Under The Mistletoe


The heavy wet snow was beginning to freeze on my windshield as the wipers struggled to keep up with the fierce attack of the approaching storm. Having lived in Colorado most of my life, I was used to it, but I was in unfamiliar territory. Had I made the wrong turn some miles back? I had no way of knowing. The few sign posts that were visible were now painted with a thick coat of frozen snow. Treeless fields that flanked either side of the narrowing highway had been harvested in late October. I should have waited until after Christmas to make this call, but being new to the job and wanting to impress my boss, I threw good judgement out the window. “I had plenty of time to get there and back before Christmas, and I had driven in snow most of my life,” I had boasted.

Traffic was light, most had better sense than to be out in this type of weather. The snow was getting deeper now, and the near white out conditions had everyone slowed down, searching for the road. It was like driving in the clouds. The car in front of me was really having a hard time and was loosing traction. Slowly it spun backwards off the shoulder of the road, I could see the frightened look from the lady inside, she was alone and helpless. I eased the big Ford Expedition to a stop, put on the emergency flashers and made my way to her.

“I don’t think I can pull you out of there, but I’d be happy to offer you a ride.”

“Thanks, you’re a life saver,” she shouted.

The cold icy fingers of the storm tugged at my coat looking for a way inside as I extended my hand to help her and her suit case up the incline. She was light, like a feather, a petite women, who I guessed to be close to fifty. I led her by the hand, opened the door and helped her up into the warmth. As I made my way around the back I stowed her baggage in the Expedition, and hoped she was local, where ever local was.

“Hi, I’m Jim, and I think I’m lost.”

“Nice to meet you Jim, just call me Vicky.”

She had removed her glasses and lowered the hood of her coat exposing her short brown hair and gray eyes.

“It’s another forty miles to town Jim, but there is a gas station and motel just down the road, a mile or two. Hopefully we can make it there, I heard on the radio that they were closing the roads due to drifting snow.”

“Wonderful, if it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”

“I know, I’m the same way, I should have stayed at my sisters place, it could be days before they get the roads open.” “What brings you out this way?”

“I work for John Deere, I’m supposed to meet with the local dealer in the morning, then drive back to Colorado, hopefully in time to spend Christmas with my wife.”

“That’s only two days, I wouldn’t count on making it if I were you.”

We were creeping along now, both of us peering through the windshield as the howling wind tried to push us off the road. A semi-truck was stopped in the middle of the road in front of us. He had just finished chaining the tires. I waited, knowing that now we had a better chance, he would break trail for us. We silently followed the red and amber running lights of his rig through the swirling snow.

The parking lot was almost full, the flashing lights from an ambulance and patrol car cast an alluring glow in the fleeting daylight. I pulled into the only available pump to top off the tank.

Vicky pulled up her hood and opened the door, “I’m going over to talk to the attendant, and find out what’s going on.”

The sign on the gas pump was pretty clear, “In God We Trust…all others pay cash in advance.” Great I thought to myself, who could blame them with the way the economy had gotten. I fought the blowing snow as I made my way to the attendants hut, a small enclosure about twice the size of a phone booth. I heard Vicky say, “your kidding right.”

“No miss, I wish I was, but this storm is expected to dump three feet of snow. If I were you, I’d try to get a room before it’s to late.”

“Looks like we’re going to be stuck here for awhile, might as well take his advise I chuckled.”

As we headed for the motel office another vehicle pulled up next to us. They beat us to the door but he was polite enough to hold the door for us.

“This is a anal yapan gaziantep escort bad one,” he exclaimed as we made our way into the office.

The desk clerk was mousey looking, I figured him to be gay, judging from the fishing tackle that adorned his ears. He definitely was in need of some vitamin D, as he was pale as a bed sheet. “How can I help you folks?”

I looked to the couple next to us. “We’d like a room for the night,” I answered.

“You’re in luck, I have one room left, it has two Queen sized beds.” “You are traveling together aren’t you?”

“Ah no, we were looking for a room for just us two,” I responded.

I looked at the couple next to us. They appeared to be in their mid thirties. I didn’t cherish the idea of sharing a room with a black couple.

Vicky was first to speak, “Oh Jim, I don’t mind, they can’t sleep in their car, they could freeze to death.”

“It’s fine by us, we don’t mind sharing, do we baby?”

“Not at all,” she giggled as she smiled at me.

“That’ll be a hundred and sixty a night, double occupancy,” the clerk snickered.

We split the cost and slowly made our way to the room, skating on ice, and clinging to the wall, we were all glad we had the room next to the office. Once safely inside I took the liberty of making the proper introductions.

“This is Vicky and I’m Jim.”

“Nice to meet you, my squeeze Jasmine, and just call me Reggie.”

“Well we may as well get out of these damp clothes and get comfortable, you guys live around here,” Reggie asked.

“Ah, not exactly, Vicky does, I’m from Colorado on a business trip, she ran off the road a few miles from here and I gave her a lift.”

“Actually I live about twenty miles from here, but it might as well be a thousand, cause it’s going to be awhile before anyone goes anywhere.”

“I’m hungry, where can we get something to eat Vicky?”

“Jasmine, the only food for miles is at the gas station next door. Nothing fancy; bread, milk, eggs, chips, and some frozen foods. They do sell beer and wine, though not much of a selection. I sometimes stop here on the way to visit my sister.”

“Sounds good to me, looks like we have a microwave and a fridge, Reggie and I’ll go get some groceries, while you ladies freshen up.”

Vicky was right, not much as far as selection for food or drink but we managed to spend almost seventy bucks between us. Several frozen pizzas, a box of ice cream sandwiches, a twelve pack of Budwiser and two bottles of wine. Reggie was in the mood to party, it was clear from some of the comments he made while shopping.

For instance he made several insinuations that led me to believe he and his female friend were into swinging, like; “Jasmine thinks you’re sexy, and have you ever had sex with a sister before?”

I responded by saying, “I’m flattered and no.”

I hadn’t considered myself sexy. Above average looking, maybe distinguished, but hardly sexy. After all I was in my early fifties, my mustache was graying along with my brown hair. I do consider myself fit, at a trim hundred-seventy-five pounds for a six footer. Now Reggie on the other hand, might well be considered sexy. Taller than me by five or six inches, shaved head, and dark skinned with a broad smile and outgoing personality. He exuded confidence, very athletic looking and well spoken. As we made our way back to the room I wondered what it might be like to have sex with either of the women waiting on our return. Being married, I hadn’t had sex with another women in over twenty years. Thought’s of having sex suddenly made my heart race, which sent a burst of blood to my flaccid cock. The smell of burning diesel fuel from a semi-truck left idling nearby brought me back to reality.

Jasmine was in the shower when we returned, Vicky was drying her hair, having showered and changed already. She had changed into a pair of faded jeans which looked like they had been sprayed on to her tiny frame. A green sweatshirt accented the ample breasts beneath it, and a pair of white crew socks completed her attire.

“What took so long, we were about to send out a search party,” she laughed.

Reggie was quick anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan to further the conversation, “we had a hard time deciding with all the choices, ya know, so we finally decided on some party food, pizza, wine and beer.”

“Oh that sounds great,” they both seemed to say in unison, as Jasmine emerged from the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her. They could have been twins if it weren’t for the difference in their skin color. Same height, length of hair, and build, only Jasmine had a more rounded derriere and milk chocolate skin.

“For desert we have ice cream sandwiches, oh and I almost forgot this, mistletoe.”

“Where did you get that Reggie,” Jasmine asked?

“It was hanging over the door at the store and I knocked it loose with my head on the way out so I just put it in the bag.”

“Reggie, you need to get our luggage from the car, I don’t have anything to wear.”

“Hey baby, we’re gonna party, you don’t need any clothes, he laughed as he tugged at the towel.”

“You better get yourself out there and get me some clothes, or I’ll show you party.”

With that Reggie shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he headed for the door.

Jasmine decided to hang the mistletoe from a reading light which protruded from the wall centered over the headboard of each bed. Vicky was busy getting the pizza in the oven and I was trying to find the thermostat for the fireplace.

“Anyone seen the thermostat for the fireplace,” I asked.

“It’s in the hall by the bath,” Vicky responded.

“Geeze, it’s set at eighty degrees, no wonder I’m burning up.” I lowered it to seventy and went to the small fridge for a beer.

“Anyone want a beer?”

“I do, me to,” the girls answered.

A blast of cold wind blew the door from Reggies’ hand as he made his way into the room with several suit cases.

“I’ll take one of those beers Jim.”

We sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, and ate pizza and drank beers for the next several hours getting to know each other. We were all about half in the bag when Reggie fired up a joint and passed it to me. I hadn’t smoked pot in years, and took a long toke that left me choking and the rest laughing. I passed it to Vicky and she put it to her luscious lips and inhaled. Holding it in her expanded lungs, the sweatshirt no longer concealed the size of her pert breasts and hardened nipples. Jasmine was next to suck in the smoke and I watched as her breasts seemed to grow inside her pale blue halter top. After several more passes we were all laughing. Someone had opened a bottle of wine and it was being passed around. Jasmine was becoming really intoxicated and allowed Reggie to remove her top. Then they talked Vicky into removing hers. It wasn’t long before we all sat topless, stoned, and talking incoherently.

Reggie was stroking Jasmines’ breasts now and they were starting to get themselves worked up. Jasmine began unzipping his pants and soon retrieved the object of her desire. I looked over at Vicky and she was rubbing her own breasts, and even suckled one. I felt myself becoming aroused.

“I want you to make love to me Jim,” she whispered. She lay back and unsnapped her jeans, lifting her buttocks just enough to slide them to her knees. I slid over and helped remove them, then removing her socks, I started caressing her tiny feet. She moaned as I kissed them, and as I began to suck one, then the other big toe, she began squirming like a worm on a fishing hook. I glanced over at Reggie and Jasmine. She had half of his black shaft deep in her throat. I stared in disbelief as I watched him withdraw a good five inches of himself from her slobbering mouth. As I looked down at Vicky, she to had been mesmerized and our eyes met. She raised her hand to me and we rose together and embraced as we teetered towards the bed. Steading ourselves at its foot, lips eager to taste each other, we slowly surrendered to the building passion. Our tongues exploring at first, then dueling like medieval swordsmen. I clutched the cheeks of her ass in my hands and started lightly kissing and sucking her neck and ears. As she moaned and pressed her escort gaziantep anal yapan body to mine we fell onto the bed.

Reggie was standing now and lifting Jasmine from her knees as his stiff cock slipped from her mouth. She led him to the bed next to us by his swollen manhood. There was no foreplay, he drove himself to her depths and a frenzy ensued. As the headboard came alive with his powerful strokes so did the sounds of fulfillment from Jasmine.

Vicky had removed her panties as I struggled in my altered state of mind to removed the trousers which separated our nakedness. She was on my cock in an instant, gently stroking its length and then moistening the cut head with her hot and talented tongue. Up and down my cock her tongue traveled, then to my balls which were now filled with excitement, and finally to the back of her throat. I pulled her off my pulsating pecker and rolled her onto her back. I thrust my tongue into her hungry mouth and then on to her breasts. Her nipples now erect with desire, were eager for my taste. I sucked each one, then we sucked each, together. Soon my wandering tongue, like a bee in search of honey, had found her hairless hive, and the sweet nectar therein. I raised her ass off the bed with both hands, and began to eat delicately, her delicious little pussy. Slowly I eased in a finger, then two, and finally three to make room for my throbbing cock. Easing myself in slowly I stopped halfway, our lips met and as our tongues danced I slowly sunk the remaining four inches into her hot slippery depths. Now that she accepted my length, we began to find our rhythm, slowly we advanced, like a locomotive pulling a heavy load up a hill, then finding the crest we became a runaway. As the momentum picked up there was no breaking, only a desire to empty the heavy loads within our loins. Exhausted we lay there silently and then were shaken to reality by the clapping and applause from our roommates.

“Jim, you want to try some chocolate,” Reggie smiled.

“I’d love to try some chocolate,” came a seductive reply from Vicky.

“Why not, you only live once.” I couldn’t believe I said that, but it was to late now, Reggie was already making his way towards our bed.

Halfway across the room he raised his hand in the high five position, we slapped hands and smiled at each other. “This is a first for us to Jim, our first vanilla experience.”

Jasmines’ skin felt smooth and soft as I slid under the sheet next to her. She rolled on to her side facing me and grasped my limber cock, looking into my eyes she asked, “need some help with this?”

Before I could answer, she had all but swallowed most of me, and was bobbing away under the sheet. I looked across the room and saw Reggie, face buried between Vicky’s legs which rested on his massive shoulders. The moans coming from her left nothing to the imagination, she was in ecstasy.

I peeled back the sheet and marveled at the chocolate lips, that cleaned the love juices from my eager cock. I was ready now, but I wanted badly to taste those lips, and pulled her from me. Jasmine was a passionate kisser, sucking my tongue, biting my lip, and all the while jacking me wildly. Suddenly she was on top of me, the velvet feel of her bush as it engulfed my cock and rocked back and forth on my stomach surprised me. I had always thought that a black persons hair would be more like steel wool, not soft like this. Then she did something totally amazing, she spun around on my cock and faced away from me, without my ever leaving the warmth of her. As she ground away, I couldn’t help but look across the room as I heard Vicky cry out.

Reggie had Vicky on all fours and positioned so that I could see the full length of his long black cock as it dove to the depths of her. The strokes were slow and deliberate, sometimes he would withdraw completely, showing her gaping hole. Then she would plead with him to put it back in. He teased her like this for a while then it was off to the races. He grabbed hold of her shoulders, straddled her back, standing bent over her he began to saw away. As the tempo hastened, so did her screams of delight. The headboard was slamming the wall in three quarter time now as they both cried out at the release that was over coming their mutual gratification.

Jasmine was rocking faster and faster now as she to joined in the chorus. Soon I was emptying my load and sounded a solo of my own. Then it was silent, as everyone caught there breath we seemed to lay there and reflect in our own minds that which had taken place. The wind was howling outside as I looked up at the mistletoe above me and uttered, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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