Wife arrives late from LAX

It was the first week of February and my wife Jennifer had been working in LA all week. She was scheduled to come in on the Friday late evening flight that arrived at 9:20 PM EST. That was fine as it was about 1-hour drive out to our home in the middle of the National Forest. As usual, I was watching her flight and saw that it had been delayed for 1.5 hours, meaning that she wouldn’t get home until about midnight, or shortly thereafter. I decided to take a shower, pick up my AFF e-mail and see if there was anything interesting to see on Friday night AFF. As luck would have it everyone was either out and about or not on AFF, it was dead. I thought maybe I should just jump in bed all nice and clean, watch a little TV, and wait for her to arrive home. We have a really nice big bedroom with a king bed, a sitting area, including a big-screen TV and a super attached bath. I am laying in bed and before you know it I have drifted off to sleep. It seemed like only a few minutes when I heard sounds in our room, I tried to look around but it was dark and I had taken out my contacts and I was completely blind. I can see the special clock she purchased for me a few years ago, it looks like it says 6:?? AM. I have my big puffy covers on me that include a fabulous comforter. Obviously, I have been asleep all night rolling around in the bed. I can hear our dog softly snoring as usual and I seem to make out a faint light in the sitting area. Even as blind as I am I can seem to make out my wife sitting in her big chair with our Norwegian wool blanket wrapped around her. I smile and think to myself how nice she has been to let me sleep. I turn over quietly and try to get comfortable. I can feel myself drifting back to sleep but in the back of my mind, I can hear my wife quietly chuckling. I assume that it is something she is reading. She reads 4 to 5 books per week and they are one of two things. Number one is business books….boring, I get no benefits for these books. The other is trashy novels, these are the bomb. I love it when she gets up and reads for a half-hour about some guys and girls making out and then having wild sex for hours. If I can manage to wake up at the right time I will almost always get lucky.

So I am still laying there enjoying the warmth of our bed. I know she is home safe and reading so she is happy and I can still hear the dog snoring so all is well. This is the formula for all being good in the world. As I lay there I am beginning to wake up a bit. I turn back toward her and have decided that she is definitely sitting in her chair reading one of her ebooks as I can see the glow of light from her reader. I am still not willing to move much but since she is not in the bed the middle is fair game. I move my body a few inches toward her side and the middle of the bed. Obviously, she has just got up as the middle of the bed is still warm. I love moving into her part of the bed when it is still warm, it makes me feel like I am getting something for free. I lay there for a minute and I can tell that she sees I am beginning to wake up. I move a little closer to the middle of the bed to claim part of her territory when I am shocked by what seems to be warm skin. I quickly look in the direction of her place in the bed and see nothing but puffy covers as normal, but now I am confused. How could she be in her Hd Porno chair and in her bed? I reach out again and it is someone, warm and asleep in my bed. I am really confused, I went to bed alone in my house in the middle of the forest. I am waking up with my wife in view and seemingly someone in my bed. My wife clearly knows what is going on but I don’t want her to get the best of me so I pretend that I don’t see her in her chair or reading her book. I just slide a little closer to the person in the bed beside me. The skin is young and smooth like butter, I can almost hear the breathing but not really. I am now touching enough of the person next to me to know that she is female as the curves and shape feel perfect. So now my mind is racing trying to build a scenario that makes sense. I have a woman in my bed that I don’t know, my dog is asleep, and my wife is totally amused by the entire situation. I want to acknowledge my wife and go “What in the Hell is going on” but this may not be the best for me in the end. So I think, Jennifer knows I can’t see her from across the room, why not take advantage of the situation, and get a little closer to the unknown woman in my bed. I slide a little closer and start to follow the curves of her ass with my hand. Oh and it feels really great, and she still hasn’t started waking up yet. I let my hand trace up her side and begin to touch her breast. They are nice, firm, and warm. She seems so comfortable in my bed I don’t know what I should do next so I slide up to her body and begin to spoon her from top to bottom. I put my nose in her hair hoping to get a clue who is in my bed. Her hair is long and silky, very straight. She is obviously fit and trim with all of the curves in the right places. Finally, she begins to move like she is coming out of very deep sleep. I can feel her turning toward me pushing against my body. Her deep slow breaths have become more normal breaths. She turns completely on her back pushing against me. Her right hand and arms flop across my body. I still don’t know who is in my bed. It is still dark, I don’t have my contacts and I don’t want to speak fearing that I might break the spell. Maybe I am just dreaming and it is my wife next to me and for sure I know it is my dog as I can hear her snoring more loudly now. Maybe I should just give Jennifer what she always wants when she is waking up in the morning, a nice soft kiss on the side of the face, my hand on her tummy, and slide my hand down her leg. So as sleepy as I am I give her a gentle kiss on the side of her face and down on her neck. I can hear her exhale a bit at this point. I move my hand to put it on her tummy and I feel another hand grip my arm and stop the motion. Now I am sure it is not Jennifer in my bed. The hand that has me by the arm moves my hand down to the perfectly shaved mound below the tummy. I am so confused at this point, so I rest my hand there for a minute. I feel the very awake hand slide my hand down a bit to find the top of the opening, I do what is natural, and I begin to work my fingers into the cleanly shaven slit, it is warm but clearly not ready for my fingers. I decided that I should just start things all over again. I push myself up and move my mouth over to the nice firm breasts that have crawled out from under the covers. I am just feeling my way Türkçe Altyazılı Porno as it is still dark and I can’t see but I know what I feel in my mouth and it is good. My bed partner begins to awaken, she slides her fingers into my hair and grips my head. She pulls my head toward her face and kisses me with a deep french kiss. I can feel my heart pounding not knowing what to do. I am clear that the woman in my bed is not my wife. I can tell she is young and athletic with strong hands and arms. Her kiss was as intense as you would expect from your lover. After the kiss she pushes my head back down to her nipples, they are now like stones. She is either very awake or very horny while practically asleep. I rub one nipple between my finger and my thumb while I suck the other one with my teeth and tongue. She lets out a soft moan, I am not sure what I should do next so I begin to move my hand back down to the shaven mound of pleasure. As my hand gets there I feel hair that was not there earlier, I am very confused, am I dreaming? I go back for a second reach this time planning to touch the more sensitive area that will fully wake her for sure. My hand finds the top of someone’s head…….I jerk and try to see what is going on but it is so dark. I reach back down there again and realize that it is a person’s head. I look in my wife’s chair and it is empty. I am awake, my wife has beaten me to the good stuff. I can hear her sucking and licking the clit and slit as our friend moans. So now I must rethink my world quickly. My wife brought home a female friend. They obviously know each other. I am not sure what my role will be but I think I should just follow along and see where this goes. Once Jennifer knows that I am fully awake she no longer tries to hide what is going on. I can hear her sucking this young woman’s clit and at least two of her fingers going in and out of her tight little hole. This young lady has awakened to sex with two people that obviously want to make her feel great. My mouth is still on her left nipple and I am giving the right one a little pinch when I feel her entire body beginning to rise up pushing her clit into my wife’s face. She finishes her first orgasm followed almost immediately by a second more intense climax. She twists and turns and begins to make audible moans as her body continues to spasm. Jennifer plunges three fingers into her tight wet hot hole giving her that little extra she needs for the big orgasm that she was surely looking for. I can feel her hand aggressively dig into my back as Jennifer sucks her clit trying to send her over again. I can feel the fingernails dragging across my back and I know there will be damage. Jennifer slides up beside me and takes the other nipple. We both suck the nipples until they are on fire. I decide that it is time to move myself to see what this goddess tastes like. I press her legs apart, put my head in, and thrust my tongue into her hole. She grunts with pleasure and pushes her hips upwards. I can see the silhouette of Jennifer’s head now clearly kissing her in the mouth. The kisses are sloppy and strong with tongues tangling. I feel Jennifer’s hand come back down to the mound of pleasure, sliding one finger in the slit above my tongue and mouth. I push my tongue deep inside her while Jennifer Brazzers rubs circles around her clit setting it on fire. She begins to grunt and make very carnal sounds as she cums again, bucking as a woman possessed. I hang on with both hands keeping my tongue firmly planted in her hole while Jennifer continues to circle the clit with her finger. The bucking stops for a moment so I take my middle finger and start to tease her ass. Her ass is wet from the juices coming out of her pussy. The juices are wet and slick, when she feels my finger teasing her ass you can feel her entire body begin to tense and spasm again. This time she can’t hold it back, she squeals like a wild animal, almost haunting. Jennifer climbs on top and begins to rub her mound against her clit. The two women are having wild sex together, kissing, rubbing, and sucking everywhere. I put my fingers into Jennifer for the first time, she screams and bucks like a wild woman. She wants more fingers so I put my entire fist in her pussy. She bucks and rocks all over her little friend. I decide it is time to roll them over. I push Jennifer to the side as if I were going to mount her friend, but to her surprise, I roll her friend on top of her. They are still going crazy rubbing and touching. I take two fingers and push them up into our new friend’s pussy. She screams with pleasure. I slide a third finger in looking for the magic g spot, and there it is. I split it between my two fingers rubbing them back and forth. I can feel the walls of her pussy closing in as I rub her deeper and faster. Then I feel the first twitch around my fingers, I know that this is the signal that her entire pussy is going to squeeze my hand. Her pussy starts squeezing down and she starts screaming. It is a tiny space with a very big hand inside, she bucks and twists then begins to release the pressure. She just had an amazing internal orgasm.

Jennifer knows what has happened and wants to get her fun in too. She moves her friend to 69 position. I kiss her friend that I have not yet met and push her hair out of the way. She raises her hips up over Jennifer’s face and digs into the soaking wet pussy in front of her. She is obviously getting tired so I reach in below her mouth and fill Jennifer’s hole with big strong fingers. Once all 4 fingers are in she can feel my knuckles moving in and out of her like a huge cock pounding her hard and deep. Her friend sucks her clit and moans as Jennifer’s tongue goes in and out of her pussy up in the air. As I watch what is going on I decide to make this all very interesting. I push my fingers inside Jennifer until I find the g spot. I rub the g spot until I can feel the pressure building around my hand. Just as Jennifer begins to climax I splay all of my fingers open stretching the inside of her pussy in every direction. Jennifer screams like a caught animal, she bucks up and down trying to get that big thing out of her pussy. Finally, the orgasm begins to subside and I let my hand move out of her pussy.

It is now beginning to get light outside. I can see the outline of Jennifer and a very beautiful young woman in my bed. I still have no contacts so everything is a bit fuzzy. Jennifer looks at her friend and asks if she has had enough. Her friend says yes for the moment. They roll together and start kissing and making sweet love. Jennifer looks over to me and asks if I can get the tea water going and make some breakfast as they had a very late night last night. I promised a full breakfast in 30 minutes. Jennifer said that sounds great, let me introduce you to Jill. I think you will be seeing a lot of her going forward.

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