The Sleepover




I sat there staring at the ceiling in the dark, beside me I heard the soft snores of Belle from her bed and I sighed. This happened every time I slept over. As soon as she touched her bed she was dead to the world, and I would lie alone in the dark thinking to myself. I had been sleeping over Belle’s place a lot lately.

My parents had been having these huge arguments, doors slamming, yelling, screaming. I couldn’t take it. It had come to the point where all I wanted was for them to get a divorce and leave each other be. But they seemed to be trying to hold onto the scraps of their unhappy marriage. Unfortunately. I was lucky though that I had Belle.

Her parents had split when she was younger and she hadn’t seen her dad in years. I loved her mum though. She made me feel so welcome, apart of the family. She was that type of mum you saw on tv. The type with soft hands and infectious smile. Flour in her hair and cookies in the oven. I think secretly Mrs Write was trying to overcompensate for the fact that Belle and her brother Sam didn’t grow up with a father.

I sighed as I tried to move around again. I had an oversized t-shirt on and it kept bunching up each time I fidgeted. I gave up trying to be comfortable, I couldn’t seem to stop tossing and turning till finally, I huffed to myself and sat up. Maybe if I didn’t make too much noise, I could make a cocoa to help me sleep.

I slowly pulled the covers off myself, looking over at my friend’s sleeping form. I tiptoed past her bed, then almost tripped over my own mattress. I swore under my breath then continued on in my journey, the door creeping as I opened it. I squeezed past once the gap was big enough and found myself in the hall.

I knew this house as if it was my own, so I headed right and found myself in the kitchen. I moved forward in the darkness, waiting for my eyes to adjust… when I bumped into a large figure. I screamed. Well went to scream. A hand snaked around and grabbed my mouth, pulling me against their hard body.

My cries were muffled and I struggled, I tried pulling my elbow forward to pull it back hard against my assaulter’s abdomen until I head his voice.

“Shhh! Jesus Addie, you’ll wake up the whole house.”

Sam whispered in my ear, his breath hot on my cheek. I sighed out in relief and closed my eyes trying to slow my erratic heartbeat.

My hands on my chest.

“You scared the shit out of me Sam.”

I whispered back, shoving his shoulder. He chuckled under his breath. It was dark but I could see him. He was shirtless and sporting a pair of polka-dot boxes. I snapped my eyes to his before I was caught looking at his almost naked form.

“What are you doing out of bed?”

He asked, then he looked down, a cheeky grin on his face.

“Are you wearing pants?”

I looked down at my naked legs under the large t-shirt and gasped, immediately pulling down the shirt as far as it would go.

He laughed at my struggles and patted me affectionately on the head. I rolled my eyes at the action.

“I couldn’t sleep so I was going to make a cocoa, did you want one?”

I asked him. He thought about it then nodded his head, pulling out a chair from the dining table and sitting down, watching me make the drinks.

“Oh, half mil-” he started.

“Half milk, half water, two and a half spoons of sugar and a big heap of cocoa.”

I finished for him, grinning at his stunned expression. I finished our drinks and popped them down on the table. Dining in the dark. How romantic. Sam was a couple of years older than me, but ever since I became friends Avrupalı porno with Belle at 15 I had formed a crush on Sam. And as I got older that crush turned into an attraction. Not that I’d ever tell him. He treated me like his little sister, always patting me on the head like a toddler, calling me nicknames. It was sweet, but I knew it would never turn into anything else. He was my friends older brother after all. He had these gorgeous green eyes followed by sandy blond hair, bleached from the sun.

He seemed to always have that mischievous grin on his face and each time I saw it it made my heart flutter. I sighed at the gooey mess I had become, shaking myself from my thoughts. We whispered in the dark as we drank and several times I had to cover my mouth in order to stop from bursting out laughing.

I felt sick by the time I finished half my drink, I had made it way to sickly so I sloshed it around as he finished his own cocoa. I smiled and grabbed his cup, standing up to tiptoe them to the sink. But on the way, no matter how well my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I didn’t see how close I was to the corner of the bench and I tripped over it. Stumbling I caught myself in enough time to not fall on my ass, but I couldn’t save the cups from falling out of my hands. I froze, waiting for the shatter, but instead, I watched the mugs bounce.

“You idiot.”

I sighed to myself, looking at the dark puddle on the floor. I heard Sam breath in quickly as I had stumbled, but now he was rushing over to me.

“Are you ok?”

He whispered, a worried expression on his face. I laughed at his concern and pointed to the mess on the floor.

“I’m fine, but I can’t say the same about the floor.”

He looked at me and chuckled.

“You are a goof, princess.”

He cupped my cheek in his warm hands. Yes, a goof.

I sighed, finding a cloth in the sink and getting on all fours. I started to scrub the tiles when I heard an uncomfortable cough. I turned my head to see Sam behind me, a strange expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked concerned, blowing the stray hair from my eyes. He smiled uneasily.

“Your still not wearing pants.”

He cleared his throat. I assessed the situation. I was on my hands and knees, ass in the air, and my t-shirt had flown up so it was exposing my whole backside. I laughed and rolled my eyes, wiggling my waist.

“Why is it turning you on?”

I teased. As if. He swallowed, not answering. Instead, coughing again and averting his gaze to look at the ceiling. I frowned. I was confused, I knew he didn’t see me like that, and yet that made him uncomfortable? Unless he didn’t like the idea of me teasing him like that. I finished cleaning the chocolate mess and stood up. Rinsing the cloth. I went to walk over to where the mugs had landed when I slipped on the wet patch I had just cleaned, I lost my footing and in a matter of seconds I was on the floor groaning. Sam swore and leaped to me, leaning down over me.

“Shit Addison, what is with you and accidents?”

He leaned down on his knees beside my fallen form and did a quick inspection. I laughed at the absurdity of it all and he shushed me, continuing on with his inspection. He went to check my other side, moving one of his knees so that he was straddling my waist. His face was inches from mine as he moved my head, looking for whatever he was looking for. I breathed in his scent and watched as he looked me over.

“Does your head hurt?”

He asked, concerned. I shook my head slowly, biting my lip. His gaze flicked to that one moment and his eyes changed from concern… To Video porno something unknown. His smell was intoxicating and I watched his lips just inches from mine. I don’t know what in that moment I was thinking but there was this sudden surge of electricity and all that I was aware of was him. My head moved forward quick and my lips touched his. I felt him freeze and I pulled back as soon as I realised what I was doing. My cheeks blazed red as I looked at his stunned eyes.

“Oh my god. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry Sam I-“

I started to babble, trying at that moment to overwrite what I had done, but he cut me off mid-sentence. His lips crushing to mine. I gasped under the pressure of his need. I was suddenly aware of his body against mine. His pelvis pushed against mine. All too quickly he pulled away and I gasped, puffing at the new oxygen entering my lungs. He looked down at me, shock and desire and guilt and need, all in that one glance.

“It’s ok.”

I held his face in both my hands, stroking his cheeks with my thumbs.

“This is ok.”

The corner of his lips twitched into a small smile as he looked down at me. His lips met mine again and we shared a passionate kiss, all the while he sat upon his knees, his arms pulling me up to his waist. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he slowly stood up. The heat of our two bodies together drove me wild as he carried me around the house. I pulled away for air and looked around, realising that we were in his room. He looked at me, a single question on his lips. I grinned, my heart running a million miles per second.


I whispered breathlessly. He grinned an intoxicating smile before he kissed me again. He pushed me against the wall and I squirmed under his heat, feeling the firmness of his body. His lips moved down to my neck, sucking the untouched skin. I gasped in pleasure, my hands in his hair. I grabbed his taught back as his mouth moved lower to my cleavage. I moaned under each blissful touch. I was shocked by the way my body was behaving. Already my hips seemed to move against him, grinding his pelvis. He groaned at my movements, trying to hold me still. Each thrust of my hips drove him wild and he tried to control himself. I couldn’t help but grin at the animal I turned him into just by the touch of my body. He moved his hips hard against mine and I moaned in response. He looked me in the eyes, his warm breath reaching my cheek as his puffed hard.

“Do you want to do this Addison? Really want this?”

I smiled shyly at the serious tone in his voice. I nodded at his question. I was ready. I was really ready. Yet that didn’t stop my heart from jumping, the butterflies in my stomach from flocking. He blinked his eyes and his face held an expression of adoration that squeezed my heart.


He whispered, grinning. His hand raked down my body, touching every part of me. Every cell. I shivered from his hands on me. The feel of him against me. His hands finally ended at my hips, slowly reaching the bottom of my shirt. He pulled it up and over my head. I raised my arms so that he could slip it off me. My body shook as the nerves and excitement took over. My legs still wrapped around his waist was almost reassuring, like he was keeping me from falling apart in this moment. His hands traced down my naked breasts, leaning close he kissed each goosebump covered mound. His teeth grazed my taut nipples and I gasped at the tingling sensation.

When he was finished with my breasts his fingers slid down to my panties, his hands reaching to the back and cupping my ass underneath the fabric. I sighed in pleasure. He continued to kiss down my neck. With his fingers we pulled down the panties off my ass, pulling them as far as they would go with my legs wrapped around him possessively. Leaving me exposed enough for him to gain entry. He used the wall to hold me in place as he fiddled with his boxers, pushing them down to release his erection. It sprung free, long and hard and suddenly I realised this was all happening. I tried to breathe to slow my pulse. He positioned his member and slowly started to push himself into my softness. I gasped at the feeling of him entering my body, I closed my eyes hard as I tried to breathe through the small spikes if pain. I let out a hushed cry.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?”

He hushed, his fingers running gently through my hair. I groaned and squeezed my eyes harder, conscious of the thought that my best friend and his mum were just inside this house. He stopped pushing and we puffed together in silence before he pulled out slowly.

“It’s ok, we’ll take it slow and soon the pain will go away ok?”

I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder. I tried to move my hips along will his movements. Grinding my teeth as he continued to push in and out slowly. After a few beats he got a little faster, his speed slowly increasing. I bit his shoulder and he groaned but pushed on. I moved my hips faster to meet his, puffing hard in silence. It was a sensational torture. It wasn’t entirely painful anymore, but it was strange. This feeling of complete fullness. And then I started to feel it. This heat. I started to gasp and Sam stopped, looking at me with concern.

“Are you ok? Did you want me to go slower?”

He gasped through his labored breaths. I shook my head, slapping his shoulder.

“Don’t stop! Just keep going.”

I puffed through the fog I was in. He chuckled and pumped into me, faster. I matched his speed, pushing my hips forward. He took my energetic movements as encouragement and started to pound into me faster, deeper. I moaned, trying to muffle the sound with my hand. He was stretching my tight opening to the max. It was excruciatingly good.

“Oh god.”

I moaned. He ground into me over and over, the heat building, the tension inside me like a stretched rubber band ready to snap. He grunted as he pushed me further to the brink, our bodies colliding in fullness, a connection of our souls by the touch of our bodies. Prickles like pins and needles spanned out across my body and I covered my mouth again as I moaned at the sensory overload.

“I think I’m close, I think I’m- agh”

I whispered through each moan. Close to what I didn’t know, but I knew I would find out soon. It spurred him on, he pumped into me, riding me through this explosion of heat. This fire that raced through my body and burst, burning me from the inside out. I cried out, pushing my mouth to his shoulder so that my screams were covered. He pounded into me, grinding against me as I screamed into his shoulder. I shuddered in his arms through the waves of ecstasy. He suddenly pulled out, spilling his seed into my discarded oversized t-shirt. Oops. He pulled me down with him to the floor, both entangled on the floor, sweaty bodies puffing in union.

“That was amazing.”

I whispered, my head collapsing on his chest. I laid there breathing heavily on his body, my fingers playing with his hair. His arm came around and his fingers traced my spine.

“It was.”

He mused, watching the goosebumps appear as his fingers glided over my skin.

I started to giggle, burying my face in his chest to keep quite. He started to laugh along with me.

“What are you laughing at Addie?”

I turned my head to look into the pools of green staring back at me. I giggled again, tracing his jawline, smiling at the grin threatening to tug at his lips.

“I was just thinking, this was one hell of a sleepover.”