Watching Mom and Aunt Connie Ch. 02


“Connie, I fucked John.”

My mom’s words hung in the air. All motion stopped. Aunt Connie holding my mother in her arms, stared down at her. Her facial expression trying to fathom what she had heard.

I sat frozen in the desk chair, looking wide eyed at the monitor, my mind racing as if I was trying to escape reality. My cock deflating rapidly between my cum coated fingers.

“And he’s been watching us”

I whispered to myself, “Shit!”

My mom turned her head and looked directly at the mini-cam on the dresser. Aunt Connie followed mom’s eyes and focused her gaze on the small pencil-sized clear lens on top of the book.

Aunt Connie turned back to my mom and in a soft voice that seemed to contemplate what my mom had just said, paraphrased my mother’s words, “You fucked John and he’s been watching us.”

Aunt Connie’s body stiffened. She sat up straight. Glared down at mom and then directly at the cam and in a commanding, irritated tone, ordered, “Jonathan Morgan Blair, get your ass in here right now!”

I stood up as if called to attention. I instinctively reached for the box of tissue on my desk, quickly tugged out three sheets, wiped the cum off my fingers and threw the wet tissues into the waste basket. I glanced at the streak of cum on my desk, keyboard and monitor and knew cleaning it off would have to wait. Aunt Connie’s voice blared out of the computers speakers and I could hear her clearly from my mom’s room, “Jonathan!”

I bent down pulled up my boxers over my limp, but still wet cock and moved to the door. I unlocked it and walked, as if in a dream, to my mother’s bedroom. I opened the door and stepped in.

My mother was standing in front of Aunt Connie. Her hands folded in front of her pussy. Her head bowed.

Aunt Connie growled at me, “Stand next to your mother.”

I walked to my mom. We must have been a sight. She was standing completely naked and I only had on a blue t-shirt, plaid boxers and white ankle socks.

I looked up my aunt glaring up at me. She was sitting on the bed, naked. Her arms folded in front of her holding up her luscious, huge breasts, her legs crossed, concealing her pussy. A dense woman smell, the musky mixture of both their bodies odors, filled the room.

“Strip!”, she commanded me.

I yanked the t-shirt off over my head and tossed it on the floor. I pushed my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and tugged them off, kicking them away. i folded my hands in front of my dick and stood there with my head bowed like my mom.

Aunt Connie’s voice was calmer, “Well. I can see you don’t take after your father, more like your grandfather, wouldn’t you say July?”

Mom didn’t raise her head, but nodded, “yes”.

I tried to comprehend what Aunt Connie was implying and mom admitting too. Mom, Aunt Connie, grandpa? Did they? Are they still?

“Jonathan.” Aunt Connie interrupted the image that was just starting to form of mom and grandpa and Aunt Connie and…

I looked up at her not understanding what she wanted.

She said softly, “Your socks.”

I looked down and realized I still had them on. I almost lost my balance standing there trying to take them off, but I made it.

I stood up straight again. This time with my hands at my sides.

With a twinge of anger Aunt Connie asked, “So, how long have you two been fucking?”

Mom and I looked at each other, we both, waiting to see who would answer.

Irritated, Connie ordered, “July?!”

My mother, her karataş escort head again bowed, softly answered, “Just since last night.”

“Just last night? And who’s idea was it to invite me over?”

I looked up, “Mine, Aunt Connie. It was my…”. I stopped from completing that I had instructed my mom to call her.

My mom volunteered, “He told me to call you so he could watch us. He heard what you said about fingering me on the cell phone and…”

My mom stopped and bowed her head again.

Aunt Connie, contemplating what we had said, replied, “I see.”

Aunt Connie was eyeing both my mom and me. Then smiled and said, “Kiss.”

Mom and I both looked at Aunt Connie and them at each other. We didn’t move.

Aunt Connie repeated, “Kiss. I want to see you two kiss. I figured, since you fucked, you kissed, right? So, kiss.”

Mom and I turned and faced each other. She sighed as I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. Her soft hands resting on my shoulders. We moved our away and looked at each other.

“Kiss! Hold each other and kiss like you want to fuck!” Aunt Connie’s voice was raised. Mom and I both looked at her. Her eyes wide. “Now kiss!”

I took mom into my arms. Her tits pressed against me. The warmth and softness of her body melted into mine. I titled my head and my mother’s moist lips touched mine. Our mouths messed together or tongues slaking into each other. Taking turns swiping across our teeth, gums, exploring. Knowing Aunt Connie was watching, stimulated us more. My mother’s fingernails gently scratching into my back.

My cock firmness returned and I felt it press into my mother’s stomach. She sighed a hot breath into my mouth as she felt my dick press into her.

Again, Aunt Connie interrupted with a command, “On your knees.”

We released or tight grip slightly and my mom start to slither her way down. Aunt Connie interjected, “No, Jonathan, get on your knees.”

Mom and I both glanced at her as i dropped to my knees. I was looking at my mother’s naval and Connie laughed, “Lower honey.”

I rested my ass between my calves. My butt in the floor. My face even now with my mother’s neatly trimmed pussy. My cock at full attention, the rigid pole pointing straight up from between the top of my thighs.

Connie commented, “Oh yes! Takes after dad alright! Maybe even bigger than our old man. Don’t you think July?”

I didn’t hear mom answer. I assumed she nodded in agreement as she had done before.

I didn’t wait or need to be instructed on what was expected of me. I put my hands on my mother’s soft butt cheeks. They stiffened as my fingers grasped them. I pulled her pussy to my mouth. I leaned my head back. She raised up on her toes and planted her moist cunt on to my open mouth. Her slender thighs on either side of my head. She was sitting on my face. Her hands reached down holding the top of my head to keep her balance. She tangled her fingers into a fistful of my hair and ground her pussy into my face.

My mother’s pussy smelt and tasted delicious. I lapped and sucked her juices into my mouth as if I was starving. The thought of my Aunt Connie watching me eat my mother drove my lust. As i gnawed at my mom’s cunt I wondered what my aunt’s pussy tasted like. Would it be the same? God, I wanted to find out. But now I concentrated on my mother’s juicy twat. I wanted to please my mother and to feel her shiver and shake in a powerful, blissful, incestuous karataş escort bayan orgasm with my aunt watching. Then finding out what devious, delightful, depraved acts Aunt Connie had for me and her sister.

I now concentrated on my mother’s taut finger lengthened clit. Sucking it hard between my lips, lashing it with my tongue.

Mom barred down, pressing her pussy opening on to my chin. The moisture from her cunt coating my cheeks and dripping down my neck. Her pussy lips sliding back and forth, washing over my face. I inhaled her essences, her scent. God, my mother was sitting on my face, using it to pleasure herself.

I kept my firm grip on her tightly clenched butt cheeks. My cock, standing straight up between, so hard it hurt. My thighs spread just enough for my balls to hang.

Then I felt it! Lips sucking on the helmet of my cock! Aunt Connie was on the floor between my mother’s legs, sucking the tip of my dick into her mouth!

I felt I could explode. Oh, dear God. The scene in my mind. My mother standing over me. Her pussy wedged into my face. Her hands holding me in place. Me on my knees, worshipping, devouring her cunt. And her sister, my aunt, laying naked on the floor, her huge tits smashed into the rug, her lips sucking my dick into her mouth.

And then her lips released me and were gone.

“Mmmmmm,” she teased, “I can’t tell if he tastes more like daddy or that ex of yours. He sure has a big cock like dad.”

My mother wailed. Her thighs tightened around my head and started to shake. She pushed down harder against my face and her fists pulled up on my hair. I continued to suck her rigid clit between my lips, pressing my tongue up and unmoving against the knob.

Her muffled howls filling the room. I opened my eyes but could only see my mom’s belly. Yet, the taste and smell of her pulsating cunt against my face was enough to satisfy my incestuous lust for her.

Mom eased her grip on my head as her body relaxed and her orgasm ceased. Aunt Connie was sitting back on the bed, her knees bent on the edge. Her feet on the floor. Mom slid off my face and fell back onto the bed between Aunt Connie’s open thighs, into her arms.

Aunt Connie reached around mom and caressed mom’s tits and gently pinched her erect nipples.

I stood, my cock pointing straight at them, straining for release.

“Fuck your mother.” Aunt Connie commanded.

Without prompting my mom lifted her feet off the floor, place them on either side of Aunt Connie’s knees. She reached down and held her ankles in her hands, forcing her cunt to open up for me. Her swollen, puffy, wet pussy lips inviting me. She inched her ass to the edge of the bed.

My mother wasn’t looking at my face, her eyes were concentrated on my swollen cock. Then my mom whispered and begged, “Yes honey, fuck mommy in front of my sister. Please.”

For a brief instant my thoughts distracted me from my naked mother displayed in front of me. “Aunt Connie is really my mom’s sister? She’s really my aunt? They both were fucked by grandpa? When? What?”

My mother’s groan brought me back. Those questions would have to be answered later. I looked at my mother cradled in Aunt

Connie’s arms. My mother widespread thighs, her pussy exposed. I grabbed hold of my cock, moved forward, pre-cum dripping from my pee hole. I placed the blood engorged head to my mother’s pussy’s opening, took my hand away and placed each of my hands on my escort karataş mom’s knees. Then all three of us watched my meat slice and penetrate into my mother’s flesh.

My mother moaned softly; her head bent forward watching my cock slice deeper into her. I pushed it into her yielding warm, wet hole, felling her cunt muscles grasping a hold of my dick.

When I reached the hilt of my cock against her opening, I held it there. Enjoying being surrounded by my mother’s insides. I then started to saw in and out of my mother. Her head titled back and I watched as her and Aunt Connie kissed open mouthed. Their tongues dancing, playing, washing together. I quickened my pace, now hammering my cock hard and deep with each thrust.

Still kissing, Aunt Connie moved one hand down to my mother’s hand size tit and squeezed it firmly in her fingers. My mother’s tit turning blue. Her other hand slid down over my mom’s tummy and she started to move her finger back and forth over my mother’s rigid clit. Their mouths looked like they were assaulting each other. Then my mother broke away. She looked down at her pussy being raped by her own son’s cock and her sister fingers flaring above against her knob. My mother’s mouth opened as she grimaced in pain and pleasure. Drool streaming from the corners of her mouth. Tears streaking down her cheeks. Her chest and neck blushing beet red from her sexual arousal.

She wailed, “OH GGGGOOOODDD!”

She bent her head back again and they mashed theirs mouths together. Mom moved her head back again watching the relentless assault of my cock hammering into her.


Connie smiled and refused, “Not yet baby.”

My mother let out a hollow wail as if she was in great pain. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

Her body straining, begging for release. My mom’s whole body tensed. Her toes curled, her hands glitching into tight fists, her head tilted back. The veins in her neck bulged. Her back arched.

I pushed my cock as deep as I could into her, the bloated head pushed up against my mother’s cervix. I held it there.

Aunt Connie, her face showing a sadistic grin of power, kept a firm grasp with one hand on my mother’s tit, the other squeezing my mom’s clit between her fingers.

Connie’s face mellowed and just above a sweetly whisper, she gave her permission, “You can cum now.”

With that my mother opened her mouth wide, her whole body relaxed, the inside of her cunt eased off my cock and then she barred down on my embedded dick. Her ties and fingers spread wide. My mother’s whole body shuddered in a quivering mass of an all-consuming orgasm.

As if in agony her voice bounced off the walls of her bedroom. “AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!”

Looking down on my mother’s shivering body in total ecstasy, my cock lodged deep inside her cunt swelled and then my own painful orgasm erupted inside her. Filling and mixing with her cum. It poured into her. She let out another cry as she felt my explosion. Her pussy contracting around my cock as mine pulsed inside her.

I was now just looking at my mother’s shaking body, her feet dangling in the air. The tears and drool still pouring off her face, which now showed complete, contented bliss.

As our orgasms subsided in unison and our bodies relaxed, we smiled at each other. Aunt Connie had released her grip on my mom’s bruised tit and her hardened clit. She had both hands resting on my mom’s shoulders. She was also smiling.

We all looked down as my cum coated semi-firm cock slid out of my mother’s sopping wet pussy. My mom sighed as the helmet shaped tip slipped out of her.

I stood there, my cock dripping. My mom cradled in her sister’s arms. Aunt Connie looked up at me. She narrowed her eyes, gave me a grin and in a devilish tone said, “Now it’s my turn.”

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