Mrs. Fletcher , Me Ch. 2


After Mrs. Fletcher, Ellen, and I had our first encounter in her hotel room, we made our way back to the party my parents were having after the wedding rehearsal. We decided to tell everyone that the battery had died in her rental car. We were delayed so long because the rental company had a hard time finding a tow company to replace the battery. We practiced our story as I drove back to my parents. Before we got close to my house I pulled over to the side of the road. I leaned over to Ellen and gave her a long, soft kiss. I put my hand under her dress and she spread her legs so that I could easily slide my hand towards her crotch.

Once again, I was surprised by this woman of older age and experience. Before we had left the hotel, she had gone into her bedroom for a minute. Little did I know that the purpose of this action was to remove her clean, white, cotton panties which I had helped her put on as we dressed. As my hand went farther up her skirt, the soft hairs of her pussy met my fingers. I smiled as we continued to kiss and I could tell that she was pleased with herself for having surprised me. She opened her legs wide so that I could slide my finger into her cunt. She was still wet and slippery. She moaned with pleasure as I softly played with her. She began to laugh as I started to tickle her and she tried to push my hand away. I laughed with her as she fought harder. I finally stopped and I pulled my hand from between her legs.

Ellen watched and smiled as I took my fingers and licked them clean. It tasted so good. “I learned this from you Ellen,” I said.

“You are a very quick student David,” she said proudly. “We had better stop this playing or we’ll never get to the party.” We kissed deeply once more before I put the car back in gear and headed for my house.

When we got to my parent’s house, the party was in full swing. Everyone asked what had happened and our story was accepted as truth. Everyone did notice, however, that Ellen, Mrs. Fletcher, had changed outfits. She was now wearing a sexier dress than before. It was shorter and tighter than the dress she had worn for the rehearsal. The top was held up by a pair of very thin pieces of material. The skirt was up to the middle of her thighs. I couldn’t help but notice how the men flocked around her. It made me proud and jealous at the same time. It also made me as horny as hell for her. I found it hard to think about anything else but her. I longed to help her out of that dress so that I could enjoy the pleasures of her body.

I even caught the pastor giving her the once over. I tried to keep a polite distance from her but I was drawn to her. We would keep on making eye contact no matter how hard I tried not to look in her eyes. Once my eyes fell upon hers, I found it difficult to look elsewhere. One time I saw her climbing up on a stool to sit at our poolside bar. She mounted the chair with grace, even in the short skirt she had on. She swiveled the chair so that her legs would be hidden under the overhang of the counter. When she saw where I was standing, she made sure that no one was looking, and turned her stool in my direction. She opened her legs and let me gaze down to where I knew nothing was hidden. My cock immediately began to harden and put a bulge in my pants.

She saw the tent in my pants and quickly covered her mouth to hide her laugh. She slowly turned her legs back under the counter while I hid my hard on behind the bottle of beer I was drinking. She played this cat and mouse game with me all throughout the evening. I finally had had enough and decided that I would go upstairs to the bathroom to jerk off and relieve the pressure in my balls. Everyone was outside, and in the darkness that had come with night, I felt that I wouldn’t be missed. Ellen must have been watching me very closely because just as I reached the top of the stairs I heard her call my name softly.

“David. Where are you going?” I looked down and saw her standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“Go away,” I said quietly. “What if someone sees us together up here?”

“Don’t worry David. They’re all too drunk to know we’re gone. What are you doing up there?” She was slowly coming up the stairs towards me.

“If you really want to know….you’re driving me crazy and I was coming up here to jerk off,” I told her.

As she got to the top of the stairs she whispered in my ear, “If I’m driving you crazy David, then let me solve your problem.” She put her hand between my legs and began to slowly rub my crotch. I couldn’t help but reach out and kiss her deeply once again. She spotted the bathroom and pushed me inside, locking the door and putting the hook in place. “No Ellen,” I pleaded. “If we get caught I’ll be skinned alive.”

“Be quiet David and act fast,” she told me. “This won’t take long.” She quickly had my fly down and my cock inside her mouth as she knelt in front of me. Slowly, and yet deliberately, she began to suck on my hard cock. The sounds of the party seemed light years away. My hips rocked back and elazığ escort forth as I fucked her mouth. I thought that I was about to cum in her mouth once again when I heard the screen door open and close and the familiar voice of my mother.

I tried to pull my cock from Ellen’s mouth but she held onto my ass and wouldn’t let me out. She continued to move her head up and down on my dick as if nothing was wrong. “It’s my mom,” I said softly, looking down at her.

“What am I going to do?” She looked up at me and shrugged her shoulders, not missing a beat with her mouth. Her tongue was dancing all over my cock, driving me crazy with each flick she administered. My mother called from the bottom of the stairs.

“David, are you up there in the bathroom?” My mind raced. What should I do? Should I answer? I heard her footfalls as she began to climb the stairs.

“David. Do you here me? Are you all right?”

I had to answer. She was near the top of the stairs. I struggled to answer as Ellen only needed a few more strokes to have me explode in her mouth. “Yeah ma, I’m in the bathroom. I don’t feel too good. I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“Have you seen Mrs. Fletcher dear?” she asked. “I can’t seem to find her either.”

I looked down and pointed at Ellen as she looked up at me and smiled as she sucked. “No mom, I haven’t seen her for a while. Did you check out by the pool?” I asked.

“I’ll go look again,” she said as I heard her go back down the stairs. “Call me if you need any help David.”

Yeah, right mom, I thought to myself. You’re the last person in the world that I want helping me now. Ellen was a pro, never batting an eye in the face of disaster. She worked on me until she was sure I was ready to cum. As I felt my load quickly heading out of my dick, Ellen took my dick from her mouth and used her hand to make me cum. She squeezed my cock, letting it build up pressure inside, and then released her tight grip just as I came. My cum rocketed from my dick as Ellen quickly moved out of the way. It shot across the bathroom and hit the wall with a splat. It slowly oozed its way down the wall as another blast left my dick.

This one didn’t go as far as the first and landed on the tile floor. A third volley came up my shaft and out as Ellen continued to work her hand over my cock. Her hand was covered with my cum as she smeared it all over my cock. She looked pleased with what had just transpired.

She stopped rubbing my cock with her hand and put my dick inside her mouth. She sucked and licked until most of my cum was gone. When she was finished, she got off of her knees and rinsed her hands in the sink. She kissed me as I stood there exhausted, not believing what had just happened.

“You better clean up this mess,” she said softly. “It’s not nice to keep guests waiting at a party.” She kissed me again and carefully went back downstairs. I did my best to clean up my cum. I prayed that the stain on the wall wouldn’t be permanent. When I got back to the party, it was only my mother who seemed to know that I was missing. She told me that she finally found Mrs. Fletcher out by the pool where I had suggested. She wondered how I was feeling and I told her that my pipes were clogged and I needed to have them cleaned out. She smiled at me and said that she understood. I smiled back at her and left it at that.

As the guests slowly began to leave the party, I wondered if I would be able to spend some time with Ellen alone in her hotel room. If I wasn’t the one to show her back to the hotel once more, I’d be shit out of luck. When the final guest had gone, there was only me, Ellen, her daughter, my parents, and my brother left. It was still early, just a little past nine. Ellen said that it was time for her to head back to her hotel and she asked my parents if she could borrow me one more time for the ride back. She suggested that I drive myself and she could follow me.

The joys that I felt as she asked this request were quickly bashed by my brother’s suggestion that she follow her daughter and him. Thanks a lot bro. Ellen immediately saw the disappointment in my face. As we all said our good byes, Ellen was able to talk to me privately.

“Can you get out of the house?” she asked.

“Sure. No problem. I usually go out with friends and stay out late,” I told her.

“Good. I’ll be back in an hour to pick you up,” she whispered. “Meet me at the corner of your street. I need to have you with me tonight.” She kissed me on the cheek as we all said good-bye again, and I watched as she followed my brother back to the hotel. I helped my parents clean up faster than I ever did.

They asked what the hurry was and I told them that I wanted to go out with some of my friends. They were somewhat against the idea, but because I had been so helpful for the wedding and so nice to Mrs. Fletcher, they had no objections. As the hour closed in I said good-bye and flew out the door, hoping that I didn’t miss Ellen. I stood at the corner for what seemed an eternity when I spotted a pair of headlights in the distance. My heart pounded with anticipation as I waited for the car to near. It came by me and kept on going. It wasn’t Ellen. Maybe she wasn’t coming back for me I thought. Maybe I was too late. As I stood there another set of headlights came into view.

As the car approached, its high beams blinded me and I couldn’t tell that it was Ellen until she had stopped next to where I was standing. She rolled the window down and leaned over. “Hey good lookin’,” she said. “How about some fun?” She smiled from ear to ear as I got into the car and we drove off. She put her right arm out and brought me next to her. She turned towards me and kissed me deeply. “Do you know how long it’s been since I slept with a man?” she asked.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I slept with a woman?” I returned. She laughed at my joke and hugged me tightly. I took my right hand and slipped it underneath her blouse. I pushed my hand under her bra and held her tit gently. I played with her nipple as it hardened with my touch. Ellen drove back to her hotel quickly, taking short cuts that I was sure I hadn’t taken before.

We were at her hotel in record time. We kissed once more before leaving the car. We ran inside and headed for the elevators, laughing all the way. There was a group of people waiting for the elevators also. When the first car arrived we all stepped in. We were packed in quite closely, Ellen and I standing in the back. I was behind her so I decided to gently rub her ass. She pushed back as she felt my hand on her. She took a step backwards, slowly so that the others wouldn’t notice. I reached down until I could feel the bottom edge of her short skirt. I slowly pulled her skirt higher up in back so that I could feel the soft skin of her ass.

I let my fingers roam until I found the crack of her ass. I spread the cheeks of her ass apart with my fingers and pushed them in as far as I dared. She stood perfectly still as I played my game. We finally reached the floor where the others were getting off. Ellen and I stayed where we were as they exited. As the doors began to close, one of the women turned and looked back at us. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth opened as she realized where my hand was.

She said nothing as the door closed and Ellen and I burst out laughing. Ellen and I held each other and kissed passionately as we rode the elevator to her floor. We ran to her room as fast as we could. She fumbled with the lock as I played with her ass once more. I had pulled her skirt up as high as it could go and tossed it onto her back. She might as well have been standing there naked. She finally unlocked the door and we rushed inside before someone else saw us. We ran to her bedroom, tossing close off as fast as we could. She was naked before I was. I had trouble with my zipper so Ellen came over to help.

“Having a bit of trouble David?” she asked. I looked at her, smiled, and shrugged my shoulders. She came over to me and kissed me. As she did, she easily unzipped my pants and helped me take them off. She held my hard cock in her hands while I played with her nipples. We stood there feeling each other for a little while and then Ellen bent down to suck my cock. As she took my cock as far into her mouth as she could, I leaned over her body to feel her round ass. It felt very smooth and taut because of her position. I reached farther until I felt the long hairs at the base of her cunt. I could sense the warmth and dampness that was coming from her pussy. I reached until I could put a finger into her. She moaned as I pushed my finger in as far as I could.

Her hips moved with pleasure as my fingers explored her entire cunt. Ellen finally stopped sucking my cock and began to stand up. I pulled my fingers from her and stood in front of her, eye to eye. She smiled and asked, “Would you like to eat me David?”

I felt that I knew what she meant but I really wasn’t positive. “This would be a first for me Ellen. I’m going to need some coaching if you want me to do it right.”

“Don’t worry David. Just listen to what I say and you’ll do just fine.” She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She pushed her tongue into my mouth to play with mine. Her tits were soft and warm as she pressed them to my chest. I felt the hairs of her pussy rubbing against my hard cock, her firm thighs resting on mine. She let go of her hold on me and went to the bed. I watched as she carefully pulled the covers down and then the sheets. She got up onto the bed and took two of the three pillows of the king size bed and placed them in the middle of the bed. She then laid down, placing her hips on the pillows and her head on the third.

“It’s time to eat me David,” she said. “Come her and let Ellen show you how to please a woman with your mouth.” I crawled unto the bed with her and waited for her instructions. “Get yourself between my legs David and get yourself comfortable. You can lie down or kneel, whichever feels best for you.”

I decided to kneel because the two firm pillows had lifted her hips so high. The mound of her pussy seemed to rise out from between her legs. Ellen grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled back. Her legs spread and her pussy rose even higher. I looked at her from between her legs and she smiled back at me. “Do you like what you see David?” she asked softly.

I nodded yes.

“Would you like to eat me David?”

Another nod.

“Be slow at first David. Be gentle. Explore me with your tongue. Taste me. Make love to my pussy with your mouth David.”

I slowly brought my face down between her legs. As I neared her hole I could feel the heat rising from her. The lips of her pussy looked very soft, very fleshy. The hair around it looked damp and matted. I could see a small opening at the bottom of her pussy where the lips of her pussy had separated. I brought my mouth closer and stuck my tongue out to lick her.

As soon as my tongue touched her, her hips lifted and she moaned. I pulled back quickly and asked, “Did I do something wrong?”

Ellen looked at me and smiled and said, “Not at all David. That was just my reacting too much. I guess I’m more excited about you eating me than I thought. I thought about you doing this to me as I drove over to get you tonight. I couldn’t wait to have your face buried between my legs. I’m sorry for startling you. I’ll try to control myself. Shall we start again?”

She put her head back down on the pillow and waited patiently for my mouth to touch her again. I put my face between her legs again and touched her with my tongue once more. Again she couldn’t help but lift her hips as my tongue stimulated her. This time I expected her reaction. I kept my tongue where it was and licked her again. I tasted the saltiness of her sweat along with the flavor of the juices that her cunt produced. I licked her harder and the lips of her pussy began to separate. The soft pink color of the inside of her pussy was now visible to me.

I brought my tongue down to the base of her pussy and slowly followed her hole to the top. I could vaguely her Ellen moan as she enjoyed what was happening to her. I reached up with my hands and touched the lips of her pussy. I couldn’t believe how soft and thick they felt. I gently pulled them farther apart and I watched as the hole of her cunt opened wide in front of my eyes.

“Put your tongue inside of me David,” she told me. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and brought it down to her hole. Even though it was right in front of my face I missed. As I used my tongue and searched for her hole I noticed that Ellen’s body was enjoying what I was doing. I was learning. I found her hole and sent my tongue in as far as I could. I pulled it in and out of her, hoping that my cock would be next. I noticed that Ellen was getting wetter and wetted as time went on.

“Eat me David,” she said softly. “Eat me with your whole mouth.” I opened my mouth wide and covered as much of her cunt as I could. She pushed her hips up to meet my mouth, moaning with pleasure.

“It’s a hair pie David. Didn’t you ever see a pie-eating contest David? Eat me David,” she said softly. I began to really get into what I was doing now. I put my mouth and tongue wherever I could. Ever nook and cranny of her pussy felt my stimulation. Ellen rocked and moaned. Her legs were spreading wider and then closing tightly around my head. She finally spread her legs and reached down with her hands.

She pulled the lips of her pussy wide for me and said, “Suck on my clit David. Lick it and suck it for me David. I want to cum.”

I thought to myself, “Where the hell is it?” as I looked at her hands. I then saw her clit between her two index fingers. It was swollen and very easy to get to. I placed my lips over it and Ellen let out with a louder than normal moan. Her hips lurched up and began to rock with a definite rhythm. I licked and suck her clit with a purpose. Ellen said she wanted to cum and I was going to make it happen with my mouth. Faster and faster I worked on her clit. I could feel Ellen’s body start to take control. “More David. More. Don’t stop. Keep going. That’s it. Faster. Faster.”

I felt Ellen’s body begin to shake as her orgasm began. Fluid seemed to pour from her pussy as her orgasm continued. “Yes David. Yes. You did it. You did it. Oh, thank you. David. Thank you”, she screamed. Her body convulsed as her orgasm ripped its way through her body. She seemed as if she was possessed. I continued to work on her clit until she begged me to stop. “Please David. No more. Stop. You’ll kill me. Stop.” I took my mouth from her clit and watched as she continued to shake. Her legs opened and closed and her hips continued to lurch up and down.

Slowly, she began to regain control of her body. She reached under her hips and threw the pillows to the floor. She put her legs down and stretched them out on either side of me. Her chest heaved up and down as she breathed through her mouth. Slowly her breathing calmed and she looked down at me. “Wow,” she said. I smiled back at her and asked, “How did I do?”