to rub her clit while he continued to bite her neck.

“You were rubbing your clit like this?” he whispered.

“Yes, Sir but only a couple of times.” She gasped out loud as he began to rub harder. He rubbed in silence while he held her hair tight in his other hand.

“Whose cunt is this bitch?”

“It’s your cunt Sir.”

“Do you have permission to play with it?”

“No Sir,” she squealed. Oh god she wanted him to fuck her so much. She was trembling. She wanted to cum with each stroke of his finger on her clit. “Sir may I cum please?”

He shook her cunt and pinched it hard. “Hell no you selfish little slut. I did not give you permission and I wont either. You are going to learn that you do not have permission cum with this cunt unless I say so. It is not yours to touch except to clean it only. Got that?” he snapped as the rubbing on her clit turned into a vice-like grip on her entire pussy. He pulled away from her and she felt suddenly alone without the pressure of his body against hers. “Now finish up and go fix dinner,” he grumbled as he gave her that piercing look of his. He began to pull his wet clothes off so he could shower and she realized with a lonely ache inside of her that she was dismissed.

Eva quickly toweled off and ran a brush through her hair. Before she left the bathroom she reached inside the shower curtain to leave a washcloth for Sir Dan. When she did she saw that he had his pants off and his hard cock was standing straight out from between his legs. With a little shudder of lust she looked from his cock to his face and she saw a steely stare as he captured her eye. He grabbed his hard cock with his fist and began to stroke it. He gave her an evil little grin and said, “Get out of here bitch. I’m hungry.” As she backed away she saw that he was sliding his fist up and down on his cock. She couldn’t help poking her bottom lip out a bit as she realized that he was going to cum without her. He saw the look on her face and he laughed out loud as he grabbed the shower curtain and slammed it shut, closing her out. With a sigh she put a clean towel and clean shorts on the edge of the sink. She went to the bedroom and got his slippers and put them by the tub and went to the kitchen.

She was glad that she had started a roast and vegetables in the crock-pot earlier that day. It would not take long to have dinner ready. She knew he wasn’t really angry with her, but he was very strict about how she was to handle her body and he had caught her lingering with her hand between her legs. She knew he was not pleased and she wanted to make it up to him. She quickly made a salad, and opened a can of pears and fixed them in a nice desert dish with grated cheese on top the way he loved it. Then she put biscuits in the oven to cook while she set the table for Sir and herself. She knew he wanted to eat right away so she made him a drink and set it by his plate with the mail next to it for him to look at.

Soon she heard him come out of the bathroom and as she heard his feet pattering she quickly dropped to her knees. She bent forward with her hands and arms flat on the floor over her head and her forehead on the floor, with her bottom in the air and legs spread for Sir’s inspection. She stayed in her position silently as she waited for his acknowledgement.

She heard him stop and saw his slippers on the carpet near her face as he walked around her. She knew he was looking her over. He stopped when he got behind her and then she felt his hand rubbing her ass. She did so love it when he greeted her this way. There was something so intimate and reassuring in his touch as he inspected his submissive. It made her proud and pleased to be His. He did not speak to her yet and she felt his hand slide down between her ass cheeks and into her pussy that was wet still from his touch in the shower. He slid a couple of fingers into her cunt and began to fuck her hard and steady. She began to moan and breath hard. She began to move back to meet each thrust of his fingers. She was glad to know that he was going to let her cum after all. But to her disappointment he stopped and smacked her on the ass. “No climax for you my little cum slut,” he laughed. “Besides, I have had mine anyway.” She felt her face turn red in frustration realizing that he had masturbated rokettube himself knowing that she had wanted him to fuck her so badly. He was punishing her for rubbing herself in the shower. She moaned and swallowed hard trying to turn off the growing hunger between her legs.

“You know you have been a bad girl don’t you little slut?” he said when he got back to the front of her.

“Yes Sir,” she gulped, feeling the sting of hot tears in her eyes knowing she had disappointed him.

“And what did you do that was bad Pet?”

With her arms still stretched out in front of her and her face on the floor she quietly said, “I rubbed my clit instead of just finishing up my shower Sir.” Again she felt the tears slide down her face. She really hated to do anything to disappoint her Sir. The shame she felt was worse than if she had deliberately disobeyed him. Then she realized that even though she had not planned it she had done what he had told her not to and she felt another twinge of shame that she had not been more diligent. Why was she so weak when it came to resisting sexual thoughts of him? Then it occurred to her that she could not resist it without turning herself off to him completely, and she didn’t want to do that. She felt like she was caught between a rock and a hard place now. How could she ever resist sexual feelings about him, and how could he ever want her to? She knew this question would haunt her.

“That’s right Pet. And haven’t I told you that you are not to play with my cunt without my permission?”

“Yes Sir you have.”

“Well I think you should be punished don’t you?”

Eva froze. She hated it when he wanted her to agree with punishment, especially when she had not done it on purpose. But she knew that she had committed the transgression and she reluctantly, and timidly mumbled, “Yes Sir.” She wondered what he had in mind. It always scared her not knowing.

“Well first of all, I think a little foot and cock worship is in order don’t you?” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said.

Then he stuck the toe of his slippered foot up against her head. “You may begin,” he said.

Eva raised herself up on her knees and elbows and saw that he was sliding his foot up further under her. She placed her hands on each side of his foot. Holding it gently she rubbed her face around his foot on both sides, letting her hair fall on him. She kissed his foot and his ankles and spent some time going back and forth between rubbing her face against him and kissing his foot. She enjoyed foot worship. She enjoyed every way that she could show her adoration for him. She knew she was his completely and she knew she would do anything for him. To worship him was only a lovely acknowledgement of her submission to him. He did control her world after all, and not just sexually. It was a way for her to show her Master how much she felt for him and how much she loved submitting to his Dominance. It was actually quite a turn on for her. She had never told Sir that it was but she was sure he knew, and he seemed to enjoy it as well. Then he pulled his foot back and stuck the other one in front of her face, and she rubbed and kissed that foot until he pulled it back.

“Now up on your knees,” he demanded.

She sat up and leaned back on her ankles as she looked at his cock. She loved it that his cock was just about eye level when she was on her knees. He had not put on the shorts that he held in his hand, and his cock was semi hard. She smiled just a little to herself knowing that her touch was exciting him into an erection. She unconsciously licked her lips as she thought how much she loved worshiping his cock. This was her Master after all, and she was only too happy to adore his cock. It was hers to enjoy worshiping. She loved it that she could give him pleasure in exchange for as much pleasure as he gave her every time he touched her.

He grabbed the top of her hair and bent her head back. He looked into her eyes with that same steely glare that he had in the shower. His cock was much harder now and as he moved forward toward her lips he demanded loudly, “Suck my cock bitch?” And he shoved the tender tip of his thick meat between her lips. She opened her mouth automatically still looking up into his eyes. She wet the tip a little with her warm tongue and slid her mouth a little further onto this cock that she loved so much. She wanted to eat him all up.

He began to rhythmically thrust his cock between her lips as he stared into her adoring eyes. She slid her mouth in and out taking more of him in with each stroke. She began to suck ever so slightly. She loved how it felt when he slid his cock all the way into her mouth. This was her Sir. This was her Master. This cock was His and she wanted to take every bit of it into her hot mouth. She even liked it when he gagged her a little. He did it just enough and never went to far. She sucked a little harder and he kept a tight hold of the handful of hair on top of her head pulling her back and forth on his stiff rod. He began to pump her a little faster and she heard a tiny sigh escape from seks filmi him. She sucked and sucked. Then she felt his beautiful cock get hard as a rock and she prepared to taste his cum as it flowed down her throat. But just then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and, with her mouth still open to receive him, she protested, “Arghhh!” She looked at him in disbelief and her bottom lip began to poke itself out again as a tear of frustration, and fear that she had done something wrong pulled at her thoughts.

He laughed wickedly then and smacked her face a little on one cheek then the other. “No more for you whore,” he snapped giving her a look that said don’t move any further, and he stepped back out of her reach. She hated how he was able to stay in control of his sexual urges more than she could. She was not able to resist his touch, or his voice, or a sexy look from him. He always turned her on instantly, and yet he could stay in control of his own body and passions as long as he wanted to. There were times that he pleasured her for hours and still would not cum for her. It infuriated her that he could do that and she could not, but she also had to admit that she didn’t want to resist him either. She chuckled silently to herself as she closed her mouth leaving her lower lip still sticking out, and she feigned a look of anger and indifference as she sniffed the air and took on an attitude. He smacked her on the side of her head with the shorts that he was holding.

While he put his shorts on he continued to look her straight in the eye. Suddenly he frowned and said, “Lower your eyes bitch. You are not allowed to look at this cock any longer. Now tell me Pet,” he said as she lowered her eyes, “whose bitch are you?”

“I am your bitch Sir,” she whined, still pouting.

“And, who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you Sir.”

“That’s right and since I own you I think tonight I will treat you like the naughty little pet you are.”

Eva was careful not to look into his eyes, but she wondered what he had in mind. Then with her still on her knees he went to the dining table and took her placemat and plate and utensils and put them in the kitchen. He moved her chair from where she usually sat. She wondered what on earth he was doing. He brought an empty bowl and sat it on the floor where her chair had been. He went back to the table and sat down. He took a drink and he absentmindedly thumbed through the mail. Not even looking at her he said, “You will put dinner on the table for me now Pet. But tonight you are not allowed to use any furniture, or any of my possessions and you will not eat anything that I do not give you to eat. You will not look at me unless I give you permission to. You will sit on the floor at my feet like a good pet. And when you do eat, just like other pets, you will not have any utensils. You will eat out of the bowl, and out of my hand, the way I tell you to and you will think about whom you belong to. You will do as I tell you and you will not move without my permission. And, you will think about just how much I am in control of who I own, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she said again in disbelief.

“Go now,” he said, “I want my dinner.”

As she rose from her knees she couldn’t help hanging her head at his rejection. But she knew all too well that he was indeed her Master and she must do as he wished in all things. She finished preparing dinner and took his food to the table. She freshened his drink and stood back and a little to the side of him, with her eyes lowered, waiting for his directions. He let her stand there as he began to eat his meal. Then as if it was an afterthought he ordered her to kneel on the floor at his feet.

She knelt as she was told and she couldn’t help feeling dejected again because he was behaving as if it were nothing that she was being treated like his pet. Then it dawned on her. She was his pet. And, she could be ‘a pet’, or His Pet. It all depended on how she behaved for him. It occurred to her that he had never been more in control of her. The rough treatment in the shower earlier had only turned her on more. She had loved it. But now, as if he knew, she did not love this treatment and she never wanted to be treated like ‘a pet’ again. She wanted to be ‘His Pet’ always. She felt the heat of her tears welling up in her eyes again. And the thought that she was not even allowed to look at him made it all the worse.

Sir Dan began to eat his dinner and after a while he got up and went into the kitchen. When he returned he had more food on his plate. When he sat down he cut some of the meat and took it a piece at a time and put it to Eva’s mouth under the table. Obediently she opened her mouth and took each piece of meat gently from his fingers and ate it. But he did not feed her consistently. He would read his mail and eat a little himself. Then he would take another piece of food and reach under the table and put it into her mouth. Then he bent down and took the empty bowl and poured some of the ice tea from his glass into it. “Drink,” he ordered, and placed the bowl on the floor in front of her. She started to take the bowl and he stopped her. “That is my bowl and I did not give you permission to hold it. If you are thirsty put your face in the bowl and lap it up like a good pet.” As her tears stung her again she put her face down into the bowl and lapped the tea up the best she could.