Sexual Studies Ch. 01


Hi! My name is Samantha. I’m a 25 year old college graduate. I am about 5′ 3″, and I’m a very petite girl. I have black hair and blue eyes. My tits are small-ish, but they look large because of my small figure. My ass is average, and nice and tight because I work out quite a bit.

In the Advanced Sexual Education series, I mentioned opportunities for extra credit. In this series, I will give you the details about those experiments. Some of the chapters will be my accounts of events during the experiments I participated in, and some will be written accounts from other students who volunteered.

Just to remind you, here’s the description Ms Sharon gave us about these experiments:

“I do a lot of work on sexuality research. A problem with this type of research is a lack of willing test subjects. If you’re interested, you may participate in any number of these throughout the semester, and I will bump your grade up by half a letter grade. For example a B would become a B+. In addition to the extra credit, most studies have a monetary incentive ranging from $50-$1000+ depending on the focus and intensity of the study. If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll get you signed up for a study”

While I wasn’t too concerned about the extra credit, since the class seemed like a fairly easy A, the monetary payment would be great, since I was a broke college student. With my minimum wage job at the local coffee shop, I usually had trouble paying for rent, utilities, and groceries. It wasn’t rare for me to be late on rent. The extra cash would be a great addition to my regular income.

But the main reason I was interested in the studies was the idea of being a test subject in a sexual study. That idea turned me on…a lot!

When Ms Sharon mentioned it in class, my first thought was “What the hell?! I would never want to be a participant in a sexual trial!” But, after class and for the next few days, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wondered what it would be like, and what I would be required to do. Surely I would be naked in front of scientists and lab assistants, and I would probably have measurement devices hooked up to me. I guessed that much attention would be aimed at my private body parts, and that they’d be stimulated in certain ways. But I wondered about the specifics.

So, eventually the curiosity got the better of me. The next chance I got, I talked to Ms Sharon about it. She said she was glad I’d considered it, and that she’d put me on the contact list for the Sexual Experiments department.


About a week later, I got the first email. It was asking me to come into the department for a physical evaluation. It was a pre-requisite for all participants in the experiments. They said I could stop in at my earliest convenience.

I was free that afternoon, so I decided to go then. I got there around 3:00. I expected that I’d have to strip, so I decided to wear something easy to take off: A loose t-shirt, sweatpants, no bra, and a pair of blue boy-short panties.

From the instructions Ms Sharon gave me, I knew the lab was just down the hall from the ASE classroom. Room 1B62. I found the door, and entered.

Once inside, I was in a small room, with a couple chairs and a receptionist desk. Behind the desk, there was a young lady, maybe 30, looking at a computer, typing away. Behind her, there was a few filing cabinets and a door.

“Hi,” she greeted me, as I approached, “Are you here for the sexual studies?”

“Yes”, I replied.

“Good. What’s your name, dear?” she asked.

“Samantha Rivera.”

“Hmm…Let’s see.” she seemed to be scrolling through a list. “Ah yes, here you are. You’re here for the initial physical?”

“Yep,” I replied, “I got the email this morning, and figured I’d come in this afternoon since I had time.”

“Good. The earlier we get it done, the earlier we can start using you in our studies. And the earlier you get paid.” She smiled. “I think David is finishing up some work with another participant. Once they’re done, he’ll do your examination. In the meantime, go ahead and take a seat.”

I turned around and sat in one of the chairs, and waited. It sounded like my physical was going to be performed by a male doctor. I was somewhat put off by that, but I guess it was to be expected. The university had a disproportionate number of male researchers, in all fields, including research, and I suspected this field was no different (if not more heavily dominated by males). As I sat there waiting, I couldn’t help being nervous. I’d been through a couple gynecology exams, but they were all performed by women. No males, other than guys I’d had sex with, had gotten that close of a look at my private parts before.

After a few minutes of nervous waiting, the door opened, and a man and a woman walked out. The man was about 30 years old. He wore a lab coat, and carried a clipboard. I assumed he was David. The woman was younger (late teens or early 20’s?), and she was dressed in casual clothes. The only thing Onwin out of the ordinary that I noticed about her was that her hair was a bit messy. That, and she had a smile on her face.

David gave the clipboard to the receptionist and said, “You’re all set, Kiera. Natalie will check you out, then you’re good to go. Thanks again for signing up for these studies. We’ll send you an email with more information, once we’re ready for you to begin participating in studies.”

Before Natalie started working with Kiera, she handed David another clipboard and pointed at me. David looked at the paper on the clipboard, then up at me.

“Samantha?”, he asked. I nodded. “Good. I’m David. If you’ll follow me, we’ll get your physical exam started.”

I stood up, and followed him through the door, into a hallway. On each side, there were several doorways leading into examination rooms. The strange part was that none of them had doors. I could easily see inside each one. However, inside, I saw a curtain that could be used to create some privacy around the exam tables.

After passing a few rooms, most unoccupied, we arrived at our destination. It was a small room; maybe 10 feet by 20 feet. On one side was an examination table (like you’d see in a doctors office), and several medical instruments, with an open curtain. On the other side of the room, there was a desk with some cabinets.

“Go ahead and have a seat, Samantha,” he said, indicating the examination table.

I walked over and sat on the edge, with my feet dangling, not quite reaching the floor. He sat down in his the desk chair, and rolled it in front of me. I was seated higher than him with my knees at about the height of his chest.

“Thank you for signing up for our studies. I know they’re a bit intimidating, but I assure you, your participation is greatly appreciated, and it’s furthering our research.

“Now, there are two parts to the initial evaluation. The first will be your typical gynecology exam, with special detail on your sexual organs. I will do a breast exam, pelvic exam, and we will run a full test for STDs. That should take around 30 minutes in total. The next part of the evaluation can be done now or another day, depending on your schedule. It will take about an hour and a half, and it will involve measuring your sexual response to various stimuli.

“After the evaluation is complete, we will review the results and determine which studies would best fit you. We will send you another email when we are ready for your first study. After your first study, if you decide to participate in further studies, you won’t be required to re-do this evaluation. Also, you will be qualified to participate in higher-level, and therefore higher-paying studies. That is to ensure that we don’t scare away new participants on their first studies. As a bonus for completing this examination, you’ll receive an additional $100 upon completion of your first study.

“Do you have any questions so far?” he asked. I shook my head. “Good. Then let’s begin.” He grabbed the clipboard from his desk. “I’ll start with a series of questions.

“What’s your date of birth?”

“August 2, 1989”. He wrote it down.

“Good. That makes your age 20. When was your last period?”

“Three weeks ago.”

“Okay. Are your periods fairly regular?”

“Yep. They usually start around the 10th, and go through the 15th or 16th.”

“Good. We’ll be sure to avoid those dates for your participation.” He noted that down. “Now, a few questions about your clothing sizes. First, what is your bra size?”

“Well, I found out recently, in Ms Sharon’s class, that I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for years. My real size is 28D.”

“Don’t be worried. I’ve heard many girls wear the wrong bra size, and have no clue. Next question: waist size?

“1”, I replied.

“I guessed it was around there.” he replied, noting it down. “You’re quite thin, in an attractive way.”

“Thank you.” I replied, smiling.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled back, before continuing. “The next set of questions pertain to your sexuality. First question: are you a virgin?”


“When did you lose your virginity, roughly?”

“2005” I blushed.

“Ok, that would make your age…17 years old. That’s pretty early, but not the earliest I’ve heard. When was the last time you had sex?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Last month.”

“Okay. How often do you usually have sex?”

“It depends on whether I have a boyfriend obviously. If I do, generally a couple times a week.”

“And if you don’t?”

I blushed again, “Well, I have had the occasional one-night-stand. I try not to go more than a month without sex, otherwise I get kind of grumpy.”

“I can understand that. So I’ll average them, and mark it down as once every two weeks. Next question: how many sexual partners have you had in the last 6 months?”

I paused for a moment before responding, counting in my head. “Two. I just broke up with Onwin giriş my boyfriend before this semester, and one other guy before that.”

“Okay. And how many do you think you’ve been with your entire life?”

“Wow. Um…” it took me a minute to count them. “6, I think. All but one were in the past three years”

“Alright. Do you have any STDs that you are aware of? “


“Good. We’ll run an array of tests, just to be sure. Now, the last set of questions pertains to specifics about your sexual history and preferences. I’ll be using your answers to determine what you’re willing to do in the studies.”

“First question has already been answered. Since you’ve lost your virginity, you’ve obviously had vaginal intercourse. Can I also assume you’ve had your breasts and nipples stimulated?”

“Um, yes.” I was starting to get worried from these questions. What was I getting myself into?

“Have you had oral sex?”

“Well, I guess there’s two questions there: Have I gone down on a man, or has a man gone down on me. And the answer to both is yes.”

“Thank you. And to clarify further, it doesn’t have to be a man, which brings me to my next question: Have you had any sexual encounters with women?”

“Oh. Um, that depends. Does kissing count?”

“For the purposes of our research, no.”

“Then no.”

“Okay. Would you be willing to have sexual encounters with women?”

“Um. Well I would say no, but I know the ASE class will be covering that, so I might as well be willing for these studies, too. So yes.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear it. We have several studies in that area, and even less willing participants. Next question: Have you recieved anal intercourse?”


“Alright. Would you be willing to have anal intercourse?”

“Erm…I’d rather not.”

“Okay. I’ll mark that down as a no. Have you ever had an orgasm?”

I laughed. “Ha! Ever? I do about once a day.”

“Good. That answers my next question about frequency. Last question: What kind of stimulation usually brings you to orgasm?”

“Um…Usually rubbing my clit or fingering myself.” I blushed again.

“Alright. Thank you. Can I assume that anything you said you’ve done before you would be willing to do again?”

“Uh, I think so?”

“From the answers you gave, that would mean you’re agreeing to: breast and nipple stimulation, receiving vaginal penetration, giving and receiving oral sex, being brought to orgasm, and participating in homosexual as well as heterosexual exercises.”

“Yea, I guess that’s all okay. I’m a bit hesitant about the lesbian stuff, but I guess it’s alright.”

“Good. Thank you. Before we move onto the gynecologic exam, I’ll need you to sign this consent form and waiver.” He handed me the clipboard, as well as a pen. I started looking through it. “You may, of course, look it over if you’d like. Basically, it says that you consent to participation in our sexual studies, and that for the purposes of those studies, you consent to any necessary physical contact, sexual stimulation or sexual activity, by a man, woman, or machine, including everything I stated a moment ago. It also says that you agree to be recorded on video and audio equipment, as well as photographs, all of which will be kept private and only shown to the researchers involved in the studies, unless otherwise stated.

“Of course, it also mentions that monetary payment for each study will be decided on before each study begins. You will receive your payment, in cash, upon completion of your participation in each study.”

“Wow.” I said, when he finished, as I read over it. I would essentially be signing my body away to the researchers, in exchange for money. I would be kind of like a whore for the researchers to do with what they saw fit.

However, I did need the money. Those bills weren’t going to pay themselves. Besides, the idea of someone else having complete control over my body was very kinky, and I was getting wet just from the thought.

After skimming over the document, making sure there weren’t any big pieces that David left out, I put pen to paper and signed it, then handed the clipboard and pen back to David.

“Thank you,” David said. “That finishes up most of the paperwork. Now we’ll move onto the physical exam. I’ll ask you to please remove all of your clothes. Would you like me to give you some privacy while you strip?”

“Yes, please” I replied.

“Alright,” he said. He stepped to the other side of the curtain and closed it, leaving me alone. “Let me know when you’re ready for me to come back in.”

“Okay.” I stood and took a deep breath.

First, I slipped my feet out of the flip-flops I was wearing. Then, I dropped my sweatpants to the floor, then grabbed the hem of my shirt, and lifted it over my head. I slid my panties down my legs, and stepped out of them. I put all my clothes in a pile next to the table.

I hesitated before calling out to David. This was always the most nerve-wracking part of these examinations. I knew he’d be examining me very closely in a moment, but this was the moment when he’d get his first look at my naked body. Would he like what he sees? Would he even take special notice? Maybe he’s seen so many naked participants that there’s not much difference from one to the next?

I took another deep breath, and told David I was ready. A moment later, the curtain opened, and David stepped in, closing it behind him. He didn’t try to hide his gaze at all: he looked directly at my breasts, then down to my shaven pussy, then back to my face, and smiled.

“Thank you Samantha,” He said. “Please, have a seat.” I sat back on the edge of the table, with my legs closed, and my hands by my sides.

“We’ll start with the breast exam,” he said. He then reached forward, and grabbed my left breast in his right hand. He lightly squeezed it a few times, then touched my nipple. That part was unusual for one of these exams. He touched it for a while, then moved to my right breast, and repeated everything he did for the left.

“Good. Everything feels fine,” he said, as a grabbed a pair of rubber gloves from a box nearby, and put them on. “Now we’ll move on to the pelvic exam. Please lay back, while I open the stirrups.”

I did so, while he did something on the table and opened a set of foot-rests to either side of my legs.

“Good. Please open your legs and place your feet in the stirrups.” he said.

I did as he said, opening my legs wide, showing him the entirety of my pussy. The stirrups felt a little wider than usual. Once my feet were in place, I could feel my pussy gaping open, and I’m sure David could see straight inside of it.

“Good. You have a beautiful vulva. I see you keep it well shaven.”

“Yes, I shave it every morning.”

“Good.” he said as I felt his fingers start pressing on different parts of my pelvis. He poked and prodded for a minute or two, before I felt his fingers touch my pussy lips. Since he didn’t give me any warning, I jumped a little at the unexpected touch.

“Oh. Sorry,” he said, without removing his fingers. “I should have told you what I was doing. I’m going to open your labia and examine the inside.” I felt his fingers spread as he said that, and I could feel his breath on the inside of my pussy.

After about 30 seconds of him examining the inside of my pussy lips, he removed his hand. “Okay, now I’m going to insert the speculum.” He grabbed the device from nearby, applied some lubricant to it, and slowly slid the cold metal inside my vagina. I was already quite wet from excitement, so it slid in very easily. He squeezed the handle, and opened me up very wide and gazed inside.

After a few moments, David said, “Everything looks good. Now, I’ll just get a swab for testing.” He grabbed a very long Q-tip and swabbed the inside of my vagina. “Good. You doing great.” He removed the Q-tip, then released the handle of the speculum and slid it out of me.

“Last step of the pelvic exam: I’m going to insert my fingers and feel the inside of your vagina.” I felt two of his fingers enter my vagina and start wiggling around. He felt around, touching me in all the right places. His touch turned me on quite a bit, and I could tell I was leaking my juices all over his hand. After a minute or so, he removed his fingers.

“All done with that. Good job. The last part of the exam is a rectal exam. You have two choices: You can either stand up and bend over the table, or I can raise the stirrups higher, so that I can easily get to your anus.”

I decided on the first option, and told him so. Then I stood up, turned around,, spread my feet to shoulder width, and bent over at the waist, laying my bare chest on the exam table. Meanwhile, he lubricated the first finger of his gloved right hand.

“Alright. I will insert one finger into your anus now.” He put his left hand on my left ass cheek, and spread my cheeks apart. With his right hand, he felt around, finding my anal opening. When he found it, he slowly slid one finger inside. It hurt a little, but not too much. He wiggled around a bit, then removed it.

“Good. All done with the pelvic exam.” he said, removing the gloves and taking his seat. “The two final steps are to take some blood, and urine for testing. We’ll take the blood first. Please give me your arm.”

I gave him my arm, and he went through the process of cleaning a spot on it, and inserting the needle of a syringe. He extracted a small amount, and removed the needle.

“Good. Thank you,” he said as he swabbed the spot with an alcohol pad and put a bandaid over it. Now, I’ll go get the blood test started. The closest bathroom is up two floors. You can walk up there, or if you’d prefer, you can do your urine test here.”

I thought about it a moment, and decided I would do it here, and told him so. It would be a hassle and take a while to go up to the bathroom and back.

“Alright. Here’s the cup. I’ll leave you to it. When you’re done, just call out, and I’ll come back in. I’ll be back momentarily.”

He opened the curtain, just enough to slip out, and closed it again. I heard him leave the room.