A Phone Call , A Contract Ch. 02


I check my phone, I see your text “8pm sharp at the Winston Hotel Room 482.” I’ve got an hour before I need to arrive, my hair is done nicely, falling in waves down my shoulders. My makeup accents my eyes, with long lashes and dark red lips. I pull on my long black stockings, and clipping them into my garter belt, finishing off my look with a nice lacey thong and matching black lacey bra. I go to my closet and pull out a long black dress with a slit straight up the left leg stopping just shy of my thigh-highs. I love the way it looks and have wanted a man to peel me out of it, as I pull on the zipper as it glides along the length of my back. I check my phone, seeing its almost time to leave, I slide my feet into my heels and head out the door.

I get to the hotel and I receive a text saying “ask the receptionist for a key to the room, the reservation is in your name.” I follow the directions and head to the room, opening in the door I find that no one is in the room. I see a note card and a piece of silk placed by the mini bar and it reads “have a drink and make yourself comfortable, someone will be with you momentarily. Also, make use of the cloth.” I proceed to pour myself a glass, pick up the silk, running it over in hands, knowing its intended use. I go to sit over to the far side of the room, tying the silk over my eyes, and slowly taking a sip from my drink.

A few moments later I hear the door open and then shut abruptly. I feel hands on my shoulder, running down my arms and catching my hands. Taking my hand and pulling me out of my seat the man twirls me around and says “you’ve followed directions.” I smile in response, as he pulls me into his body and kisses me deeply and then turns me around. He plays with my hair, kissing on my neck, as his hand pulls down my zipper which ends at the base of my hips. He slowly peels me out of my dress, kissing me everywhere that the dress reveals until it falls to the floor. He pulls on my hand and opens the door, I realize that I am leaving in my lingerie and pull back against his hand. He quickly shuts the door. I tell him that I don’t want to go out there. He says that this is part of one of the events that I agreed upon, just a different avenue. “You can either follow me out the door and make your money per the contract or put your dress back on and leave” he tells me. I groan inwardly to myself, and tell him okay. He opens the door and leads me out into the hallway. We end up in the elevator, I can hear other people mumbling, the man leading me seems to not mind at all. The bell dings, and we leave the elevator and walk down another set of hallways, I have no idea where the room is in comparison to where I was anymore. Finally we pause and I hear the beyliikdüzü escort latch of a door open as I am ushered in. The man leads me to a spot in the room and tells me to stand here and not move.

I can’t hear anything, anything that would give me any clues about my surroundings. Suddenly I hear footsteps, then something being set down next to me, then the footsteps move away. A door shuts and an eerie quietness takes over the room, more silence than there was before. Footsteps come closer to me, my heart beating fast and loud, not knowing what I am about to do at this event. A man’s voice tells me to slowly strip and take off my clothes but to keep the blindfold on. I take off every piece of clothing and place them in his hands. He then guides me over to a chair, which I can guess is what was set next to me, and tells me that he wants to see a show. I am unsure as to what he means, until I move to take a seat and feel something underneath me. My hands touch the chair to feel a huge dildo attached to the chair. I nod my head in agreement and he then goes to remove my blindfold.

Immediately my eyes are blinded by light and the eyes of over 50 men and women in formal ball gowns. I have been made the center of attention, I attempt to cover myself with my hands, my face is flushed with embarrassment. The man who undressed me, I recognize his voice, steps in front of me and pulls my hands down. He repeats again that he wants to see a show, I glare at him in complete embarrassment. He stares back at me and then gestures to the chair, from somewhere I conjure a confidence and proceed to sit on the chair and play with the fake cock. I close my eyes, pretending that these people are not all here. The man tells me to open my eyes, and to look at him. I am literally cursing this bastard in my mind, but I obey, I agreed to this.

I straddle the chair, my back against the rungs of the chair, as I take my hand and slowly move the head of the dildo against my clit. Over and over I circulate over my clit, one hand playing with my nipple. My eyes dance back and forth between my own body and the man in front of me, I wonder if he is the guest of honor. I can see his cock hardening through his pants, as he sips his bourbon, I slowly tease myself with the tip, lifting myself up and down on it. My breathing quickens, no longer caring about my audience, but fantasizing about this man’s cock inside me. Knowing how wet I am, I get up and bend over in front of him, and proceed to suck on the dildo as my soaking pussy is in front of him. After gagging myself a few times on the cock, I turn back around and proceed to slowly lower myself onto this hard cock. It feels so good, I bounce bodrum escort fast and deeper on it, one hand playing with my clit the other moving between my throat and my nipples. I’m in my own world, moaning loudly and about to cum when suddenly the man yells “STOP!”

I stop what I am doing, he grabs my hand, snaps his fingers and two men follow us out of the room. I don’t understand what I did wrong as he leads me naked through the hall and down to another room. One of the men opens the door, as we go through door, the other man moves towards the mini bar and pours two glasses. The man holding my wrist spins me around and tells me to kiss him and tells me to go lay on the bed. He takes a seat in front of the bed telling me he still wants a show. To my surprise the other men are naked, “fuck them, now and make them cum” he says. “But do not cum yourself, you are mine” as the two men approach men. They quickly pull me to the corner of the bed, pushing me down on my back as one of the men shoves his cock in my throat.

I groan in surprise as the other man thrust inside me deeply, their hands are groping my breasts, pinching my nipples. I’m moaning into the cock that is violating my throat, over and over, the man pulls out, spit trailing from my mouth as he smacks in the face. I’m so close to cumming, the men can tell and completely stop touching me. I cry out in frustration and beg for them to fuck me. I whip my head around at the deep mocking laugh I hear from the man drinking bourbon. He tells me that I will regret that in a few moments, as they all begin to get dressed again. The man that fucked my mouth opens the door, and I groan as they gesture towards the door and we walk out into the hallway again.

They lead me back to the conference room, and before the door opens, bourbon man blindfolds me again. The door opens and two sets of hands guide me to a couch like object, then I feel rope sliding across my skin, I am being bound in a variation of the fetal position. I am face up, my legs are bound to my chest, rope is tied around each breast, my hands are bound underneath my ass. My pussy and asshole are vulnerable to anyone’s eyes, as I’m sure the guests haven’t left. I hear a clinking of glass and the bourbon man takes my blindfold off again and says I will not be released until every man has fucked my holes. He stands back, taking one last sip, as I stare past him to see 10 naked men with throbbing cocks, before I can protest, he shoves his dick in my mouth. One man moves to the other side of me and proceeds to smack my holes, making me jump and squeal against the cock in my throat.

The men jeer, as the man smacking me tells them I’m getting wetter by the bolu escort moment, I curse to myself because its true. Next thing I know, I’m being turned or the couch thing is, I can’t tell and cock is entering my soaking pussy and my mouth. All I can hear is the sound of my wetness, and the groaning from the men as I am being fucked so hard. One man cums in my mouth, another takes his place as they lift my body up as I am placed down on a cock and I feel a cold liquid pressed against my ass. I squirm in vain, a voice tells me “relax, you’re going to enjoy this, you love being filled with cock.” Slowly he pushes against my tight asshole, while another cock is thrust in and out of my pussy, creating a tighter fit. He groans loudly as he get his head past my sphincter and I cry out as another man cums in my mouth.

He stops moving, and before another man takes my mouth I say “are you going to fuck my ass or not?” As if that was all the motivation that was needed, all three men thrust into my body making me convulse as I squirt all over the man underneath me. Over and over the men switch between my holes, leaving me filled with cum, smacking my swollen tits and my clit. I lose count of how many times I have cum or how many times the men have, or how long it has been since we started. I must have closed my eyes momentarily, the ropes loosen, my body relaxes and I am told to turn over with my ass in the air. I do as I am told, holding on to one edge of the couch, as I feel an even larger object press against my pussy, bourbon man’s voice tells me to relax and stay still. I hear a click and the object in my ass starts vibrating, I moan loudly as he pulls on my hair and thrust into my ass. Its so much, every few thrusts he turns up the speed on the vibrator and on his thrusts, deeper and and harder into my ass, pull my hips into his. Smacking my ass over and over with his free hand as it feels like he’s pulling my hair out of my head. My moans get louder and wilder, as he knows I’m on the edge of a hard orgasm, turning the speed to max on the toy inside my cum-soaked pussy. He leans into me, and says in my ear “fucking cum now my little whore.” That’s it, my eyes roll back into my head, I cry out as my entire body shakes and I squirt everywhere, he groans my ass tightening around his cock as he cums inside me. I collapse, and close my eyes.

I incoherently hear a phone ringing, I lift my head to see it is the hotel room phone. I answer it, it was the front desk making a wake up call that was scheduled, the time was 10am. I put the phone back down, and look at my surroundings. My clothes are all laid out on a chair, my wallet is there as is my phone. A note is by them. I scramble to the chair to read it. “Thank you for a lovely time, the gala for my business party was a success. You gave a wonderful performance. If you ever want to attend another one, please let your contractor know. J” I lay back down, that was one set of 10,000$ and totally worth it, I wonder what the next event is going to be.