Executive Mother Ch. 03

Asa Akira

Continuing the story of Jane and her son, John. Both have embraced the delight of anal play, peeing and mother/son lust.


Jane and John were back in their resort room, packing their things and readying for their flight home. It had been quite the week at the resort, experiencing the sexual adventures that they had previously not even dreamed of. Both of their thoughts often reverted to them wondering what would be in store once they returned home, to familiar surroundings, to their normal lives of before this wonderful trip?

All the while packing, Jane and John would slide against one another, sometimes front-to-back, sometimes front-to-front. It became a game of sorts, rubbing one another’s bodies, letting their hands rub each other’s sensitive areas. Jane helped things along by not wearing a bra nor panties under her skirt. John helped by not wearing underwear under his khaki pants. Both were feeling the effects of the groping foreplay. It felt deliciously wicked, something they both hoped would continue once they got back home.

Finally they got their bags packed, trucked them to the resort front portico and boarded the shuttle bus to the airport. They sat as close to one another on their bench seat as possible without climbing into each other’s laps. As they glanced around, they noticed all the other mother/son couples were pretty much doing the same thing as well. John noticed how many other mothers were also leaving their bras off and he wondered if they had skipped the panties as his mother had done? Probably had, he decided.

They got to the airport and discovered a huge but terrific surprise! Cindy Moore, the CEO, had chartered a plane to return them back to the States! No commercial flight problems to deal with, such as too small seats, obese people slopping over into their personal space and so forth. There was happy chatter as each mother/son couple were processed at the ticket booth and passports were processed. No boarding passes were issued as it was a private flight, anyone could sit where ever they chose. John also had a neat thought: it also allowed the arm rest between seats to be raised, making both seats into a comfortable bench seat.

As each mother/son couple boarded the plane and chose their seats, Jane noticed there was a lot of touchy-feely going on with the mother/son couples. In fact, while Jane was seated she noticed that physical contact was almost constant between each couple. Nor did it stop once the couples were seated. Legs were being rubbed, hands being held, mothers were raising the arm rest so they could lean over onto their sons’ shoulders and chests. It reminded Jane of magnets and steel, the attraction was that obvious.

As the last few couples entered the plane and took their seats, John and Jane saw the flight crew enter the plane. While easily identifiable by their uniforms, they also were strongly attractive women. John noticed that they weren’t the usual age group of most flight attendants, but he guessed they were in their early to mid-40s. He also noticed their skirts were much, much shorter than the usual attendant attire. As they walked up and down the aisle, he quickly noticed a few other things.

None of the attendants were wearing bras, they all had on mostly-sheer blouses and not a single one appeared to be over a c-cup. John thought a charter flight was definitely the way to travel!

Jane too noticed the attendant’s attire as well as how nicely their boobs bounced as they moved up and down the aisle. While not wholly bi-sexual before this trip, she certainly had her horizons (and other things!) expanded by her fellow mothers. She enjoyed looking at and fantasizing about the women whom happened to be her age.

Everyone buckled up and the plane quickly made its way to the runway. Without hardly any wait, the plane was hurdling down the runway and was airborne in no time flat. Soon the seat belt sign dinged off and the attendants were making their way around to serve the couples.

Jane noted that there seemed to be quite a few blankets being handed out. She thought this was a bit odd as the plane’s inside temp was quite comfortable and not cool at all. She looked over at the row next to hers and John’s and saw a mother and son cuddling up together under the blanket.

“Ah ha”, she thought. “They’re probably using the blankets for privacy curtains rather than warmth.” With this realization Jane began coming up with a few thoughts of her own. Yet she continued to watch the couple across from her. If anything they had moved closer together, if that were possible. They had begun kissing as well, nothing outrageous but still certainly passionate with each other. They also had reclined their seats back, making themselves more comfortable.

John had the window seat and he noticed his mother watching the other couple and he began watching as well. He enjoyed their kissing and could see the son’s arms moving under the blanket. The clearly beylikdüzü escort were up around his mother’s breast, most likely playing with them. The couple were kissing more passionately as the groping heated up.

John then reached out to his mother and pulled her back onto him, wrapping his arms around her in a loving embrace. Jane quickly wiggled into a comfortable position, moving John’s hands to her breasts as she settled in. John wasted no time in gently rubbing his mother’s nipples as she leaned back. He was thankful she had forgone the bra, it made this much more fun!

Jane continued to watch the other mother/son couple the entire time, never taking her eyes off them. She noticed the woman had kicked her sandals off and spread her feet, effectively spreading her legs as well. She saw the son had moved his hand from her breasts and now had his arm in her lap. Jane couldn’t of course see through the blanket, but there was no doubt he had his hand between his mother’s legs, rubbing her crotch!

Jane felt the heat rising off of her as she continued to watch as well as her own son continuing to rub her nipples. She too kicked off her shoes as she rubbed her bare feet together, thinking how much fun the other couple must be having.

“Could she be this brave and fool around with her own son on a plane?” she thought. It was one thing to do it at a resort, it was another to do it on a plane with flight attendants walking the aisle.

No sooner than the thought left her mind than an attendant walked between her and the couple across from her. The attendant did nothing more than look at the passionate couple and smile as she went by. The couple of course never noticed, so engrossed in each other that nothing else seemed to exist than them at that particular moment.

Jane further adjusted herself, lifting her feet onto her seat and laid back against her son. He quit rubbing her nipples just long enough to allow her to get situated and continued his playing. They both watched the couple as the son was now clearly sawing his fingers in and out of his mother’s pussy. His arm looked like a piston under the blanket, not necessarily travelling fast but certainly consistently. The mother had broken their kiss and had her head tilted back, eyes closed and clearly lost in her pleasure.

Jane couldn’t take it anymore and stopped the attendant on her next trip by.

“Excuse me,” she asked. “But could I trouble you for a blanket?”

“I am so sorry but we are completely out of them just now” said the attendant. The attendant had noticed Jane’s feet perched up on the seat and it had caused Jane’s legs to bow up. The attendant then knelt down as if acting to be polite but in reality it allowed her a straight shot up Jane’s skirt. Since Jane wasn’t wearing panties, it also gave the attendant a money shot of Jane’s pussy.

John had not stopped his rubbing and tugging of Jane’s nipples during this entire time. The attendant had noticed this as well. She allowed her eyes to leave Jane’s face and travel down to watch John play with his own mother’s nipples. Since the flight attendant was on a charter flight, she well knew it was filled with nothing other than mother/son couples. It was also making her own nipples harden under her sheer uniform blouse, something Jane picked up on as well.

“Are you chilled and need a blanket?” asked the attendant. She coupled this question with the act of placing her warm hand on Jane’s feet, smiling as she did so. She then began a slow, gentle but deliberate trace up Jane’s calf with her hand. She noticed the goose bumps that appeared on Jane’s calf as well as Jane arching her back against her son’s body.

“N-n-no, not really chilled”, replied Jane. “I just thought I could make use of one. Not a big deal I guess.”

The attendant noticed a slight tinge of disappointment as Jane’s words trailed off. But the attendant kept up her gentle rubbing of Jane’s calf and noticed Jane had slightly parted her knees, furthering her ability to see Jane’s pussy. She could have sworn she saw a glistening of moisture on Jane’s pussy. She also knew she’d loved to find out for certain.

“My name is Kelly. I’d love to help you in any way that I might be able to”, Kelly said with just a hint of naughtiness in her delivery. As she said this, she moved her hand from Jane’s calf to her thigh. She stroked her fingertips against the bottom of Jane’s thigh, nice smooth long strokes designed to convey approval of what they were finding as well as excitement in what they were finding.

Jane wasn’t sure what she should do, could do or would do. What she did know was that she need to orgasm soon or she was going to scream. Knowing that her own son was tweaking her nipples in front of the flight attendant was causing her to leak from her pussy something fierce. “Am I an exhibitionist now?” she thought. “Surely this woman rubbing my thighs isn’t the cause of my pussy adana escort leaking like a bucket with a hole in it?”

John had seen Kelly kneel down and saw her hand disappear under his mother’s legs. Then he saw it go up to her elbow as she rubbed her thighs. John decided to move things along a bit and reached around with both hands and began to unbutton his mother’s blouse. He moved right down the row of buttons, undoing them all. He didn’t open the blouse wide, but slipped his hand back inside, cupping his mother’s breast.

Kelly, the attendant, had clearly seen what John had done. She too watched as John undid each button. She continued her rubbing on Jane’s legs but moved her hand to the inside of her thighs. She now moved it right up against her crotch but not quite touching Jane’s pussy.

Jane did the only thing her body was ever going to allow her to do: she spread her knees apart, giving Kelly a clear view of her pussy in all of its glory. Jane leaned her head back and closed her eyes, allowing whatever was going to happen to go ahead and do so. “Her instincts had done them well at the resort, why stop now?” she thought.

It seemed to prove her right when Kelly sat her chin on Jane’s knee. With this, Kelly was able to accomplish two things. She used her chin to further spread Jane’s knee. She also made it clear that both she and Jane were looking to have some sexual adventure.

Kelly by now had moved in much closer to Jane. She used both hands to gently raise the skirt, allowing Jane to spread her legs about as far apart as they could go. Kelly now dipped her head towards Jane’s pussy, deeply inhaling the scent as she put her nose in Jane’s crotch.

Kelly began licking Jane’s pussy lips, eliciting a moan from Jane. Kelly slipped her hands beneath Jane’s ass, pulling her into her face. She began to run her tongue inside Jane’s pussy, running it up and down her slit. Jane responded by grinding her pussy against Kelly’s face in pure pleasure.

John had shifted his body a bit, allowing him to still support his mother’s body but allowing him to begin to kiss and nibble her neck. Jane reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him as close as she was rubbing her pussy on Kelly’s face.

Kelly had moved up from Jane’s slit, now sucking on Jane’s clit. Kelly took two fingers and slid them inside Jane’s pussy. Jane could only moan in intense pleasure as the feeling simply overwhelmed her. She knew an orgasm couldn’t be too far away.

Kelly continued to suck gently on Jane’s clit but swapped hands on Jane’s pussy. She slid the new fingers inside and took the wet ones and slid them down towards Jane’s anus. Jane felt the direction of movement and used her feet to lift her ass off the seat, helping Kelly in her quest.

Kelly noticed Jane lifting and thought, “She wants my finger in her ass!” She found the rosebud of Jane’s asshole and circling it with her fingertip, teasing it. After a few seconds of teasing, Kelly could no longer wait and moved her finger right up Jane’s asshole. Aided by Jane’s pussy juices, the finger had no problem sliding in as far as Kelly wanted to go. So Kelly just buried it to the hilt, feeling her hand hit the bottom of Jane’s ass.

By now Jane’s ass was bouncing like a basketball. Knowing a woman she didn’t know was sucking her clit, fingering her pussy and ass while her son was playing with her tits and kissing her neck was causing her to hurdle towards orgasm. She felt Kelly rub her fingers together from her ass to her pussy. This sent her over the edge and she arched her back, grabbed her son’s neck and pulled his face to hers in a deep kiss.

John felt his mother grab his neck and bent to her mouth, longing to tongue her mouth. He saw her ass bouncing up and down as Kelly was working both hands inside his mother’s pussy and asshole. He had as hard of an erection as he’d ever had in his life, knowing they were pretty exposed in an airplane seat with no cover what so ever.

Kelly felt Jane calming down and slowly eased her two fingers out of Jane’s pussy and lifted her mouth off of her clit. Kelly gave the mons a gentle kiss as she raised her head but still had her finger in Jane’s ass.

Jane broke her kiss with her son and slowly opened her eyes. She felt Kelly’s fingers slide out of her pussy and her mouth leave her clit. She knew the finger was still in her ass but was ok with that, for some strange reason. Then she realized: she liked it there!

Kelly slowly managed to stand up in front of Jane, still keeping her finger embedded in Jane’s asshole. It was a surreal moment for both women. One standing over the other one, one recovering from an orgasm, one having a finger in her ass and one with a finger in the other’s ass.

Kelly and Jane made eye contact at last. Kelly then leaned forward and French kissed Jane, exchanging pussy juices with Jane. Jane and Kelly broke their kiss and Kelly raised up slightly, using afyon escort her free hand she moved John’s hand away from his mother’s breast. Kelly bent back down and began gently sucking on Jane’s nipple. Jane wrapped an arm around Kelly’s neck, pulling her closer.

Kelly felt more excited as Jane pulled her tighter against her nipple and once again began wiggling her finger in Jane’s asshole. Kelly could feel Jane and her son again begin to French kiss as she continued her sucking of Jane’s nipple.

After just a few seconds, Jane again arched her back in orgasm and moaned loudly in her son’s mouth. Kelly kept both movements going but slowed both as Jane slowed her moans down. Kelly slowly withdrew her finger from Jane’s asshole and gave her nipple one last gentle kiss.

Kelly stood over Jane and John, watching Jane pant like she’d just ran a marathon. Kelly looked over at John and told him, “Open your mouth for me.”

John did as Kelly requested. Kelly then took the two fingers that she’d had in his mother’s pussy and stuck them in his mouth.

“Please taste your mother’s pussy juices.”

John obediently sucked on the two fingers until Kelly removed them.

“Open again, please”, said Kelly.

John once again opened his mouth as Kelly took the finger she’d had in Jane’s ass and stuck that one in his mouth.

“Taste your mother’s ass. Doesn’t it taste wonderful?” asked Kelly.

John could only nod his head in the affirmative as Kelly wiggled her finger around inside his mouth. He found it extremely erotic that he was sucking on a woman’s finger that had pleasured his own mother’s asshole!

Kelly withdrew her finger, bent down and gently kissed John’s lips, straightened up and sauntered off down the aisle like nothing had happened.

After Kelly left, John looked back over at the couple across the aisle, the ones whom had gotten him and his mother so worked up to begin with. He saw that the mother had straddled her son, facing him and was slowing moving up and down on his dick. Their blanket had fallen away to the floor by now, allowing a clear view of them fucking.

Jane too had looked across the aisle, seeing what John was as well. “Fuck it”, she thought. “If they can do it then so can we.”

Jane struggled to stand up on her feet in front of John and turned to face him. Her blouse already completely unbuttoned, she just hiked up her skirt above her hips, essentially freeing her entire body below her hips.

“Get your dick out because I’m going to fuck you silly”, said Jane. She was already trying to unbuckle his pants as she was saying this. John reached down and quickly undid his belt and scooted his pants down. He wasn’t wearing underwear, so he was bare as soon as his pants came down. He kicked off his shoes and his pants as well.

Jane made to straddle him but paused when they both heard a “Wait!”

It came from the couple across the aisle. The mother who was straddling her son had stopped moving and was talking to them.

“Please come over and sit next to us. It will make it more fun for both of us, don’t you think?”

Jane didn’t hesitate. She lowered her hand to her son’s hard dick and gently but firmly guided him to a standing position. Once upright, Jane led him by his dick across the aisle, not caring who saw them. The other couple scooted closer to the window in order to make a bit more room for the four of them.

Jane pushed John down on the seat and literally hopped across his lap. The women next to them pulled Jane’s skirt around and unzipped it, pulling it completely off. The only clothing Jane had on was a sheer blouse and it was completely unbuttoned. Jane was, for all intents and purposes completely nude, as was her son.

“Please forgive me for removing the skirt but I wanted to be able to see your son’s dick slide in and out of your pussy. I’ve watched that with other couples all weekend and it’s made me cum harder than I’ve ever done in my life. Do you mind?”

Jane gave a smile and relied, “Of course not. I’ve learned that I seem to like being watched, it’s a turn-on for me. But you have to do the same, ok?”

The other mother simply nodded and quickly unhooked her skirt, flinging it off as well. She looked at her son’s face and said, “I want to swap, ok?”

Her son just nodded as she raised off of his dick and turned, facing the seat in front of them, leaning her back against his chest. She placed her legs outside of his, allowing her to lift up her ass from his crotch and hard dick. She reached down and grabbed his dick while leaning forward just a bit. Jane watched as she guided her son’s dick to her asshole and then slowly eased back down on it, burying it to the hilt in her ass. Since it was coated with her pussy juices, it went in with no problem. Jane thought since it went in so easily, she must be no stranger to anal sex?

Jane went to reach down for her son’s dick only to find the woman’s hand already holding it. Jane looked over at her, their faces only a foot or so apart.

“I’m sorry, but would you do me the pleasure of guiding your son’s dick into his mother’s pussy? I’ve found this to be an intense turn-on when mothers allow me to do this.”