Ryan Jackson’s Great Stretch Pt. 05


Written by: Bi.A.Piggy

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This story comes from the depths of my mind.

I am not a professional writer just someone who like to put the dirty ideas in his head online for others to enjoy. I don’t care if you don’t like my style. If you don’t like what you’re reading, close the window and read something else.

Happy wanking.


Ryan woke up to the feeling of a slow fucking from a long cock. He couldn’t feel the guy attached to the cock. At first he couldn’t see anything in the dark. The only sound was a soft hum of a machine. As his eyes got use to the dim light he found that he was strapped to a table his legs in the air as a rubber cock was slowly fucked into his pussy over and over. He was getting fucked by a machine. Suddenly the machine started to speed up until it was roughly banging his pussy. The rubber cock wasn’t long enough to hit his prostate, but the feeling of all the rubber ridges rubbing over his pussy lips started driving Ryan crazy. His cock was rock hard, still wrapped in the leather cock ring and ball separator.

Suddenly the light came fully on, and as Ryan looked around he saw he was surrounded by six older men. They were in a variety of states of dress all wearing different amounts of leather. They were seated in a circle around him. Having a bunch of men watching as he was machine fucked got Ryan very excited. His cock started twitching and oozing a steady stream of clear liquid.

The Ataşehir Escort men pasted around a bucket and each man pulled a slip of paper with a number on it. Once each man had a number, the first man stood up and walked over to Ryan. He started to rub Ryan’s body, feeling up his abs, his nipples, playing with his hair then his toes. The man gently pulled on his nuts and rubbed a few fingers up and down his cock and around his super sensitive cock head. Once he was done each man in turn did the same. After each of the six men had fully felt the teen jocks hard naked body, the first man stepped up again. This time he focused his attention on Ryan’s rock hard nipples. He started to squeezing and pulling on the little nibs. Ryan started to moan then cry out in pain as his nipples were abused. Someone shoved a cherry red ball gag into his mouth. The first man smiled evilly as he attached a pair of metal nipple claps. The sharp tiny teeth biting deep into the flesh. The teen boy shook with pain and pleasure as he had another dry orgasm. His balls pulled tightly against the ball separator but were unable to spray their load. The nipple man gently pulled on the clamps sending Ryan into over load. A bell rang and the nipple man walked away. A second man stepped up and until the bell rang again he spent every second licking and tickling Ryan’s toes and feet.

After the tickle man walked away the next three men stepped up at once. The kept their distance and Ryan was confused. As each man took hold of their cocks, Kadıköy Escort Ryan’s eyes went wide when he saw what they planned. He watched as the piss slits of each man flared before three yellow streams of piss shot out and landed on Ryan’s feet. The three men started with his feet and slowly moved up his legs, covering Ryan in bright yellow super hot piss. As they reached his cock and balls the skipped and went on to his belly, his chest and his arms. The hot hard spray of man piss hitting his body, hit Ryan like a fist to the nuts. The sensation was unlike anything he had felt before. It made him feel so dirty and slutty. Timed to perfection the piss streams of all three men came to a stop at the same time. As they walked around the table and towards Ryan’s head, a hand reached out and pulled off half of the ball gag. The three men stood around his head and started to jerk their hard cocks. And very quickly each man grunted and dumped his thick load of cum on Ryan’s face. Cum covered his nose, forehead, left cheek, right cheek, and chin. But most of the men’s hot cum landed right into the half ball gag. Ryan’s eyes went wide as the cum drained into his open mouth. The taste of the three men was delicious. He moaned in gratitude. His eyes begging and pleading for more.

The last man stepped up, his eyes locked with Ryan as a smile came to the man’s face Ryan shook with fear. The man started to touch and finger his cock. He bent over and started to nibble and lick the shaft of Ryan’s steel hard boy cock. Bostancı Escort Swollen larger then ever Ryan must have now been over seven inches. Once the man was sure Ryan was as hard as he could get, he pulled a clear plastic tube from under the table. As he slid it over the throbbing length of his cock Ryan realized that is was a cock pump. The man started pumping the ball, as the pressure grew, Ryan cock feel his cock swell even larger. After five minutes of steady pumping the man clicked the valve shut. Ryan looked down to see his cock swollen to almost ten inches. The shaft looked as thick as a beer can. Thicker then the two twin cocks that fucked him together. His cock head was deep purple and huge. The man moved and started to lick his balls as the rubber cock that had been pounding his boy hole open this whole time was turned on even faster. Ryan could feel the rubber being shoved into his hole even farther as the tip of the rubber cock started to pound into his prostate. Ryan could feel his nuts trying to pull up to shoot his cum load. Still unable to, his body began to shave and tremble. His cock head turned a dark angry red as he heard a tearing sound. The leather around his nuts split and Ryan could feel the load rushing thru his cock and with a pop the cock pump broke, his cock shooting teen jock cum all over the room. Ryan was sudden covered in his own cum. The men cheered as he came.

Ryan was exhausted. Every inch of his body was heavy. He boy pussy was stretched open and his pussy lips were sore from the rough fuck from the machine. His cock was still swollen and huge. His nuts ached and felt like they weighted tons. As the rubber cock was pulled from his gaping cunt, Ryan was unable to keep his eyes open. Just as he fell asleep Ryan felt a large thick anal plug sliding into him.