Fantasy Date


” What would be your ideal date be like… real or fantasy?” I typed.

We had only known each other for brief time but had already gotten through most of the “what are you looking for questions.” Internet dating and the world of IM were new to me but I was catching on quickly.

“You first,” she IMed

“Fantasy ok?” I replied.

“sure :-)” she responded.

“This has to happen on a Saturday or a weekday when you are off. You are picked up by a limousine around 3pm and are taken to a day spa where you are pampered with a nice manicure, pedicure, deep tissue cleaning, massage and facial. By the time you are done, you are feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. Your lovely auburn hair is styled nicely. You are ready.

The limousine then takes you to a hotel downtown where you arrive no earlier than 8pm. You go to the front desk, tell them who you are and they hand you a card key without question, for the room that I have prepared in advance.

You go to the room and when you enter, you notice that the drapes are pulled closed and the room is in darkness except for one lamp that is on. Next to the lamp, you notice a vase full of large red roses and a nicely wrapped gift box with a ribbon on it. You untie the ribbon and open the gift box in which you find four items; a beautiful silk bra, matching g-string, a blindfold, and instructions.

Your instructions explain that it is very important that you follow the instruction exactly. You are to change into the silk bra and g-string, turn down the blankets on the bed, turn the light off so the room is in complete darkness, put the blindfold on, lie down in the center of the bed and wait. No television, radio or telephone calls allowed. Just wait.

You follow the instruction to the letter.

After about 5 or 10 minutes, you hear someone enter the room. Do not be afraid, it is I. No talking allowed. You are lying on the bed and must not say a word or xslot remove the blindfold. Simply trust.

You hear me walk around to the one side of the bed where you feel me sit on the bed next to you. I reach out and stroke you arm lightly from your shoulder down to your wrist then I close my hand around your wrist firmly. Next, I gently pick your wrist up and slowly fasten a wrist cuff on it. Then I chain it to the base of the bed that I have prepared beforehand.

I walk around to the opposite side of the bed, and stroking your arm lightly from your shoulder down to your wrist, I fasten a wrist cuff to it. Stretching your arms out so you are in the center of the bed, I chain this to the base of the bed also.

Neither of us speaks a word, as I skillfully fasten the ankle restrains and chain you securely spread eagle to the bed.

You are now mine. Mine to do with as I choose.

You feel me come closer and kneel on the bed next to you. Your heart races with anticipation and excitement. Running my fingers through your hair, I close my hand firmly pulling your hair, lean forward and kiss you gently on the lips, then once again more passionately forcing my tongue into you mouth while holding your hair firmly.

I release your hair and you sigh. With a very light touch, I run my fingers over your eyebrows admiring your pretty face. You feel the back of my hand as I touch you cheekbones then I run my fingers lightly across your lips. You do not move. You have given yourself completely to me. I lower my face towards you again and you feel my breath upon you face. I lightly and slowly rub my nose up one side and down the other of your nose then I kiss you, pulling you closer with my hand behind you neck as I kiss you passionately.

You feel me now leaning over you as I gently and slowly kiss your neck and shoulders. I soak up your beauty as I slowly worship you with my kisses.

I undo the xslot Giriş bra and pull it from you. My lips find there way to your breasts as I slowly and deliberately work my way toward your nipples. I circle one nipple with me tongue as it becomes erect. Sucking it, I roll the other tightly between my fingers then switch to the other. Your breathing becomes shallow as you pull against the restraints. Your body squirms with pleasure, yet the restraints hold securely. I stop and reach for the nipple clamps, taking care to ensure that they fastened tight – just right. You moan with pleasure as you pull against the restraints once again. Just to tease, I lean down picking up the chain between the clamps in my teeth then raise my head slowly pulling your nipples as you gasp.

I kiss you passionately as you feel my hand move down your right side over the shapely curves of your waist, thighs, and towards your wet pussy. Your body can hardly contain the excitement as I pull the g-sting to one side circling your clit with my finger. You pull against the restraints and moan louder. Holding the lips of your pussy apart gently with my fingers I begin to lick your hot pussy and clit. Being inexperienced at receiving oral sex you are a little uncomfortable with this at first but them you surrender to your desires, your body aching in ecstasy as I suck your clit.

Your pussy is wet with expectation as I slowly slide a finger in side you. You back arches in response. You can hardly contain yourself as you pull harder against the restraints trying to wiggle free to escape the raw passion that has engulfed you. Still neither one of us speaks a word.

My palm facing upward I move my finger in and out and you become wetter. With each movement, I reach deeper inside of you my finger pressing against the roof of your vagina until I find the g-spot where I rub skillfully. You scream with excitement, you fight for each breath as xslot Güncel Giriş your body succumbs to the pleasure and just as you are about to cum, I pause. You moan wanting more, but I am in control, your body is mine, given to me freely, and I will decide when you cum.

I begin to suck your clit again only to deny you the orgasm your body cries for as I pause patiently.

I loosen your ankle chains just enough to allow you to bend your knees as you eagerly await my throbbing hard cock. Positioning myself above you with my knees between your legs, you gasp as push my hard cock into your eagerly waiting pussy. I move my hips directly above yours as I thrust hard inside you. Bending down I pick up the chain in my mouth and as I thrust deeper, my back arched and pulls on the nipple clamps. I kiss you with the chain in my mouth and the hard thrusting becomes long slow stokes.

Gone are the boundaries of flesh, our bodies one, one passion, one excitement. I feel your body begin to tremble. I raise my head, chain still in my mouth. You feel my strength and power as I thrust harder and faster deep within you. I feel your cervix as I push hard against it, driving me crazy, every nerve ending on the head of my cock alive, wanting you and you wanting me. The trembling in you body increases, you pull hard against your restraints, lifting your knees you scream as your body erupts in a violent orgasm. You are breathless, as the orgasm seems to last forever. Your back arches as you pull against the restraints to lift your body up and kiss me wildly and passionately.

As the after glow subsided, I put my finger to your lips as if to say “Shhhhh.” I withdraw and you lay still as I remove the restraints from you left wrist and ankle. You lay quietly as you regain your breath. I dress quietly and leave. You hear the door close. You are now free to remove your blindfold and the remaining restraints. To your right on the nightstand you see a cold can of Diet Coke, a glass and a card. You pop open the can of Diet Coke and without using the glass, you press the can to your lips and drink quenched your thirst. You remove the card from the envelope. Opening the card, you read three simple words “I adore you.”