Daddy’s Business Ch. 01


I married my high school sweetheart. Now, this does not mean I did not do lots of running around, especially during my younger days. Being a year older, and going to a different college, I was able to date a lot of other girls, to get a variety of experiences as they say. Being a jock all through college offered more than a fair share of dating opportunities. As I got older, I chased the ladies, and probably was more of a cad than people thought. With so much business travel, there was more than ample opportunity to chase skirts all over the country. And I caught more than a few. I slowed down my wandering ways as I matured. Or with age, the younger ladies did not respond as easily to me. I want to believe I matured and slowed down of my own volition.

We lived the good life, I did both undergraduate and graduate school, attending a Top 10 graduate school, getting a consulting job with an international firm, traveled world wide to do strategic planning projects and feasibility studies for a number of companies and countries. We married just after she finished undergraduate school, I continued as a student going on to graduate school after two years of full time employment.

We took residence in the suburbs of Los Angeles, living in the Seal Beach community, a half block from the beach. Young, upward mobile, life was good. After several years of hard work, we finally settled into a home close to the beach near the Palisades. It looked like we would reach the American dream, raising a family, growing old, traveling, etc. I had not planned on losing my spouse in an accident at the early age of 47.

A whole new world opened up to me. Dating! I jumped in with both feet. I was more than surprised at the attitudes taken by my grown kids. They thought that a man of my means should not really be using adult sites to locate available friends. Hell, I wanted to fuck. Married, single, it was not really important to me. I thought over time, I would find that one lady, grow to like her, maybe even love her, and move forward with more traditional relationship stuff. Then it happened. At 51 years old, I had a mild heart attack. It slowed the old boy down, not out by any means, but definitely down. Dating stopped.

I threw myself into my workouts now. Losing weight, strengthening the body, toning my look, a new wardrobe became a priority for me. To get me through the period after the initial attack, my oldest daughter, Sandy, age 25, came home to live with me, her roommate staying in the townhome near Denver.. She was a blessing. She quickly worked into running my house staff, setting the menu with my chef for the coming week, scheduled cleaning, yard work, etc., things I had never really even considered with my spouse. Her role, she held things on the home front together.

Sandy was an athlete, strived to be the best she could be, but never made the first team so to speak. She was attractive, a lithe body, fairly tall at 5’8″, dripping wet she was 140 lbs, B-cup breasts, flared hips, and a smile that could wrap Dad around her finger at the blink of an eye. She was my princess!

We quickly developed our routine. She ran the house, I did what I did. I never questioned why she stayed so long after my heart attack. 3-months disappeared quickly. Sandy was still home. I enjoyed having her around the house to keep me company. I made a point to get with her during the evenings, to check in with her, go swimming in our pool, or just sit and watch a movie, or go out to very nice dinners where we had to dress the parts. It was a nice time.

Now, being a hunter of females, I began to realize that Sandy had an interest in me. It was more than just “Dad” and his need to be assisted. She would give me a look, a glance, a demur smile, a coy grin, something that would puff up my chest, and engorge my cock. Or a touch. These seemed to be hardest on me, a caress of the arm, the shoulder, a back rub while watching the movie on the couch. We grew very comfortable with each other. She would lie down, place her head on my lap as we watched the movies. I rubbed her body, her arm, her hip, even sliding gently, softly over her ass. Her hands would stroke my thigh, she might plant a kiss on my leg as she rose up to a sitting position. It seemed like innocent caresses. But my mind wrote many more lines.

I would masturbate late in the evening on occasion when retiring for the evening after reading stories on Lit. I selected more incest/taboo stories, creating a fantasy about my lovely daughter. In my mind, she really wanted me. And I was growing more attracted to her. I played out the scenario in my head. We could continue to dance. We could quote all the excuses why it was wrong. We could even agree that we should not move forward.

But the discussion never took place. I did not want too, so why bring it up. And, what if I created the relationship in my head? What if it was not what I thought it was? We had always been close. Hugs, kisses on the lips, snuggles over the years. Nothing out of the ordinary. Escort Maltepe Nothing inappropriate. Maybe this was a continuation of those feelings of love, fatherhood, family. But you guessed it. I am writing a recap of the story here, in lit, in the incest/taboo section.

On a non-descript day, a Wednesday if I remember correctly, my world with Sandy changed drastically. I had scheduled a business meeting out of the city, and would be gone for an overnight stay in Seattle. Because I was interested in Sandy acquiring an understanding of my business, I invited her to accompany me on my trip. She was, and is, an officer in my corporation. So the request of attending the meeting could be expected. We were off. We left Jeffco Airport on time, taking our family personal GV. Sandy seemed contemplative during our trip to the airport, and then was quiet on the early stage of the flight as well.

“Daddy, I want to talk to you about our time in Seattle,” Sandy voiced. I looked up from my paper.

“Yes Baby,” I replied.

“We have the same last name. As far as anyone knows, you have a trophy wife,” her voice trailed off looking deep into my eyes. “I want to be your wife on this trip, Daddy. No one has to know!” she continued. She hesitated, looking for my reaction.

My mind raced. My heart skipped beats. My cock chubbed. My thought process short circuited. My chest tightened. My words would not come out. “My wife,” I whispered.

“Yes Daddy, your willing, loving wife!” she exclaimed. She moved to kneel beside my chair, her hands resting on my thigh. “I want you Daddy, to love, to kiss, to take as mine,” she continued. “I know you desire me, I see your looks, the love in your eyes. I feel the sexual tension when we watch a movie. God I have wanted to caress your cock, my lips so close, yet so far. My body has wanted you, yearned for your touch, your caress. My nipples rise, firm with thoughts of you. My sex aches, moistens even now when I just think of you, making love to me,” she continued. “Please Daddy, don’t deny me this,” she stated firmly. Her head held high, she looked deep into my eyes, searching for an answer, a confirmation.

“Baby,” I whispered softly. I dropped my paper to the table. I reached to place my hand on her cheek, my fingers sliding along her cheek, over her ear to the back of her neck, my fingers intertwining in her hair. I pulled my hand back slightly, cupping her cheek. She leaned against my hand as her left hand moved to cover my hand. Turning, she kissed my palm softly. I pulled her to me, resting her head on my chest, wrapping my arms around her, holding her tight. Her arms wrapped around my sides, obstructed by the chair. I held her. “Yes Baby,” I said clearly.

We stayed together for several more minutes. “I’ll make you very happy Daddy,” Sandy whispered. She stretched upwards, kissing me on my lips, this time lingering; eyes open, watching my face, my eyes for a signal. I leaned forward, capturing her mouth with mine. My tongue darted between my lips, stretching to find hers. She returned my kiss. I grabbed her arms, pulling her higher, harder against me as my kiss deepened with her. Our kiss lingered, sucking breath, her tongue into my mouth. I felt her melt, yielding to me. Releasing her arms, they quickly reached around my head, hugging me tightly. My hands slid down her body, resting on her hips. Small, gentle kisses, quick nips of her lips, my tongue dancing over her lips, we parted, our breathing deeper than before. I looked to her. Her eyes twinkled.

“I knew you be a great kisser Daddy,” she quipped. “I just knew it!” She started to lean back to me. I held her back gently.

“Baby, my crew knows you are my daughter, so we need to be very careful on the plane” I stated objectively. “Damn!” I continued, glancing at her. I reached to her, my fingers touching her exposed skin above the top button of her blouse. My fingertips danced on her soft skin, my hand traversed over her blouse, feeling the bulging form of her tit flesh above her bra. Reaching her bra, my fingers traced along the edge, over the blouse. I stopped, sliding my fingers down, feeling for her nipple. I could feel the firmness through her bra and blouse. Her hand quickly covered my hand, pulling me flat on her tit. I squeezed firmly. A soft moan escaped her lips, her eyes closed, her head tilted back slightly. I pinched her nipple, rotating my thumb and index finger, twisting her nipple softly. Her tongue licked her lips.

“Daddy, you naughty thing you” she whispered. “I will be horny for the rest of the flight!” she continued. She reached to me, her hand sliding quickly up my thigh, inside to my crotch. Being left sided, my cock was hard, reaching down my left leg. “Jesus,” Sandy whispered as she stroked up my hard shaft. As she rose up, she leaned and gave me a quick kiss.

“Sit Baby,” I instructed her. I leaned to her leg, lifting her calf. I pulled her sandal off her foot. Turning, I placed her foot on my chair, between my legs. I started massaging her foot and leg. I slowly massaged her foot, my thumbs running up the sole of her foot, across the ball of her foot, around the outside, over the bridge of her foot, and up her ankle, over the sides of her leg, and up her calf. I repeated this again. With each movement up her leg, I placed her foot against my crotch, my hard cock firmly against the side of her foot. She massaged my cock as I massaged her leg.

I got more brazen, sliding my hand higher on her leg. Putting her leg down, I moved to the front of my chair. With each pass, I slid my hand over her knee, and started sliding up her thigh, my fingertips kneading the soft flesh under her sun dress. My hands traveled higher. Sandy parted her legs slightly. My fingertips touched her panties. I retracted my hand. Stopping, I listened. Nothing. I again massaged her thigh, sliding my hands upwards again, this time riding over her edge of her panties, sliding to her middle. I snaked a finger between her lips, pushing the soft material against her clit. Her body jumped under my touch. A grunt escaped her lips. Fire reflected in her eyes. Lust enveloped us both. Sandy literally growled under her breath.

“Feel how wet you have made me?” she asked. “My thong is soaked,” she whispered.

I stood, retreated to the galley. Calling the crew, I informed them we were going to take a quick nap, and not to be disturbed. Once confirmed, I returned to Sandy. I kneeled on the floor, pushing her sun dress up her thighs. I parted her legs, leaned down to kiss her tanned, soft flesh. Reaching underneath Sandy, I pulled her butt to the front edge of the chair. Leaning down, I moved to her crotch, pulling the sun dress over my head. I reached to her thong, pulling it aside. Her pussy’s fragrance filled my nostrils. Sticking my tongue out, I moved forward, slipping my tongue into her folds, snaking it down, finding her clit. Her body jumped upwards, impaling my tongue. She tasted good. I swirled my tongue over the hard clit, mashing it against her body. Her legs rose up, over my back as she tilted her hips, opening her cunt for my mouth.

“Make me cum Daddy!” Sandy whispered huskily. I sucked her clit into my mouth, my teeth grabbing her skin, holding it firmly. My tongue flicked it back and forth quickly, mashing her clit against the inside of my teeth. Her body jumped upwards, her hands reached to the back of my head, pulling me tight against her cunt. Her breathing was ragged. Small grunts, moans escaped her with each attack on her clit. I dropped lower, my tongue sliding down her wet slit. Finding her hole, I thrust my tongue deep into her body, thrusting in and out quickly. I rimmed her hole, drinking her wetness into my mouth. I moved back to her clit, again my tongue thrust over her sex button, quickly, firmly. I slid two fingers between her wet lips. Her body arched, anticipating my next thrust. Moving slowly, deliberately, I flicked my fingertips apart, back together, apart to slide along her wet slit. Finding her hole, I pushed forward hard. My fingers met resistance, her hole being tight. Slowly, her hole opened, wrapping the soft, wet flesh of her sex around my fingers as I invaded her body. As I urgently pushed into her hole, her breath escaped with the same degree of urgency. Wriggling my fingers, I pushed them completely into her body. I hesitated, licking her clit slowly, pushing it from side to side, top to bottom.

Sandy opened her eyes, looking into mine. Her mouth formed a perfect O, her breathing labored. I stopped all movement. Her face reflected a dejected, puzzled look. At that instant, I withdrew my fingers, and slammed them forward again, driving them again deep into her cunt. I nipped at her clit, pulling it upwards, my tongue dancing fast over the sensitive flesh. I hammered her cunt with my fingers as I sucked her clit deep into my mouth. I ground my mouth down on her, thrusting my chin side to side, up and down along her wet slit, not releasing her clit. My tongue mashed her flesh against my teeth. Sandy grunted hard, her hips flailing upwards, thrusting to capture my face, my tongue. Her hands grabbed the arms of the chair, her fingers digging into the soft leather material.

Her hips tilted. Her face contorted, lost in lust, lost in her body’s desire, she inhaled deeply. Holding her breath, her ass lifted upwards several inches off the chair, grinding against my face. Seconds passed. A loud grunt, her breath exploded from her body. Her body arched higher, then flopped down hard on the chair. Her body convulsed involuntarily. Her orgasm washed over her body. I continued my assault on her clit and hole. Her hands reached to my head, stopping my movements.

“Softly Daddy,” she growled. “Eat me softly,” she repeated. I slowed almost to a stop, my tongue very gently washing over her sex. My fingers reamed her, slowly withdrawing, even slower penetration. Her hips tilted, her thighs flexed, her cunt convulsed upwards hard, held against my tongue, then again flopped back down on the chair. A grin, a wide, satisfied grin crossed her face as she looked to me. “Mmmm,” she groaned, her eyes flashing. She caressed my face, even touching her clit as my tongue danced over and around it. She pulled her fingers to her mouth, tasting her juices. Pulling my fingers out of her body, I offered them to her. She sucked my fingers into her mouth, pumping them in and out, thrusting her tongue hard over them, sucking them hard. Within seconds, my fingers had been sucked clean. Pulling back, I pulled her thong back over her mound. She reached to help me adjust the material.

I sat back in my chair. Wiping my chin, I could smell her on my fingers.

“Mr. Barnes,” the captain called over the intercom. “We will be arriving in 20-minutes sir,” he continued.

“Baby, I want you to suck me for just a minute,” I instructed Sandy. She moved lightning quick, dropping between my legs. She reached to my belt, opening it quickly, unzipping my pants.

“Tiddy whites,” she laughed as she pulled the front of my briefs down. Reaching in, she wrapped her fingers around my cock, struggled to pull him up and out in the open. She quickly freed my cock. Her eyes widened. “Daddy, you are a big man, how big is this monster?” she whispered. She stroked my shaft, pulling it to her lips. Her tongue licked the precum from his eye and head. Her mouth stretched open, her lips moving forward, her tongue swiping around the head, coating her with a layer of saliva. She pushed forward, sliding the head between her lips.

Pulling off, she looked to me. “Can you cum quickly Daddy?” she inquired.

“Depends if I can fuck your face, or you want to savor sucking my cock and making me cum,” I replied. “If I fuck your face, I will be driving it down your throat hard and fast,” I continued. “At the moment, I prefer to have you tease me for a few minutes, then finish me when we arrive at the hotel,” I finished. I gently pulled her face back to my throbbing cock, pushed against her mouth, and let her engulf the head of my cock again. “Get used to my size Baby.” I thrust forward slightly, driving more cock into her mouth. She gagged slightly. For a couple of minutes, Sandy licked my shaft, drove more cock into her mouth. She was able to impale about 7 inches into her mouth. A tear formed in the corner of her eye. My balls churned!

Pulling her off, I wiped the tear away. “It’s 9 ½ inches Baby,” I said. “Goes with my frame don’t you think?” I asked. I leaned to kiss her softly. I stood to tuck my shirt back in my pants, zipped and buckled up. I returned to my seat, buckling back into my place.

“It will be a great couple of days Baby!” I exclaimed. She grinned ear to ear.

“Anticipate the hotel Daddy!” she growled under her breath. “Your cock is mine!”

All I could do is sit in that damn seat, looking at my baby girl, with an engorged hard on raging down my leg. I squirmed. Damn I was horny. She watched me, licking her lips seductively. She knew she was teasing me, and played it to the hilt. After landing, she even squeezed my ass as I stood to exit the plane. She was enjoying herself immensely.

We walked briskly to the car sent to pick us up and deliver us to the hotel. Once I told the driver the itinerary, we were off for the ride to the hotel.

“I can’t wait Daddy,” Sandy said. “I want it now!” Sandy nearly raped me on the way, grabbing my cock as we sped off. Opening my pants with an urgency I had not seen from her, she literally impaled her face on my cock. My hips bucked, my ass cheeks flexing to drive my cock upwards, driving inches into her mouth. My focus now was to cum. All thought was lost, my raging hard on controlled my thoughts, desires, driven by lust. I pushed down on Sandy’s head, driving even more cock into her face. Her throat relaxed, my cock slid completely down her soft, pliant mouth and throat. She groaned deeply, and began jamming my cock hard in and out of her mouth and throat. Her cheeks hallowed when she pulled up, sucking my meat hard, draining any precum from my balls. Watching my face, she would twirl her tongue around the head, jab it’s eye with her tongue, pump the shaft hard with her petite hands, tilt her face toward my crotch, and jam her face quickly down my shaft, swallowing every fucking inch of my massive cock. My ball ached.

I thrust against her face, humped hard into her mouth. My balls churned, I humped faster. I pulled her head down, driving my cock deeper into her mouth. Her lips suctioned me, humping me. Her hand milked my balls, rolling them, squeezing them firmly. And then the switch flipped. Grunting hard, I jammed my cock upwards, forcing her to accept my cock deep. My balls squeezed, convulsing, sending seed into my shaft. Spasms, muscles forcing my cum up my tubes, grabbed by her sucking mouth, exploded into her throat. Spurt after spurt, I flooded her mouth and throat. Colors flashed behind my tightly clenched eye lids. And she kept sucking, drawing my fluids up, draining my balls. A drop trickled on the side of my shaft. Sliding back down, she inhaled it, sucking firmly, drawing my deflating cock again deep into her mouth.