Erotic Mud Wrestling: The Gathering

Big Tits

“I have a surprise for you.”

That was the mysterious message that greeted me via email after a rather difficult Thursday at work.

It had come from my occasional messy wrestling opponent Andy. We hadn’t had any contact for several weeks as was usually the case, so the message itself was quite a surprise.

“Can you meet me here at 6.30pm on Saturday? You’ll love it!”

A little bit short notice but after several rather pathetic attempts to extract information from him I gave up and made arrangements to meet.

Given what our previous meetings have been like my brain was going through all kinds of fantastic scenarios. Some probably too impossible to consider but nevertheless it was an exciting prospect and I couldn’t wait to find out.

Saturday afternoon took an eternity to arrive. When it did I eagerly drove the two hour journey to Andy’s house still pondering what was in-store and whether I should have brought anything just in case.

I arrived at 5.30pm having probably broken several speed limits. Unintentionally of course.

I pulled up outside the house and looked over at the garage that had housed our previous messy wrestling activities. I smiled to myself at the memories and had hoped to see some activity in a poor attempt at finding out the surprise. There didn’t appear to be anything happening.

Andy opened his front door and exclaimed how eager I was before we greeted each other and went inside.

We exchanged pleasantries as I sat in the soft armchair with my coffee, still prying as to the surprise he had promised.

“We are going on a little trip.” he offered as compensation for not giving much away.

We changed the subject and chatted about, well, nothing really until it came time to go.

The forty-five minute car journey consisted of us talking about our past wrestling fun and ideas for future matches that were quite honestly turning me on. All the while I was trying to ascertain our destination from the passing sign posts.

It wasn’t long until we were driving down the busy promenade of a seaside town. The glittering lights of arcades and entertainment destinations were dancing happily and clearly visible in the evening summer sun.

We turned down a small side road and several back streets later we pulled up and parked.

My heart was now starting to pump faster and a nervous excitement began to develop. We both exited the car and walked for a while before turning down an alley way next to a large brick building.

The alley was in shadow and litter lined the pathway. It was quite a contrast to the shimmering sea front façade.

We stopped about halfway and Andy pulled open a heavy door that was almost hidden in the evening shadows. As we stepped in there was a smell of damp and the walls seriously needed some plaster and a paint job.

The flickering tube light hummed and clicked as it barely lit our way to a flight of stairs heading down to another door with an old metal pass-code lock system.

I half expected to see a dead body or something but was just from watching too many movies and TV crime shows.

As we closed in on the door there was the distinct rhythmic thump of some dance track coming from the other side. Andy reached out and pressed several of the faded numbers on the hard metal keypad. There was a click and Andy turned the handle and opened the door.

The first thing that hit me was the music volume and the slight smokiness that filled the air. Although not incredibly loud the music dominated the room but that was quickly joined by the noise of cheers and clapping.

Then my surprise became evident.

In the middle of the room under two bright ceiling spotlights were 6 guys wearing just speedos or shorts spaced around a mud wrestling ring.

It was clearly a home made attempt and had padded edging that was covered by a huge plastic sheet. The ropes were wrapped around poles at each corner and drooped unevenly around the one foot deep pit.

I stood staring in awe as two other guys were wrestling around in a thick brown clay that must’ve been a couple of inches deep in places.

The wrestling was more of a slower and more erotic pace but their bodies were still straining against each other and from the large bulges in their speedos they were clearly enjoying every second.

Then one of the guys got the better of the other and reached into his opponents speedos and pulled out his erect cock which he quickly started wanking.

The onlookers cheered but the exposed guy pushed away and almost embarrassingly returned his cock to the inside of his speedos and crawled sheepishly into the corner of the pit.

“What do you think?” Andy asked.

“Unbelievable!” I said almost lost for words.

I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. I stood in a dream like trance until it was interrupted by the music making way for a voice over the speakers.

“Gentlemen. Show your appreciation for Brad and Tony.” the voice bellowed.

“Although I think Brad was appreciated a little too much gerçek porno for his liking.” joked the voice.

I smiled as the other six guys laughed and the two in the pit clumsily stepped over the ropes and made their way to a door which I hoped contained a shower.

At that point I noticed that one of the guys was sitting on a bar stool and had a wireless microphone. He was obviously a body builder and was barely covered by the black speedos he was sporting.

He glanced over to Andy and myself.

I felt like I had been spotted doing something wrong as he got off his bar stool and made his way around the pit towards us.

“Guys! We have Andy with us tonight!” he announced to the whole room.

I tried not to stare as he walked up to Andy and shook his hand firmly.

“Glad you could make it.” he said genuinely.

He then turned to me while still speaking to Andy.

“Is this the guy you were telling us about?” he said offering his hand.

“It certainly is.” Andy confirmed as he slapped me on the back.

I was introduced and shook Simon’s hand.

“Telling us about?” I looked at Andy

“Oh yes!” Simon revealed.

“We’ve been very excited to hear of your exploits with Andy.”

“Wonderful.” I said a little nervously.

“Hope you enjoy the evening my friend.”

Simon walked back to the pit as the others were greeting Andy and then moved to greet me.

I shook hands with a couple but the next two I recognised.

“Hows it going mate?” one said as he took my hand.

I realised it was the two guys that had watched me and Andy that crazy but amazing afternoon in his garage and later learned their names were Pete and Doug.

“Bet you couldn’t take on this lot like you did us three.” he said loudly clearly remembering the outcome of that match.

“I’d have a damn good try!” I smiled, teasing his imagination.

After all the introductions I felt Andy’s hand on my shoulder.

“We’d better go get changed”

“Into what?” I said.

“I didn’t bring anything.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Andy said.

“I’ve got it sorted.” he said pulling two pairs of speedos from his pocket and handing me a pair of white ones.

We made our way over to the door where the other two wrestlers had disappeared.

The wood floor was spattered with mud and muddy footprints that lead to the opening.

As we entered I could hear a shower going that was situated in the corner of the room. I stopped for a moment as I was sure there were two guys in there and through the steam covered glass door could just make out one giving the other a blow job.

“Don’t worry.” Andy said

“You can get away with most things as the evening goes on.” he informed.

I got undressed and slipped on the speedos. They were certainly snug and didn’t leave room for much but I think that was the idea.

I found myself looking back at the shower and suddenly felt Andy press up against me from behind.

His right arm snaked around my waist and started to rub my cock through my speedos. For a second it took my breath away.

My cock was quickly straining against the thin material and growing rapidly as I watched the blurry action in the shower. Then I felt his hand slip into my speedos and grasp my now very hard cock and popped it out of its new home.

My eyes closed and my left hand immediately reached back to feel Andy’s manhood. It was thick and firm in my hand and I couldn’t help but dive into his speedos to release it.

We both stroked each other slowly and I became aware that the shower suddenly sounded louder.

I opened my eyes to see that the shower door had opened and the two rather wet muscular guys were now visible.

The guy having his cock sucked was oblivious to anything else going on but the guy on his knees looked at us as he continued taking in his opponents shaft. He unwrapped his mouth from the cock he was devouring and smiled at us as he teasingly closed the door.

“See.” Andy said as he returned my throbbing manhood to my speedos.

“We’re all here for some fun.” he said composing himself.

“Well let’s go and have some.” I said heading towards the door.

We entered the room just as two names were being announced over Simon’s microphone.

“Steve and Peter are up next guys.”

There was a cheer and the two chosen ones threw up there arms as if the had both won something and made there way into the mud pit.

It didn’t take much for Peter to get over the sagging ropes as Steve removed his shorts to reveal his blue speedos.

I stood next to John at the side of the pit as the new wrestlers were getting in position.

John turned and looked down at the hard-on Andy had given me.

“Looks like you’re having fun mate.” he said looking me up and down.

His left hand then moved down to my bulging speedos and rubbed my cock for a couple of seconds.

I was a little shocked but remembered what Andy had said.

Andy appeared and gave me a bottle gay porno of beer.

“Glad to see everyone getting along.” he said grinning.

“Yes. We’re getting along just fine.” I said as my right hand reached over and returned the favour on John.

John smiled and our attention returned to Steve and Peter as they were now on their knees in the mud.

My cock was throbbing like mad and I wanted to be in that mud. I didn’t care who I would be taking on. Even Simon. I would happily lose to that monster and his enormous cock.

Simon started the match. The music started again as the two opponents left their corners and met in the middle of the pit. They were quickly on the floor and rolling in the brown muck.

The other guys were into it just as quickly and loyalty was divided.

“Come on Steve!”

“Get his cock out Pete!”

The thumping music and the cheering blended into quite an atmosphere that was easy to get lost in.

There were cheers and boos as Steve was first to strike.

He lay across Peters chest pinning him down and started stuffing handfuls of mud into his speedos and rubbing it in vigorously.

Peter lay in the mud his legs flailing and his feet sliding about. His arms trying to push Steve from his dominant position. Steve took full advantage and playfully rubbed Peter’s growing cock.

Pete managed to find the strength to slide Steve off and quickly straddled his chest and held his hands down. He slid up Steve’s body and mercilessly smothered his face with his muddy bulge.

He thrust and moved his hips making sure Steve got a good face full before allowing him to get up and clear his eyes. Steve was now rock hard and threatening to fall out of his speedos prompting Pete to tease him by rubbing his crotch.

The two guys from the shower appeared fully dressed and walked over to Simon. They exchanged a few words, shook hands and headed for the door.

“Gentlemen. Give Brad and Tony a hand for being such good sports.”

Everyone turned and applauded as they left.

Attention turned back to the match and Simon restarted it.

Pete came forward and got Steve on his back. He grabbed his ankles and spread his legs and got into position and started rubbing Steve’s cock with his foot.

“Go on Pete!” I heard Andy shout.

“I forgot how much you liked that.” I said running my hand over Andy’s hard-on several times.

“You wait you bastard.” he said smiling.

Steve kept trying to remove Pete’s foot but couldn’t, or didn’t really want to.

Simon called the end of the round and both wrestlers retreated to opposite corners.

The match continued after a few minutes and another round was fought. It was playfully sexual with neither going too far.

In the third and final round Pete and Steve had stripped each other of their speedos and now fought with their muddy cocks exposed much to the delight of the rest of us.

Pete then managed to scissor Steve across his stomach facing his legs. He took no time in grabbing Steve’s cock and stroking it. Slowly and first but he soon picked up speed.

Steve writhed in the hold trying to stop Pete’s progress. He began shaking his head and slapping Pete’s ass spraying mud everywhere.

Pete must’ve been pretty close to orgasm and finally he held his arms up.

“Ok I give, I give.” he said desperately.

Pete let go and disengaged himself from Steve and flung his arms up in the air victoriously. He was the winner.

“Gentlemen, we have a winner!” Simon let loose over the microphone.

The rest of us clapped and whistled our approval and appreciation.

The two very muddy contestants made their way out of the pit and disappeared in to the clean up room.

There was a break of about twenty minutes in which we all mingled and chatted about the event, possible future events and how this particular one had come about.

Peter and Steve returned to the crowd clean and wearing just speedos. I acknowledged their entertaining match and returned to Andy who had just finished talking to Simon.

“How are you doing?” Andy asked.

“This is amazing!” I said smiling.

I felt comfortable and excited and wondering if I would get a chance in the pit. With who I really didn’t care, although I wouldn’t mind taking on Simon’s cock I thought to myself.

Then Simon started to announce another match and I wondered if I would get my chance.

Sadly neither Andy or myself were called.

The next 2 matches were pretty similar to the last but just as entertaining. They were really into it and gave each other an erotic struggle. The pit was surrounded by bulging speedos, cheering guys and the occasional fondling.

Before I knew it the second match had ended and in my trance wasn’t even sure who had won.

Once again both contestants who were pretty unrecognisable from all the mud made their way to clean up.

It was a good thirty minutes break in which everyone broke off to get drinks and chatted each other. I had lost all evli porno track of time in this surreal set up and thought the evening must be getting on and drawing to a close.

If I didn’t get to wrestle I would be fine with it as I had been treated to a great evening and an event I never thought ever took place not to mention ever witness.

The previous contestants returned cleaned up but naked and still spattered with a little mud. Each of them carried a bucket and with a splat added the thick contents to the pit to ensure there was plenty of mud.

“Gentlemen.” Simon’s voice almost made me jump.

“Please gather round.”

Everyone made their way the short distance to the pit.

“It’s been a pleasure to have you all here at this first event and hopefully there will be many more.”

Everyone clapped in agreement.

“And now it’s time to go out with a bang with tonight’s main event.”

Again there was cheering and clapping from the excited group.

“Out next two wrestlers will do battle in this events first, first to cum match.”

The guys were hyped up and cheered loudly, myself among them.

“Give a big hand or whatever else you have that’s big for Andy and Martin.”

The cheers were louder and it took a moment to sink in. Another surprise for me I thought as I raised my hands and enjoyed the attention. Soaking up the atmosphere and loving every second of making a show.

Andy was first in the pit and picked a corner as I carefully stepped over the sagging ropes and into the mud. The bottom of the pit was soft and the mud was surprisingly cool as my feet sank into it.

“On your knees please gents.” came Simon’s voice.

We obliged and both sank to our knees. The mud was slippery and felt great and for about the twentieth time that night my cock was fully erect and threatening to bust out of my speedos. It didn’t help the fact that I could see Andy in the same situation.

That was my target and I let him know by giving him the thumbs down. He pointed at my cock and then himself. He seemed very confident and we were both up for it in a big way.

“I want a good dirty fight guys and remember first to shoot their load loses the match although luckily that doesn’t include our audience.” he said with a big smile.

“GO!” he shouted.

The music kicked in and suddenly nothing else mattered.

We waded and slid quickly out of our corners and met in the middle. Our hands locked up and we struggled against each others strength to get the other down in the mud first.

There was a cheer as Andy’s knee slid in the mud taking us both off balance and down into the soft creamy muck.

We both fell on our fronts and received a coating of clay on our bodies. I got up quick and straddled Andy’s back facing his legs. Without hesitation I scooped up a handful of clay and shoved it into the back of his speedos, smearing it over his ass and making sure it was smoothed in well between his ass cheeks. My fingers gliding over his hole and teasing it momentarily letting him know I meant business.

I stuffed another handful in and pulled at his speedos forcing them into his ass crack. Clay oozed out of the sides before I was interrupted by his push up that sent me sliding down his legs and forward into the mud.

I felt Andy’s weight on my back and then felt a hand on the back of my head as it forced my face into the mud. It had taken me by surprise and my head came up quickly. Blinded I gasped for a breath before it happened again. My arms flailed in the mud probably more dramatically than needed but the crowd loved the action.

Then I felt another hand on my ass. Slapping it and smearing mud over my speedos and probing between my ass. Only the covering of the material was stopping contact with his hand. For a third and final time my face was pushed in to the mud and Andy removed his weight from my body and I was now free to clear my eyes.

We met up again and were soon down in the mud again. Rolling together and trying to gain the advantage. Our well covered bodies were now very slippery and lubricated and the sensation of body on body was pure erotic heaven.

I tried to pull away to take quick breather from the tussling but Andy caught the waist band of my sodden speedos and there was a tearing sound as the right seam gave way.

It caught me off guard and I hesitated.

My arms were pulled back and fell backwards onto Andy. Before I knew it his legs were wrapping around my waist and forcing my thighs apart. As his left leg wrapped around his heel caught what was left of my speedos and they slid to my thigh exposing my hard cock to everyone.

For a moment the cheers drowned out the music.

I loved this part. Being forcefully exposed and almost humiliated in front of people like this made me hornier than ever.

I struggled hard against his hold causing my cock to bounce and sway violently, my feet refusing to get any grip on the slippery mud.

Andy’s grip faltered on my arms and slid down his body managing to turn as I slipped through his legs. At that point I grabbed the waist of his speedos copping a face full of cock as it popped out of its muddy holder.

I quickly continued the momentum and yanked his covering away down his legs as he twisted in the mud to avoid me grabbing his cock.