The Reluctant Virgin Ch. 03


Pete’s subsequent visits to Audrey were in a similar vein although she did dress differently each time.

Last time she wore a shiny black latex miniskirt with latex stockings. They still started with Pete licking her to orgasm then being tied down and buggered until he shot his cream over the rubber seat. Then when he was recovered enough he would mount the older woman and be forced to fuck her through at least two or three more orgasms.

He had another visit that afternoon and as he walked to her house he wondered what would be in store for him.

He rang the bell and he heard the familiar click clack of high heels on her wooden hallway floor.

She opened the door and he entered.

His cock grew instantly as he saw she was wearing a black leather pencil skirt that came past her knees with nylons and shiny black four inch heels. She also wore a shiny cream silk blouse where he could see her hard nipples pushing again the material.

‘Give Auntie Audrey a kiss then,’ she demanded as she closed in on him.

As they passionately kissed she took his hands and placed them on her leather clad arse.

‘Sexy isn’t it? Feel my leather skirt Peter. ‘

Pete’s hands roamed over her tight leather skirt as she french kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

He could feel his cock grow even harder.

‘Mmmmm, seems like someone is ready to play,’ said Audrey as she ground her crotch into his.

‘Come along!’

She led him upstairs to her play room where she quickly undressed him and helped him up on the bed.

She then unzipped and eased her skirt off to reveal her black silk hold up stockings and her shiny wet pussy.

Audrey climbed up on the bed beside Pete and kissed him again why slowly stroking his fully hard cock.

‘The skirt is sexy but not too good for what I want you to do to me!’

She then laid flat on her back and opened her legs wide.

‘Come on Peter, eat me!’

Pete set off as he usually did by licking her pussy lips up and down before sliding his tongue into her. Audrey was moaning and grinding her pussy onto his face as he continued to lick and fuck her with his tongue.

When he started to suck on her clit she grabbed his head pulling his face tighter to her pussy lips then when he gently bit it she groaned and soaked his face with her juices.

She snuggled up to him, stroking his body and recovering from her orgasm.

‘I must say Peter, you are getting very good at that. You’ll make every woman happy with those skills.’

Audrey climbed off the bed and ordered Pete to lie in the middle. She then proceeded to tie his wrists and ankles to the four corners with silk scarves.

Pete looked on bewildered but he trusted her.

She then slid a bolster pillow under his hips to raise his bottom off the bed.

‘I want to look at your face when I fuck you with my strap-on today Peter. I want to see your expression as you cum.’

Audrey disappeared into her en-suite bathroom and returned wearing a shiny black eight inch cock attached to her harness and a bottle of lube.

She reached into a drawer and pulled out a long shiny black latex glove that she pulled onto her right hand and opened the bottle of lube.

Pouring lube over her middle finger she rubbed it over Pete’s puckered little hole. She added more lube then slid her finger deep into his bowels causing him to groan.

Audrey looked at Pete as she dipped lube onto the cock and liberally coated it.

Pete was very hard as she climbed onto the bed and knelt between his open thighs. She rubbed the head of the cock over his hole before gently pressing it home.

Pete moaned as the shiny black cock slid into his arse.

Audrey stroked his hard cock with her latex clad fist as she thrust in and out of him.

Pete had his eyes closed as the pleasure swept over him however when he heard the door click open he looked to see who was entering the room.

‘Oh fuck!’ he thought to himself.

‘Hello Pete, or should I call you Peter now. You seem like you’re enjoying yourself.’ the woman said staring at his throbbing cock.

Pete wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole.

There standing watching Audrey fuck his arse was Celia Harrison. Miss Harrison. Not only his former school teacher but one of his mother’s best friends.

He put his head back, closed his eyes and groaned.

‘Oh Peter!’ she said in a sing song voice.

When Pete looked at her Audrey turned away her head away as Celia snapped a picture on her phone.

‘You’ll be coming to see me on Friday so this is insurance in case you decide not to.’

Celia walked towards him.

She was wearing tight denim jeans, a white t-shirt and a little blue jacket that matched the colour of her heels. Her bobbed blonde hair offset the bright red lipstick she was wearing.

Pete had fancied Miss Harrison since he was fifteen years old, frantically masturbating at the thought of her. Now he would be going to her house on Friday to do whatever she demanded.

She stood by the bed and watched her friend adana escort Audrey bugger him.

Pete looked into her eyes as she reached down and took his left nipple between her finger and thumb.

‘You really are a naughty little boy aren’t you Peter.’ she said with a sinister smile as she squeezed his nipple hard.

The pain shot from his nipple to his balls as his cock erupted.

Five long ropes of cum splattered his body before Celia dipped her finger in it and brought it to her lips.

‘Mmmm, I’ll have some of that when I see you on Friday. I’ll message you and tell you what time I want you!’

She said her goodbyes to Audrey and left.

Audrey pulled out of him and walked into the bathroom.

‘Fuck!’ thought Pete. ‘How am I going to get of of this mess.’

When Audrey returned she must have seen the consternation on his face.

‘Don’t worry Peter. Celia is most discreet.’

She didn’t untie him but laid next to him stroking his body and rapidly rising cock.

‘This will probably be the last time we see each other so let’s make it memorable.’

As she said that she took his cock in her mouth and used all her oral skills to make it hard again.

Soon she was astride him and riding him through a couple of orgasms.

She climbed of the prone boy and undid his shackles before returning to the bathroom.

On her return she asked Pete a question that made him gasp.

‘Have you ever fucked a woman in the arse Peter?’

Pete just stared at her and shook his head.

‘Well I hope this will be memorable then,’ she said as she lubed up his still hard cock.

She knelt on the bed on all fours and got Pete to kneel behind her.

‘I’m sure you know what to do Peter even if you haven’t actually done it. Don’t worry I lubed myself earlier, Now push your lovely cock slowly into me.’

Pete did as he was ordered and soon he was in the older woman’s arse to the hilt.

‘Now Peter fuck me slowly until I tell you to go faster.’

Pete fucked her at a good rhythm until Audrey told him to fuck her harder.

Pete couldn’t believe how tight her arse was and he was sure he was going to spurt anytime soon.

Audrey had one hand between her legs strumming her clit as he pounded her.

‘I’m nearly there Peter. Get ready to cum in me. Oh fuck. Here it comes. I’m coming. Aaaggghh!

It was just what Pete needed to hear as his cock exploded into the older woman’s bowels.

Audrey collapsed onto the bed and dragged Pete down with her.

As she cuddled him tight she said that was indeed a memorable finale.

As he was about to leave Audrey handed him an envelope. Pete looked inside and saw ten crisp ten pound notes. He protested but Audrey told him it was to spend to enjoy himself before he went to university.

‘I know I have,’ she said with a smile.

Pete’s message from Celia came a few days later to say she wanted him to go to her at eleven o’clock on Friday morning. Pete was half dreading it and half really looking forward to it.

On Friday morning his mother, Julia, was in the kitchen when Pete came downstairs ready to leave.

‘Good morning darling. Have you got much planned for today?’

Pete thought he must have sounded like a moron as he stumbled out some lies while at the same time turning beet red with embarrassment.

He saw the look in his mother’s eyes that said she didn’t believe him.

Pete just stared at his mother for a few seconds and ran out of the door.

Julia wondered just what he was about to get up to.

Julia Smith was a stunning looking woman. She was tall, slim but with nice sized breasts. Long dark hair past her shoulders and sparkling blue eyes. Her pouty red lips were coveted by nearly all the males in the area. Even Paul, Pete’s best mate, had started flirting with her. She actually enjoyed the banter even though she knew it wouldn’t go any further. She thought about how Pete’s dad worked away a lot and laughed to think the only male attention she got was from a randy eighteen year old stud.

Pete arrived at Miss Harrison’s house dead on eleven o’clock and rang the bell.

The door opened twenty seconds later and Celia ushered him inside.

‘Well well, if it isn’t my favourite ex pupil,’ she said with a smile.

Pete looked at her dressed in a long white silk robe that clung to her naked body. The only thing else she wore were her white high heel shoes.

She took a step towards Pete who gulped as she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug.

Pete could feel her large breasts pushing into his chest over his t-shirt. He hugged her back feeling the shiny silk over her luscious body and he was getting hard.

‘Follow me darling!’ she said as she turned and headed for the stairs.

Pete’s eyes never left her incredible swaying arse as she climbed the stairs up to her bedroom.

‘Let’s get you undressed shall we?’ she stated as she began yo unbutton his shorts before sweeping his I-shirt over his head.

Once he was naked she stood eskişehir escort back and took in his rapidly growing cock.

‘I think someone is ready to play. Why don’t we go into the bathroom and get started?’

Pete was now very nervous. He had thought Audrey was winding him up. Surely his former teacher wasn’t going to do that to him.

‘Why don’t you lie on the towel. Face up. That’s it. Are you comfortable darling?’

Pete gazed up as she straddled his body at his thighs then slipped the knot on her robe and let it slide to the floor. She caught it and threw it towards the door.

This was a fantasy come true for Pete. Here was his mother’s best friend, naked except for a pair of shiny white high heels.

She moved up his body a little.

‘I’ve been saving this up for you all morning.’

She opened up her pussy lips and the first trickle of piss dripped onto his stomach. Then more discharge flowed over his chest. A torrent was headed for his face so he screwed up his eyes and kept his mouth tightly closed.

‘Open your mouth Pete. I want you to taste me!’

Pete kept his eyes tightly closed and opened his mouth slightly.

Celia crouched down over his face and aimed her piss directly into his mouth.

Pete spluttered as his mouth filled up.

‘Drink it darling!’

It was the only thing Pete could do then realised she had stopped.

He tentatively opened his eyes to see Miss Harrison’s bald pussy lips inches from his face.

Dropping down onto his mouth she ordered him to lick her clean and to keep on licking until she came.

Pete could taste her tangy pussy that gave way in a minute or so to her sweet juices and when she came she squirted copious amounts of her nectar all over his face.

Celia stood up.

‘Why don’t you take a shower here and I’ll use the guest bathroom. There are towels on the rail and when you’re dried lie on the bed and wait for me. I won’t be long!’

She then picked up her robe and left the bathroom.

After Pete had showered and dried he went back into Miss Harrison’s bedroom and climbed onto the bed. He couldn’t help but think of what she had done to him and he realised that his cock was hard and throbbing. He wanted to cum there and then but he knew he couldn’t.

Twenty minutes later Celia walked back into the bedroom. If Pete’s cock was hard before it grew even harder when he saw what she was wearing.

She was dressed in a tight dark blue satin corset that was edged in bright red which held up dark grey stockings and on her feet were bright red high heel shoes. Her mouth was painted a vivid red as were here nails.

As she walked towards the bed her naked breasts swayed provocatively.

Celia stood next to the bed and looked down at Pete who was certainly looking up at Miss Harrison.

‘Do you like what you see darling?’

Pete just nodded.

‘Oh good,’ she said as she climbed onto the bed and laid next to him.

‘Feel how soft and sexy my corset is?’ she said taking his hand and running it over the satin.

She reached out and took hold of Pete’s cock making him groan as she started to stroke it.

‘I hope it doesn’t go off too quickly darling as we’ve got a lot of fucking to do today.’

She straddle Pete’s thighs and after taking his rock hard cock she rubbed it over her pussy before sliding down its full length.

‘Oh God!’ she thought, ‘here’s me fucking a kid I’ve known for a long time and he’s my best friends son. How naughty is that!’

This thought brought on her second orgasm of the day as she continued to ride him.

She turned up the heat and began to ride him harder knowing her next peak wasn’t far away.

Pete could also feel his balls churning.

Suddenly she cried out.

‘Oh fuck Pete I’m coming again. Oh how marvellous. Your mother doesn’t know what she’s missing. Oh God!’

When Pete heard her say that about his mother he came. He came really hard.

Celia kept on fucking him as his cock lost none of its strength.

‘Oh yes. I think you like the idea of your mother fucking you. Don’t you Pete?’

Pete could only groan as Celia kept on fucking and teasing him.

‘Shall I be your Mummy Pete or would you rather have the real thing?’

Pete began pushing into her from beneath as she taunted him.

Soon both were crying out in ecstasy as the both came together in an almighty orgasm.

They rested then fucked twice more until they were totally spent. Pete dressed and wearily made his way home.

At the weekend he hung out with Paul and watched sport together. They went out Saturday night and Pete stayed at Paul’s place that night.

A slightly hung over Pete dragged himself back home in the early afternoon of the next day.

As he walked into the house he heard voices coming from the living room and then his mother shrieking with laughter.

As he entered the room he froze.

There sitting opposite his mother on the sofa was Miss Harrison.

‘Oh hi Pete,’ his mother greeted sakarya escort him, ‘Come and say hello to Celia.’

Pete went bright red and stammered out a hello before running up to his room hoping that Miss Harrison hadn’t said anything to his mother.

When his dad came back from playing golf they sat down for a Sunday roast dinner. He was relieved that his mother acted normal.

On Monday he received another text from Celia telling him to be at her place at eleven o’clock the following morning.

On his way over to Miss Harrison’s he wondered if she was going to give him the bathroom treatment again.

When she opened the door this time she stood behind it to let him in.

When she closed and locked the door Pete realised why.

She was wearing a black see through baby doll with a black silk push up bra, a black silk thong and black silk hold up stockings with shiny black high heel shoes.

She took him into her living room and sat down on the sofa.

Pulling her thong to one side she asked Pete if he knew what to do.

Pete immediately dropped to his knees and shuffled over to between Miss Harrison’s open thighs.

He set about his task with an eagerness to make the older lady cum.

It didn’t take long until Celia was screaming in pleasure as her orgasm raced through her body.

When she calmed down she dragged Pete up to her bedroom and they fucked for the rest of the morning and into early afternoon.

On Thursday his phone pinged which usually meant a text, and usually from Celia.

Pete was surprised to see it was from Barbara Mason. It read:

‘Hi Peter I hope you are well and that Audrey and Celia are looking after you.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to see you again as I have met a super man who wants me to move in with him in London.

I’ve spoken to Debbie who will still live in the house until it was sold.

We’ve had a good chat and I may have got a few things wrong.

Anyhow I’ll let her explain.

I hope you don’t mind but I’ve given her your number and told her to get in touch with you. I told her you helped me home with my shopping one day and what a lovely guy you are. Nothing else.

Please can you look out for her as she’s on her own and needs a friend.

Love and kisses


‘Wow!’ thought Pete, ‘That’s a turn up for the books!’

On Friday morning Debbie rang Pete. She introduced herself and Pete confirmed that he did indeed help her mother home with her shopping.

‘Look are you doing anything this afternoon?’ she asked. Pete replied that he didn’t have any plans.

‘Do you fancy meeting up for say a quick drink somewhere quiet?’ she asked.

They agreed to meet at the nearest bus stop and pop into town for a drink and a chat.

When Pete saw her standing at the bus stop he was blown away. The last time he’d seen her was in her school uniform but now she looked like a classy, beautiful young lady.

She was wearing a white Summer dress with white heels and a white handbag. Her wavy blonde hair came down over her shoulders and shone in the sunlight.

She was checking Pete out as he walked towards her and she was quite impressed although she would judge him better once they’d had a conversation.

‘Debbie, hi.’ he said trying not to sound so nervous.

‘Hi Peter, nice to meet you.’ she replied smiling at him with dazzling white and even teeth.

Pete looked into her sparkling blue eyes and all the confidence drain out of him.

‘Oh’s actually Pete.’

‘Oh I’m so sorry. It was just my Mum…’

Pete laughed.

‘Yeah, I know that’s what she always called me.’

Debbie giggled. ‘I’m sure she doesn’t listen sometimes. Oh, here’s the bus.’

The rode into town and Pete said he knew a nice little pub just off the Market Square.

Thankfully it was quite quiet as the lunch trade had disappeared and the evening party people weren’t out yet.

Debbie sat down at a corner table and Pete asked her what she wanted to drink. She asked for a dry white wine. Pete came back from the bar with a couple of glasses of Chenin Blanc.

‘Mmmm, delicious, thank you.’ said Debbie as she sipped her wine.

They talked generally about themselves, just really sizing each other up.

Pete couldn’t believe he was out with such a gorgeous girl.

Debbie thought Pete was really cute and intelligent.

Pete was surprised when Debbie said she would get another round in.

Halfway through that glass of wine Debbie became a little more serious.

‘You’re friends with that long streak of piss Paul Todd aren’t you?’ she asked venomously.

‘Er… Yeah.’ he replied cautiously.

‘I suppose you’ve heard rumours of me sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry have you?’

‘Well only what Paul told me but I didn’t belie…’

‘Shall I tell you why he started those rumours? It’s because I slapped his face and walked away from him. He asked me out once and I thought he looked a decent guy. Boy, was I wrong. He took me for a drink and thought he could get personal with me. As soon as he tried something I smacked his face and stormed off!’

‘You mean you never…’ Pete let his question trail off not knowing how to gently put it.

‘Good God, no. Not with that creep.’ she snorted.

‘But what about your Mum catching you on the kitchen floor with your next door neighbour?’