Nice Woman


“I mean it was perfect you know? Just great like everyone agreed!” whined Stephany curled up on the lap of her PE teacher.

“Really was it now?” asked miss Schwarz growing more, and more disgusted with herself.

She was jealous, and it was bad. She wanted Stephannie’s relationships to fail sure, but she had loved her so much, and she was so happy when she was happy that this was somehow worse.

“Yeah! It was I swear.” said Stephanie looking up at her like a fallen angel.

“I didn’t agree.” said miss Schwarz hand on her cheerleader belly.

“Don’t do this right now!” said Stephanie grabbing her hand, knowing that even with her toned body she couldn’t move it.

“Or what? I see you next week with another fool girl who leaves you for someone she isn’t with to impress everyone? You aren’t a curiosity Steph. You are special.” said miss Schwarz feeling her resistance fade.

“Look I know I like you, but seriously. It’s nice, and I want it right now, but… Tomorrow? I mean-“

“You mean what Steph? I know you, and I don’t want you to get hurt. You get drunk, smoke weed, and you are skipping practice.

I love you, but you can’t do everything.” said miss Schwarz seeing her grow red in the face.

“This is fucked up.” said Steph letting her go.

“You shut up. Pretty girls, pretty words Steph. You aren’t the hairy chested freak your ex left you for. Do better.” said miss Schwarz starting to play with her tighs.

“I hate this.” said Steph pushing on her hand away until she found her clit.

“I’m a woman you know. Since when is saying no to me OK?” asked miss Schwarz taking the offer of her hand being pulled closer.

“Yeah I didn’t think so. I’ll make you a proper woman, you need proper fingers not some spindly lilly.” said miss Schwarz god to be young.

“Dammit… You aren’t even pretty… Why?” asked Steph utterly confused.

“You like me. We don’t have to get married, but you can be with the people you like no matter what other people say. Now clench, and relax really break my fingers, it feels amazing.” said miss Schwarz getting a moan from her lover as she tried it.

“There we go. See this is how you have fun with a girl, cocks slip out that way.” said miss Schwarz watching her clench up, and moan as she held her against her chest.

“Feel better?” asked miss Schwarz still working her.

“Fu… Gaziantep Escort Reklamları I don’t know, I… Just don’t stop OK? Don’t I never had this!” said Steph biting her shoulder.

“I earned that I guess.” said miss Schwarz getting her boobs grabbed.

“Do you want to suck on ’em?” asked miss Schwarz bearing her chest getting her suggestion respected.

“There you go. This can go on for hours you know, and it should. You’ve earned it, you actually had taste.” said miss Schwarz lighting up with one hand, fucking her with the other.

It went on for a while.

“See four fingers already, and you love it. This is what happens when you are with someone who knows what they are doing, and guess what you will be tighter afterwards. It’s like a workout.” said miss Schwarz licking her throat almost casually.

“I… Just don’t say stuff like that, don’t, don’t make me forget everyone else. Why don’t they know how to do this?” asked Steph kissing her shoulder.

“Do you know how much shit I went through until I had this down? I’m old really fucking old.

I’m thirty seven, I’ve been beat up, and spit on my entire life. I know what this is worth. I don’t get it thrown at me.” said miss Schwarz curling up her fingers inside her making her tear into her skin with a canine, and piss herself a little.

Beginners mistake. Always pee before sex.

She held her, and she cried a little.

“I want pretty girls dammit! You are huge, and you have construction worker arms, and I hate you!” whined Steph starting to kiss her shoulder, not mentioning what had just happened, it was just squirt after all.

The only good thing the porn industry had given womankind.

“You need more than that. If they were taller, stronger, and knew how to fuck you wouldn’t want me.” said miss Schwarz, getting a drag taken off her cigarette, leading to a coughing fit.

“Now return the favor, before I do it myself.” said miss Schwarz getting her in position by the neck.

“Why is this hot?” asked Steph as miss Schwarz pulled her trackpants off.

“You can’t handle weak shrinking Lillis who get fucked every which way other people please.” said miss Schwarz watching her start to kiss her.

“Wow selfish weren’t they.” said miss Schwarz enjoying it.

“Like you have no idea! I mostly masturbated, because they can’t even do that!” said Steph in a furor getting back to it soon loosing herself.

“You’re a woman Steph touch yourself for crying out loud. You won’t blow your load.” said miss Schwarz rubbing her head affectionately.

She just nodded planting kisses on her labia each time, starting to finger her with her left. Good girl. Utterly wasted on some bisexual who wanted a cock that didn’t even enjoy it out of selfishness.

It always took her a bit to cum like this, and the playful game Steph was playing with her didn’t really help her get off efficiently. However considering how long she kept her simmering on low heat, and how her cunt pretty much cut herself on her fingernail when she finally clenched up.

Good god.

“You are kind of quiet.” said Steph getting up on her lap.

“What do you expect me to do? Oh, yes Steph, you are so good, my perf- perfect angel, I love you.” fake moaned miss Schwarz she didn’t need company so why cry for some.

“Screw you.” said Steph shaking her sweaty hair.

“You look kind of curious. Are you still keeping count?” asked miss Schwarz getting up.

“I- Fuck I mean, it’s addictive. It’s like you don’t even try!” said Steph sitting down spreading out her perfectly shaven self getting a tongue along her thigh, while miss Schwarz put out her burned out cigarette.

“Why try when you can do? Aren’t you worth it? I mean you are old enough to choose what you want, so you need some proper choices.” stated miss Schwarz as if her clit was a microphone.

“Yeah. Come on just the clit, OK. Just that.” said Steph as miss Schwarz wrote the Alphabet forward, and backward onto her clit.

It took her ten passes, but it was a while before her thighs let go. Breathing was hard, but hearing her grunt out all that she could handle was well worth it.

All girls sounded like that at some point, because at some point you didn’t care anymore, at some point you just focused on what was important.

Getting head.

“Let’s just cuddle, before I die.” said Steph holding onto her getting carried to bed, shocked as miss Schwarz pointed to two large glasses of water.

“You had this planned?” asked Steph grabbing one, and draining it.

“So? You are eighteen you should get a serious relationship for once in a while.” said miss Schwarz casually.

“Oh, no, no, no! Fuck you! This isn’t some love thing!” said Steph looking at her as if she was the devil.

“I love you.” said miss Schwarz hugging her making her burp.

“Fuck you… I hate you!” laughed Steph at the insanity of the situation.

Then again had anyone’s hand on her butt felt so deserving? At least she worked for being with her. Put up with shit.

“No. This is easy Daphne, easy, you know.” said Steph turning away.

“Love shouldn’t be hard. Some jerkoff in a Hollywood writing team is just trying to make you feel good for picking whatever fruit looks tasty.” said miss Schwarz taking her shirt off completely.

She hadn’t jet noticed she looked like an idiot.

“So I’m a slut?” asked Steph undressing as well, that stung it really did.

“No you are young. You want a pretty face you can boss around at first, then you settle for someone who can give you some genuine opposition.

Not some wannabe hoodlum. Uh, I smoke reefer! I cut! Look at me, I’m either a half brain dead zombie, or so depressed I can’t move.

Wow really challenging.” said miss Schwarz casually.

“Everyone does that right?” asked Steph wanting to quit ahead.

“Well everyone who can. Other people get abused, and spat on, but basically yeah. I mean I sure wanted to fuck some unnamed blonde in her experimental phase, it’s just she didn’t really want me.” said miss Schwarz building her up a little.

“OK fine. Love then, fine. Let’s try until I cheat on you, because you are honest, nice, good in bed, and good looking, like modern art good looking.

I like being in charge.” said Steph casually cruel.

“You think you don’t matter to me at all do you? That I’m playing games, or something? I tried to help you get away from that kind of abuse.” said miss Schwarz curling up on her lap getting sobbed on.

“Man I wish you were as smart as I think you are.” said miss Schwarz then.

“Me too.” said Steph sobbing.

“You’re worth it though. Everything it doesn’t hurt when you can just not give a damn about it. You matter more than me I guess.” said miss Schwarz kissing her way up her leg.

“Can I suck on your nipples?” asked Steph then.

“Sure knock yourself out.” said miss Schwarz lifting her on her lap, getting her hand guided between her legs.

She was gentle this time. Steph didn’t need to learn to take her seriously anymore. She had her respect, and love took time.

Oh god was she ever good, not because she was good, but it felt like love, and she had earned that.