Where Is My Mind? Ch. 02


I stepped into the shower as my husband left the house at 7.30, and I stepped out with a very different demeanour. I had a look of determination on my face, and an air of success. I did my morning routine of drying my blonde locks, moisturising my beautiful, slender body, and dressing for success. I rolled the stockings up my legs and attached them to the suspender belt, which sat over my matching black panties. I covered my pert breasts with a lacy balconette bra. I pinned my hair up in a high bun and walked over to the large closet, the skirt I picked out was a respectable length pencil-skirt of just above the knee, my shirt showed a modest amount of cleavage and the black, leather stilettos lengthened my already long legs.

I walked back to the bathroom mirror and applied the deep red lipstick to my full pouting mouth and pressed my lips together in a kissing motion. I wasn’t Amy the submissive housewife any more.

‘You are a successful bitch, Karen Ashworth.’ All memory of the morning’s events had disappeared. This was her persona from 8-5 Monday through Friday.

I, Karen arrived at the office promptly at 9, and walked directly to the manager’s private office. I am his PA, his most important asset.

‘Good morning, Karen.’ Mr. Cole smiled over the morning paper. ‘I’m going to need some files from the archives, there’s a list in your inbox.’

‘No problem, Mr. Cole.’ I rose from my seat after reading the email; I didn’t need to take the list with me. Part of my success was my fantastic memory.

‘Oh, and we have a business lunch with Barker and Son at 1. You’ll accompany me of course.’

‘Yes sir.’ I left the room and got on with the days work. I didn’t get the job through sex, or my looks. I worked hard and received promotions on my own merits, although once in the job I had not qualms mixing business with pleasure.

At about 12 noon I was getting restless, we would be leaving for lunch in about half an hour. I sauntered over to Mr. Cole’s desk and stood in between his bayan gaziantep escort chair and the desk.

‘Karen?’ He raised an eyebrow.

I lifted myself onto the desk and parted my legs by resting them on the arms of his chair. The panties had been removed earlier in the day and I presented my boss with my neat and pretty pussy.

‘I think you know what I want, sir.’ I leaned back and rested my weight on my hands. I could feel the cool breath getting closer to my pussy. A finger traced the outer lips, I quivered a little. His thumb rubbed my clit a, while the finger that had been circling my lips was gently moved into my entrance.

I was beginning to moisten now at his experienced and gentle touch. He lightly blew on my pussy and then began to lick my slit, after removing the finger that had been inside me but keeping his thumb on my clit. He lapped up my sweet taste, and made me shiver with desire.

‘I want your cock inside me, sir.’ At that he stood and unzipped his pants, letting his modest cock spring into vision. He came close to my pussy but stopped short of entering me.

‘Slowly.’ I whispered, and he moved his cock slowly into my wet pussy. ‘All the way….. That’s it.’ I quietly moaned. ‘Again.’ He repeated the action. ‘Put your thumb back on my clit. Yes, like that.’

He knew what I liked; he kept the slow pace and moved in and out of my warm cunt as I pleased. He could tell when to start thrusting with a little more force, but didn’t change the pace just yet.

‘That’s it, it’s not a race. Keep it slow for now.’ I basked in the feelings my boss’s cock was giving me, the pleasure as it slowly pumped in and out sometimes a little more forcefully, then gently but never displeasing.

He could tell it was time to start building up the pace, not to a hurried fuck but just enough so it didn’t become boring. He could plough his cock deeper and harder into my beautiful cunt when the pace was faster. He could bayan escort gaziantep hit all of those spots, the spots that made me cry out his name.

I wrapped my toned legs around his waist, pulling him closer, keeping him inside as he spurted his warm cum into my pussy. I bucked my hips, humping toward his body — feeling the intense orgasm fade away, I whispered a moan as my body stopped shaking.

The business lunch was the same old boring work stuff. There was no real need for me to attend, though I do like a free lunch. Lunch turned into drinks and drinks turned into inviting Mr. Barker and his son Shaun back to the office to go over some documents.

I had found myself quite attracted to Mr. Barker, perhaps it was his distinguished looks or perhaps I could smell the money oozing out of his every pore. Whatever it was, it was intoxicating. I didn’t need any help with her confidence, but the drinks from lunch had made me slightly… loose, and prone to act without the thought of consequences.

I found myself brushing against him at every opportunity, and sliding a few innuendos his way. I even went so far as to suggest a foursome, though this was not out loud. I gently whispered the words into his ear and watched the reaction — not the one on his face.

I walked over to my boss’s large desk and swept the various papers and files onto the floor, thus grabbing Mr Cole’s and Shaun’s attentions, Mr. Barker had been hooked all night. I removed my shirt, and next my skirt, revealing my bra-covered breasts and bare pussy (I had not put my panties back on from earlier), the stockings and suspenders remained.

I beckoned to the 50-year-old Mr. Barker; he walked toward me and did as I wanted. He lay down on the large desk and waited for me to make my move. I wasted no time, and clambered onto the desk, straddling Mr. Barker. I unzipped his pants to reveal his hard cock.

I slowly lowered myself onto his cock, sighing as escort bayan gaziantep my pussy engulfed every inch. I remained upright as I slowly slid up and down Mr. Barker’s shaft. I reached around to where my hair was pinned back and let it loose, long blonde hair dressed my slender shoulders and bounced around my face as I rode Mr. Barkers cock.

I leaned forward and placed my hands at either side of Mr. Barker’s head to steady myself. The leaning forward signalled to Mr. Cole that I was ready. He climbed up behind me and carefully slid his ready lubed cock into my tight ass. I had to stop riding Mr. Barker for a moment to allow for this to happen. My quiet moans became louder as my boss drove his cock further into my ass.

Finally he was completely inside and I could resume riding Mr. Barker. As I bounced up and down on Mr. Barker’s cock, my boss drove into my ass with long hard strokes. Soon the two cocks were in synch and I couldn’t stop moaning with ecstasy.

I looked over to Shaun, who was looking on in amazement at the scene in front of him. ‘Don’t think I’m leaving you out,’ I said in a breathy voice, ‘come over here.’ He complied. I unzipped him, and began greedily licking his large cock. I teased him by using the tip of my tongue to lick his cock, focusing on the underside, and circling the head.

Shaun suddenly thrust deep into my mouth and retreated before repeating the action. Soon enough Shaun was holding the back of my head and fucking my little pouting mouth with force. Many would find this action displeasing, but not me. I loved that he was using my mouth at his pleasure, and the experience was heightened by the other two men fucking me.

I could feel a huge orgasm brewing inside of me. The cocks in my pussy and ass were filling me so completely and hitting the right spots every time, and the face fucking I was receiving from Shaun made me feel so dirty and turned on. I could feel that Shaun was about to blow, and so was I. I flung my head back to let out a huge cry of pleasure, and at that moment Shaun shot me in the face with his warm cum. Moments later Mr. Barker and Mr. Cole came inside me simultaneously. Mr. Cole held onto my hips, keeping his cock buried deep in my ass as his cum spurted up me. My pussy clenched onto Mr. Barkers cock, not wanting to release him. We held the same pose for a couple of minutes, not wanting the feeling to go away.

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