Black on Black Pegging: Somaliland


Abu Khaled woke up, sweating profusely. The big and tall Black man looked around for a moment, feeling disoriented, before he remembered where he was. He was in his apartment in the town of Orleans, in the Ontario region of Canada. He was safe. It was all a dream, he told himself. For months now he’d been having those dreams. And these dreams were so damn intense that they left him questioning a lot of things about himself. Things no man should question, such as one’s masculinity and sexuality. Abu Khaled was born in the town of Mogadishu, Somalia, to a Somali mother and Iranian father. On July 4, 2012, he would turn twenty eight. That kind of milestone makes a man think about a lot of things.

Abu lay in bed, deep in thought. He’d done a lot in his twenty-something years. He had a Master’s degree in business administration from Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. He was presently working for the Canadian Revenue Agency, as one of a few Black males within the nationwide organization. Although the majority of Somalis were Muslims, Abu Khaled had a secular mindset and his lifestyle reflected it. He had seen firsthand what religious zeal could do. And he wanted no part of it. Religion could be a destructive force in the lives of many if left unchecked. It tore apart his folks marriage. His father Abdullah Khaled was a Shiite Muslim from the Islamic Republic of Iran. His mother Aisha was a Sunni Muslim from the nation of Somalia. Such differences meant little to westerners but in the Arab/Muslim world, they were often cause for war. His parents divorcing after more than twenty years of marriage and his mother’s death at the hands of his father shattered whatever faith Abu had left, either in Islam or in the institution of marriage itself.

Religion and culture were responsible for much strife in the world today. That’s why there was tension between the great nation of Turkey and the Republic of Syria these days, and the predominantly Sunni rulers of the Saudi kingdom were rousing the Arab world and their friends in the Western world against Iran. Abu Khaled considered all this friction over slight differences within the same religion to be pointless. He lived in Canada, and embraced the ideals of religious freedom, democracy and secular government. The foundations of Western society. His family disapproved but Abu was grown, and independent. He could do whatever he wanted. Working as an executive for the Canadian Revenue Agency, he raked in eighty eight grand a year. Well, his net pay was one hundred and three grand a year but taxes in Canada were astronomical so he considered himself lucky they didn’t take more of his pay.

Abu Khaled was a man of many passions. And he indulged every single one of them. He wasn’t like the other Somalis, brainwashed by the Arab culture which influenced so many African Muslims. Gaziantep Üniversite Escort Abu Khaled partied hard, drank, and chased beautiful women. He hadn’t set foot in a mosque in almost a decade and had no desire to change that. For the most part, he didn’t associate with other Muslims. Not unless they were secular minded like him. As an educated Black male of partial Somali descent, a man with a good career, a nice house and a nice car, he was seen as quite a catch by the Somali women of Ottawa. The thing about Somali women is that while they act all pious and friendly, deep down they don’t think much of Somali men.

They think Arab men are made out of gold. And they chase them to all the corners of the earth. A lot of Arab men took Somali women as wives. Since they were both Muslim, there were no problems. However, those same Arab men who found Somali women so appealing got mad when they saw Somali men even talking to Arab women. Arab male jealousy was quite something. It caused the death of Abu Khaled’s mother, and the imprisonment of his father at the maximum security penitentiary in the City of Kingston, Ontario. Abu Khaled considered himself an orphan. He had no parents to pressure him to marry so he could lead his life the way he wanted. He looked at the woman lying next to him. Brenda something or other. Tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. A lovely lady of the Caucasian persuasion. Abu Khaled met her at the Honest Lawyer bar in downtown Ottawa, not far from the Rideau Shopping Center where she worked as a cell phone salesclerk. He picked her up, and brought her home for a night of fun.

Brenda turned out to be a lot of fun indeed. The sexy blonde chick loved chocolate dick and wasn’t shy about sucking it or riding it. Abu had a lot of fun with her. He bent her over his living room couch, smacked her nicely rounded White ass and pulled her blonde hair while drilling his cock into her cunt. Brenda screamed obscenities and urged him to fuck her harder. Abu had no problem slamming his cock into her slick cunt. White chicks in the Capital region of Canada were just discovering men from places like Africa, southeast Asia and the Middle East, and they were going crazy for brown cock. White men had been sampling the sexual mores of women of color for ages. Now it was men of color’s turn to sample White women. And there was a lot of sampling going on. They fucked for a couple of hours, then fell asleep.

Abu lay next to Brenda, watching her sleep. The next morning he sent her packing. Find, fornicate and forget. That was his way of dealing with women these days. And he’d fucked so many of them. Lebanese women. Eritrean women. Jamaican women. French Canadian women. Italian women. Chinese women. So many endless varieties of ladies here in the capital of Canada. Abu Khaled almost convinced himself that he didn’t have…other desires. His other desires took him to Mademoiselle Ambrosia. A tall, sexy young Black woman hailing from the Haitian community of Montreal-Nord in the Province of Quebec. Mademoiselle Ambrosia was new to Ottawa, Ontario, where she set up shop as a professional dominatrix.

Abu Khaled was curious about the world of female domination and male submission. The BDSM universe fascinated him. According to many people in BDSM forums online, Black Dominatrix types like Mademoiselle Ambrosia were the best. He visited her website and contacted her. Mademoiselle Ambrosia firmly believed that women were the superior species and men were made to serve women. She didn’t think much of Islam, which seemingly elevated men while lowering women. Abu had to beg her for a session, and he assured her that he wasn’t like the other Muslim men out there. He believed in hard drinking, partying and chasing women. He wasn’t a religious nutcase with delusions of grandeur. He was as secular as they came. Mademoiselle Ambrosia seemed to sense his sincerity and agreed to a session. And it turned into an encounter he would never forget.

Abu Khaled showed up at Mademoiselle Ambrosia’s apartment in the Vanier sector of Ottawa, Ontario. The lady greeted him wearing a sexy Black leather miniskirt and red tank top. She was tall and sexy, with dark brown skin, neatly braided Black hair and an ass that tennis pro Serena Williams would envy. First things first, though. Abu Khaled wanted a ninety-minute session and her website clearly stated that she expected three hundred dollars. He didn’t mind. Before they got started, she sat him down in her living room and offered him a drink. Then she explained her rules. Safe words, blah and blah. They got started, and Abu Khaled had the experience of a lifetime. First, she tied him up over a wooden bench. His arms and legs were firmly bound by thick steel chains. Then she began spanking his ass with her bare hand while also flogging his back with a sharp flogger.

Abu Khaled groaned as he got spanked and whooped by the sexy Black Dominatrix. Mademoiselle Ambrosia really let him have it. She didn’t get to dominate macho-looking Black guys like Abu half as often as she liked, since most of her submissive types were White males. She had a great time as she tormented this ebony stud in the most exquisite of ways. She spanked him, flogged him, smacked his face, spat on him and berated him. Her favorite part of the whole thing came when the moment of truth arrived. Mademoiselle Ambrosia donned her strap-on dildo and spread Abu Khaled’s ass cheeks wide open. With gloved fingers the Haitian dominatrix explored the bound Somali male’s ass. His ass was clean, and kind of tight. Cool. She applied lubricant to his hole, then told him she was going to fuck him. Abu Khaled choked back a cry. It was really happening. She was going to sodomize him with her strap-on dildo. The Black dominatrix was going to turn him, a strong Black man, into one of her whiny little bitches. Yes!

Mademoiselle Ambrosia could sense Abu Khaled’s eagerness as she began inserting the dildo into his asshole. The Somali stud hailed from a the nation of Somaliland, an Islamist country where men ruled and women had no rights. She would definitely enjoy dominating a guy like him and showing him who’s the boss. Somali or not, Muslim or not, he was a Black man. And in the Black communities of the twenty-first century, Black women lead and Black men follow. Nothing that the Lord Jesus Christ or the Prophet Mohammed could do about that. With a gleeful scream, Mademoiselle Ambrosia shoved Abu Khaled’s ass cheeks wide open and shoved her plastic cock into him. And she sank it deep. The big Somali man howled as his ass got penetrated deeply by the Black dominatrix’s strap-on dildo. She held his hips tightly, berating him while sodomizing him with her dildo.

Mademoiselle Ambrosia felt her pussy get all wet and tingly with excitement as she drilled her dildo into Abu Khaled’s ass. She smacked his ass, loving the way it jiggled as she fucked him. In her five years of working all over Canada and America as a professional dominatrix, Mademoiselle Ambrosia dominated a total of one hundred and seventeen men, along with forty three women. Abu Khaled was the first Black man and the second Black person she ever dominated. This called for a celebration, and she celebrated this momentous occasion by fingering her cunt while pounding his hairy Somali ass with her dildo. The Somali stud huffed and puffed, groaned and moaned. In the end, just like all of the so-called tough guys who came to her, he howled and squealed. Only then did she pull her dildo out of his ass. It was a bit dirty so she’d have to wash it later. Which she always did anyway.

Mademoiselle Ambrosia undid Abu Khaled’s bindings, and the big Somali stud slumped on the carpeted floor of her dungeon slash basement. She knelt beside him and asked him if he was okay. The big Somali man rolled over and smiled, telling her that he felt great. Without being prompted he knelt before her, thanking her for a wonderful time. Mademoiselle Ambrosia smiled, and gently patted his head. Her first Black male submissive. Quite a milestone in the life of a Black dominatrix who dominated all races and genders for fun and profit, yet still loved her people. Abu Khaled showered then left Mademoiselle Ambrosia’s apartment. He went home feeling like a million bucks. That was a few weeks ago. Ever since then, he’d been dreaming about the sexy Black dominatrix nonstop. Back in his bedroom, Abu Khaled looked at Brenda’s sleeping form. The blonde-haired White gal was beautiful but the Black stud was bored with her. He needed a bossy Black woman, and only one would do. He would have to schedule another session with Mademoiselle Ambrosia.