Visiting the Collective


Simon walks up the small staircase in front of the big, old house and rings the doorbell. Simon’s older brother, Peter, lives in the house with several friends. Peter have told Simon about their open attitude towards clothing and sex and Simon is anxious, or actually quite nervous, but also curious, now that he is visiting the collective for the first time. He is glad that he already knows Peter and Peter’s girlfriend Johanna.

And then it happens to be Johanna who opens the doors. She is wearing a long blue shirt of silk that she holds decently closed with one hand.

“Hi Simon!” she exclaims. “I guessed it might be you. Come on in.”

She hugs his shoulder lightly when he walks by, into the small hall. Simon puts down his bag on the floor while Johanna slips off the silk shirt and hangs it on a hook by the door. Flustered from the sight, Simon stares at her naked body without knowing what to say. Johanna is small and plump and has long chestnut hair hanging loosely down her back and over one of her breasts. Her breasts are large – as large as Simon had imagined. Johanna laughs at him as she understands why Simon is starring at her.

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry,” she says. “You’ve probably never seen me naked before, have you…? But you might as well get used to it. As you know we normally never wears anything around here.”

“Yeah, I know…” Simon says. “But would I also have to take off my clothes now, then?” he asks with a throaty voice.

“No you can wait until you’re ready. Just keep it on until it feels natural for you to take it off… But come on in now, so I can show you around the house.”

Simon takes off his sandals and his T-shirt, but keeps his shorts on for the moment and then follows Johanna.

In the kitchen they meet a woman who is preparing vegetables for dinner. She is taller and thiner than Johanna, have blonde hair and smaller breasts.

“This is Maria,” Johanna says to Simon.

“Hi Simon,” Maria says and flashes him a smile. “Welcome!”

“Thanks,” Simon says and can’t find anything else to say.

“Actually I was preparing dinner together with Maria,” Johanna says, “but I think she manages without me, while I am showing you around. Maybe you could join us when we have completed the tour?”

“Yes of course. I will be happy to help out,” Simon answers politely.

In the living room, they find Peter in the sofa reading some magazine.

“Hello there, Simon,” he says and stands up and approaches them. He puts his arm around Johanna’s shoulder.

“I can see that you have kept your trousers on,” he says with a grin.

“Ah, stop that,” Johanna interrupts. “I’ve already told him not to take them off before he feels like doing it.

Simon blushes and tries to find something to say. “Take it easy, man” he utters – a lot less confident than he planned, and hurries to change the subject: “What are you reading?”

Peter goes back to the table and picks up the magazine. “It’s the latest issue of Wired, have you seen that yet? There is a marvelous thing about the new Star Wars movie.”

Simon cannot recognize the front page and shakes his head. “No I haven’t seen that one yet. I would like to read it when you are finished.”

Johanna grabs his arm to get him moving along. “Come on, you also have to see the rest of the house!”

Out on the terrace they are greeted by Linea, Henry and Toby. They are enjoying the last warmth of the late afternoon sun. Then Johanna shows him the guest room where he can stay with all his stuff.

“And then you can see up here where our bedroom is,” she says and walks up the stairs to the first floor. The bedroom is huge and mostly covered by a very big mattress from wall to wall.

“Are you sleeping here all of you?” Simon asks astonished.

“Yes, always,” Johanna answers. “It’s really a great thing to sleep together. If you’d like, you can sleep up here with the rest of us, but otherwise you can just sleep in the guest room. You can decide on that later…”

On the way back down the stairs, Simon asks if he has now met everybody and Johanna says that he has except for Martin, who is not home at the moment.

Simon goes back to the hall to pick up his bag and carries it to the guest room. He pauses wondering whether to drop his trousers or not. At last he decides that he wants to have the courage to do it. “I can just as well take them off now as later,” he thinks and puts them in the pile with his sandals and t-shirt. Then he goes back to the kitchen to help making dinner as he promised.

“Hi again. What can I do?” he asks when he enters the kitchen. Johanna is slicing onions and Maria is mixing a dough. It looks like pizza preparations.

“Well… what if you scrape some carrots…” Johanna says. “Then you can grate them afterwards. The carrots are in the fridge.”

Simon finds the bag with carrots and empty it into the sink. “And where do I find a proper knife?” he asks.

Maria nods in the direction of the knife block. “Take it over there,” she says. “And then bayan escort pour some more flour for me, please.”

Simon pours flour into the dough dish for Maria and then reach in front of her to pick out the small knife from the knife block. Maria is leaning over the dough dish, and while reaching for the knife, Simon accidentally brushes her breast with his hand.

“Oh… I am sorry,” he mumbles embarrassed and pulls his hand back.

“Hey, don’t worry about that,” Maria says and smiles to him. “If you are going to make anything in this small kitchen you can’t help but get to touch each other time and again.”

But the touch of Maria’s breast and the whole situation with him alone in the kitchen with two naked women starts making an impression on Simon and he can feel his cock starting to swell.

“Oh no,” he thinks. “Without trousers on, it’s simply impossible to hide an erection.”

But before he decides what he can do about it, Maria starts kneading the dough. Simon gazes at Maria’s breasts that bounces around in the rhythm of her kneading and his cock grows and jumps.

Maria discovers what’s happening and stops her kneading and starts laughing. “Hey, that’s something you like, huh?”, she says and throws her long blonde hair away from her face.

“Well… yeah… I’m sorry…” Simon stutters and don’t know what more to say.

“Don’t be sorry,” Maria responds and starts kneading again. She takes the dough out of the dish and puts in on the table enabling her to knead with long deep thrusts making her breasts bounce even more.

“You have a beautiful cock,” she says. “And I find it flattering, that my tits turn you on.”

Simon doesn’t say anything, and shyly he just starts scraping the carrots, frequently casting sidelong glances at Maria’s bouncing breasts. His cock is standing at full mast, and there is simply nothing he can do about it.

“You know, he is not used to it like we are,” Johanna says. “I mean, being naked together like this.”

Maria stops kneading for a moment and looks at Simon. “Is it true?” she asks. “Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before?”

Simon shakes his head. “Well yes…”

Maria sends him a cunning look while she rubs the dough off her fingers. “So you mean to say that you have mostly seen naked women in pictures and the like? You have never been with a naked woman before?” she asks?

Simon nods without saying anything.

Maria steps over to the sink to wash off the remaining dough. “That means you are practically a virgin… or whatever you call it when you are a boy,” she says and hesitates for a moment. “Tell me…” she continues. “Wouldn’t you like to try to be together with me for a moment? I mean: we could sit in a sofa and you could try and touch me… and other things?”

Simon looks flustered at Johanna who just smiles reassuringly back at him. “Yeah… but…” he stutters. “Yes I would, but…” He hesitates. “Is it something we can just do like that?”

Maria wipes her hands dry and squeezes Simon’s arm a little. “Yes, of course we can do it like that. And I think that both of us wants to. Hey Johanna: Couldn’t you get Peter to help you making dinner?” she says, and then addressing Simon again: “Come on and join me!”

An so Simon takes Maria’s hand and follows her into the living room.

Peter is not in the living room anymore, so the room is empty. Maria sits down in the large sofa and Simon sits beside her. His cock is not so hard now but it’s still long and thick.

“Can I touch your cock?” Maria asks.

Simon nods and Maria reaches out and caresses his cock very softly. Then she takes it in her hand and Simon can feel how it grows harder inside her hand.

“Do you like it?” Maria asks.

Simon makes a consenting sound.

“Do you masturbate a lot?” Maria asks.

“Well,” Simon frowns. “Almost everyday, I think…”

Maria squeezes his cock. “At the time when I didn’t have a boyfriend, I was also masturbating a lot. Maybe not every day, but probably every other day. Now I don’t do it that often. Now I am fucking instead!” Maria giggles. “Are you looking at porn magazines while masturbating?” she asks.

Simon shakes his head. “No, not very often.”

“Are you fantasizing instead?” Maria asks.

Simon nods.

“What are you fantasizing about?”

Simon hesitates and blushes while remembering his favorite fantasies. “I mean… anything naughty…” he answers evasively.

Maria gets a sexy look in her eyes. “Oh, let me guess…” she says. “You are surely thinking about Johanna and her large breasts, aren’t you?”

Simon blushes even more and nods almost invisibly.

“I really love to fondle them myself when we are making out,” Maria continues.

Astonished, Simon concludes that Maria and Johanna sometimes are having sex together. He doesn’t say anything though.

Maria moves her hand away from Simon’s cock. “Try to show me how you masturbate,” she says. “Then I can show you how escort bayan I do it.”

Simon hesitates for a moment, but then he grabs his cock and starts masturbating. His grip fixes the loose skin and when he thrusts his hand and his cock in opposite directions, his cock is sliding back and forward. His rhythm is fast because he is pretty excited and he starts moaning.

Maria looks at him curiously. “Try to stop again, if you can,” she says. “If you’d like, I can do it for you in a moment.” Simon stops but he is still panting and he keeps his hand around his cock.

“See how I do it,” Maria says.

She spread her legs so her cunt lips part. Simon studies her cunt curiously. It is very pink, and small blonde curls grows around it. The pink skin is glistening and Simon concludes that it must be wet. Maria is now moving a finger around the wet folds and then she presses it into the invisible hole. With the other finger she starts rubbing around a small bump that Simon guesses to be her clitoris.

“Mmmh, I am just as horny as you, I think.” she says. “Just like you got excited by watching my bouncing tits, I got excited at seeing your cock grow hard.”

Simon watches how her finger is sliding in and out of her cunt while her other finger is rubbing in small fast circles around her clitoris.

“Will you hold on my breasts while I do this,” she whispers.

Simon had just started rubbing up and down his shaft again, but now he lets go of his cock and reaches out for Maria. He puts his hand around her nearest breast and squeezes it lightly. He is surprised how soft it is and he squeezes it some more. Then he feels around the smooth curves and brushes the nibble slightly.

“It feels good if you rub the nibble between your fingers,” Maria says and moans when Simon takes her nibble between two fingers and squeeze it a little. “Oh, yes… this is good,” Maria says. “Do the same for the other breast as well.”

Simon continues to fondle her fascinating breasts. He is very excited now, and he must actively suppress his urge to stroke his cock and give himself relief.

“You should also try to touch my pussy,” Maria says and pulls her finger out of her cunt hole. Simon reaches between her legs and strokes up on the inside of her leg towards her sex, and soon he finds the entrance to her cunt. Tentatively he presses a finger into the warm and wet cave, and to his astonishment he finds that he can get his entire finger in there without meeting any resistance. He starts moving his finger in and out like he saw Maria do before.

“Oh, this is good,” Maria sighs. “You are good at it, Simon. I love the feeling of your finger in my cunt… And now you should feel my clitoris.”

Maria pulls his finger out of her cunt and leads it until Simon can feel the hard bud located in the middle of all the soft wet folds. “Rub around it,” she says while she again presses one of her own fingers into her cunt.

Simon tries to imitate what he saw Maria do and he rubs in fast circles around and around the clitoris.

“Please press a little harder,” Maria moans. “Yes, just like that… This is sooo good… That’s right… Just go on like that… Yes… Ohh yes… Go on… Make me cum… You make me cum, Simon… Ohh yes… I am coming now Simon…”

Simon rubs as much as he can and he feels how Maria’s body tightens and how she presses her cunt against her own finger and his finger while her orgasm is flowing through her.

Finally she sits back in the sofa, panting. “You are so nice to me, Simon. You did really well.”

Simon moves his hands away from her cunt and back to her soft breasts that feel so wonderfully round and soft in his hands.

“Now you have given a girl an orgasm for the first time,” Maria says. “Did you like it?”

Simon nods. “How does it feel?” he asks.

“Well, it just feels really really good,” Maria answers. “That’s hard to explain. I think it feels just like an orgasm feels for you.”

Maria reaches out for Simon’s cock. “Can I try to make you come?” she asks. Simon nods, and Maria starts to move her hand back and forward so Simon’s cock slide back and forward inside her grip. Simon moans and tries to synchronize his thrust to her hand movement.

“I think you need to sit on my lap,” Maria says. “Otherwise I’ll cramp in my hand. Come here…”

Simon sits with a knee on each side of Maria. “Can I touch your breasts?” he asks. Maria nods and continues to jerk him off. Simon holds a breast in each hand and squeezes the nibbles while he is moaning loudly.

“Ohh….” he moans, and Maria feels his cock grow larger and then he explodes and pumps his semen i large squirts out over Maria’s tummy, tits and neck.

“Yeah… That’s it…” Maria says while she pumps up and down on his cock. “You’re coming, Simon… Squirt your sperm all over me… Give it to me… Yes… Ohh it just goes on and on…! That’s really a lot of sperm…”

Finally the squirting ends and the semen starts flowing escort bayanlar down over Maria’s hand and Simon’s cock while she continue to fondle his cock. Also large gobs of sperm starts dripping down between Maria’s breasts and down over her belly and Simon starts rubbing her breasts with the semen. Maria let go of his softening cock and helps him to spread the sticky sperm over her skin until there are no more globs running down. On the other hand, Maria is now sticky and slippery on most of her body.

o o o O O O o o o

During dinner, Simon is sitting between Johanna and Maria. Everybody are absentmindedly caressing themselves or each other from time to time while they are talking. Johanna is touching Peter as well as Simon and Maria is touching Martin as well as Simon. Simon can see that it’s not only him, but also Peter and Martin who gets erections from the touch of the women. Peter is touching Johanna and Linea, and Martin is touching Maria. Simon finally gets the courage to feel Johanna’s large breasts that he has been fantasizing so much about. Simon discovers that Martin and Maria are partners while Maria is telling them about taking Simon’s virginity. After dinner everybody helps cleaning the kitchen and making coffee. Finally everybody sits in the sofas in the living room, drinking coffee, talking and touching.

o o o O O o o o

Simon is sitting in the big sofa together with Peter and Johanna. Peter and Johanna have an arm around each other and Peter is stroking the nibbles of Johanna’s breasts and Johanna is kissing Peter making cooing noises. Maria is coming over to them and sits on the floor in front of Peter. She strokes his thighs and up and down his cock that willingly rises in small jerks.

Johanna looks down on Maria. “Will you kiss his cock, Maria? Then I’ll kiss his mouth.”

Maria moves herself in between Peters legs so she can reach his cock with her mouth. “Mmhh, I’d love to do that. Would you like to be kissed by two women simultaneously, Peter?” she asks.

Peter nods his appreciation. His cock is fully erect now, and Maria grabs it with one hand and rubs up and down a few times before she starts licking around the rim of the cock head. Johanna ruffles Maria’s hair and Maria opens her mouth and lets Peter’s cock slide in between her lips. Simon watches with fascination how Peter’s cock slide in and out of Maria’s mouth. He tries to imagine how it would feel like to have somebody sucking on his cock. It will probably be more soft and warm than masturbating with his hand.

In the meantime, Maria’s partner Martin has positioned himself on the floor besides Maria and in front of Johanna. He hugs Maria and strokes her back while she is sucking Peter’s cock. Then he starts caressing Johanna’s legs and when he strokes upwards on the inside of her thigh, she spread her legs.

“Oh yeah… I am really longing to have my pussy licked,” she says. “Will you please suck my dripping cunt, Martin?” she asks.

Martin moves a finger around between Johanna’s wet cunt lips. “Oh yes, you are dripping wet, Johanna,” he says and rubs around her clitoris making her moan heavily. Then he leans over her, and sticking his tongue out, starts to lick. First slowly all around her cunt, and later a little faster just around her clitoris.

Johanna is kissing Peter again and moans and makes unintelligible sounds while Peter holds on her breasts and squeezes her nibbles.

Simon have become a little horny himself watching everybody having sex, and he is touching his hard cock slightly. He looks for the other three guys, who are now lying on the floor. Toby is on his back with his head on a big pillow. Henry is on his knees just besides Toby’s head and Toby is licking his cock. Linea is sitting on the lap of Toby with his cock inside her cunt, fucking him slowly while leaning against Henry and kissing him. Simon concludes, no longer that astonished, that it is possible to be three people fucking together at the same time.

Simon again looks at Johanna who seems to be on the verge of coming. She presses her pelvis up against Martin’s face and she’s moaning more and more heavily.

“Oh, it’s soooo good…” she suddenly call out. “You’re so good to me… I am coming now… Yes… I am coming…!” Johanna shouts and moans while Peter squeezes her breasts hard and Martin licks directly on her clitoris and seems to be thrusting two fingers into her cunt. “Ohh… I just love coming…” Johanna sighs and falls exhausted back into the sofa.

Peter unwinds from Johanna’s embrace and sits on the edge of the sofa making it possible for him to more actively thrust his cock in and out of Maria’s mouth.

Johanna moves behind ham and holds around his torso. “Can you also come, Peter?” she asks.

Peter nods, he is also panting now. “Yes… Maria is sucking so good… On my cock… You are a good cock sucker, Maria… I am coming in a moment…”

Johanna caresses his chest and ruffles his and Maria’s hair. “That’s good. You are so lovely when you are coming. You should fill Maria’s mouth with all your delicious sperm.”

Maria is eagerly bobbing her head up and down, making Peter’s cock sliding back and forward between her lips and in her hand. Simon sometimes gets a glimpse of the cock head when the cock is almost out, just before it disappears again deep inside her mouth.

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