James and Carl in Vegas Pt. 01


The following story is pure fiction. The characters all adults are not based on anyone in real life.


James was 25 years old when he graduated from an Ivy League University at the top of his class and was sought after by many Fortune 500 companies in what amounted to a bidding war for his services. James was flattered by all the attention, but, he didn’t want to get buried in the obscurity of the masses at the lower echelons of a massive corporation. When James got an offer from NTS, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer that was a recent start-up and now struggling through the growing pains, he jumped at the opportunity. The company’s product line was brilliantly innovative and he thought that this job as a junior product specialist was his chance to shine. The best part was that the company was founded and located in the same town as the university to take advantage of their research capability and the potential to hire top talent who would enjoy living in the relatively slow paced college town.

James and Kelley had fallen in love at university and were planning to get married after she graduated next year. James was 5’10” 170 pounds with light brown hair, smooth except for some light chest hair and a treasure trail on his abdomen. He was trim with a well-defined body. Kelley was a petite natural blonde 5’2″ 110 pounds. She was beautiful with small perky tits and nice ass. They had moved in together after James had graduated and accepted a position that kept him in town. It was perfect. Almost too good to be true. Both James and Kelley enjoyed having sex with each other and seldom went to sleep unsatisfied. Occasionally they would watch some porn together. Usually it was soft porn but the website did sometimes stretch the limits of soft.

One evening they watched a video that started as usual with kissing scenes followed by fellatio and cunnilingus then intercourse in several positions that displayed the penis and vagina prominently. The scene then shifted to the man licking and probing his partner’s anus with his tongue. When he had her relaxed and wet he used his fingers to apply lube and stretch her hole using first one, then two, then three fingers. Kelley said “oh my god, he is going to fuck her in the ass.”

“Yes, do you want to watch?”

“Absolutely, I’ll bet that would hurt.” She said.

“Let’s see if she likes it.” He said.

When the woman in the video could take three fingers to the first knuckle comfortably, the man asked her if she was ready. She told him yes. She was already kneeling with her ass elevated. He moved around behind her and put the head of his cock to her waiting ass. He gave a slow push until the woman grimaced and asked him to take it easy. He eased off and started a series of very short strokes, more like massaging her asshole than trying to enter her. Gradually the head of his cock was slipping deeper into her ass. As the head popped in the woman grimaced again and told him to hold still until she adjusted.

After a few seconds she told him to start moving slowly. The man started a slow rocking motion adding a half inch or so to each stroke. By the time he was balls deep the woman was moaning in pleasure and urged him saying “god that feels good, fuck my ass, harder, faster, FUCK me!” He sped up and they were grunting and moaning on each stroke. “FUCK, I love when you fuck my ass. Give it to me, fill me with your cock! Fill me with your cum!”

The video continued he fucked her ass and played with her clit until both reached an orgasm and as the video was fading there was a shot of cum dripping from her ass.

James’ cock was more engorged than he could ever remember. It was all he could do not to grab his cock and have an orgasm right then and there. It wouldn’t have taken much. He thought of Kelley and wondered if she would let him fuck her ass. James asked “what did you think about that?”

Kelley said “I am not sure, she probably has been doing that for ever and her ass is already stretched beyond recovery.”

“But, did you see how much she was enjoying it?” James countered.

Kelley said. “Yeah, I did notice that and I also noticed how big and hard your cock got while watching.” Then added. “How would you like it if someone fucked your ass?”

James’ face went red in a hot flush.

“You would love that wouldn’t you?” Kelley asked “how many men have fucked your ass?”

James was silent. Even though he was an anal virgin, he enjoyed playing with his ass and had probed with his fingers and small objects. He knew he wanted to try it with a man.

“Well?” Kelley demanded.

James decided that he had to come clean and admitted that he had fantasized about getting fucked for years.

Kelley said “Well then let’s see how you like it.”

James was confused as he watched Kelley cross to her dresser and opened her underwear drawer. She came back with a 7″ dildo that was about 1½ inches in diameter and a tube of lube. James saw what she had and groaned with anticipation.

Kelley said “Don’t expect me to lick your ass!” porno indir then added “Assume the position.”

James got on his knees and raised his ass. Kelley applied an ample amount of lube then went to work on his ass with her fingers. She knew about the prostate and went looking for it. James was moaning and telling her how great it felt. Kelley had two fingers all the way in his ass and alternating her fingers tapped his prostate then held the finger together and slid them back and forth across the round walnut sized organ. James was on cloud nine.

Kelley pulled her fingers out and shoved some more lube into James’ ass. She said. “It’s time for the big event. Get ready. Here it comes.”

Kelley gave the dildo a quick push and James was hit with a giant pain in the ass.

“Holly fuck that hurt, take it easy.” James shouted.

“I just wanted you to know what it could feel like in case I ever let you try it on me and you get a little over exuberant!” exclaimed Kelley.

“OK, I get the point, now take it easy” said James.

Kelley put a big dollop of lube be on the end of the dildo, put the end to James’ hole, gently pressed while rotating it back and forth. Gradually James’ hole opened and the head of the dildo slipped past the outer sphincter, then past the inner sphincter, then inside. “Whoa!” said James.

James told her it felt good, but he needed a pause so he could adjust to the size of it. When he was comfortable he told Kelley to start going deeper. Kelley imitated what she had seen the man in the video do and starting with short slow strokes gradually worked the big dong into James. When it was about half way in James started panting on each stroke. When he felt the fake balls bumped against his taint he shouted. “Fuck Kelley that feels so fucking good, you have to try this.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Kelley said as she started ramming the dildo in and out of his ass in long smooth strokes.

James was grunting and groaning on each stroke. “unh, unh, unh, ooooh, yes that’s so fucking good, keep going, fuck me, don’t stop, don’t ever stop!” It was like the dong was attached to a machine in out repeatedly for another 10 minutes.

Finally, Kelley said “I hate to interrupt your pleasure but my arm is getting tired and you are going to have one sore asshole tomorrow!”

James sighed and told her that she had done a great job fucking him with the dildo and maybe they should think about getting a strap-on. She said she would think about it and eased the dildo out of his asshole. He immediately felt so very empty and realized that this too was a feeling to be cherished.

Kelly said “you have been having all the fun, I need to get fucked now.” A big smile appeared on James’ face and he reached for the lube. “Not so fast” said Kelley. “Just fuck my pussy.”

James was so horny from the ass workout that he exploded a big load into Kelley on the second stroke. Kelley smiled at him and told him that it was ok because she knew that all the work she had done on his prostate had made more semen than he could unload in one orgasm. After a few minutes rest, they made passionate love and both had wonderful orgasms. James told Kelley he loved her very much and that he could hardly wait to get a strap-on. “I said I would think about it” said Kelley.

Life was good for James and Kelley they were in love, the sex was good and much to his delight Kelley had used her dildo on him on a few more occasions. In the last week of August after dildo sex, James said to Kelley “when are we going to order the strap on?”

“I’m still thinking about it.” Said Kelley.

Carl was purchasing manager for a large telco working out of Boston. His company was looking to buy new equipment that was cutting edge and would give them a leg up on the competition. He saw a promotion for a telecommunication industry equipment show being held in Los Vegas in early September and got approval from the VP to attend and report back on promising new technologies. The show started at 9:00 AM on Monday September 10th and ended at 12:00 noon on Wednesday. Deciding to include a few days of vacation in Vegas Carl booked a room from Saturday thru Friday nights retuning home on Saturday leaving him Sunday to recover from jet lag before returning to work on Monday.

Carl was a big man 6’4″ of solid muscle from time spent in the gym, nice six pack, gorgeous pecs, big proportionately sculpted biceps and very strong well shaped thighs and calves. He was a hairy man with a heavy mat of chest hair and a treasure trail leading to a patch of thick pubes trimmed to about ½”. He was gay, all top and he had lots of admirers. He went on the occasional date but hadn’t really clicked with anyone yet.

On the last Thursday in August when James came home from work he announced to Kelley that his company had booked a booth at a big equipment show in Vegas starting on September 10 and that he had been asked to be part of the NTS team at the show. Sunday was setup day followed by the show on Monday until Wednesday rokettube noon. The team included the marketing manager, the senior product specialist who was James’ boss, 10 regional sales Reps. and James. This was a perfect opportunity for NTS to do some training with the product specialists explaining the unique features of the product and the marketing manager going over the latest sales promotions. This would run thru to Saturday at noon.

Kelley asked “when do you have to leave?”

James said “the flight is booked out of Boston at 1:35 PM on Saturday September 8th.”

“Do you have to be there for the whole time?”

“Yes, as junior product specialist, I have a lot to learn and I need the training.” Replied James.

During the week after Labor Day, James and Kelley couldn’t get enough of each other. They made love every night. Sometimes it was sweet slow and gentle and sometimes it was wild crazed fucking that left them both breathless. Then there was also the dildo fuck and it was rougher and harder than ever before. James left on Saturday feeling totally fucked out and thinking that he could easily make it through the week until he got back to Kelley next weekend.

James was accompanied on the plane by his boss. They were among the first in their section to board. James had just stowed his carry on in the overhead compartment and sat down in his aisle seat when he saw HIM. He was big and gorgeous. James couldn’t breathe, he could feel his heart pounding he had never really been attracted to a man before. Sure, he had thought about experimenting with a man or men, but he was straight wasn’t he? James felt the heat in his face and quick rush of blood to his cock. ‘Fuck’ he thought ‘he is so fucking hot.’ James could never remember a time that he had got hard so quickly, and this was a man. A really hot ‘fucking hot’ man, sex seemed to pour from him.

James needed to settle down. He told himself – I’m on this trip to work – I love Kelley – this guy has to be straight – he’s married – he wouldn’t even look at me – I’ll never see him again once we’re off the plane. His cock was still hard. The man passed him on his way to his seat. James breathed in his masculine scent and was lost in a highly sexed dream when he realized someone was talking to him.

“James, James are you with me buddy?” asked his boss.

“Yeah, I’m here, sorry, what were you saying?”

Carl noticed the young man in 17B just down the aisle as he stepped thru the door from first class. The arousal response he saw wasn’t new to him. He had that effect on some men. He smiled to himself thinking too bad he will probably disappear as soon as we get off the plane. He sat three rows behind James on the other side of the aisle where he was able to observe him. James was talking to the man in 17A but somehow Carl could tell that his attention was not completely on the conversation. For Carl it had been all work and no play for what seemed like months. He let his mind wander into a dream that included James and a hotel room in Vegas. But, of course, it was only a dream. No such luck he thought.

It was a direct flight from Boston to Los Vegas and 3½ hours later as they were getting off the plane James noticed his big dream man a few rows back reaching into the overhead compartment getting his carry on. ‘God he is sexy’ James thought as he turned to move up the aisle and leave the plane.

Sunday was set up day for James and the NTS crew. Carl spent most of the day in the casino.

The show kicked off at 9:00 AM on Monday morning and excitement was building for the new offerings from NTS. Their booth was getting a lot of traffic. James was so busy that he didn’t have time to think about his dream man. Actually, he hadn’t seen him since the plane so was sure he must have had business elsewhere in Vegas. Then, about 11:30 AM, there he was. James’ knees went weak and blood rushed into his cock. He was hard in an instant. Carl noticed the young man from the plane and it seemed he was aroused again. Carl made the connection realizing the he was the reason for the young man’s reaction. He smiled to himself thinking ‘this is going to be fun.’

Carl looked at the display of the new products and promotional material in the booth. He was impressed and thought this product line may be just what his company needed and he knew what he needed. The man who seemed to be in charge of the booth was busy with other prospects. That was great with Carl he wanted to talk to the young man he was dreaming about. He didn’t hesitate.

James was rearranging some promotional material on their table when he not only sensed but could smell the masculine scent moving just behind him. With a force he couldn’t control James’ cock hardened and his heart accelerated. He turned around. Carl’s big hand was extended, “hi, I’m Carl.” He said.

‘Fuck you’re hot James thought’ but he said “Hello sir, I’m James.”

Carl could guess what James was thinking but this was business. Right? He pressed James for details about the new equipment. James seemed porno to be flustered and his mind appeared to be elsewhere. Carl knew what was happening and laid his hand of James shoulder saying “don’t be nervous I can tell you are quite new to your job and I won’t bite you.”

James was thinking ‘oh god do bite me, bite my lips, bite my nipples, bite my neck, bite my… god just bite me!’ James said “sorry, you are the first person to ask me any questions, my boss has been fielding the questions and I am learning from him.” Then added “we do have a great lineup of new innovative technology that will help increase the capabilities of your company and decrease your service costs.”

They went on talking about the NTS products spending about 25 minutes pointing out features and making sure Carl had all the information and promotional material he would need to make his pitch in favor of the NTS products. Carl looked at his watch. “Well James, it is lunch time. I would like to discuss this further over lunch.”

James spoke to his boss and looked back to Carl saying “OK, lunch sounds good.” Actually he was thinking ‘you would be good for lunch.’ Then he said, “lead the way.”

Carl wanted to head straight to his hotel room but time was short and that would have to wait. He was going to set the hook at lunch and reel in the catch after the exhibits closed for the day. He was hard just thinking about it, he had been in a constant state of arousal since he had spotted James at the NTS booth. His cock was drooling precum and he would need to go back to his room to change his underwear after lunch before going back to the exhibits. When they reached the restaurant he opened the door for James and let him go ahead of him. He need another look at that sweet ass in those pants that were just a little too tight. He felt another drop of precum added to the forming pool in his shorts.

They were seated by beautiful young waitress that would make a straight guy stare and drool. Neither James nor Carl seemed to notice her. She kind of frowned and left menus on the table. As they decided what they would have for lunch they exchanged small talk. The discovered that they lived only about 50 miles apart. Carl lived in New Hampshire and commuted to Boston for work. The small talk led to more personal talk. Carl leaned across the table and looked into James’ eyes and asked “have you ever had sex with a man?”

“No” said James.

Carl knew the answer to his next question but he had to ask and looked forward to what the reaction would be. “Have you thought about having sex with a man?”

James blushed looked down at the table and then looked Carl in the eyes and said “I have been curious for a while, but the instant that I saw you come on the plane in Boston I was sure.” Then added “I have never wanted anything more in my life!” James had never felt more alive in his life. He felt the presence of this man in every one of his senses and in every part of his body. He just wanted to submit to the awesome power of this big strong sex god!

As they were finishing their meal, Carl suggested that they get together as soon as James could break away from the NTS team this evening. Carl said he would be in the casino until 8:00 PM and after that he would be in his room number 1065. James was relieved that was five floors above where the NTS crew rooms were.

Carl and James headed for their respective rooms to freshen up before going back to the exhibition floor. Carl changed his damp underwear and James changed both his damp underwear and his pants they were showing a dark spot in the crotch.

Time went by very slowly for James that afternoon and evening until the team finished securing their booth for the night and they all had dinner together. By the time they were finished eating it was nearly 8:00 PM. Some of them were going to go bar hopping and some were going to a show. James begged off and said he was tired and was going to watch some TV and turn in early.

James went back to his room took a shower and changed into casual wear. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought ‘hell yeah I look good, fuck I’m going to get laid!’ He left the room putting the do not disturb sign on the door and took the elevator to 10. He knocked on the door at 1065. He heard a faint response from Carl, “I’ll just be a minute.” It took only a minute or two but to James it seemed like an hour.

When Carl opened the door his hair was still damp from the shower and he wore a light short sleeved shirt and a pair of Hagar pants that fit him perfectly almost like they were tailor made. He looked so hot James could hardly resist reaching out and touching him. He needn’t have worried about that as soon as Carl had closed the door he had James in a big bear hug and his face buried in his neck. James felt Carl nipping at his neck and his earlobes and thought ‘holy fuck he does bite.’ He smiled and tilted his head to make room for more. Carl pushed the collar of James’ shirt to the side and nipped along the top of his shoulder blade. James was unbuttoning his shirt as they went along. Carl never stopped, the more of his body James exposed the more Carl nipped on. When Carl nipped down on his left nipple a jolt of electricity went through James from the nipple to his cock and the already hard organ started to throb.