Ash’s Total Submission


Alain looked at the leather clad slave kneeling at his feet, and then at the long ash on the tip of his cigarette. He leaned forward, and the mouth visible behind the studded black leather training hood opened obediently, and the pink tongue, already stained grey, extended for Alain to flick off the ash once again. Then the tongue with the ash delicately poised on it was drawn back into the waiting mouth. Alain sat back and smiled at Elizabeth, “Great way to spend an afternoon,” he remarked, “Who’d have thought two years ago that the three of us would be a lot more than just very good friends.”

Elizabeth smiled back, a very wicked grin on her face, “Yes, every time you came to town and asked me to join you for coffee, I was just thinking how nice to keep in touch. It was only after we all met up in the market square that Ash mentioned that he thought you were interested in more than friendship. So then we had that first dinner, and the rest, as they say, is history. To think that Ash is responsible for all of this, and now he can’t do a thing to change what’s happening. I didn’t have a clue that one day I’d have you all to myself.”

She leaned over and kissed him deeply, something she knew would arouse their slave wildly. Her hand slid down to his thick cock, resting slackly against his thigh and she gently caressed the fat knob that always felt so good inside her. The two of them continued to caress and fondle each other for a couple of minutes before sitting back and taking up their cigarettes once again. Now it was Elizabeth’s turn to use their human ashtray, casually flicking her cigarette into the open mouth with a long practiced expertise.

“Oh, yes, what I found in your pants after our first dinner exceeded my expectations. I thought it was only black men who possessed cocks like yours, and I’d have to say that your tongue works its magic even better than Ash’s does, and he’s pretty good. Yes, right from our second evening together, when we made love, I’ve been totally hooked. And now you tell me that you are splitting up with Natasha, well what an irresistible opportunity for me to have what I’ve always wanted, an utterly submissive slave husband and a dominant lover with whom I can spend the majority of my time. Even though I knew of your military background in the French army before we got together, I never realized just how dominant you would be with Ash and myself.”

“Well, as you say, that’s because of my military background, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of very extreme things. For example the way we used to treat the North African terrorists was brutal, and I developed quite a taste for inflicting pain which has carried over into my private life. However, until you came along, I had only turned the women in my life on to submission. I must say that I am really enjoying making your husband into the total submissive he appears to have always wanted to be.”

Alain took his turn flicking off his cigarette ash, “and truthfully, the notion of a continuing relationship built around bondage and submission has always been something that I fantasized about. It would never have been possible with Natasha, though. However, with the two of you it feels completely natural. And now we can make it permanent, and see just how far we can take it. You both belong to me now to do with as I want, which means Ash is going to experience the excruciating mental and physical pain of being a totally submissive cuckold, while you Elizabeth continue down the path of depravity that I have set out for us all.”

This conversation was taking place in the living room of the house belonging to Elizabeth and her husband. Alain, a good looking business executive who had been an officer in the French army and remained attached to them in some undisclosed manner, was dressed in the leather chaps and waistcoat that Elizabeth had bought for him at Northbound Leather some months ago. In one hand he held a silver handled whip, in the other a Gauloise cigarette.

Elizabeth, who had been Alain’s mistress for three years now, was also attired in leather – a red trimmed corset with buckles across the front, and high, thigh-length black leather boots. Her blond hair cascaded down over her shoulders, framing her attractive face which, while good looking, was also capable of expressing extreme sensations of erotic delight, whether it was when she was being fucked by Alain and his friends, or whether she was reveling in tormenting her cuckold husband.

Ash, the cuckold, was sitting at her feet, Elizabeth holding a leash fastened through the ring on his black leather slave collar. He was dressed as a total leather gimp. A leather studded hood covered his entire head, with only pin holes over his eyes so that he could at least make out his surroundings. He wore a black leather body harness trimmed with red piping and leather chaps that left his cock, encased in a silver cock cage, as usual, open for all to see.

Alain turned to his van escort mistress again, and this time ran his hands over the firm breasts and erect nipples protruding from above the sharply cut away leather dress. He gently tugged on the gold rings that ran through each of her nipples, reminding her that there was a time not so long ago when she vowed not to have her nipples pierced or her breasts enhanced. Her body arched at his touch. Aroused. Whenever Alain touched her there had always been this electricity between them.

Her hands sought him out as well, and her head went down and her lips closed over the head of his cock. She could never get enough of it in her mouth, so big and alive. Almost as an afterthought, her free hand sought out her slave’s leather encased head and pushed it down between her thighs. A few seconds later she felt his tongue begin to caress her pussy lips. God he was good at that!

For the next few minutes, their slave continued to pleasure his mistress as the lovers continued to build each other’s arousal. Then, satisfied for a moment, they sat back, and each of them finished their cigarettes.

Their eyes met. An unspoken signal passed between them and they leaned forward towards their ashtray, their glowing cigarettes ready for final extinction. What followed next had become ritual now among the three of them. First, the cigarettes traced warm glowing paths over the chest of their slave between the straps of his leather harness. Traced paths over a chest covered with old and new scars from previous times. Finally, each cigarette stopped, poised in mid-air above a chosen target area on their slave’s tortured chest.

Then, very deliberately the two glowing tips were placed on the flesh, and slowly, ruthlessly ground in to the skin, extinguished in a manner designed to inflict maximum pain on their victim. A victim who both lovers knew craved the sensation, craved the pain, and once it was over would be impatient for the next time.

“Time for a little fun?” Alain queried. Elizabeth nodded, and the three leather clad figures rose to their feet, walking over to where the thick white rope hung from the oak beam, the noose at its end waiting for its willing victim. All three of them were aroused now.

Although Alain had been a little slow to appreciate how much involving Ash in their love making could enhance the pleasure, once he tried it, he quickly came to appreciate the additional arousal it brought. The two lovers had now reached a stage where torturing their slave was an integral part of increasing their own arousal and passion. Alain had even admitted recently that he was never so aroused as when they built an afternoon of lovemaking around a torture session. “It was never like this in the army”, he was moved to comment.

Alain slipped the noose over the slave’s head and tightened it around the spiked slave collar as Elizabeth cuffed their slave’s hands behind his back. Then, Elizabeth stood back and lit them both cigarettes as Alain took the free end of the rope and pulled down on it until the slave was pulled up onto the balls of his feet. Then Alain tied the rope off on the metal cleat that was discreetly attached to the wall behind one of the large easy chairs.

After a deep kiss and passing Alain’s cigarette to him, Elizabeth took up the metal nipple clamps and fastened them in position, watching as her slave jerked almost imperceptibly as they bit viciously into his flesh, deciding today that she would not pass their chain through the metal ring on the slave collar, but instead let them hang freely so that she could give them a sharp tug whenever she felt like it.

The lovers sat on the couch once again, playing with each other, arousing themselves still further. Elizabeth slipped onto the floor, kneeling between Alain’s thighs and leant forward to take his cock into her mouth.

“I’m going to suck my number one cock,” she announced to no one in particular as her lips closed over the shiny head, now firm at the head of the thick, erect shaft.

“You feel sooooo good, cheri,” Alain responded, “The best lips I’ve ever encountered. You have become such a great cocksucker. The last time we were in Paris at les Chandelles you were like a magnet for all the men. How many cocks did you suck that evening? Ten, fifteen? And every man totally enraptured by your talents.”

Alain looked intently at the slave suspended in front of him. He knew that the eyes behind the training hood would be watching every move Elizabeth made. The cuckold watching his wife, their slave’s wife, sucking fiercely on her lover’s cock. Before very long, their eyes met, slave and lover. It was a long, knowing exchange. Alain knew exactly what the slave was thinking – that Elizabeth now belonged not only sexually, but totally to Alain. Probably forever.

And that was exactly what Elizabeth wanted. Had wanted all along. And her slave husband van escort bayan could do nothing about it. Indeed, he had participated willingly in her seduction of Alain, had encouraged her to spend a night each week with Alain in Toronto, and at the end of the day, had willingly agreed to the new relationship.

Elizabeth’s sucking increased in intensity, and Alain’s head jerked back. The slave saw this and knew what Alain must be feeling. Remembered what it felt like to have those lips wrapped around his own cock. It still happened, but much less frequently nowadays. Slaves don’t get their cocks sucked very often, although they do get to pleasure their mistress with their tongues quite frequently. Then he watched as her motions slowed and her head moved back, angled upwards, so he knew that she must be looking up adoringly into her lover’s eyes.

Alain nodded down at her, and she stood up. He hadn’t cum yet, but he was fully aroused, as was she, and it was at this point that both of them gained maximum pleasure from torture, torture that provided a sharper edge to their erotic arousal and which provided an intensity to the fucking that inevitably followed. Each of them collected their cigarette, now carrying long delicate traceries of ash and carried them over to the slave.

Once more, the tongue submissively emerged from behind the hood and two long grey trails were deposited on the sensitive flesh. The mouth closed.

Elizabeth took a swig of red wine and thoughtfully offered the glass to their slave. Alain was selecting their whips for today. For himself he chose the thick heavy flogger and for Elizabeth he selected the riding crop which he handed to her.

“Just a moment,” he smiled to her, “Before we start, let’s make our slave a little more comfortable.”

He reached behind the chair and undid the rope. By this time the slave’s arches on his feet were already filled with a dull ache, and maybe he thought that he was going to be offered some relief. If so he was mistaken. Elizabeth and Alain both found the rope and the noose wildly exciting, and over the last few sessions had been gradually increasing the tension, lifting their slave higher and higher from the ground. Last night, during their lovemaking, Elizabeth had wondered aloud what it might be like if they were actually to lift him clear of the ground. He would he feel? How would they feel? The idea had certainly added to the ferocity and noise of their lovemaking at the time.

Alain thought it was time to find out. Using all of his substantial strength, Alain pulled down on the rope until just the slaves toes were touching the ground. His head was pulled sharply back, and Alain could see that Elizabeth was captivated, not breathing almost. Then, for a brief second or two, the toes were lifted clear of the ground.

Alain felt the entire weight of the slave’s body on the rope. He could hear the slave’s hard breathing and saw the look of wild excitement in Elizabeth’s eyes. He held the pose for about ten seconds before releasing the tension, but only sufficient for the balls of the slave’s feet to regain some purchase. He looked over at Elizabeth. She nodded. He tied off the rope.

Elizabeth moved around to the front of the slave, riding crop in one hand, cigarette in the other. First, she kissed the slave, feeling the leather hood against her face. Then she slapped his face, quite hard three or four times, just to reminder him that there is no longer any pleasure without pain. Then she stood back and looked him in the eyes as she took the cigarette and once again extinguished it on his tortured flesh, this time high up on his shoulder. She kissed Alain who had come around to join her, and watched as he stubbed out his glowing remains on the top of their slave’s right arm.

Now it was time to make him suffer! Elizabeth moved behind him, and watched as Alain raised his arm and brought the thick leather things down firmly across Ash’s chest. Now it was her turn, and not allowing him time to recover, she brought the riding crop down across his shoulders. For the next five minutes, the lovers alternated lashes, providing their slave with a sound thrashing that only served to excite their lust. Halfway through, Elizabeth heard the nipple clamps fall to the floor. She could only imagine how Ash had felt as they gradually worked their way off his nipples. By the time, they eased up, Ash’s back was a criss-cross patchwork of welts, as was his chest when she walked around to take a look at Alain’s handiwork.

“Good Job,” she whispered as they stood together looking at the tortured, teetering figure in front of them both. Then she knelt down in front of their slave, and took his cock in her hand, noting with satisfaction the heavy cock cage that had now been around his scrotum for over a year. It was a pleasant cock she held in her hand, nothing like as thick as Alain’s, but a satisfactory escort van accompaniment to what would follow shortly. However, now she was about to administer a sweet dose of mixed pleasure and pain to her slave.

She wanted him very erect, painfully erect for what was to follow.

As she slowly sucked the cage into her mouth, Alain moved around behind their slave once again. Once more he undid the rope and pulled down strongly on it once again until the slave was once more slightly lifted off his toes.

Elizabeth felt the cock surge in its cage, how painful must that be? Knowing that the potent combination was arousing their slave as much as it was them. Now their slave was nice and hard, straining in the cage, and ready for what was to follow. Elizabeth took his cock out of her mouth, stood up and gave him a kiss full on his lips, tasting as she did the smokey taste of the cigarette ash.

At the same time, Alain, allowed the rope to go slack, permitting their slave to breathe freely for the first time in quite a few minutes. The noose was removed, and the trio returned to the couch. Everyone knew what was to follow. Alain sat down, legs apart and Elizabeth turned around, her leather skirt hiked up around her waist. Her eyes never left those of her husband as she lowered herself back onto Alain’s flat belly so that his fat, erect cock was in between her legs.

Now the slave kneeled, and taking Alain’s cock in his hand, slowly angled it towards his wife’s anal ring. Elizabeth gasped, as she always did, as she felt Alain’s bulbous knob pressing against her, slowly working into her ass. She watched as her husband slowly helped it to work its way inside her ass, until she felt pleasantly filled.

She started to slowly work herself around on the cock inside her, as her slave applied his mouth and tongue once more to her pussy. This felt so good. By itself it was reason enough to have a powerful lover and a submissive husband. She felt passion and lust arising inside her like a slowly mounting tidal his face covered in her juices, and he crawled closer to her so that his cock, straining in its cage, could slip easily into her deliciously creamy cunt.

Elizabeth could feel the two cocks sawing in and out, sandwiching her sensitive flesh between them, and she knew that she would not last long. This combination never failed to bring her to a full blown screaming climax like she had never experienced before Alain came into her life.

She was not mistaken. Very quickly she felt her orgasm mounting inside her, Alain was tweaking her erect nipples, and it was only a few moments before her hips were shaking and bucking as her orgasm rippled from deep inside her. These orgasms were different from any she had experienced before, with Alain or even with Leroy, her black lover from some years previously. They were long and noisy and intense. It was a couple of minutes before the spasms had totally subsided and she recovered her composure. By this time Ash had slipped out of her cunt, but Alain was still firmly rooted from behind.

What next? Elizabeth knew exactly how she wanted to finish off the afternoon. Easing herself off Alain’s cock, she turned around and gave him a deep passionate kiss. “That was amazing, as always,” she said in a husky voice, “One more cigarette don’t you think?”

As Alain lit the cigarette, Elizabeth looked at the slave. “Time for you to make yourself cum,” she ordered, “and while you do Alain can stick his cock in your mouth and you can finish him off as well. Now isn’t that a nice treat?” reaching over to the table beside the couch she picked up the small key laying there and undid the lock holding the cage together. Ash’s cock sprang out. It looked red and angry.

For the next few minutes, Alain and Elizabeth shared a smoke a they watched their slave frantically masturbating himself to orgasm with one hand as he milked Alain’s cock into his mouth. It was so dirty! Elizabeth just loved this scene, especially the point at which Alain looked at her sharply and she knew he was ready to blast.

Now their slave was cumming as well. He was jerking his cock into his leather gloved hand, even as Alain’s knob was blasting its cream into his mouth and it was spewing out over the black leather mask. Now Elizabeth took a final drag on the cigarette and ground its glowing tip into the back of her slave – another memory of a wicked afternoon!

What a sight! Her lover was jerking his cock into her husband’s hooded face, while he continued to erupt into the palm of his gloved hand. Finally, Alain wiped his shaft across the hood, leaving more milky trails of semen and then slumped backwards onto the couch leaving the slave to raise his gloved hand to his lips and start to lick off his own cum.

She looked at Alain, her number one cock, and smiled, what a great decision it had been to take him as her lover. Then she looked at her cuckold, her very willing cuckold. What a slut! She loved him still, but now as a slave husband. That was absolutely what he had become, and he had no idea of what deeper submission lay in store for him in the future. And as for herself, as she glanced at Alain’s ring on her wedding finger, where Ash’s used to be, she couldn’t imagine life any other way now.