Husband’s Anal Adventure Ch. 10


Well it is 1 am and she isn’t home yet, I bet she has been having a wonderful time. I have never met anybody that is as horny as my wife. She loves to cum and she knows that the way to a man’s heart is threw his cock. She learned to like the taste of cum back in high school when she use to suck the football team off on a Friday night. I met her one night at a circle jerk. She was taking the cum of 6 boys on her face, I was one of them boys; my cock was so hard I feel in love with her. While the other boys cum on her and left I stayed around and helped her clean up.

That was the first time I tasted cum, while she was looking the other way I slipped my fingers into my mouth and tasted the cum of all them boys. Me and her have been together ever since and we have had many circle jerks together. I am getting horny just thinking about it. Well I hear the car pulling into the garage. This should be a kinky experience I don’t know what to expect. She walks into the living room and tells me to get up and go into the bedroom. She strips her clothes off and I see cum running down her leg she lowers her panties and takes them off and wipes up the cum that is leaking out of her. She lay back on the bed and throws me her panties they suppose to be black but they are white with cum, you could wring cum out of them. I knew looking at them panties that she has been with more than türkçe altyazılı porno 2 or 3 men. She told me to put the panties up and I could suck them out later. She said get over here and suck my pussy and I will tell you the story of what happen tonight.

I went down on her pussy and it looked well fucked her asshole had been well fucked to. I started out licking the cum around her asshole so it wouldn’t get on the bed I keep licking and sucking on her asshole and that would make her pussy tighten up and squirt more cum out of her cunt. After a while I had all the cum around her asshole clean and was at the bottom of her cunt licking up. She told me that it felt good having her pussy ate because she fucked 11 men tonight and each one of them cum at least twice.

They had closed the back of the bar and had my wife back they’re fucking and sucking like a whore. I had licked my way up to her clit it was sticking out like a small cock. I ask my wife if I could take a break my tongue was getting tired she said ok. I reached up and kissed my wife and she took my cum stained tongue into her mouth and tasted the cum I had been eating. I looked at her face and I seen cum in her hair. I said I thought you were only going to let the men cum in your ass or pussy? She said that she didn’t want to tell me how the cum got into xnxx her hair.

I said honey I don’t really care if you suck a cock or two just tell me about it. She said she had finished fucking all the men and at the end of the fuck party she went into the ladies room to freshen up a bit before coming home. As she was getting into her car a black man grabbed her and threw her in the back of a van. She said he jerked his cock out of his pants and stuck it between her lips and told her to suck it. It looked like a big black snake it had to have been at least 13″ long, he had his cock stuck threw his zipper and I had two hands around it and still had my mouth full. I couldn’t see his balls but as long as his cock was I knew that he was going to cum a huge amount. He started cumming and I couldn’t swallow all of it. It being cum out of a black man it tasted different and I had cum in my hair and all over my face. That was the first time I ever sucked cum out of a black man. I have eaten a lot of black pussy cum but that is another story.

I just stood there looking at my pretty wife and thinking how glad I am to have her back home save. I thanked her for my crème pie she brought me home. I took her into the shower and washed here up. She got out and douched her pussy and ass to get all the cum out of her. We fell asleep and woke up the next morning about porno izle 11 o clock someone was knocking on the front door my wife got up and answered the door it was the UPS man had a delivery she was standing there in front of him in a see thru nightie and she didn’t have any panties on.

She ask him if he would come in and set the package on the dining room table. When he turned around she had disrobed and had grabbed his crotch and was licking her lips. He started rubbing on her and playing with her tits. She had undone his pants and was pulling his cock out. She dropped down on her knees and inhaled his cock all at once. He got weak in the knees and started wobbling around. She jerked off his pants and told him that she needed fucking would he like to fuck her ass or her pussy.

He said that his wife wouldn’t let him fuck her ass so he would like to fuck mine. I told him he could but that my husband was in the other room and he wanted to lick my ass and get me wet. He froze when I entered the room, I told him not to worry about me I just wanted to watch my wife take his cock up her ass. I grabbed his cock and stuck it in my mouth I licked the head of it and guided it in to my wife’s ass, when he had his cock all the way in her pussy I sat back and watched.

I couldn’t do anything because I had a cock cage on. She fucked him for about 15 minutes then he filled my wife’s ass with cum, then he got dressed and left. I crawled over to my wife’s ass and sucked the love juice out of her ass. That is my breakfast in bed. I love my wife.

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To Be Continued…