Virgin Fantasy Arrives


This is a true encounter of which I was totally amazed that it happened the way it did.I am someone who would only cross the line in my marriage when the opportunity presents it’s self for me to live out one of my fantasies.I am an average guy living an ordinary life and have good wife but no kids.My job can be very demanding at times.Everyday is actually the same routine and I have to make deals and ends meet at my work place.

I am married to a wonderful woman who is a Teacher by profession and I can assure you she does her job well.The connection she has with her students is very close and most of them look at her as a second mother. Automatically that makes me something more like a father to most of them.I must confess that some of the female students are very pretty averaging from 14 to 16 years old.Among the bunch there are 5 of the girls that are very beautiful and soothing to the eye, but I have never looked at any of them in any abnornaml way.

Now there are 3 of the girls that we are very close to, they come home for weekends sometimes and we all spend time like a family.On a normal basis sometimes I would meet some of the girls downtown in the mall or just hanging out and would just greet them and make sure that everything is ok with them.The favourite 3 are Maryann, Rema and Tonia.Three weeks ago I had to make an extra trip in town to get some things for my wife when I met Tonia in town and we spoke as usual. I gave her some cash so she can get herself whatever she wants and then I left.For the next 3 days I met her in town and it seems as if she was waiting for me.This time she asked me if I can give her a ride home.So I called my wife and let her know that I’ll be late cause I am dropping off Tonia at her home. While we were on our way I couldn’t help notice that she looked very sexy in her mini skirt and T-shirt. But it was just a look (Honestly). Ten minutes later we reached and what happened next took me by surprise,Tonia gave me a kiss on my face and said thank you and opened the door and left.Now I was shocked at what happened so I decided not to mention anything when i reach home.

The following day my cell rang and my wife told me that she was choosen to represent her school at a seminar out of town for 4 days.At first I did not like the idea of me being alone for 4 days.But right prevail and she would be preparing to leave in a few days time.The morning has arrived and i dropped her off at the airport and i then left for work.At approximately 3pm my cell rang and Maryann was on the line and she asked me if she can come over to get some info that my wife left for her, offcourse i said yes.later in the afternoon she did came but not alone,Tonia was with her.So they collected their Ataşehir Escort stuff and left.Once again Tonia surprised me and told me too bad I would be alone for the next 3 nights,but i quickly replied that I’ll be ok.As night reached the phone rang and it was Tonia on the line.Her first line was” hi do you need some company”? I said naaa, I’m fine.After a few minutes talking to Tonia I then went to the shower. Now I was planning for my 4 days alone to have some fun but not with anyone else,just me and me alone.So I had picked up a bottle of Bacardi Gold and some marijuana.After my shower I went to watch TV with my Bacardi and Ganja.I am not a frequent smoker nor drinker but just wanted to have some fun.

At 11pm my phone rang and strangely it was Tonia,she said hello and then proceeded to ask me if I am ok that she is just checking up on me.Finally she asked me if i need some company.NOW i am partially drunk and high on weed.I told her that I am not in any condition to have company.She was a lillte sad but still insisted that I come and pick her up, but I said NO.Then put the phone down and went in the kitchen.When i came back I saw that Football was playing on TV and I got interested.As I was watching my mind started to play with me.Tonia’s offer was just in my head.Within a minute I got dressed and drove over to Tonia house but parked 50 meters from her house.I called her cell and she answered and was surprised that I was calling her at mid night.I told her I want her to spen the night with me.So she snuck out her parents house and we went home.
As we entered my lving room I then realised that all she was wearing was a little short pants and a vest.To me she had no bra nor undies on.

So i told her that i am going to bed now and said good night.Hey I was actually lonely but not in anyother way.As I was in my room Tonia knocked on my door and then came in.I had on my boxers and no shirt,so I was a little shy but she came in anyway.Now I was drunk and high so i said how come you don’t have on any panties,she told me she don’t sleep with any.Within a flash Tonia asked me if I wanted her to sleep in my bed with her.I was surprised and aroused at the same time.I told her that it would not be right.Faster than lightning Tonia grabbed my cock and said “I know you want me to”….I moved and told her ok you can sleep in my bed but no funny stuff.Within 5 minutes I fell asleep and the next thing I realised is that Tonia was once again playing with my cock.I jumped up and asked what do you want from me.AND then the real shocker came,”I want you to fuck me,I wanted you to fuck me for so long now”I was speechless BUT now getting dirty in my mind.

So then I asked her ” have you ever had sex Ataşehir Escort Bayan before? She said NO and there and then I realised that my fantasy of having wild sex with a young virgin was now available and ready to be lived out.I was so excited I said “No k” instead of ok but i told her ok and she was so happy.I told her to go and have a shower and take extra time to wash her self.While she was in the shower i was about to live out one of my fantasies.So i lay back on my bed just waiting for what is about to take place.10 minutes later Tonia came out of the bathroom and I was so so so amazed as to what was infront me.

A young 14 year beautiful well shaven virgin who wants me to devour her with full permisson to do so.She lay on the bed and I took my glass of Bacardi and took 2 sips and gave her to drink.Very quickly she was almost high.There she was on her back,her breasts were like little cup cakes.I quickly went to work and started to kiss here neck.My cock was on fire,i kissed her neck and as she groans and moans i moved to her tits and they were soft as a marshmello.I was in heaven.I was oozing with precum and then i movend down her tummy.Man i was having the best time of my life.When i parted those smoothe firm legs there I saw what i termed to be “The Best Thing on This Planet”.I touched it and she jumped but was loving every moment.I then gave it a kiss and she let out a loud groan,”oh it feels so good”,”don’t stop,please i want you now”.But i was not ready but actually I could have fucked her right there but I wanted to njoy this and prolong this as long as I can.

When I gave my first lick I swore she tasted like lemonade.I love her taste,pure,young,wet and so fucking horny.I then started to suck her pussy and in seconds she started to groan more intensely and ask what is happening.She was about to have her first Orgasm.I sucked her like a lolipop and she just burst out screaming….yeeeeeeesssssssss,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,ohhhhhhhhhh,please fuck me,please fuck me,pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeee…aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh…and then she relaxed and settled down.BUT i was just getting started,I turned her over on her tummy and placed a pillow beneath her tummy so her magnificent ass was in the air and I parted her cheeks and her tight hole was so small but looked delicious.I placed my tongue on her anus and she moaned and moaned and groaned as i lick with undying passion.My cock was dripping like a pipe and hard as ever in my entire life.Then i placed one finger and pushed slowly in her anus and it was way tight.One finger was too much for her but her body was overcomed by intense pleasure.I then stopped and flipped her over and told her ” come make daddy feel loved”.She then moved Escort Ataşehir over me and held my hard meat and then guided my cock in her warm,soft mouth.After 6-7 blow i was ready to cum and i was shaking like a tree and blew about 3 table spoons full of sperm in her mouth and she swallowed all to my surprised.

But i was not done yet,my cock was still hard as ever and now i was ready to go in for the kill. I then reached for my glass and drank about 5 sips of Bacardi and took 2 pull of my Marijuana joint. I was back in space but with pleasure controlling me.I layed her on her back and then once again went and suck her love entry.She groaned in pleasure and she was so wet.As I licked her clit she was about to explode again and then she blew and screamed aaaawwwwwwwwwwww,yessssssssssssss fuccccccckkkkkkkkkkk meeeee nowwwwwwww.I then placed my alomst 8″ meat at the entrance of her pussy and I was so nervous.As I pushed the first inch in I realised that she is more tight than I imagined so i pulled back out.I then partded her fore skin and pushed again but she gave a little grunt and said it burns a little so i told her to relax.Then suddenly i gave it to her with all my drunk self and I burst through her hymen and she screamed out in pain only after seconds she was begging to be rammed.

Now her pussy was like a hand trying to strangle my cock and it felt so amazing.She was tight,wet,hot,slipery and my back was tingling me. As i started to fuck her Nice”n”Slow she was in extasy same as me.We were making love and she was enjoying it.I fucked and fucked her for 13 minutes and she came and with that I was building like crazy.Then finally i held her waist and shot so much speerm deep in her pussy.I wanted more.I wanted more.The Bacardi and marijuana did me a Miracle.I was still ready to go again.What Tonia said next made me smile.She said”I want you in my ass now”.I then got out some KY jelly and lubed up her hole and placed my cock at her entrance.I knew she was tight but since the KY was suitable I rammed my meat up her ass and she screamed really loud and i pulled out.Then i went back in and this time she was more settled and then the fucking began.As I rammed her ass she was shouting,” fuck my ass,fuck me harder, fuck me more and these words got me aroused to the higest and I just started to shoot loads and loads of cum up her ass.Finally i was now ok and pulled out and fell on my back.She cuddled up next to me and quickly fell asleep.It was now 2 am.

Now I was thinking I need to take her back home before her parents finds out she is missing.So I set my alarm for 4 am and at that time i woke her up, drove her home and came back home.I now decided that I am not going to work but needed to relax and reflect on my PERFECT night.At 11am my phone rang and Tonia was on the line and she told me she did not go to school and wanted to come home again,and I quickly……………………well you can imagine the rest.[/b]

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