Masters Coming Home Pissed


Teri hurried to get the dishes done. Master didn’t require them to be done until bed time, but he’d called earlier in the day and told her he was having a bad day. That usually meant that she was going to be punished when he got home. She smiled to herself as she rinsed the last glass. Sometimes it really was punishment, but when he called in advance, it was never really punishment for her. As weird as it sounded, she didn’t think of it as punishment at all.

She leaned her ass against the kitchen sink as she wiped her hands. If someone had told her ten. . . hell, five years ago, that she would enjoy being paddled, whipped and flogged, she would have told them that they were out of their mind. Who would enjoy being hurt? She smiled to herself as she turned and laid the folded dish towel on the lip of the sink.

She never, in her wildest dreams, thought she would enjoy being punished. When she first moved out of her daddy’s house she thought that would end ever having to be over someone’s knee for ever. Not that it really entered her mind that way. . . she was just happy to be moving in with her new husband. And like all girls, her dreams were that they would live happily ever after. Of course that didn’t work out, just like her daddy told her it wouldn’t. She shrugged to herself as she looked over the pile of clean dishes before turning around and starting to the bedroom.

It was later on, after her second failed marriage, that she started wondering what was wrong with her. She enjoyed sex just fine, it was just that she didn’t have those explosive orgasms that she always read that other woman had. She always thought that they were just exaggerating, at least until that first time she stumbled across one of those adult bookstores.

She was embarrassed as hell going into it the first time. It took her two months of driving past it almost everyday before she finally made up her mind to just go in. She was just being foolish she told herself. There was no reason to be embarrassed, she told herself. It was an ADULT book store for heavens sake! She was an adult! There was no reason to be embarrassed about going into an ADULT bookstore.

Even though she had to talk herself into going in, she still parked outside and waited to make sure it was empty before getting out of her car. To this day, she admitted to herself, she would probably have been embarrassed if there hadn’t been a woman behind the counter that was about her age and who. . . sort of, took her under her wing.

Carol, Teri learned her name on future visits, personally showed her all of the “toys” that most women enjoyed, from the smallest little purse sized vibrators to massive cock shaped dildo’s that made her wonder who would enjoy something that big in them. She finally settled on one of those torpedo vibrators that she’d seen a number of times. But what was fascinating at the time was that she couldn’t help herself from looking at some of the leather equipment they had displayed. It gave her a sort of funny feeling in her stomach that she at first thought was fear or revulsion.

It wasn’t until she met Master and he turned her over his knee that first time that she realized that that feeling wasn’t fear, but excitement. As much as it hurt being turned over Masters knee and spanked, she found that she had never been so excited in her life. She would have done anything for him right then and there, but instead, he just pushed her off his lap and left in a huff. . . but not before she noticed the huge bulge in his pants. That excited her even more. . . that he got excited punishing her.

It took two days for Master to call her again, two days of her climbing the walls. For two days she felt as if she was teetering on the edge of an orgasm, and for some reason, she fought from using her trusty vibrator. She didn’t know why.

“I’m coming over for dinner tonight. . . we have to talk.” was all he said before hanging up the phone.

Dinner went well, although Master didn’t say anything about taking her over his knee. Teri felt as if she was on pins and needles the whole time, being unusually more attentive then she usually was.

“That was very good, little one,” he said as she rushed to clean up the table while he sat back with his hand on his stomach, a satisfied smile on his face. And, thinking back on it, she couldn’t remembering ever being more happy then when he used those two little words, ‘little one’. She supposed she should have been a little upset being called that, but the funny thing was that it gave her a sort of warm feeling in her stomach. Her response was even more unexpected, it actually came from her heart.

“Thank you, Sir. Can I get you anything else?” She asked. It wasn’t until she got back in the kitchen that she realized that she just called him Sir, and stood at the kitchen sink, staring out the back window, mortified. She decided that she would just laugh it off as if it were just a joke if he said anything about it. Teri didn’t even know how long she’d been in the kitchen staring out Sahabet the back window before she finally ventured back out into the dining room and found Master sitting in the living room. She remembered smiling seeing how comfortable he looked. A sort of calm went through her.

“Come here little one.” he said holding out his hand when he finally saw her standing there. For some reason she felt as if her heart was going to explode as she hurried across the room and took his hand. This was only their fourth “date” and she knew deep in her soul that she shouldn’t be feeling like she was.

“Sit down,” he said, patting his lap. She did, fighting the urge to wrap her arms around him. “First off, I liked you calling me Sir, it showed a lot of respect.” he said as he put his hand around her waist. Teri felt herself starting to blush, yet at the same time feeling herself go a little breathless. “Do you usually make it a habit to call men “Sir”?

“No. . . ” She was about to call him by his name but thought better of it, “Sir.” If he liked it when she called him Sir, then that’s what she’d call him. Actually, she kind of liked it. “It just felt. . . I guess sort of, I don’t know. . .”

“It’s alright, little one, I understand.” He said, pulling her down against him and holding her tight. For the first time that she could remember, she actually felt protected wrapped in some mans strong arms. She felt as if she could stay there for ever. They sat there rocking slightly back and forth for a few minutes. “About the other night. . . ” he finally said.

“Yes, Sir.” Teri hated pulling her head off of his shoulder, but she wanted to see his face when he talked about spanking her. She wasn’t sure that he was going to talk about it, but if he did, she wanted to see his eyes. She felt herself getting excited for no reason at all.

“Well, I’m sorry if I hurt you little one. . . “

“No, Sir. You didn’t hurt me, I deserved it.” She blurted. Suddenly she felt her face get hot. She didn’t mean for it to come out like that. She was trying to be cool about it. Now he probably thought she was a pervert or something. It was all she could do to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes. But then she thought she saw something in his eyes, something in the way he looked at her.

“Your right little one, you did deserve it, but I still didn’t want to hurt you. . . at least not yet.” He added with a grin. Teri couldn’t help but smile back.

For the rest of the night she sat perched on his lap as they talked about their certain needs. In fact, until Master told her how much he enjoyed discipline. . . and bondage, Teri didn’t even know that she did, too. All she knew was that their talk that night made her hornier then hell. She was soaked at the thought he’d take her over his knee right then and there.

But it didn’t happen.

It didn’t happen until a week later. When she inadvertently left her vibrator lying on the bed and Master just happened to pass her bedroom while going to the bathroom. He came back from the bathroom holding the vibrator in his big hands, and with a smile on his face. For the first time she realized how small it looked.

“What’s this little one?” He asked. She felt her face get hot in embarrassment.

“Ah. . . a toy?” She answered, not believing she called it a toy. Her mind scrambled to try and figure out a way to make it sound like she was just kidding, but absolutely nothing came to her, a first, as far as she could remember. She’d always been able to think fast.

“Do you think it’s acceptable to leave something like this lying around for just anyone to find?” He asked.

She didn’t know how to answer him and thought the best thing to do was just laugh it off. Which she did for about two seconds until she noticed the small frown form on his face. If she hadn’t been watching his expressions for the last week, she probably wouldn’t have even noticed it. But as it was, the look caused her little laugh to catch in her throat.

“Ah, no Sir. It’s just that I was. . . ” She was about to tell him she was horny this morning but something told her she shouldn’t admit that. . . at least not yet. The look he was giving her was getting down right dark. “I was, ah, cleaning this morning and I just forgot to put it away.”

He nodded his head ever so slightly, his eyes never leaving hers, and walked over and grabbed a straight backed chair from the dining room. Bringing it back into the living room, he set it down in the middle of the floor and sat down.

“I don’t think your telling me the truth, little one.” He said, his voice got real low, almost too low for her to hear him. “I want you to take your jeans off and come over here and lay across my lap.” He sat back and waited.

Teri knew what was going to happen and felt her pussy suddenly get moist. She didn’t think twice about pulling her jeans off and hurrying to lay across his lap. He stopped her just as she was bending.

“Your panties, too.” He said. She felt a flush of Sahabet Giriş embarrassment go through her as she slowly slipped her fingers into the waist band. Her pussy was almost quivering in excitement and she didn’t want him to feel how wet she was. She couldn’t believe how wet she was. She slowly pulled her panties down her legs, not in modesty, but trying to get control of her excitement. It didn’t work. It seemed to heighten it.

She took a ragged breath before laying across his lap. The blood pounded in her temples as her head almost touched the floor.

“I don’t really believe you were cleaning and just happened to leave this out.” Master said, lightly running his hand over her ass. “I think you were using it to pleasure yourself.”

Teri was just about to defend her lie when the first smack came down. She jerked at the sting. The first time Master spanked her was with her pants on and this was totally different. He ran his hand over her skin where he spanked her, soothing it just a bit. Then spanked her other cheek. Then the first again, before running his hand over both of them.

“I don’t think we discussed this before,” he said delivering three more spanks in rapid succession, causing tears to spring to her eyes. And causing her pussy to pulse open. Her nipples ached under her bra and she fought the urge to grab them. “But as long as your my woman, your orgasms are mine to give and withhold.” Four more spanks followed, alternately on each cheek. His hand soothed her burning skin as the tears flowed down her face. “Is that clear?” He asked, spanking both of her cheeks again.

Teri nodded her head, too embarrassed to answer. Then Master did what she never expected, he ran his hand between the cheeks of her ass to the swampy spot between her legs. Even through her tears she was mortified!

“Ah, I see your enjoying this.” He said, reaching lower and rubbing her little button with the flat of his finger. Sparks shot into her brain. “I suppose we’re going to have to be a little rougher, then.” He continued moving her clit in small circles and she fought to keep from cumming. She didn’t want him to know how much she was enjoying this.

Suddenly her breath was punched out of her lungs as she felt her vibrator pushed into her pussy. Even as wet as she was, the intrusion felt like it was splitting her open. The pain was delicious and she felt herself being pushed over the edge. But Master wouldn’t allow it just yet. He spanked her six more times, not moving her vibrator at all, but instead of hurting, it just kept her almost balanced on the edge. She could feel her pussy pushing the vibrator out as it clenched and unclenched. Master pushed it back in, again pushing the air from her lungs.

Her whole body tensed as it got ready to tumble off the edge.

“Not tonight, little one.” He said abruptly standing up and tumbling her to the floor. The vibrator slipped out of her and she sat there in shock looking up at him, her legs spread with her hands on the floor. He walked over to where his jacket was and slowly put it on while staring at her. She saw the glean in his eye and the smile that was threatening to break out across his face. He walked across to the door and grabbed the knob.

“Your orgasms are mine to give and withhold.” He said, glancing at the vibrator lying between her legs. “Your not to cum tonight. And we’ll have to see about tomorrow when I come back with some proper restraints for you. You might be allowed to cum tomorrow.” He pulled open the door. “Now, why don’t you clean yourself up and go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

And then he was gone.

For some reason, even to this day, Teri didn’t know why she didn’t just give herself a nice warm orgasm. Instead she got up off the floor, grabbed the vibrator, and went and took a cold shower. She hated cold showers.

Shaking her head, Teri glanced at the clock, she’d been daydreaming for half an hour. Rousing herself, she hurried to the shower. The memory of that next day with Master left her tingling. She turned the water on and waited for it to warm.

She’d never been tied up before, and didn’t know if she would like it or not. She was a mover in bed, and the thought of being restrained didn’t seem right to her. The thought of it warmed her a bit, but actually being tied. . . well, that was a different animal altogether. She watched the water poring out of the faucet starting to steam and started removing her clothes. She didn’t have anything to put back on after the shower, but nothing would be needed. Testing the water, she turned the shower on and stepped in. She turned her face up to the stream.

And being restrained was nothing like she’d ever experienced before, neither was Masters idea of punishment. She found she rather liked the idea of not being able to move, at least somewhat. The pleasure. . . and pain that Master delivered that day was something she would NEVER forget. She was bruised from her head to her feet for three days after that, although Sahabet Güncel Giriş she didn’t really remember it, she sort of just remembered the discomfort.

But she did remember the orgasms. Oh, God, did she remember the orgasms! She hadn’t known that a human body could cum that hard. Or that often. Somehow, Master inflicted pain that was so interconnected with her pleasure, that she didn’t even know which was which. She would flinch when she started cumming, and moan in pleasure while he paddled her. She came so many times, and so hard, that her ovaries were sore the next day.

She remembered how when she was too exhausted to even move, and didn’t have the energy to do anything more then to roll over and go to sleep, which she couldn’t do anyway because Master kept her tied spread eagle. He coaxed two or three more orgasms from her sore and overly sensitive pussy. And all she could do was lie there, and let the pleasure wash over her. She was completely sated for the next two weeks, something she’d never felt before.

Again she had to stop her daydreaming. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was getting wet just from her thoughts. She had to clean herself and make herself presentable for her Master.

She finished her shower and quickly dried off. Drying her hair, she looked at herself in the mirror and wondered how she was going to do her makeup. She smiled at herself. She would make herself look slutty today, she and Master hadn’t had sex in over a month and she wanted him to remember tonight.

Putting her makeup on, she felt herself starting to get excited. Master said he was going to punish her. . . what was he planning? Was he going to whip her? Paddle her? She hoped he didn’t paddle her too bad, she hated not being able to sit comfortably for a couple of days. It didn’t matter, he was her Master, he could do what he wanted.

She heard his car pull up just as she finished putting on her makeup. She checked it once, turning her head from side to side, then rushed to the front door. She’d just gotten into position, on her knees, her legs spread exactly 30 inches, her fingers interlocked behind her head and her eyes on the floor, when he walked in.

She couldn’t see his eyes, but she could feel him looking her up and down. Thrills went through her and her breathing started getting faster. And then he walked past her into the living room without saying a word to her. She panicked for a second, wondering what she’d done wrong. Everything she did that afternoon flashed through her head. She did the dishes, cleaned the whole house from top to bottom, showered and shaved herself, perfumed herself, left an ice cold beer in a wine cooler by his chair. . . she’d done everything.

She wanted to jump up and ask him if everything was alright, but knew she wasn’t supposed to change her position until he said so. Teri listened carefully, then cringed when she heard his boots hit the floor with a thump. She should be taking his boots off! She wanted to turn and see what was wrong so bad, that not being able to, made tears well up in her eyes. She should be there for him!

“Little one, come here.” He finally said.

Jumping up from her position, she almost ran to the living room. Master was standing by his chair completely naked with the empty bottle of beer in his hand. His cock was almost fully hard and she felt an innate need to go over and suck him.

“Get me another beer.” He ordered.

“Yes, Sir.” She whispered, hurrying past him to the kitchen. He undressed himself, she thought, what was he thinking? She grabbed a beer and twisted the top off, flipping the top in the garbage, and hurried back to the living room. She handed it to him without saying a word and watched out of the corner of her eyes as he tilted it up and downed half of it.

“Ahhh, that was good!” He said, the sound of enjoyment in his voice. Teri smiled. Then he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her to him and kissed her. She couldn’t help throwing her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. She could feel his erection pressing against her stomach.

When they finally broke the kiss, Master tilted the beer up and finished it, his eyes looking into Teri’s and a half smile on his face. “Another one.” He said, handing her the empty.

She hurried to the kitchen wondering what was up with him, he didn’t usually drink this fast. She opened it and brought it back to the living room. Master had his hand wrapped around his erection and was stroking himself, a big smile on his face. Teri smiled back trying her best not to stare at his hand as she handed him his beer.

“Thank you little one. You look beautiful today.” He said, taking a small sip of his beer and running his fingertips along her jaw line.

“Thank you, Master.”

He smile got a little bigger. “Are you a little thirsty, little one?”


He pointed toward the bathroom with the beer bottle. “Wait for me in the shower.”

Teri smiled and nodded. Come to think of it, she was a little thirsty. What a nasty little way to start the evening, she thought. Master always tied her to the bed and whipped her for being such a little whore after she drank his piss. . . it was promising to be a good evening. She hurried to the bathtub, her pussy already a little wet with desire.