Alo – The Light Of My Life


This is not an erotic story. This is an incestuous love story. I would like to state that this is my first attempt to pen a story. The story is a little lengthy but I could not think of any shorter method to depict all the details. Though the story is written in English, the dialogues were originally in Bengali and I have tried to accurately translate them as far as possible. The readers are requested to kindly bear with me.


Alo was my distant aunt by relation, my mother’s cousin sister. She was 20 yrs old, just 3 yrs younger to me. She had three brothers, two elder to her and one younger. The eldest brother, Kamal was 25, the second brother, Tushar was 23, my age and the youngest brother, Shyamal was 17. Alo in Bengali means light, but Alo was dark complexioned, short (5′ 0″), slim, but had a face that could launch a thousand ships. Her figure was as if carved by a sculptor to show his skills to the world. Because of her skin colour and her height, finding prospective grooms had become difficult. Her parents were trying unsuccessfully to get her married.

My self, Rahul, had just secured a good job and had come home after a year and half on leave for two months. My father had built a house at Sodepur, about 25 km north of Kolkata, West Bengal, after his retirement. He was in a transferable job and as such I had completed my schooling outside West Bengal. As a matter of fact, I came to West Bengal only after my father had built a house and stayed with them hardly for a year and a half. As we stayed outside West Bengal, we did not have proper contact with many of our relatives. But during this short stay of one and a half years, many relatives came to visit us and we also visited many relatives, thus establishing or renewing our contacts. As I had completed my graduation, I was searching for a job and ultimately found one at Bangalore. So I had to again leave West Bengal. Thus when I came home on leave, I had very little friends and had nothing else to do but visit different relatives and spend my idle days.

I remembered Kamal and Tushar, with whom I was quite friendly and decided to visit them and one fine morning I reached their place. All the family members were at home and greeted me very warmly. Kamal, who had secured a job, was getting ready to leave for his office. Tushar was also leaving for his on-the-job training with a motor manufacturing unit. Before leaving, they requested me to stay till they return back late in the evening. As I had nothing else to do, I agreed. Till then, I had not paid much attention to Alo and Shyamal and was mostly occupied with Kamal and Tushar and their parents. After Kamal and Tushar left, Alo started asking me about my job and the place where I lived. She had a smile on her face and her eyes were grinning at me. I felt a pang in my heart and thought, what a beauty as if a black granite carving was sitting in front of me. Without my knowledge I started getting a hard on. I controlled myself and replied to her queries calmly. Shyamal also joined us. That helped me further to control my feelings towards Alo.

Alo’s Father was nearing retirement age and was constructing a house about 15kms from their Government quarter and had to leave also to supervise the construction job and Shyamal was to accompany him. I also volunteered to accompany him but Alo’s mother, whom I called Dida said, “Why do you want to spend the day sweating in the heat and dirt? Stay here and relax.” Alo’s father also agreed and I was left at home with Alo and Dida. Three of us enjoyed a cup of tea and Dida poured out her grief regarding finding a suitable groom for Alo. She requested me to also try finding a suitable groom for Alo, telling me that she will give me a photograph of Alo to show to any prospective groom. I joked and said, “Have you asked Alo whether she has found a suitable groom for herself?” Dida also jokingly said that if she has found anyone they would gladly accept the boy as their son-in-law. We all laughed but I noticed Alo grinning with her eyes only at me.

Dida went about doing her household jobs and cooking, and I was left with Alo. We just chatted for some time. Again I was aware of her figure and beauty. I was becoming uncomfortable with my body. Suddenly she came and sat near me and asked,

“So, you are going to find a groom for me. Have you found a girl for yourself first?” She had a mischievous smile on her face and her large black eyes were grinning at me.

I replied, “As I will be searching for a groom for you, why don’t you take up the responsibility of looking for a bride for me?”

Both of us burst out laughing. Alo put her hands on my forehand and said,

“What if I love someone?”

“Just introduce him to me and I will present him to your parents.”

“I can introduce him to you, but you have to promise me not to reveal to anyone.”

“Well, unless and until I tell your parents how will they know about your boy friend?”

“For the time being I don’t want anyone else to know about my love affair.”


“I will let you know later, but you have to promise me to keep it bursa eskort bayan a secret.”

I agreed and she told me to meet her near her college which would reopen next week and a day and time was fixed. She also hugged me and thanked me for my co-operation. I was flabbergasted by her hug. As it is, I had difficulty controlling my hard on, but her hug increased my blood pressure many-fold, leaving me sweating with a dry feeling in my mouth. She looked at me in such a way as if to say, “I know your condition.” I went out to the terrace, telling her that I was going for a smoke.

When I was all alone on the terrace, I thought back all the events that took place, and the first thing I remembered was her eyes, eyes which were black, eyes which were always teasing and smiling at me, eyes which wanted to say something to me, eyes which made her face look so appealing. I had seen her before also, but why all the feelings in my heart today? Was I falling in love? Non-sense, she was my aunt by relation, me and my wicked imagination. Think rationally Rahul, think straight. But then I remembered her hug and an electric current flowed through my body. I again felt her soft body against my chest, her soft round breasts and her hard nipples poking me, her hands around my neck, and her innocent looks when she thanked me. I couldn’t bear it any more and my hard on was the stiffest I ever felt. From a tap on the terrace, I washed my face to cool down and after some time I came back to the house.

Soon lunch was served and the three of us ate and listened to Dida narrating different tales of her village. After lunch, both Alo and her mother said that they would have a nap and they also provided me a bed in their son’s room for me to rest and I was thankful to be left alone to my thoughts. The only thoughts in my head were about Alo and her beauty. She may be dark complexioned, but she was beautiful and shamelessly I thought she was sexy, the sexiest girl I knew. How and when I fell asleep, I don’t remember. I was woken up by Dida and after washing up again sat around the dining table sipping tea. Soon the other members of the family returned and I did not have any opportunity to talk to Alo all alone. As evening progressed, I took leave and returned home.

The next six days were torturous as all my thoughts were on Alo. I also felt a pang of jealousy against her boy friend. Why should I meet him? Let him solve his own problems. But Alo requested me to meet him. How could I refuse Alo? I was in love with Alo. Thinking of her was a pain in my chest, a lump in my throat, I loved Alo.

Then came the day when I was supposed to meet Alo near her college. I hated to go to meet my rival, Alo’s boy friend. I am no actor. How can I shield my jealousy? But somehow I reached her college by 11 AM. I was standing near the college gate, searching for Alo and soon I saw her approaching me. God, have you sent an angel from heaven? I thought. Clad in a light green sari, she was looking like a wingless fairy, that alluring and beautiful smile on her eyes and face. I was stumped and when she greeted me I could not reply properly.

She laughed and poked me play fully and asked, “Rahul, what happened?”

I come out of the spell which had bound my speech and wished her and said that every thing was fine. I now looked around searching for her boy friend and not finding any one else asked her where her boy friend was.

She laughed heartily and said, “You are impatient, we have the whole day, why so much in a rush?”

I smiled back, my throat dry, my heart aching. She took my hand and started walking away from the college. Our fingers interlocked with each other we walked. More than once our body touched each other. I didn’t know if she knew what effect she was creating in my body and mind. She asked me to hail a taxi and informed that she wanted to go to the Botanical Garden.

Throughout the journey in the Taxi, Alo kept quite, as if in deep thought. I also dared not speak to her, lest she found out my feelings towards her. At the Botanical Garden, she selected a secluded spot and beckoned me to sit near her. I sat down next to her and again looked around. Not finding anyone approaching us, I asked,

“When is your boy friend likely to come?”

“Just be patient, you will find out.”

“What is his name, I don’t even know that.”

“What is there in a name.” She replied.

“How long do you know him?” I asked.

“Three years,” she replied looking straight in my eyes.

“Three years, great, by the way, has he proposed to you or not?” I asked trying to make the conversation light.

She again looked straight in my eyes and said, “Neither has he proposed nor have I.”

“Some love birds you are, now what?” I asked.

She was silent for a minute and then said,

“As a matter of fact I doubt he actually knows that I love him. Also I am not sure whether he loves me or not.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have never told him.”

“My God and you bring me along to do what?”

“I wish to tell him today. I want to tell him that I love bursa otele gelen eskort bayan him.” She whispered.

“Then for three years what have you been doing?”

“Waiting, waiting for an opportunity to tell him my feelings,” she mumbled.

“Why then did you call me, you could have called him all alone and told him.” I angrily retorted. Something was wrong. She was not telling me the truth. I could feel it, but could not put a finger on it. I tried to get up, but she held my hand, her eyes were pleading silently, requesting me to sit down. I looked at her and again I felt a pang in my chest. Slowly I sat down beside her and coaxed her,

“Something is wrong, tell me every thing.”

She was silent for some time, she again looked at me. There were tears in her eyes.

My heart ached again. I wanted to wipe away the tears, but refrained. Then she lowered her head and said, “I have told you every thing.”

She looked up again and I could see sadness in her eyes. She continued, “I hope you don’t hate me.”

“Hate you? Why should I hate you?”

“I have told you every thing.”

“Yes, I understand your feeling for him, but you have to tell him also and he wouldn’t want a third person present when you tell him.” I tried to make her understand.

She smiled and asked, “Was any body present when I told you?”


“Then where is the third person?” she asked.

Every thing was flying over my head. I could not make heads or tails of what she was talking.

Foolishly looking at her I asked, “I haven’t understood anything what you have said.”

She laughed, got up and suggested we go for lunch and holding my hand suddenly asked, “How did you manage such a good job when I find you are dim witted.”

“Don’t question my intelligence.” I retorted.

We reached a nearby restaurant and sat down in a secluded corner. She ordered for both of us without consulting me. I was still wondering when her boy friend was supposed to make an appearance. At last I could not keep my curiosity any further and asked her,

“Did you actually call your boy friend to come today?”

“Yes” was the short reply.

“At what time was he supposed to come,” I enquired.


I looked at my watch it was nearing two in the after noon. I was baffled and asked,

“Where is he then?”

She looked me in the eyes and said, “He is here.”

I looked around once, twice and again, but no one was approaching us.

I asked again, “Where?”

“Here,” she said, “You are really a tube light. My boy friend is sitting right in front of me.”

Something hit me in the pit of my stomach. My head was spinning. I could not breathe. Slowly realisation hit me. So many hints, and like a fool I could not latch on. Oh! God, Alo loves me. Alo loves me. I was on cloud nine. I looked at her, slowly filling my starved lungs with air, lovingly, adoringly. She understood and lowered her eyes shyly. I slowly extended my hand and held her hands. She intertwined her fingers with mine. Both of us looked at each other but could not say anything. Forgotten was our lunch, forgotten was time, we were the only two lovers on this world.

Suddenly another thought hit me. Oh! God what will we do? What will our conservative society say? This was incestuous love. Neither our parents, relatives nor the conservative Indian society would accept our relationship. We could not tell anyone our feelings for each other. My face said everything. Alo understood my thoughts.

She quietly said, “I understand your thoughts, but please tell me, do you find me repulsive because I am very dark in complexion? Do you love me as I am?”

“I love you as I find you beautiful. Your beauty is not skin deep, it is in your blood stream, your heart, and can easily be seen oozing out of your eyes.” I sincerely replied.

“Then let us forget what will happen in future and savour the present.” She replied.

We somehow finished our cold lunch and again headed towards the Botanical Garden, hand in hand, oblivious of the outside world.

All alone in a secluded spot, we reached out at each other, slowly feeling each other. I pulled Alo towards me and started hugging her, her lovely two soft round boobs pressed on my chest. I could feel her tight nipples poking my chest. My hands were slowly caressing her back. She was holding me tight, her face on my shoulder. Her soft hair tickling my nostrils and cheek was making me mad. Slowly she lifted her face and looked at me. I kissed her forehead, slowly kissing her earlobes, eyes, cheeks, I reached her lips. Our lips touched, both our lips parted slowly, both of us slowly reached for each others tongues and soon we were kissing madly. Our tongues wrestling joyfully, sucking each others lips, our saliva mixing and tasting like honey. How long we kissed was not the point, the fact was we kissed madly till we were breathless, recovered and again were kissing each other, fondling each other, making each other excited.

Soon the Sun was setting, dusk was bursa eve gelen escort round the corner, and it was time for us to go home. Both of us reluctantly got up, smoothed our dresses and started walking towards the garden exit.

Alo asked me to meet her again the next day. I asked her about her classes, to which she replied that she wanted to be with me for the entire 5 weeks left of my holidays. I was also in a trance and wanted to be with her for the entire holidays. Accordingly we planned to meet the next day. We departed in two different taxis, she to her home and I to mine.

I just could not sleep. What was in store for us? How do we find a favourable solution? The whole day’s sequence played a flash back in my mind and I felt so stupid again at not catching on what Alo was desperately trying to tell me. She loved me and I know that I loved her before she told me. Should we elope? What will happen to my job then? We would become outcast if anyone came to know about our relation. Ultimately my eyelids became heavy and I fell asleep dreaming of Alo.

The next day we went to a place called Canning. There we sat down at the banks of the river Ganges. I told her all my apprehensions. She listened to me patiently and said,

“Rahul, I love you. I will not place you in a position where you will be harmed. But that does not mean that I will leave you. No, that is not my intention. I fully understand that legally we can’t marry. But who can stop us from enjoying the love of a husband and wife. In my mind you are my husband and always will be so. Make me your wife.”

“I want you as my wife. I care two hoots for this society. Let us just elope. We will settle in some other city.” I replied.

Alo calmly looked at me and said, “You will lose your job. Besides, our relatives will come to know and people will talk. You are well aware many of our relatives are scattered in different parts of India. Somebody or the other would eventually find us. We will become the talk of the society. What will we tell our children? We will have children, wont we?”

“Then what do we do?” I desperately blurted out.

She looked at me intensely. Her eyes were shining. They were full of love. She held my hand and calmly said,

“Please listen to me. I am a shameless bitch. I have a plan. But I want you to fully trust me and agree with me.”

“I trust you and will follow you blindly.” I replied.

She looked at her watch. The time was just half past twelve. She had a twinkle in her eyes. Stating that she was hungry, she got up pulling me along with her and we started walking towards a row of buildings. It was a Guest house with a small eatery attached. We had a make-shift lunch. Alo suggested we book a room and could talk and plan leisurely. We booked a room.

It was a large single room with a double bed and a couch, an attached toilet and a veranda. Once inside the room, we looked at each other. We silently approached each other, slowly reaching out for each other, our eyes locked into the others eye, as if silently communicating all our thoughts, and then we were hugging each other. A sigh came out from Alo and I also exhaled a deep breath. We kissed passionately. My hands were roaming freely and feeling all her body curves. She was also feeling me with her hands. She slowly started unbuttoning my shirt. Then I took charge.

I helped her to unbutton my shirt and removed my shirt and vest. Alo touched my chest lightly with her finger tips and all of a sudden hugged me and buried her face on my chest. Her hot breath intoxicated me and I could feel my rigid prick poking on her belly. Slowly my hands reached behind her and started unzipping her kameez. Slowly I started lifting her kameez over her head. She co-operated by lifting her hands so that the sleeves came out easily. She was wearing pink coloured bra. I put my hand out and touched her boobs over her bra. She sighed and put her hand over mine and exerted a little pressure. I was as if in a trance and gently started pressing her boobs. I kissed her neck and slowly started kissing her face and shoulders. Alo caught my face with her hands and kissed me on my lips. I reciprocated and soon we were kissing furiously, our tongues wrestling in each others mouth, hands clasping each others head and shoulders till we were breathless. We broke our kiss but were still hugging each other. My hard prick was still grinding into her belly.

Slowly I took my hand behind her and tried un-hooking her bra. After two or three attempts, I opened the hooks of the bra and slowly removed it from her body. That was the first time I noticed she was wearing 34B size bra.

Her medium sized round taut black boobs were erect, pointing straight forward. The nipples were darker than the surrounding area and were stiff. I again put my hand and touched her boobs and pressed them. I could not control myself any more and started kissing the shining round boobs. Her lovely moans urged me on and she arched her chest forward. I caught hold of one boob and took it in my mouth and started suckling it while kneading the other boob with my hand. I could hear Alo sighing and moaning while she held my head firmly with one hand. A few minutes later I started suckling the other boob. Soon I was alternatively suckling both the boobs one at a time and also kneading the other. Alo had her eyes partially closed and her hands were firmly on my head and her fingers were rustling my hair.