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I always wanted my own library. Apart from the fact that I love books, I like being surrounded by its weird, old wood, smell; the silence inside the room, and its peaceful ambiance. That’s why I like it much here in Philipp’s house, my mom’s friend and co-professor. He’s a world literature professor, but graduated as an English Major that explains why he had an enormous library on his tiny apartment.

He lives alone in this apartment, which was a few meters away from the university I am attending to, so he voluntarily offered me his place if I want to stay and read on his library. He even gave me his keys so I could go whenever I want. His warmth and friendliness towards me made me feel comfortable so I often come here after school to read the books rather than staying at my own and if there are any home works that I think he could help me with.

I met and easily got along well with him when I was 16, two years before I enter college, because everytime he goes to our house, he will bring his books and lend it to me knowing I was very fond of them. And whenever we talk about books and literature, it was always been fun because of his great sense of humor which I find really attractive. I don’t know why he doesn’t have a girlfriend now that he’s 38. He’s not ugly, actually he has the most beautiful sea green eyes that I’ve ever seen. He also got a body structure like of.. Brad Cooper on his film Hangover. And lastly, he’s smart that he almost got a perfect grade on his entrance exam on one of the most prestigious universities in town, too. Maybe because he got a very too serious face and rarely smiles or maybe he’s just too attached with his collection of books, just like me.

“Andie! You there inside?” I eventually stood up from where I seated. Partially surprised by his strange, loud voice and by the heavy thud of I assume are his bags and coat. I went out to meet him and to say goodbye since it was already 10PM.

“Hey, Phil! How was your day?”

“I had soooooooooo much fun.” I can already smell the alcohol even if I am 5 feet away from him. He has been drinking. And this was the first time.

“Have you been drinking?” I dropped my bag and went where he was still standing, concerned if he has any problems with work or anything I could help him with. üvey kız kardeş porno

“Yeeeeeeeeeeesssss.” The way he said ‘yes’ makes me wanna laugh hard but I know it’s very wrong at this state. Instead, I covered my mouth to suppress it.

“Why, Andie? What’s so fuuuuuuuunnnnnyyyyyyyy?”

He did that thing again and I can’t help but to laugh so hard and loud. I got weak on my knees and almost fell on my face. But he was there to my rescue and we both fell on the floor. We looked at each other and laughed almost simultaneously. Then he got on top of me and started to tickle me on the sides of my waist, the back of my knees, and neck. I have a very low threshold for tickles that I almost cry out of laughter and tears were starting to fall.

“Aaaahhahaha! Stop it Phil! Stop I can’t take it anymore. Hahahahaha!”

He actually stopped and now we’re both panting, heavy breathings. I started to open my eyes and I saw him still on top of me. Directly staring at me with his sea green eyes. There was like a magnetic force in his eyes that I can’t oppose but to look at him too. Then slowly, he lowered his face to me and kissed my forehead, cheeks, and then, finally, my tightly sealed lips. At first it was light feather kisses. Then he started moving, tongue probing on the lining of my lips, asking for permission to enter. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t breathing. As an automatic body’s response, I opened my mouth and suck in air but he immediately inserted his tongue and started moving inside and sucking the air I just breathed. His kisses became frantic and rough when I tried to respond to him. Oh gosh. His kisses were hotter and better than my past boyfriends. I tried to match his intensity but I can’t. He’s too rough yet so passionate. Then I felt his hands moving through my sweater, reaching for my breasts. I started to panic that I pushed him hard in his chest, shoving him away effectively. I got up immediately, and realized what I have done.

He was my mom’s friend, my friend who acts more like a brother, and he’s older than me by 20 years! Gosh! I knew this is very wrong.

I didn’t realize that he was now inches away from me, my bag on his hand, and his eyes, full of lust and passion, staring at me. I can’t help but to squeeze both of my legs as a strange feeling on my stomach overwhelms me. Oh no.

“Andi. I’m sorry what happened. But, hear me out first. I saw the way your eyes, and your body reacted. I know xnxx porno you wanted it. Am I wrong?”

I shook my head. Not because he was wrong. But because my body betrayed me. I walked up to him to get my bag but instead he threw it on the other far side. Then he grabbed me and yank me down on the couch effectively locking my whole body below and began kissing me again. Furious this time. Tongue probing inside, his mouth sucking the life out of me. In between kisses I was saying “stop” but he didn’t listen. His one hand held my right hand, while his other began travelling south. I tried to stop his hands but he effectively pushed it away by biting my lower lip. I can’t help but to moan and I felt he smiled. I got angry this time so the war of mouth to mouth and hand to hand began. But because he’s naturally stronger, he got to unbutton and unzipped my jeans and yanked it down just enough for my panties to be exposed. His hand then rested on my shaved pussy. I tried harder this time to fight him with my free hand, slapping his face and biting his lip at the same time. He stopped, and look at me for a while.

“You want it hard, Andie? Huh?” I really didn’t expect that. I thought I slapped him to get back to his sound mind. But no. I just added fuel his lusts.

He snatched both of my hands and tied it with his silk necktie then anchored it on the couch. Then he pulled up my sweater, effectively covering my face and tore my bra away, freeing my 38D breasts. Then I heard a heavy lustful sigh.

“I knew your breasts would be very perfect and magnificent. Would you mind if I taste these?”

I started pulling my hands away from the restraints but with at stake of shaking my breasts even more. I heard him moan as he squeezed both of my boobs and felt his warm breath on my right boob. I froze when he licked it, like a lollipop, twirling his tongue around the areola. Giving both of my breasts same amount of attention.


He kept doing it for a minute then he began sucking on it, hard. I was hearing my own heavy breathing, moaning while he alternately lick and suck my breast. I was beginning to feel hot and wet down there that I tried to squeeze my legs again to ease it. As if he read my mind, his other hand travelled down my pussy, pushed my legs apart, tore my panties and inserted a finger inside my hole. It happened too fast, that I almost cry out a moan.


“Please what? Andie? Say zenci porno it.”


Before I finish my sentence, he inserted another finger while rubbing my pleasure button that caused me to cry out another moan again. He was finger fucking and breast sucking me at the same time. These pleasurable sensations were just to overwhelming and after a few more strokes, I screamed and came very very hard that my body convulsed from pleasure…for the first time.

I haven’t regain half of my consciousness when he remove the sweater covering my face, showing what he was gonna do next. He removed my pants and pushed my legs farther apart to accommodate his size. That was my first time to see a real big cock. Really big that I suspect that my 2 hands wouldn’t fit it quite well. I wasn’t fighting now, because aside from the fact that I still feel weak from my 1st orgasm, I was so hypnotized with his big dick.

“It won’t hurt you baby. This will all feel good, Andie”

He aligned his cock at the slit of my opening, tracing it up and down, teasing me effectively that I began to buck my pelvis to meet him.

“Easy baby. I want to make this perfect for you.”

His voice full of restrain and control while holding my pelvis down.

He slowly went in, giving me time to adjust to his size. I was well lubricated so I felt no pain upon his entrance until he met a barrier.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhh baby, is this your first time?”

“Yeah.” My voice croaked.

With that, he backs away a little then slammed his cock with full force, broke past the barrier and hit a pleasurable spot once he made it fully inside and deep and made me cry out again. He stayed there for a while. Looked at me in the eyes, then slowly pulls out til only the head of his penis was inside and again slammed back in hard. He did it again for so many times until we cannot control ourselves from moaning and clinging to each other, that he started digging fast and deeper than before.

“Uuuuuuuuuhhh Philiiiippppp… Harder…Yeahh.. Aaaaaahhhh fuuuuuccckkkk”

“Yeaaaaaah baby you’re soooo tiiiiiiightt”

“Yeaah, pleaaaaseee…Phil…hardeer…FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK”

Then we both scream out of pleasure and exhaustion. Still panting very hard, and he still twitching inside of me, I contracted my cervix, squeezing the juice out of him.

“I’m sorry that this was your first time and…”.

“Ssshh..Don’t say that while you’re still inside me and not yet done”. I grin sexily at him and felt his cock got hard again. My eyes got wide out of disbelief and he laughed foolishly.

“So, round 2 then?”

“Maybe in the library?”

********The End********

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