Unexpected Visitors


Katie was looking forward to seeing Mike again; the fact that she was ready half an hour early was testament to that. She smoothed her skirt and admired her cleavage in the mirror, thinking to herself that he would love this outfit. The black skirt was just long enough to be respectable, but still short enough to show off plenty of thigh when she sat down – and the new dark red blouse she’d bought accentuated her curves in all the right places. She put the finishing touches to her make up and wondered what to do with herself for the next 30 minutes, not wanting to arrive too early and show her eagerness. The knock at her door made her jump, she wasn’t expecting visitors, but she went down and answered the door anyway.

“Good evening madam, we’re calling on all households in your area…..”. Katie wasn’t really listening anymore. The two men on her doorstep were gorgeous!! One around 25 with one of those haircuts that sticks up everywhere and a suit that fitted him perfectly, the other about 30 and slightly more conservative but also looking extremely handsome in his dark blue suit. She gathered enough of what had been said to realise that they were trying to get her to switch energy suppliers, but the only energy she was really considering when she invited them in was her pent up sexual energy.

She showed them to her living room, offering coffee and trying to work out what on earth she was going to do now. They sat down and she went into the kitchen to make their drinks with a plan forming in her head. She quickly sent a text message to Mike explaining that she would be a little late but that he’d understand when she could explain in person and then made their coffees. Katie was pleased to see that they had both sat on the 3-seater sofa, and was careful to bend so that they got a good view of her cleavage when she bent to put the drinks down for them.

The younger man – who she found out, was called Lee – was sifting through his paperwork and failed to notice, but Paul made no attempt to disguise his appreciation of the scenery and winked at her as she sat down between them. It seemed that Lee was still doing his on the job training and was very eager to extol the virtues of this other gas and electricity supplier, while Paul was there to supervise Lee. Katie sat between them and carefully crossed her legs and tried to look interested in what was being said.

It didn’t take long before Paul had “accidentally” placed his hand on the escort araban sofa so that he was just about touching Katie’s leg, and she was experienced enough to know that he was just “testing the water” so she said nothing and pretended to be engrossed in Lee’s sales patter. She was positioned on the couch so that her body was leaned towards Lee, and Paul had easy access to her stockinged thigh, so when he started to surreptitiously stroke it she turned to Paul and smiled – giving him the all clear to carry on. Her quickly thought out plan was beginning to come together, and Katie felt her thong getting damp at the prospect of what she hoped was about to happen.

Paul didn’t disappoint her, and within the next few minutes he’d moved on from being surreptitious to running his hand up and down the side of her leg, reaching the bare skin above her stocking and then moving it towards her rapidly heating pussy. Lee, meanwhile, was still engrossed in telling her how much money she could save by switching suppliers, and didn’t notice Katie unbuttoning the top button of her blouse. Thinking quickly and not wanting an opportunity like this to go unused, Katie “accidentally” spilled some of her coffee on Lee’s folder and – finally – he looked at her and noticed her newly exposed cleavage. His face was a picture for a split second, and then he noticed what Paul was doing. Lee really wasn’t the brightest button in the box, but with packaging like that Katie didn’t care and she grabbed Lee’s face and kissed him before he had a chance to do anything about it. As they both leaned back on the couch locked in a passionate kiss, Paul took the opportunity to push his hand into Katie’s thong and she smiled inside when she heard him gasp at just how wet and hot her pussy had become in that short time.

Lee was catching on fast and pushed his folder onto the floor before moving his hand up to Katie’s top and finally touching her aching nipple. She leant against the back cushions on the sofa as Lee undid the rest of her buttons and Paul slid her thong off her legs and knelt between her thighs to get a taste of her sweet juices. Before she knew it, she had two gorgeous men paying attention to only her, one licking and sucking on one nipple and teasing the other with his fingers, the other kneeling between her thighs and giving her swollen clit a serious work out with his tongue. Katie could feel her juices flowing freely now, araban escort bayan and whispered huskily for Lee to take off his trousers. She smiled as he eagerly stripped ALL of his clothes off to reveal a long thick and very hard cock, and then she pulled him toward her so that she could taste the pre-cum that was already oozing from the tip of it.

Paul was flicking her clit with his tongue, and as she did her best to get all of Lee’s cock into her mouth, she felt Paul push 2 fingers into her now soaked pussy. Katie felt Lee’s hands on her head, pulling her further down onto his solid cock and telling her what a dirty girl she was. As if she needed him to tell her that!! Katie had long fantasised about fucking 2 strangers in her own home, but never had she imagined that they’d be so attractive or even that it would ever happen! As these thoughts were flying through her head, she felt Paul’s hands on her hips, turning her over onto all fours before lifting the back of her skirt up and once more pushing his tongue into her wet hole.

She’d got used to Lee’s size by now and was making a good job of deep throating him, although even an expert like Katie couldn’t quite manage to get the full length of his cock into her mouth. He was moaning now with his head thrown back, and Katie was careful not to excite him too much because she had plans for his cum, which didn’t include it being shot down her throat. Paul took her by surprise when he slid his cock into her from behind – not that she minded of course. His cock wasn’t as long as Lee’s but it was even thicker and just as hard, and she felt herself stretching as he slowly pushed it into her.

Lee meanwhile, had hastily unfastened the last buttons on Katie’s blouse and was moving down so that he could take her nipples into his mouth. He ended up laid beneath her on the couch so that he could take her dark nipples into his mouth each time they bounced as Paul fucked her hard from behind. She could feel his fat cock stretching her still, but she was so wet that it didn’t matter, and with Lee working his somewhat surprising magic on her tits, Katie could feel an orgasm building inside her. She tried to fight against it, but the combination of sensations was too much for her and she began to buck back against Paul just as his cock swelled and began to pump what felt like gallons of cum deep inside her.

She didn’t even have time to change escort araban positions before Paul had pulled out of her and Lee had quickly jumped up and gone to take his place in her still orgasming pussy. He was certainly eager, and as he rammed his huge cock into her from behind, Katie was prevented from shouting out by Paul’s cock being pushed into her mouth. She was amazed to find that it was still hard, and had to stretch her jaw as far as she could to fit it in. The mixed flavours of his cum and her pussy turned Katie on enough for another orgasm to wrack her body, and with Lee furiously pumping into her she felt herself gush all over him. That was all it took for Lee to finally cum, and he grabbed her hips and thrust his monster as far inside her as he could, depositing another huge load of cum into her pulsating pussy.

Paul pulled his cock out of her mouth so that she could now lick every drop of their combined juices off it. “I can’t believe you’re still hard!” said Katie, to which Paul replied with a smile, “Can you blame it? I’ve never had an experience like that in 4 years of doing this job, and you’re fucking gorgeous!”

Katie suddenly remembered Mike sitting in the hotel waiting for her and got up. “I’m really sorry boys, but I’m actually quite happy with my current suppliers. Do feel free to call on me next time you’re in the area, but I’m late for an appointment”. Lee and Paul quickly got back into their suits, thanked her and went next door to her neighbour.

As Katie drove to the hotel to meet Mike, she laughed as she imagined her 76 year old neighbour with the two salesmen and knew that they would probably be relieved to have the time to recover from their energetic sales pitch at her house.


Mike was waiting patiently in the hotel bar, with his pint and her glass of wine. He raised an eyebrow when he saw the flush on Katie’s chest, and she smiled and suggested they take their drinks straight to the room so that she could explain why she was so late. Mike didn’t argue, just looked at her questioningly. Katie said she’d explain when they got to the room and Mike cleared his throat, possibly having an idea of what was to come.

When they got there, Mike sat on the bed and asked again what had happened. Katie stood in front of him and began to strip off as she told him the story of the two salesmen. By the time they were both naked, Mike was rock hard and Katie was telling him how big their cocks were, how they’d both fucked her and dumped their loads inside her, and laughing as Mike groaned and buried his face in her cum drenched pussy, licking every last drop of it out of her before filling her up once more and telling her what a dirty slut she was and how much that turned him on.

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