Working Hard For The Customer

Kathy looked over as her supervisor came to her at her counter, “Kathy, I hate to ask you to do this, but we couldn’t find a passenger’s luggage, all our other runners are out, this person’s really upset, and we said we’d get the luggage to them as soon as we could. We just sent a text, and the passenger is with his family at church this morning, if you can be there by 11:15, you can get it to him there then, you should be able to make it, I’ll give you the church address and directions if you need it.”

Kathy stared at him, wishing to finish her last couple hours at work at her counter where she felt comfortable, “Seriously? You don’t have anyone else to send out with this guy’s luggage?”

“No, actually we don’t, and your shift is up at 3, it doesn’t make too much sense for you to come all the way back here from the church in Riverside, you can go straight home from dropping it off, you’ll get full pay for your full day.”

Kathy re considered this, and felt as inconvenient and awkward as it would be, it would be nice to get this done, and be home by 12:30, and still get paid for a full shift. “Sure, write down the address for me, and directions.”.

Her supervisor made some notes, “Oh, and Katherine, give him that winning charm, we need it, he wasn’t very happy.”

Kathy took the paper, and smirked, “Yeah, I think I know where this is, shouldn’t be a problem, and winning charm huh?”

Her supervisor handed her the two bags, and she smiled “See you tomorrow, have a nice afternoon.” She loaded the luggage into her car, and headed out on the freeway through light traffic on a Sunday morning.

As Kathy pulled into the parking lot of the church still in her airport counter agent uniform, she began to wonder how she would know who exactly her delivery belonged to. She sat in her car, scanning the happy church goers as they filed out of the church, standing around, mingling about after the service. She continued to wait, looking for anyone who appeared desperate to get back a portion of their belongings when suddenly she saw a man approaching her looking questioningly at her. She figured either it was some form of church security asking her what her business there was, or who she was looking for.

She looked down at her notes, then back up at him, “Mr……Brackens?”

He began to quicken his pace, “Yes!!! Yes, you’re from the airport?”

Kathy smiled some relief, “Yes, I am, sorry about the issue with the luggage, but I have your two bags here, just one second.”

Robert Brackens was decked out in his Sunday best, a sport coat over his button up shirt and tie, slacks neatly worn, nothing out of place. “Well, I’m not very happy with how little care your people used, but I am appreciative of you coming here to bring them to me.”

Kathy tried to turn on that winning charm her supervisor mentioned, “Mr. Brackens, we really are sorry about that, we let you down on this one, we just hope that we have the chance to fly you on your next trip……it is, however, really my pleasure to have seen you today to bring you your luggage.” Kathy faked a shy look down to the parking lot concrete, hoping it would calm him a bit more, and her charm must have come through.

“Oh? Well, like I said, I do appreciate you coming out to bring these to me”

Kathy decided to pour it on a bit more, “I’m sure you have a wife to get back to over there, I better help you load these bags.” Kathy trailed both bags behind her putting a little saunter in her walk, and she felt Robert following, in no great hurry to catch up to her.

As she approached the larger conglomeration of cars closer to the church she quickly shot a look back behind her to Robert, catching his eyes hurriedly darting up at her, smiling to herself realizing she had caught him looking much lower than he should have been.

Kathy called back to him, “Which ones yours Mr. Brackens?”

Robert thought as quickly as he could hoping she didn’t notice where he was looking as he tried to process her question, “Mine? Mine?…….Oh…..yes, I’m sorry, the dark red SUV there, sorry.”

Kathy didn’t let up on her smile, “We’ll get these loaded up right away Mr. Brackens, and you’ll be all set.” As Kathy stopped at the back of the red SUV, she lightly felt down the sleeve of his sport coat, “Again, we’re so sorry Mr. Brackens, I’ll put these in for you, and hope you have a great afternoon.”

Robert began to look over at the mingling church goers nervously as this beautiful young woman touched his arm, “I can get it, thank you for all your help, I didn’t catch your name?”

“Kathy, it was really my pleasure today, is there anything else I can get for you?”, her touch now having moved to along his tie, almost pulling on it.

Robert looked down bursa escort bayan at her hand, then back again his look more nervous, “No, no, you’ve been great Kathy, thanks, really.”

Kathy liked this feeling in her head, and kept her hand where it was, “Oh, I am so sorry, your wife is probably on her way, isn’t she?”

Robert took one more look back, “I-I don’t know, she might be, I’m sure you have to get back to the airport also.”

Kathy now gave a slight tug on his tie, “No, actually my shift was almost over, why I was the one that was sent here, I’m off for the afternoon”, Kathy paused, thoughtfully considering her next move, then smiled as she said “I bet Mrs. Brackens is looking forward to opening that dress shirt when you guys get home isn’t she?”

Robert took a half step back trying to collect himself, “Mrs. Br……Elyse is…..look, I just don’t think that’s any of your business, I’m sorry Kathy, I should really be going.”

Kathy tried to hold his attention, “Elyse, that’s such a nice name, believe me, she probably loves this nice look on you, very attractive”, Kathy watched as Robert’s eyes looked at hers, then slowly down to her shoulders, down over her scarf, and vest of her airport attire. “Mr. Brackens, how much longer will Elyse be pre occupied for? Maybe I can have you fill out a short survey about the service you received today?”

Robert looked into her eyes, “Survey? I don’t know, I should see if she’s ready to go.”

Kathy moved his tie to the side feeling her fingers down the front of his dress shirt, “I suppose if she was ready to go, she would have been here by now, I’m sure there’s some bake sale, or something with the youth group she needs to help with, you have time for that survey don’t you?”

Robert considered the right and wrong thing to do, hesitating before he replied with, “There is a fund raiser they’re doing next weekend she mentioned, I’m sure she’s tied up with that, where is this survey?”

Kathy looked down his perfectly thought out Sunday clothing and smiled, again toying with his tie, “Do you feel I did everything possible to keep you as a customer of our airline?”

Robert slowly whispered, “Definitely, you were fantastic.”

Kathy slid her fingernail between two of the buttons on his dress shirt barely making contact with the skin on his chest, as she slowly said “Is there anything I could have done to further keep your business?”

Robert felt himself gently lean back against the rear door of the SUV, “No, perfect service today, I’ll be sure and e-mail complimenting you.”

Kathy slipped one of the buttons open on the middle of his dress shirt, “I’m sure you can find time to answer just a couple more questions Mr. Brackens?”

Robert looked down, “Kathy, I…umm…think one of the buttons on my shirt came open, give me a second here.”

Kathy looked down innocently covering her mouth, “Why Mr. Brackens, it did, I certainly hope another doesn’t fail in the same fashion”

Robert realized he needed to get out of this as soon as possible, “Kathy, how much longer will the survey be, you’ve been great, really.”

Kathy smiled and slipped open a second button directly above where the first one was opened, “Depends, how much longer will Elyse be helping with that fund raiser?”

Robert, tried to re close his dress shirt, but Kathy’s hands blocked his pulling his dress shirt open as much as two undone buttons would allow.

“Kathy, really!, I’m married, you’re borderline undressing me, I really need to get back to Elyse and the kids.”

Kathy opened her palm inside his semi opened shirt, “Last question Mr. Brackens, did you like my ass when you were looking at it as we walked over here? Mr. married man Brackens?”

Robert knew he had been caught, and the image of her finely toned ass pushing her skirt side to side came back into his head, “It was fine yes, I mean…, I mean…..look, Elyse should be done anytime now.

Kathy whispered into his ear, “That’s her in the yellow sundress isn’t it?” He only nodded, “I thought so, she looks quite tied up at the time, she hasn’t looked over here once, and the kids are playing in the courtyard with some other kids, I think you can finish this survey, Kathy pressed under the handle of the rear door, and raised it, hearing it slowly open.

Robert looked into the empty rear compartment, hearing Kathy ask him, “Not familiar, sorry, how does the rear seat fold down?”

Robert looked over at her, “The rear seat?”

Kathy climbed up into the rear, crawling forward pushing her ass out as much as possible as she did, “Yes, the rear seat, is there a latch here somewhere that it can fold down?”

Robert leaned closer looking as Kathy’s legs extended out from under gorukle escort her seemingly way too short skirt, “Y-yes, near the side, pull up on it”, wondering why he just told her the location of the latch.

Kathy pulled up on the latch feeling it unlock, and pushed the seat forward, folding it down, bring the luggage in. Robert quickly lifted the two bags in, and Kathy set them against the side of the SUV on their side, leaving as much room in the rear compartment as possible, “It’s roomy back here, c’mon in”.

Robert put his hand out toward her, “No, it’s fine, fold up the seat, the kids will need to sit there on the way home”.

Kathy peered out the windshield, “From what I see Elyse and the kids are still pretty occupied”, she then took his outstretched hand, but instead used it to pull him into the back. Robert climbed in against all better judgment, and Kathy pulled down on the handle on the inside of the rear door

“Good thing you left a couple of the windows cracked, nice little breeze coming through.”

Robert stretched his legs out, “Do you have any idea how stupid this is?”

Kathy looked around, “I took a look, most of the cars that were around us left”, Kathy gave a wry smile and unbuttoned his dress shirt down to his slacks, “Nothing like the look of a tie over a bare chest, pretty sexy Mr. Brackens”

Robert no longer did anything to repel Kathy’s advances, given their current circumstances, it was obvious he was having difficulty resisting her. Robert slowly slid Kathy’s skirt up her leg, and Kathy watched his hand move it, “Moving it pretty high there aren’t you Mr. Brackens, is that what Elyse likes? That slow, sensual touch?”

Robert looked frustrated at her mentioning his wife so many times, but there was enough of him that liked this fit of dangerous living that prevented him from telling her not to do it.

He kept moving her skirt up until the material didn’t let it go any higher, much more of Kathy’s legs showing than was ever intended a passenger to see. As Robert’s eyes focused on her soft, smooth legs, Kathy began to unravel her scarf, tossing it over one of his suitcases, and slid her dark blue vest off her shoulders, Robert looked up not wanting to miss any of this girl, just a few years more than half his age beginning to remove her airport uniform.

He smiled as her white, lacy bra was evident through her white blouse, and his hand finally moved under her skirt, higher until he felt the side of her panties beneath her skirt.

Kathy took a look out the windshield, and seeing the coast was still clear, finished unbuttoning Robert’s shirt, taking it off of his broad shoulders, but leaving his tie in place over his chest, she saw the bulge in his pants telling her that he probably wasn’t going to stop her. Robert could no longer stop himself and began to unbutton Kathy’s blouse, exposing her chest, her cleavage, then that lace bra he had been noticing.

As he opened it further, about to remove it from her, Kathy broke the silence softly asking “Tell me Mr. Brackens, how big of a man are you?”

Robert knew full well she wasn’t asking his height, and said “I think you should learn for yourself.” Kathy wasted no time, and unbuckled his belt, opening the button and unzipping his dress slacks, pulling down a few inches to almost totally show his plaid boxers.

“Did Elyse pick these out for you Mr. Brackens?”

He could no longer feign that this bothered him, “Yes, she likes plaid.”

Kathy caressed him through his boxers, “I bet she loves when your cock gets hard like it is now too, doesn’t she?”

“When we have time for sex, she loves it, we don’t get the time we’d like.”

Kathy frowned, “Such a shame Mr. Brackens, a man needs his desires taken care of”, and with that she pulled his penis out of his boxers, and Robert leaned back letting her do as she pleased.

Kathy held his cock gently in her hand and slowly sucked up and down on it, beginning to slide her thong out from under her skirt. Kathy paused long enough to say “I bet Elyse’s panties are in one of those aren’t they?”, as she looked at the suitcases.

Robert beginning to lose all sense of what trouble he may be getting into just answered, “The bigger one, yes, they’re in there.”

“Does she wear thong underwear like I have on?” Robert again just answered as calmly as he was able to, “No, she’s never worn one in her life, mostly white.”

Kathy felt at this time, she could ask him anything, and the honest truth would easily come out, “Do you like my thong Mr. Brackens?”

He looked down at her thin underwear having been pulled out from her skirt, “They’re sexy beyond belief, if Elyse ever wore that, I’d take her then and there.”

Kathy bursa merkez escort bayan looked up at him, “Show me how you’d fuck her if she wore them Mr. Brackens.”

Robert had had enough of Kathy’s teasing, and his urges being repressed, he popped up, took a look out the windshield, and turned Kathy onto her back, “You want to see how I would fuck Elyse if she wore that kind of underwear, fine, I’ll show you”, and he hiked Kathy’s skirt up to her waist, pulling her thong off of one of her legs, and looked at his cock, about to see it go into a woman other than his wife for the first time since he could almost remember.

Kathy wanted more, “Look closely at that thong, think of it on Elyse, her pussy underneath it begging for you, and show me what you’d do.”

Robert pushed the head into Kathy’s pussy, feeling it open for him, using slow, but noticeable force, Kathy controlling her moans for the time being, and felt Robert’s hand taking her bra off of one of her shoulders.

“You like my tits Mr. Brackens? I bet you’re about ready to tear my bra right off of me.”

Robert knew she was right, thinking of how many time Elyse had seemed to be too preoccupied for intimacy. He pulled down on that half of her bra, and exposed her breast, the layers of her uniform peeled off of her, as his cock pushed in and out of her, his sexual urges being let out inside of Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy pulled on Robert’s tie, just as she did when she was teasing him earlier, this time pulling harder, as he fucked her, and with every pull on his tie, that made him thrust harder into her. Robert finished unbuttoning her blouse and stretched her bra, pulling it down off of her breasts, the back of his family SUV being slowly rocked by their motions.

Kathy raised the stakes a bit, “Cum for me Mr. Brackens, we may not have much longer”, Robert looked up quickly at the windshield still seeing Elyse sitting at the table doing paperwork, but he knew Kathy was right, it was already longer than he thought she would need.

He began pushing harder into her, filling her with the length of his cock, and all Kathy did was look up at him, his Sunday best undone fallen off his body, she reached up and held onto his sides, wanting to take in all he had to give. He hadn’t performed sexually like this in years, Elyse didn’t know what she was missing out on, Robert was pleasing her in amazing fashion, and she knew she was going to be feeling his cum inside her soon.

Kathy wasn’t far away from her climax either, the tie over his bare chest, his hard cock stretching her deep, his eyes on her breasts and her skirt up so high it was nearly a belt around her waist, she decided to take them both over the edge, and made out, “Cum for me Mr. Brackens, before Elyse gets done, I know you want to cum in me worse than your own wife right now, so give us both what we want!”

Robert didn’t know if he was angered beyond belief or aroused to climax, and his brain couldn’t process which it was, she was right, she was over the line for saying it, but she was 100% dead to rights right, he pushed his cock into her so hard a bit of anger from her comment almost came out in his thrust into her, and Kathy loved this, she wanted this side of him, and she put her finger on that button again, “I bet she can’t take it from you like this, this isn’t her frail, conservative body, I can take what your wife can’t, pound me like a fucking sex toy Mr. Brackens!”

Kathy’s words and the sex she was giving him was more than he could handle, “FUCK KATHY, omggg, fuck you’re right, she’d tell me to stop if I did this to her!”

He kept his pace up harder, Kathy held onto his tie, “Don’t stop Mr. Brackens, I’m not Elyse, don’t stop until your fucking cum is inside me.”

His cock pushed harder, his fingers pinching on Kathy’s nipples, feeling how erect they were, and his body finally gave out, his cock shot his huge load into her, gripping her blouse in his fist as he came inside her. Kathy felt that surge of manhood inside her and came also, her fingernails digging into his side as her body conceded, and came smiling as her cum coated his cock inside her.

Kathy knew time was short, “Mr. Brackens, how much time do we have?” He was shaken back to reality, and saw Elyse shaking hands trying to collect the kids, “Oh my God, not long, dress, dress, dress!”

The two quickly handed clothes to each other, tucking, buttoning, straightening, and the rear door was unlatched. Kathy laid out the suitcases, straightening her skirt one last time, overly shaking his hand, “Thank you again Mr. Brackens, your patronage means a lot to our airline, we look forward to flying with you again. It was then that Elyse Brackens and their children approached. “Mrs. Brackens, so nice to meet you, I feel like I already know so much about you, you have a wonderful husband, again, sorry for the trouble.”

Elyse smiled at both of them, “It’s fine really, I’m glad you were able to come.”

Kathy smiled to herself, “It wasn’t a problem Mrs. Brackens, believe me, no problem at all.”

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