Wrestler Fucks for Dorm Rent Pt. 10

Kwan Lee (19 yrs.) stands at 5’7” and weighs 141 lbs. He is an Asian college wrestler who is competitive on the wrestling mat. He looks like a 10-year-old boy. His girlfriend had kicked him out of their college apartment. Kwan’s been staying with one of his coaches, but needs a dorm. He decides to visit the college housing office.

Susan Asherman (32 yrs.) is a former athlete (32-24-32) who handles student athlete housing and financial payments. She sits down at her desk. Kwan walks toward the office wearing jeans, a college t-shirt and baseball cap. Susan glances out of her office window and does a double-take. She thought he was a boy at first sight.

She whispers, “He’s damn cute.”

Kwan walks through the door and looks around. He sees Susan and steps over to her desk. Both of her eyes quickly look at his crotch and then up his hard body. His shoulder and arm muscles are cut.

He takes off his cap and his right cheek dimple is more visible.

Susan: Can I help you?

Kwan: Hi, I’m not sure where to go. I need a dorm.

Susan: You’re in the right place. I’m Susan.

Kwan: I’m Kwan. My girlfriend kicked me out of our apartment. It was near the athletic village.

Susan: You need a place to stay tonight?

Kwan: Oh, no. I’m staying at coach’s house.

Susan: You’re an athlete?

Kwan: Yeah, I’m on the escort bursa wrestling team.

Susan: Let me get an application. Just for this semester?

Kwan: No, the rest of the year.

Susan: There is a dorm across campus. If you want to stay away from her.

Kwan: Sure.

Susan: I can show it to you Friday night.

Kwan: Sure, I can do that.

Friday night inside the basement dorm. There is a queen size bed against the wall. A desk, a chair and dresser drawer sit against the other wall. There is a large bare mattress and a solid bed frame. The window is halfway open.

The light shines down on the naked bodies of Susan and Kwan. Both of her wrists are tied to the bed post by a black scarf. Her hands grip that scarf as her hair falls over the face. She lays on her back and he also lay’s next to her. She is breathing hard as his left hand gently massages her left breast. He doesn’t touch her engorged nipple.

Kwan has been performing fore-play for the last 30 minutes. He’s been massaging her whole body, but without touching her nipples or pussy lips. His hand stops and his lips gently kiss her under-breast.

He whispers in between kisses, “You are… so beautiful.”

She breathes hard, “My-Gawd-Kwan. W-Why did she… Throw-you-out?!”

He whispers, “Susan, forget about her.”

She replies, bursa merkez eskort “You make me… So-Damn-Hot.!!”

He gently kisses down to her flat stomach without touching the belly button. His hands slowly spread her thighs open and he smiles at her wet, shaved pussy. He leans down and kisses her inner thighs.

She breathes, “My-nipples… H-Have… Never-Been-This-Hard.!!”

He whispers, “Never?”

She screams, “Fucking-Never.!!”

He moves over to her other inner thigh and lightly sucks on the skin. She tries to close the other thigh, but he forces her back open.

She says, “It’s cumming.”

He reaches down on the floor and grabs a 5-inch vibrator. His fingers turn it on and it begins to purr.

Kwan’s right arm wraps around her right thigh as he leans in with that vibrator.

He whispers, “Are you ready?”

She whimpers, “Yes.”

He places the tip of the vibrator on her wet clitoris and Susan’s hands grip the black scarf. Her body begins to buck.

The vibrations shoot through her hot body.

She screams, “Kwan.!! Kwan.!! Unh-Uhh-Unnnhh-Uuuunnnhh-Uuuuunnnnhh.!!”

Kwan keeps the vibrator in place as an extreme orgasm hits her. She arches her back.

Susan screams become guttural, “Uuuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.!!”

He lifts up the bursa sınırsız escort vibrator from her clitoris. Her body keeps shaking.

She breathes, “Ohh-Gawd… Uh-Uhh-Unnnnhh… F-Fuck.!!”

Kwan drops her leg and climbs onto her right side. He begins sucking on her right engorged nipple. He presses the vibrator down on the clitoris again.

She says, “Ohh-Shit.. Shit.!!”

Another orgasm shoots through her body.

Susan explodes, “Oh-My-Guuuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuuuuhh.. Uhh-Uhhh-Uuuuuuuuuhhh.!!”

His lips lift up from the nipple and he also lift’s up the vibrator. Her body bucks as she comes down.

She says, “Ohhh… My-Gawd… Kwan… I-Love-You… I-Love-You-Dammit.!”

Kwan reaches up and unties her wrists from the black scarf.

20 minutes later. Susan’s buttocks sit on the edge of the bed. Her legs are spread open revealing that bare pussy. Kwan bends his legs down as both of her arms wrap around his neck. They kiss long and deep as their tongues fight each other.

He looks down at his right hand that grips his 4 and ¾-inch cock. She kisses his left cheek. His cock-tip spreads open her pussy lips. He thrusts all the way inside and his shaft disappears.

She whispers, “You’re so Goddamn cute.”

He begins thrusting and his black crotch hits her pussy lips.

Kwan grunts, “Mmmm.. Mmm.. Fuck.. Mmmm.!!”

Her arms pull him in close.


Kwan explodes, “Uhh-Aaaaaahh.!! Aaaaaahh.!! Aaahh-Fuckk.!!”

She holds him close to her.

She whispers, “I can meet you here every weekend. If you want.”

He breathes, “Okay, but after my wrestling meets.”

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