Put In Her Place


Gemma was one of those girls who when you met, you instantly wanted to fuck- slightly on the large side but she carried it well, with a voluptuous body and massive tits which always caught your eye even on the odd occasions she wore loose shirts. Her ass was big but you still wondered what it’d be like to see it bared and bent over in front of you.

Once you got to know her not only did you want to fuck her, you wanted to put in her place.

She was posh, which was appealing, but extremely cocky with it and everytime in class she made a point or talked down to me, I’d feel my blood boil.

I never thought I’d get the chance to fulfil either one of my wishes, but that changed.

It was schoolgirl theme night at uni and I went out as a teacher with the whole cap, gown and cane. Late in the night after a few drinks I was stood at the bar when a drunken Gemma tottered over to me. Her light brown hair was tied back in pigtails and she was wearing a very tight white shirt which seemed to be struggling to contain her tits which I openly stared at.

“Like what you see, sir?” She purred

“Yeah, although I’m sure it breaks uniform codes.”

“You gonna use the cane on me?” She giggled and turned to the bar to get served.

Her tiny skirt rode up slightly revealing edirne escort that big juicy arse and the tops of her stockings. It was too tempting and I cracked the cane across her cheeks.

She yelped and bit her lip. She turned to me and looked stunned, her eyes watering but still a strange look of arousal.

“Oh, do you like that?”

Gemma didn’t answer and I cracked the cane on her fat arse once again. She bit her lip.

“I asked a question.”

“Y-es I like it”

“Private lesson, my room, five minutes” I said, whispering in her ear before leaving.

At my room I doubted she’d show up, but a few minutes later there was a polite knock on my door, and there she was, every inch the naughty schoolgirl.

She walked in quietly and I inspected her.

“Hello sir” She said softly.

Hearing the surrender in her voice turned me on even more as this once cocky bitch was now a submissive little girl.

“Well, Gemma, you’ve been a bad girl. A cockteasing, arrogant, up her self bitch in fact.” I stepped forward and cupped one of her large pendulous tits. I was now fully hard and wanted to savour every second. I bent her over, her fat arse sticking up. I hitched up her skirt and smiled.

“I think that deserves 6 strokes.”

“Yes elazığ escort sir.”

I lifted the cane and cracked it across her tightly stretched red panites. Each strike was answered with a high pitched yelp and then sobs. Stopping after six was tough, I could have kept going all night, but I figured I better be fair.

I lowered the cane and stepped forward, running a hand up her inner thigh and sliding a finger over her damp panties.

“My, my you are enjoying this!” I said and located the slippery button of her clit and began rubbing it thru her panties. I’d only been going a few minutes when she began moaning loudly, and in the reflection of her face on my TV I saw her bite her lip and then drop her head with a loud moan.

“Did you cum?” I asked gently.

“Yes” she panted

“Did you have permission?” I said, harshly.

“No, sir”

“Turn around and sit on the bed.”

Silently she obeyed. I looked at the heaving breasts as a droplet of sweat rolled down her cleavage. I grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it open, feeling the buttons come loose.

“Take off the bra”, I growled

She did so and the breasts I’d dreamed about and stared at were revealed. Large, with long, hard nipples. Yes, when released erzincan escort they sagged like all fat girls’ tits but still damn fine.

I told her to lean back and so her breasts stuck out more. I raised the cane and brought it swishing down, cracking across her big juicy tits. She screamed and reached for her stinging tits.

“Aww hurt did it? Let me kiss it better”

I leant forward and kissed the vivid red marks on her tits and then suckled on her nipples. She moaned loudly, I closed my teeth around her erect nipple and slowly pulled away, she gasped in pain.

I had to fuck her, I didn’t know how long I could last until I exploded

I hastily stripped the bottom half of my body, but kept the gown and hat on.

She gazed at my throbbing, precum oozing cock with barely contained lust and I didn’t even ask, she was already kneeling and sucking. I barely lasted a minute before firing a hot load down her throat.

I forced her over my knee and began spanking her ass while also occasionally fingering her dripping pussy. A few minutes of this and I was raging hard again. I lay back and ordered her on top of my glistening shaft. She rode me and I made her tell me how fantastic I was and thank me for letting a fat pig slut like her get on my marvellous cock.

I lasted for a few minutes before I came deep inside her.

As we lay there panting and sweating, I looked at her

“Every week, you’re to come here Saturday nights.”

“Yes sir”

I smiled, feeling myself slowly stiffening once more…