In Brazil Ch. 02


(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history. Other stories in the series include Blackedmerica: A Love Story, Nerds of Hollyweather, The Southern Sheriff and The Black Rooster Resort.)

Chapter 2

Over at Studio 3, as he approached the hangar-like building which housed the sets of Dinastia, Pedro could hear fans of the show cheering. Every day a group of fans gathered outside the fenced off plot, in hopes for a chance to see their favorite stars. When Pedro got there, the fans were cheering Ana Clara Franca’s name.

Ana Clara had been on the show for as long as Pedro could remember. She played Rafaela, the head of the Siqueira family, one of the main families on the show. The last year on the show, however, the Siqueiras had fallen on hard times. Though for those who followed the show, knew that Ana Clara’s character was scheming to get her family back on top.

Though the large breasted actress had just turned fifty-seven earlier this year, she had remained true to her vow to stay natural and to refrain from cosmetic surgery, something that had made her even more beloved amongst the people Brazil.

Having come out from the studio, Ana Clara spent some time waving to the fans. Which was another reason why she was so beloved. Her dedication to her fans. In her low cut and very glamorous blue evening dress, she almost spent a full five minutes posing. The dress she had on, she had just worn for a scene in Dinastia.

The scene had taken place at an elegant gala, where her character Rafaela had seduced Vitor, the long-lost son of Fausto Camargo. To say that the cleavage it revealed was spectacular, would be a gross understatement.

Whilst she smiled and posed for her fans, Ana Clara felt the delicious taste of cum on her lips. In the scene she had just shot, the handsome young black actor who played Vitor had slid his twelve-inch cock between her heavy breasts until he had erupted all over her face.

After a few more waves, Ana Clara got into her chauffeur-driven black Mercedes Benz and drove off. Though as the car passed the gates, where all the fans stood, she told her driver to slow down. Outside the fans cheered at the same time as they tried to get a picture of her with their camera phones.

“Shall I drive you home Senhora Franca?” Ana Clara’s driver Jõao glanced back through the rear view mirror. Jõao had just taken over for the actress’s old driver who had retired a couple of months ago. Even after several months of driving her, he still found it hard not to glance down at her heavy chest. And today was no different as his small penis pushed hard against his underwear.

“Not today, I meeting my husband at the Velour.” Ana Clara mentioned the extravagant restaurant. The Velour was not only famous for its award-winning cuisine, but also for the waiters who worked there. One of the black men who worked there reportedly sported a massive fourteen-inch cock.

“The Velour it is.” Jõao had never driven to the restaurant before, though he had studied and memorized most roads in São Paulo when he found out that he was going to be driving Ana Clara. He didn’t want to rely on a GPS.

“Oh, Jõao, did you pick up the magazines I asked for?” Ana Clara looked up at her driver and caught him glancing down her dress. A smile formed on her lips since the young man so reminded her of her husband Gaspar when they started dating. Not only did they share the same kind eyes and handsome features, but like her driver, she often found Gaspar trying to steal a glance of her breasts. To this day she still fondly remembers the sweet and guilty look on his face whenever she would catch him looking.

One day, in particular, stood out to her…

The two had been listening to music, holding hands. She knew how much Gaspar wanted to feel her breasts. Especially after he had seen her topless. Which had happened a few days earlier.

Ana Clara had been in her room with Claudio. The young black man had been fondling her naked breasts, whilst she stroked his huge ebony cock. A cock she was determined to suck until he blew his load in her mouth. As she moaned to Claudio’s touch, Ana Clara heard a soft creak, and when she looked over she saw Gaspar standing in the doorway.

He had such an innocent and loving look in his eyes. Looking over at him, Ana Clara saw his eyes wandered down to her large soft breasts. Breasts that Claudio was fondling in such an arousing manner. Though Gaspar’s gaze paused at her chest, for what must have been a minute, his eyes did wander down even further. Ana Clara could tell that Gaspar was looking at the huge black cock she was stroking, and it made her so horny. She wanted Gaspar to stand there watching whilst she took Claudio into her mouth and suck him.

But before her wish could be fulfilled, her eyes met with Gaspar and she saw him whisper.

“Perdão.” Gaspar had always been so formal and polite so Ana Clara could tell Betturkey by the way he looked at her that he was really sorry for having walked in on them like that. She also knew that Gaspar would have apologized to Claudio as well if Claudio hadn’t been busy.

Suddenly when they sat there holding hands, listening to the music, Ana Clara decided that she would do something bold, since she knew that Gaspar was much too polite to ever try and touch her boobs. Without making eye contact, she didn’t want to Gaspar to feel awkward, she slowly reached up, still holding his hand, and softly placed it on her breast.

After a couple of soft breaths, she heard a light grunt and moan. Glancing over at Gaspar she saw him looking down at his crotch. Curious, Ana Clara looked down as well and saw the wet spot that had formed on the crotch of his pants. He had come.

Without saying anything, she leaned over and gave him a small kiss on his cheek…

“Oh sorry Senhora Franca, I should have put them in the backseat.” Jõao turned into a parking spot next to the road so he could hand Ana Clara the plastic bag he had put the magazines in. One of the magazine that he had picked up earlier, Cuck Brasil, Jõao had been an avid reader and subscriber of for some time.

But more than that, Jõao was grateful for the magazine. A year ago, he had read a feature in the magazine, “Ten loving ways to propose to your girlfriend,” and in the article, one of the ways had really stood out to him, and he knew exactly how he wanted to ask Lívia, the woman he loved to marry him.

In line with the article, and wanting to be proper, he called up Júlio, a black man they had invited over for dinner. On the phone, Jõao told Júlio about his plan to ask Lívia to marry him and asked if it was okay with him to ask her whilst he was with her. To Jõao’s delight, Júlio was more than okay with it.

That evening, after having watched Júlio bed Lívia. Heard her scream out in orgasm after orgasm, and watched Júlio spray her face full of cum, Jõao slowly walked up to the bed where his beautiful girlfriend laid naked. His penis hung down like a limp noodle, still dripping cum as he got down on his knees just in front of the bed. With love in his eyes, he looked up at his girlfriend, her face splashed with semen, and uttered romantically, whilst holding up the box with the ring inside. “Lívia Matos, will you marry me?”

Lívia’s hands rushed to cover her lips in an act of overwhelming joy. Small tears of elation ran down from her eyes as she nodded yes and at the same time leaned over and gave Jõao a passionate tongue kiss. As she kissed him, the cum she had on her lips and cheeks smeared onto Jõao’s face and lips.

Afterward, and now with a ring on her finger, Lívia stroked and sucked Júlio’s thick black cock whilst also slowly jerking her now fiance’s limp penis in her other hand.

“Thank you Jõao.” Ana Clara sat the plastic bag next to her and took out the magazines.

The magazine on top made her smile in a proud way. On the cover of Giovanna, Brazil’s most popular women’s magazine was the São Paulo Ballet troupe. The troupe had just celebrated the end of their popular nationwide tour of Alfonso Ravel’s ballet, The Necklace.

The pride came from the fact that one of the twenty-four ballet dancers on the cover, was her eighteen-year-old granddaughter Heloíse. Even though the dancers all looked similar, same makeup, their hair pulled back and tied in a knot, same colored tutu that only consisted of the waist portion, nothing covering the dancers’ chests or lower bodies, it wasn’t very hard to spot her granddaughter on the cover. Heloíse’s huge K-size breasts, which she had clearly inherited from Ana Clara’s side of the family, made her stand out quite easily amongst the other dancers.

Ana Clara flicked through some pages of the magazine until she got to the feature on the ballet. She almost got a bit teary when she saw that her granddaughter had a small side paragraph written about her. She knew that Heloíse had struggled a bit when she first started with ballet. For obvious reasons, there weren’t very many large breasted ballet dancers, but it had been her passion so she had made it work. And earlier this year, when the director for The Necklace saw her audition, she had gotten her break.

It had only been a small part, but an important one. She played the role of Irina, a young happily married woman…

In the play by Alfonso Ravel, the main character, Claude, is tasked by the king to make the grandest piece of jewelry in existence. Being the perfectionist that he is, Claude tosses each and every piece he comes up with, none of them are good enough. Months past and a sense of dread has overtaken the Jewelsmith.

Then, out of the blue, when almost all hope of completing the task has left Claude, he walks by the house of a young and newlywed couple. There, through the kitchen window, he is greeted to a sight that completely reinvigorates Betturkey Giriş him with both the passion and the vision to craft the most exquisite piece of jewelry the king has ever seen.

Through the window, he sees the young beautiful and very busty Irina. Claude can see the passion in her eyes as she looks up at the handsome and naked black man towering over her. On her knees, she is gently squeezing her huge soft breasts together whilst the black man is stroking his thick and lengthy cock. In the background, the young woman’s husband, Raphael sits naked on a chair. With a dreamy look on his face, and a limp penis already dripping cum, he watches as the black man erupts and shoots thick wads of cum all over his wife’s breasts.

Claude is completely mesmerized by the pattern that the black man’s cum forms on the young woman’s chest, that he doesn’t even notice that he has climaxed himself, and small drops of semen start to drip from his penis.

A week later, Claude presents the king with the most striking necklace the kingdom has ever seen. The overjoyed king doesn’t even need Claude to tell him anything about the necklace. The shape of the necklace told the King everything he needed to know. It was a liquidy mess he had seen many a time on his wife, the queen. A slimy mess he had been fortunate enough to clean up with his tongue on more than one occasion. And now the king would be able to present his queen with this stunning necklace. It was sure to make her the envy of all women…

After reading the delightful paragraph that had featured her granddaughter, Ana Clara felt so proud and happy for Heloíse that she just had to call her up.

Over in her small two-room apartment in Pinheiros, on the western side of São Paulo, Heloíse and her boyfriend Murilo were packing for a weekend getaway. They were going to spend three wonderful days relaxing on the beaches of Ilhabela.

“Meu docinho, which ones do you think I should bring?” Heloíse had just come out of the shower. With a towel still wrapped around her wet hair, she looked at herself in the bedroom mirror, whilst trying to figure out which bikinis to bring.

Fofo… Heloíse found the white top she help up to her voluptuous breasts rather cute. The thing she liked the most about it, was that the bikini almost perfectly covered just her areolas and nothing more.

“You should… ” Since he had been busy packing, Murilo still wore the towel from having showered around his waist when he walked into the bedroom.

Nossa… When he saw Heloíse standing there naked, the thing he was about to say just left his mind. He couldn’t imagine a sight more beautiful. The way the sun hit Heloíse through the window made her otherwise somewhat light suntan glow in a heavenly manner. Murilo was so caught up in her beauty that he hardly noticed that the small nudge from his rising erection had loosened his towel and made it fall to the floor.

“I really like this… oh.” Heloíse was about to show Murilo the bikini top when she noticed him standing there naked, his towel laid on the floor, looking at her in the sweetest way possible.

“Hey, there fofo,” Heloíse smiled when she glanced down at her boyfriend’s cute penis. Fofo, which meant softie, was her loving nickname for her boyfriend whenever he was naked.

“Oh, I…” Murilo suddenly noticed that he was naked. That his towel had loosened up and fallen to the floor.

“Did you want to make out a little…” Feeling naughty, Heloíse put her arms around her soft and heavy breasts and gently squeezed them together.

Murilo had already been aroused when he walked into the bedroom.

Whilst packing he had found a Polaroid he had taken of Heloíse a few months back, during one of her weekends away from the ballet tour. In the Polaroid, Heloíse laid naked across the strong arms of four black men who held her up. Murilo so wished that the camera hadn’t broken down after that one shot since it had been one of the most amazing days of their lives.

So when he saw Heloíse press her plump breasts together, it was way more than he could handle.

“Uh uhhhhhhh.” Murilo jerked as a small spurt of cum shot out from the tip of his penis. As he climaxed, a dreamy look formed on his face, since in front of him stood the most beautiful girl he had ever met.

“Uhhh…” He lovingly looked at Heloíse as his penis had started to drip after the single spurt.

“Mmm.” Heloíse lightly bit down on her lower lip when she saw Murilo come. She loved that cute and somewhat goofy expression on his face. One he always got when he climaxed. Though glancing down at his cum dripping penis, she wished that she could have helped him a little. Maybe she could have wrapped her huge soft breasts around it, something she loved to do. She adored feeling his penis slide in and completely disappear between her breasts. Which was always followed by a warm sensation on her skin that was his cum. As she blinked, Betturkey Güncel Giriş she could even see the way Murilo would lick her breasts clean afterward. The way he slid his tongue between her boobs. The way he made sure to lick up all of his cum. He was always so loving and considerate.

“Had you been thinking of me.” Heloíse leaned in. Her breasts pressed against Murilo’s chest as she gave him a soft and sweet kiss. Whilst they kissed, she reached down and tenderly started to stroke his softening penis.

“Mmm.” Murilo felt her tongue brush against his upper lip as their lips parted ways for a moment.

“I found that… uhh… polaroid I took of you a few… uhh months ago, the one I thought I had lost.” Murilo let out a few tender moans. The way Heloíse was slowly stroking his limpening penis felt so amazing.

“Oh, you did?” Heloíse smiled to herself and gave Murilo another kiss. She had found the polaroid between two cushions earlier and put it in Murilo’s jeans, knowing he would find it.

“Yeahh.” Murilo kissed her back softly. Whilst kissing her, he ran his hands along the sides of Heloíse’s butt, gently pressing her closer, feeling her amazing breasts melt even deeper into his chest.

Suddenly, Mais profundo, mais profundo e profundo, Tainá’s hit single from the seventies started playing on Heloíse’s phone.

“Oh, it’s Vó Ana Clara,” Heloíse glanced over at her phone on the table next to them and saw her grandmother’s face on the screen.

“You don’t mind if I answer, do you?” She tenderly asked Murilo since they were in the middle of a loving embrace.

“Of course not.” Murilo thoughtfully shook his head as Heloíse gave him a smile and a quick kiss.

“Óla Vó.” Heloíse picked up her phone.

“Óla Heloíse.” Ana Clara smiled when she heard her granddaughter’s voice.

After Heloíse had said hello, she held out her phone so Murilo could say hello as well.

“Òla Senhora Franca.” Murilo had been quite star struck when he first met Heloíse’s grandmother. His entire family had watched Dynastia for as long as they remembered. To say that his mother Àgata had been a bit envious when he told her that he had met Ana Clara, would be quite the understatement.

“Óla Murilo. I’ve told you to call me Ana Clara.” Ana Clara said smiling. She really liked her granddaughter’s boyfriend, a young man she found to be very attentive and proper.

To Ana Clara, Murilo’s thoughtfulness really shined through when they had dinner at the cozy and chic Andiano’s…

The restaurant, which was owned by the two black brothers, Thales and Renan, had turned the small venture into quite the success story. Mostly due to their charm and the fact that they had made it their point to greet all of their guests personally. Which was very appreciated amongst the guests, especially the female guests, who had started something that had turned into somewhat of an unofficial tradition at the restaurant. Women would all go topless when they got there.

Which of course Ana Clara and Heloíse had also done, with a little help from Gaspar and Murilo who undid their respective dresses. Flaunting their huge breasts they were welcomed by the two clean-cut brothers, who naturally recognized Ana Clara. After a small chat, they all took a picture together which Ana Clara later posted on her twitter.

The picture, which Gaspar had taken, became a highly liked and retweeted picture, even picked up by several gossip magazine. In the picture, Thales was cupping Ana Clara’s heavy and sagging breasts, whilst Renan’s hands and fingers were all sunk into Heloíse’s tremendous naturals.

Over at their table, the two busty and beautiful women had drawn quite a bit of attention from the black men who were there. Ana Clara clearly remembered the young black man who came over and chatted up her granddaughter. He was about Heloíse’s and Murilo’s age, and very suave. It wasn’t long before they were kissing and he had his hands on her big naked breasts. Ana Clara had looked over at Murilo, who tried his best to be polite and pay attention to his dinner companions, but she could tell that all he wanted to do was look over at Heloíse, who was passionately making out with the young black man.

Though it was when Heloíse took his thick black cock into her mouth and sucked it with such lust, that Ana Clara saw Murilo’s thoughtfulness and love for her granddaughter. For the dinner, Heloíse had spent hours at the salon and had gotten her hair cut and shaped to perfection.

That’s when Ana Clara saw Murilo scoot up behind Heloíse and glance up at the black man, who had in turn gotten up on his feet and enjoyed Heloíse’s sweet lips wrapped around his amazing and rock hard cock. In a very polite manner, Murilo then asked if it was okay for him to hold her hair. As the young black man nodded that it was, Murilo thanked him and slowly leaned up over Heloíse. There he carefully gathered her locks of hair and gently held them back. In doing so, Murilo had put Heloíse at ease so she could fully enjoy the ebony cock she had in her mouth, and to give it the attention that it deserved, and at the same time not have to worry about ruining her hair.

If that wasn’t love, Ana Clara didn’t know what was…