10 Types of People


A note from the author:

As per my last attempt (Hawking’s Revenge) what follows is a short science fiction based story that is just for fun. It is a stand alone story that I will not be continuing, although if anyone else wants to take over the characters and ideas, feel free. This one is a bit of a Trans-gender cliché, still it has some fun ideas and I hope that my writing style brings up something new to the genre.

As always, all comments are welcome.

Her hand roamed up and down his back, her long fingernails slightly digging into the skin.

“Oh that’s so good Mmmmm…” a sultry feminine purr.

Quickening his pace he continued to plow his cock into her, the juices of her tight wet pussy providing a sleek smooth feel even as her inner muscles squeezed his member tightly. As he felt the tensing within his groin that signaled ejaculation was near, her soft luscious lips parted, forming into a perfect O and releasing a soft moan as she began to shake in the midst of her own orgasm. With one last grunt he finally felt release as pleasure overwhelmed him. They lay in each others arms holding each other tightly as they basked in the aftermath of the orgasm.

“Hmmm, that was so good. Meet again lover?” she said.

“I will be in touch.” he lied

Before she could say anything else, Jeff exited the VSI and returned to the real world. Maggie would be home soon, and he needed yo get cleaned up before she was.

Whilst Maggie could never be considered a looker, she liked to think that what she lacked in physical appearance she more than made up for in other areas. She had a good job in technology, good humor, and at least she liked to think she was good in bed. That is why news of Jeff’s cheating had come as a total surprise to her.

“Are you sure it was him” she stormed

“Absolutely Mags, he even used a cut-down version of your wedding photo on his profile.”

“That bastard! Only four months since we married and he can’t keep his cock in his pants!”

“Yeah, I know. I am sorry Mags” Jessica replied as she placed her arms around her friends back.

Jeff was in the kitchen cooking when Maggie arrived back home. Being a house husband wasn’t really all that bad, he kind of enjoyed most of the chores, and it left lots of alone time for other activities.

“Hey honey, how’s your day been” he called out as she removed her coat.

“Oh, quite interesting really darling” Maggie replied, an undetectable level of anger in her voice.

“We completed beta on a new upgrade at work. I have the disks here to test on our home VSI system” she continued in a steady voice.

“That’s good. I thought I would go down the pub with some mates tonight. You OK here alone?”

“Quite fine darling, quite fine indeed.” she intoned in a low voice.

They quickly finished the, meal and Jeff left the flat to meet with his friends.

Meanwhile, Maggie began to work…

Jeff awoke with a crick in his back. The sofa wasn’t the most comfortable place, but coming home drunk at three in the morning it would not have been a good idea to wake Maggie.

Looking at the clock, it was almost noon already and he had arranged to meet with a Lisa1425 online.

Stumbling over to the VSI machine, he noticed a small post-it note on the front.

Jeff, I have completed the upgrade to the machine, I am sure you will love the new version.

See you when I get home, Mags.

Jeff wondered about ısparta escort the new software. Last time Maggie had tried a beta on the machine he ended up with eye strain fro two days. Still, he could always exit if it caused any problems.

BOOTING SYSTEM – VSI – version 1.0681b – 10/11/2024




The screen flashed before him with a choice of profiles:




He attached the VSI interface, sat down in the chair and selected JEFF.



Stupid Maggie, must have messed up the menu with the beta release.

Jeff Pressed the exit key.



With no response, Jeff Pressed the exit key again.



Jeff stabbed the exit key once again to no effect.

The scene around him erupted to life, a beautiful English meadow with thigh high grass, and birds singing as they flew overhead. He was seated on a small bench placed in the shade of a single large apple tree.

Hearing a small cough, Jeff looked around to see an avatar of Maggie staring at him.

“At last, I have been waiting for hours”

“I thought you were going to miss your little rendezvous with Lisa” she continued in a snaky voice.

Standing up, Jeff backed away as a look of shock spread on his face.

“Yes, that is right lover; I know all about your infidelities”

“But, but darling…” he started before she interrupted.

“Oh, do shut up and sit back down”

And against his will he found himself doing so.

Panicking, Jeff tried to activate the emergency auto-exit.

Nothing happened.

“Oh dear, it seems that this beta version seems to have deactivated all the exit protocols. We will need to fix that in the next release.” she said mockingly as she began to slowly walk towards him.

“Now, lets talk about how you are going to pay for the hurt you caused me.” she said, sitting beside him and placing one hand on his knee.

He tried to reply, but his lips were sealed firm; Unable to move.

“What’s that, nothing to say honey? I guess I will just have to choose your punishment myself.”

With that, she motioned at the tree above, and a passing swallow dived and knocked an apple from it’s branch.

Jeff watched as the apple slowly floated down to land in Maggie’s outstretched palm.

“Ahh, the forbidden fruit. I wonder why it is forbidden? Don’t you Jeff? Don’t you?” the anger was plain in her voice now.

“Why don’t you eat some and see Jeff?”

He found his arm reaching out, taking the apple and raising it to his mouth. He tried to stop, but he couldn’t .He bit down and swallowed.

Immediately the whole scene changed , the sky became red and the grass wilted. Wind began to pick up, blowing the now-dead leaves from the apple tree.

“Just like this tree, our love is dead Jeff. I am sure you will find another lover with no trouble though” she said menacingly.

The wind continued to pick up, reaching gale speeds. Infront of the bench he was seated on the ground began to crack.

“You know Jeff, Adultery is one of the seven deadly sins.” and with that Maggie’s avatar disappeared.

As the crack opened wider, he saw a bright red glow emanating from it. The wind continued to increase in kastamonu escort strength, but changed direction, seeming to blow straight down, almost as if it was being sucked into the hole.

The Apple tree began to strain against the wind, branches blowing loose and whirling into the widening fissure.

The bench began to slowly shuffle towards the gap, buoyed on by the airflow.

Jeff attempted to stand, to run, but could not.

Ever and ever closer, he could feel his heart thumping within his chest.

With one last creak, the bench with Jeff in it pitched over the side and fell down into the red abyss.

He was laying naked tied spread-eagle to a table. In front and above him was a voluptuous woman dressed in thigh-high leather boots, a black latex thong and a studded black bra. Her bright red hair perfectly framed a face that was made out with dark dominating colors. She looked a little like Maggie, but as if she had been remade better, sexier and and bigger. A lot bigger.

“So, Jeff… what do you like in a woman?” she asked in a deep husky voice.

He couldn’t stop his eyes from staring at her luscious white breasts held captive within the bra.

“You like these?” she said, cupping her own breasts and slowly massaging them with the tips of her red manicured nails.

She stepped up to him and moved her hands to his chest, her delicate fingers tracing over his nipples.

“Mmmm… yes, you like that don’t you?”

Jeff didn’t usually get any pleasure from his nipples, but he felt both them and his cock stiffen as she spoke.

“But it would be even nicer if you had a bit more to play with there, wouldn’t it Jeff?”

Waves of pleasure began to shoot through his body, and he found himself moaning “Yes, yes”.

She pinched at his erect nipples and began to pull away from his body. The pleasure increased tenfold as full female breasts began to emerge on his chest.

“More, more” he moaned, not quite sure if he wanted breasts but sure he wanted the pleasure.

Her hands cupped his new breasts for a moment, and abruptly she backed away again, leaving him on the brink of orgasm.

“But, that isn’t the only thing you like about women is it Jeff?”

He felt his gaze turning to her legs and her plump butt.

“Mmmm, you will love this bit” she murmured, barley audible as she reached behind hm and began to massage.

He felt as her hands ran up and down his legs, squeezing every time they passed his small firm butt.

He felt as the hair on his legs receded into his body, and his bottom swelled outwards, becoming rounded and soft.

He felt as the bones in his torso cracked and rearranged, forming into a set of wide hips.

His cock throbbed, aching for attention.

She lent close and whispered in his ear, her long blonde hair brushing his shoulder.

“I can see you like what my hands can do”

Her hands ran over his arms, as she planted a strong kiss on his lips. He felt the slight greasiness of the lipstick against his lips as her tongue forced itself into his mouth exploring every angle. Pressed so close, her eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks, and the soft smell of her musk entered his nostrils.

Pulling her head away once more.

“Now that looks much more fitting for the rest of your body”

Still unable to move, he turned is gaze down, noticing his new long blonde hair and a small delicate nose framed between his two large kayseri escort breasts. Just beyond them he could make out his cock, standing to attention, his last bastion of masculinity.

“We will just have to take care of that now, wont we?” she said, running her tongue down his chest towards the groin.

Her soft lips locked on his dick, pulling it into her mouth with a slight slurping sound. She began to bob up and down, up and down, up and down.


He moaned, his soft feminine voice turning him on even more.

Up and down, up and down, up and down. Perhaps less motion but faster.

Her tongue rand across the tip of his phallus. And he cried out as orgasm approached.

In and out, in and out, in and out.

He moaned, as a wave of pleasure emanated from his groin spreading to the whole of his body.

In and out, in and out, in and out.

Another wave, more pleasure!

In and out, in and out, in and out.

He couldn’t take any more.

“Stop, please, please, too much” he cried as extacy washed over him again.

In and out, in and out, in and out.

His whole frame shivered as a third orgasm swept through his feminine body.

She removed herself from his new clit and kissed him on the face again, their breasts touching each other.

“You are now free to leave Jeff, but you will find the conditioning in this VSI to be quite addictive.”

“Before long, I expect you will be seeking DNA treatment and a womb implant. So long Lover.”

Jeff awoke covered in sweat and his own cum and wrenched himself from the VSI.

That nutty bitch, what the fuck does she think she is doing? VSI brainwashing is illegal.

Stalking into the hallway he noticed a note on the table from Maggie.

Dear Jeff, I have already applied for a divorce. The papers are attached below, please sign them and forward them to Jessica’s flat Don’t try to involve the law, I have taken precautions against that too.


He reached for the phone and dialed 911

“Emergency services, what is the problem?”

He tried to speak, but no words came out.

“Is there a problem?” the operator said.

Concentrating, he forced his lips to move.

“No sorry, just testing the phone.” and he hung up.

He hadn’t meant to say that, he wanted to complain about his wife, his brainwashing.

At the thought of the brainwashing, his cock sprang to life once more, pushing his pants out in a tent.

“Mmmmmm…” he hummed as he walked back towards the VSI machine.

Jenny emerged from the bathroom in her negligee.

They had first met in a bar e a few months back and tonight was going to be the big night.

The old VSI she had used back when she was Jeff didn’t really seem to have much of an impact after she had been through the change. Now days she craved something more… real.

She was wearing her best black dress and five inch heels. She flicked her hair as she walked sexily towards him.

Lets see how he likes this, she thought to herself.

Grabbing her in both arms and pulling her close, his stubble brushed against her smooth cheeks as they embraced in a kiss.

Enjoying every moment, she pushed closer towards him, feeling his hard muscles squash her breasts.

“I love you” she said, pulling away from his kiss for a moment.

“I love you too, he replied” in a deep gruff tone.

Maybe someday they would even get married Jenny thought to herself.

From the corner of the room the VSI machine clicked as it automatically shut down, the remote user logging out.

In a different part of town Maggie talked to Jessica.

“Lets see how he likes being cheated on.”