It’s been a week since Julie started at her new sorority. She moved up to college from somewhere in rural Arkansas and she missed home. She had a hard time keeping up with her class schedule and when everything happens, not because she was new to college life. It was because all she could think about was her ex-boyfriend back home who dumped her right before she left. She believed the reasons were just, but she missed his body and presence so much. Here she was, alone in her room on a Saturday night missing all the parties on campus because she was heart broken over this loser. She started to feel all wound up inside. This caused her to start touching herself. She knew that this would make her fall asleep or just make a mess, but she went a whole week without a nice big cock in her pussy and she needed to release. She walked to her suitcase and took out the ten inch vibrator she bought. It was still in the package. She bought it for the semester to help remember him. Now it was her way of getting him out of her mind for good.

She opened the package and put in the batteries. It was red and designed to look like a real man’s penis. She started to rub the ridges along it, imagining it was his penis getting ready to be sucked. She started licking it slowly, pretending to taste the sweat that would be dripping off of it. She Casibom then pulled the straps down on her top so that her breasts were exposed. She then began to rub the vibrator over her breasts, slowly teasing her nipples till they were hard. She started to moan softly as she imagine his cock rubbing her tits the way they did a couple weeks ago. She then began to pull off her shorts to reveal her pink g-string. She started wearing thong underwear six months ago to tease him when she wore the tight skirts he liked. She starts to rub the vibrator against her clit outside the g-string. In her mind, it was his tongue licking it and driving her crazy before he would move the thong to the side to lick her hard. She moved it to the side and began to finger the top as the vibrator stayed near the bottom of her now moist pussy. She started to moan a little louder now as she starts to pound the vibrator inside of her.

The roar of a car’s engine and the sounds of keys startles her and she quickly jumped into bed to pretend she was asleep. Her roommate walks in and starts to undress. Her roommate, Jan, was from New York and they rarely spoke. Jan looks around and notices the remains of the package on the floor. She picked it up and looked at Julie, who realized she had been caught. Julie looked up to see Jan looking at her Casibom Giriş with a softness she never saw before. Jan drops her skirt to reveal a black thong. She then removed her top to show her firm breasts augmented by nipple hoops. Jan starts walking closer as Julie felt scared. She seemed to lighten up when Jan slid next to her in bed. Jan then began to kiss gently on Julie’s cheek, her tongue sliding a little til she started to kiss her lips. Their tongues began to touch each other as they began to touch each other’s breasts. Julie was stunned. She had never thought about touching another woman before. As Jan began to kiss around Julie’s nipples, they heard the door open and Jan’s friend Marcia came in. As soon as she saw Jan’s ass in the air, she bends down and starts licking her pussy from behind. Julie felt Jan tense a little when Marcia started.

Jan then begins to kiss down Julie’s taut stomach and begins to tease Julie’s pussy, licking slowly at first until her tongue starts stabbing into her folds. Julie was confused. She had never had a woman lick her there, but it felt way better than that screw off ex of hers. She leans back and watches as Jan kept stabbing with her tongue. She could feel the passion welling off inside. She watches as Marcia takes a finger and starts fingering Jan in the Casibom Yeni Giriş ass while Jan is licking her. Julie wanted to feel a finger inside her so bad, she came on Jan’s tongue. A smile crept across Jan’s face as she realized what she had done. As Marcia began to pound with two fingers, Jan starts to moan loudly.

Julie then crawls around and begins to lick Marcia thru her white panties until they turn transparent with wetness. She then moved them to the side so she could try to lick them. Her attention was diverted by what felt like her vibrator near her pussy. She looked to see Jan rubbing her clit with the vibrator. Julie began to moan as she plunged her tongue deep inside of Marcia like she saw Jan do to her. She was surprised of how her first taste was. It wasn’t as bad as that cum her ex made her swallow about a few month ago. It was more pleasant, more wonderful. Julie began to slowly push one finger into Marcia’s pussy. She heard Marcia moan loudly as Jan’s moans became louder. She felt another orgasm coming on, so she begins to pound Marcia harder until she feels her coat her finger with cum. Julie then lets out a louder moan as she comes on the vibrator. Jan then finally comes as she screams loudly.

It was quiet for a moment before Jan introduces Marcia to Julie. They sit on the bed and talk for hours about ex boyfriends and school. They then decide to get together more often to release their college frustrations. They all tongue kiss before Marcia goes back to her room . Julie then falls asleep, relieved that college wouldn’t be so hard after all.