You’re Nobody … Ch. 03

The following afternoon I mentioned that Mrs. Klugman appeared to resent the fact that I was staying at the house to Warren Klugman.

“Nonsense,” he replied. “She has to get used to you. Sheila has this thing… she doesn’t take to anyone right off. But once she gets to know you, why you’ll be amazed at how well she’ll treat you.”

“I don’t know, Warren. She seems awfully cold toward me.”

“You’re imagining things,” he said and then chuckled, “Me too.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I have this image of shtooping my receptionist while she’s leaning over my desk… but I shouldn’t be telling you this. You probably haven’t been laid in a while.” “Don’t be so sure of that,’ I said with a grin.


My grin got bigger.

“You dawg you!”

“Well, you gave me the green light, Warren.”

“I did, didn’t I? Well you certainly acted on my advice quickly enough. I’m proud of you, old man!” and he slapped me on the back.

I was glad I’d told him. I knew he’d keep it to himself. He had too; after all, he’d… what was his term — shtooped her himself — and more than once.

“So when are you going to nail Allison on the desk? I thought you’d already accomplished that little fact.”

I might have been pushing things here, but from the way Warren reacted on hearing about Consuela and me I felt safe in broaching the subject.

Apparently he did as well, for he said, “Until yesterday all I’d gotten from her was some casual groping. You know, cop a feel here and there. But after you left yesterday I got a vibe from her I hadn’t gotten before. Next thing you know she’s got my dick out and giving me a world class blowjob.”

“And that’s why you’re fantasizing about more advanced sexual activity, huh?”


“Well, I’d say go for it, but be prepared to give her a raise while you’re at it.”

“It’d be worth it. I tell you, that girl’s really built like a brick shithouse.”

We both laughed over that, and then he grew serious. “I should tell you, Mrs. Klugman and I haven’t had sex in quite a while.”

“Warren, why are you telling me this?”

“You’re staying here, you should be aware of things.”

“But that personal?”

“There’s more. Shelia has trouble sleeping. She takes some pills her doctor prescribed… not for daily usage, but mainly when I’m on a business trip. Sometimes she takes them on weekends if she hasn’t slept well during the week.”

“Is that the case right now?”

“Yes, I’m afraid it is. The thing is, when she’s on those pills she’s complexly out of it. I mean, if there were a fire the alarm wouldn’t wake her. That’s why I mention it. Should something happen in my absence, I’m relying on you to make sure she’s protected.”

“Like in, in case of fire, drag her sleeping body out of the house?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

“Okay, I’ll bear that in mind, Warren.”

“Great, and now, I’m off to take Allison out for drinks and perhaps another blowjob, or more.”

“Good luck, Warren,” I said, and slapped him on the back as he had me earlier.

Warren left and I sauntered out to the swimming pool to get a little exercise. I was on my fourth lap when the Klugman girl, Noreen, came out, sat down on a lounge chair and watched me as I labored into the fifth and final lap.

She still had her black eye shadow on and her hair was all over the place. She wore baggy black pajamas and the sleeves of her top went way past her wrists, effectively covering the scratches and welts on her upper torso. The fact that she sat straight and not slouched like most nineteen year olds did, told me her ass was still sore from the beating she’d been subjected too.

I hoisted myself out of the pool and grabbed a towel, pretending to notice her for the first time. “Hi, Noreen,” I said pleasantly.

“Yeah, and you are?”

I knew she knew my name, but I repeated it for her benefit; she might have been stoned when we were formerly introduced, I couldn’t be certain.

“How long will you be here?” she asked.

I pretended her question was a serious one and answered accordingly. “I don’t know. Your father seems to want me around for a while. I guess he’ll let me know when my welcome wears out.”

Noreen replied as if she were talking to a third party and not me, “Sooner than later, I’d guess.”

“So you’re into the Goth thing. How’s it going for you?”


“I said how’s the Goth thing going?”

“What do you mean by that?”

She seemed to be taking me seriously for the first time, and I realized that I was standing at the edge of the pool and that my dick was clearly outlined within the tight confines of Warren’s borrowed bathing suit.

“I dunno, I guess I’m just making conversation. I’ve never had an opportunity to talk with anyone into the Goth bursa eskort thing. Do you worship the devil and things like that?”

Noreen laughed at that, “People think all Goths are evil and worship the devil and are a disgrace to society. I never ever worshipped the devil – I just never worshipped God either.”

“Me neither,” I replied truthfully.

“You’re not like them,” she said giving me a quizzical look.

“Who, your parents?”

“Yeah, my parents,” she said sarcastically. And then she opened up a little.

“I was a nobody back in high school. After I graduated I submerged myself in the androgynous Goth culture, dying my hair and doing my best to ignore everyone who wasn’t wearing black made life bearable. Besides, that way I could ignore the curvy young woman I was becoming. My parents freaked when they discovered my tattoos, but that helped when I took the next step and had my tongue pierced.”

Apparently to test my sensitivity on the subject, she stuck her piercing out at me. I smiled and asked, “Find yourself in demand as a cocksucker since doing it?”

“What!” she croaked stunned that she and not me would be shocked first.

“Any other interesting piercings, Noreen?” I continued while she tried to gather herself.

“No,” she replied in a much smaller voice.

I had her.

“Um, did that ‘No’ answer the first or second question?”

Her shoulders slumped. I had misjudged her level of self esteem. It was lower, much lower than I had imagined.

“Probably both,” she said, barely audible.

“What about boyfriends?” I said, opening a different avenue of conversation that might lead me to ask about the welts and scratches on her body. Without revealing that I had already seen them while watching her masturbate the previous day.

“Um… I have a couple,” she ventured, but I knew she was treading lightly, not wanting to reveal too much about her Gothic lifestyle, and the markings on her flesh.

“I should think so. I know you must hear it all the time, but you are quite a looker … stunning in fact, really you are.”

Noreen had the good grace to blush. With her pale white skin, it was readily apparent and she knew it.

“Stop it, you’re embarrassing me!”

“I will if you’ll come swim with me,” I said, daring her to do it.

“I’m not dressed for that,’ she said, remaining in place.

I reached out, took her hand and gently tugged her to her feet.

“No! I’m not going in there!”

I had no intention of forcing Noreen into the pool, but the sexual tension between us was undeniable.

She did not let go of my hand, but her eyes widened when I involuntarily adjusted the bulge in my trunks.

“Yes, you’ve made me hard,” I told her. “I can’t help myself. Are you wet?”

She gave me a shy look and answered me honestly. “Yes.”

“How wet?” I asked not taking my eyes off hers.


I inched closer to her.

“Can I feel how wet you are?”

“If… you want too.”

I kissed her hard. Her tongue darted into my mouth and our breathing accelerated. I found her tongue piercing undeniably erotic. I had never kissed a woman with one before and that added to the sensation considerably. Add that to the fact that Noreen was a beautiful young girl and you may better understand my feeling of the moment.

My hand went to her pajama clad crotch as the kiss ended. I hadn’t forgotten she’d given me permission to feel her ‘wet spot.’

I was rubbing her crotch when the kiss ended.

Noreen whispered, “Mmmm, you have the sweetest tasting mouth … I didn’t think…”

“Mouthwash,” I replied, making her laugh. She didn’t mention my hand which was still rubbing her pussy through the pajama bottoms.

“I’m wearing a thong,” she hissed when I increased the pressure on her genitals.

“I need to touch you,” I croaked in her ear.

“Yeah,” she answered, giving me the green light I needed from her.

We shared another long kiss, and while it went on, I slowly eased her pajamas down and slipped a hand inside her thong.

“Oh, Jesus!” she moaned when I actually touched her pussy.

I could smell the musk of her pussy as it began to permeate the air around us.

“Step out of the PJ’s baby; I don’t want you tripping over them.”

She giggled and did as I asked, being careful about it.

I turned her around, so as to get a clear look at the welts on her ass.

“Ohh, somebody’s been a bad girl,” I said gently.

“Not really,” she answered.

“Want to tell me about it?”

“After we do it, maybe, but I need you in me!”

“Lose the top,” I said.

“Not now, later… maybe.”

“Have it your way, Noreen. Want it in the pool or on the lounge chair?”

“Um, the pool. We can stand up, right?”

“We can do it anyway you want bursa escort bayan it.”

I couldn’t believe I was about to fuck this young thing so easily. Visions of her masturbating the night before danced before my eyes. I was harder than Chinese algebra.

I hopped into the lower end of the pool and had her sit on the edge. I moved the thong to the side, spread her legs further apart and leaned in to lick her twat.

“God… my God!” she moaned, revealing that it was likely she did believe in the Almighty after all. I paused to take a look at the scratches around her pussy from this vantage point. Someone had taken their time to mutilate her this way, and I intended to find out who that was and to make some form of similar payback.

“Don’t stop that… it’s too good to stop!”

I gave her the deluxe treatment and had her coming within a minute.

“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” she moaned as I tongue lashed her clit and used three fingers to stir her juices, turning them into a frothy cream.

I allowed a moment to calm down, and then pulled her into the pool and onto my throbbing dick.

“Oh my god!”

“Is it a good fit?” I asked kiddingly.

“Perfect! I love your cock!”

“Only the head is in at the moment,” I told her.

“Gimme more!” she growled.

I did. I gave it all to her, slamming it into her as we stood toe to toe. Well that’s an exaggeration. She had her legs wrapped around my waist, so we weren’t actually toe to toe, but you get my meaning … I hope.

“You on the pill?”

“No, I take the morning after thingy.”

“Be sure you do.”

“I will.”

“Promise me you’ll take it!”

“I promise I promise! Now give it to me!”

I did, and felt my loins begin to spasm. “I’m coming! Come with me!” I groaned.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” she yelled.

My whole body had this unbelievably delightful outburst and my sperm roared out of me.

I knew she’d had a huge cum too, and as my flaccid cock slipped out of her my sperm could be seen leaving her cunt and floating slowly to the surface of the pool.

Her hand found my flagging dick and squeezed the reminder of jizm out of it.

To my amazement, Noreen scooped up a fragment of the floating jizm and brought it to her mouth.

“Um, yummy,” she cooed.

“Let’s go to my room and fuck lying down.”

“Great, let me grab some dry clothes on the way,” I replied, and we set off for Noreen’s room, her bare-assed and me in my trunks with my flagging dick safely tucked away from view.


“Who marked you up like that?” I asked when we were settled on her bed. She didn’t answer me, reaching for a pack of cigarettes to give her time to think of an answer.

“I did it myself,” she said a minute later.

“Bullshit! You couldn’t have. Someone tied you up and had at you,” I said accusingly. Perhaps it was too strong a tone to take with her.

Noreen got very defensive. “Get the fuck out of my room!”

“No!” I answered firmly.

“It’s my room in my house and you’re just some bum my father took pity on and bought home for a day.”

“Suck my cock,” I said slowly and with conviction.


“You heard me. I’m not leaving until you suck my cock.”

“You can’t make me suck it!”

“Get on your knees,” I said. Reinforcing my words with a resounding slap across her face.

To my surprise, Noreen was leaning into the second slap as if it were a dessert. I was unable to pull the blow, but changed the location of the next one, and cruelly slapped my hand against the wet, glistening lips of her pussy.

The shock of my crude assault on her already bruised cunt was too much for Noreen to bear.

“Stop! Please don’t…!”

“Shut the fuck up!” I growled. “You let someone beat the shit out of you. I think you like the pain. I intend to give you more. I want to find your breaking point.”

“My what?” she sobbed.

I didn’t bother answering her. I swatted her on those ass cheeks already swollen with welts from someone else’s belt or something similar.

She shrieked in pain. But didn’t tell me to stop. My guess was she wanted to find out how much she could take too. I slapped her cunt again.

“I will, I will!” she cried out.

“You will what?”

“I’ll suck it! I’ll suck your cock!”

“Of course you will… after you lick my ass.”

“Okay … okay,” she said quietly and obediently, “I’ll be your whore.”

“Go on, make me hard,” I said in a low voice.

“And you’ll leave?”

“And why would I do that? You just told me you were my whore.”

Promise me you’ll leave after I blow you,” she whispered.

“If you take the morning after pill.”

“I will,” she said softly.

“Then I will too. Unless of course, görükle escort you want me to stay.”

There was a sparkle in her eyes when I uttered those last words. I wondered if I had gone too far. Her hand closed around my cock and started to jerk it up and down. In less than a minute she had me hard, almost fully erect.

“You’re supposed to lick my ass first,” I reminded her.

“Oh … yeah,” she said and shifted her position so she could do just that.

Have you ever had a tongue lick your ass? Let me tell you, it’s a once in a lifetime sensation. Whores worldwide have made fortunes giving what they call ‘an around the world’ to clients to keep them coming back, and referring new customers to them.

Noreen’s studded tongue added to the delight ten-fold. In fact, each time she stopped I had her continue until my ass was dripping with her saliva.

My dick was begging for attention, and rather than jerk myself off, I pushed Noreen’s face away and said, “Suck me, Noreen. Show me how good you suck cock!”

Her head dished low and she attacked the mushroom head clasped firmly in her tiny fist.

“Oh you nasty girl,” I cooed, “You really know how to give suck ass … and how to give super head!”

“Mmmm, thank you, I like giving head,” she confessed as she started licking my balls and sent a finger into my ass, searching for my prostate gland.

Knowing Noreen liked compliments helped. I continued bestowing them on her.

“Love that sloppy sucking, baby!’

“You do?”

“Mmmm, you’re the best ever!”


I had to wonder if anyone had ever told her she was pretty and a damn good cocksucker, and resolved to do so from that moment on.

“I love your cock; it has a wonderful taste and all.”

She began to take me deeper and deeper and I got closer to the edge, moving my hips to meet the rhythm of her blowjob and her bobbing head.

Suddenly my whole body stiffened then twitched, and I came violently while Noreen held her studded tongue still – letting my yellow-tinged cum dribble across it like salad dressing.

Noreen continued sucking voraciously, seemingly determined to capture every last drop of my ejaculate, until my dick was just a drooping noodle. And even then she kept squeezing it and licking up any seepage that managed to emerge until I shoved her away, hard enough that she fell backward on the floor.

She laid there, legs spayed, her cunt glistening with her excitement. I stood up and towered over her; “I’m not leaving your room until you tell me his name.”

She didn’t pause before spitting out: “Bruce Compton, he lives two houses down the street.”

“Is he married?”

“Yeah… he’s married. That’s how we met. I babysat for them.”

“Does his wife know?”

“That he probably fucks around, I think so.”

“What about his being into S is that why you went along?”

“Yeah … I really needed to get off.”

“Don’t go back there. Promise me you won’t go back to his house.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise me!”

“I promise.”

“And I promise you I’ll get even for you. It might take a while, but I’ll help even the score for you, Noreen.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Yeah, I’ll do it for you. You are kinda special, you know?”

“I am?”

“You most certainly are.”

She giggled nervously.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Your dick is getting hard,” she said still giggling.

“Well what are you waiting for? Put that tongue stud to work, then we’ll have us a good old-fashioned fuckathon.”

As she bent to her task she was laughing and muttering, “A good old-fashioned fuckathon. That’s a new one!”


Before taking my leave from Noreen, I asked her about her brother, Johnny.

“He’s all right, a little nerdy, but he’s a good brother,” she admitted.

“I thought so. Did’ja know he’s a virgin?”

“No way!”

“Way,” I said, answering her in the vernacular of her day.

“He’s not THAT nerdy!”

“Want to help a brother out?” I asked.

She laughed. “What the fuck do you mean? You want me to fuck my brother? That’s really nasty!”

“No, I don’t even want you thinking about it. But perhaps you have a horny girlfriend?”

“OH! I get it. Lemme think on it,” she said with a wicked smile.

“My guess is you have someone in mind.”

“I do. A girl named Haley. She’s horny enough to do him. Fuck, she’s always horny; and she told me once she thought Johnny was a cutie pie.”

“Sounds like a workable plan,” I said and gave her tits a squeeze.

“Can we do it again?”

“Later, maybe tomorrow, Noreen; I’m a bit worn out.”

“Is there someone else?” she asked, sounding worried.

“As a matter of fact there is.”

She was completely taken aback. “Not my muh…?”

“No, not your mother, Noreen, Consuela and I kind of hit it off my first day here.”

“Wow! I’d never have thought.”

I left her shortly thereafter, happy to have cleared that touchy subject up. It wouldn’t have suited me to have her thinking I was boffing her mom.

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