Uncle Neil’s Secret Ch. 02


I made an earlier post about how I stumbled across a porn video of my uncle, in an staged uncle/nephew scene, and blew the biggest load of my life watching it. People wanted an update, so here it is.

The next day it was impossible to concentrate. I’ve got an uninteresting job at a warehouse while I figure out what to do with my life- I took a year of college and quickly realized I didn’t know what I wanted and couldn’t afford to waste that much money finding out. But the warehouse job paid decently for a young, uneducated grunt like me, enough to afford my own shitty little apartment in this shitty little city. It gave me time and space to think. But that day the only thing on my mind was a close-up of my uncle’s cock ramming that twink’s ass, and his deep sexy voice saying “Do you want this? You sure? There’s no taking this back.”

My supervisor could see that my mind was not on the job and put me on some menial task away from any forklifts, which suited me just fine. Mid-afternoon, I took a bathroom break where I furiously rubbed out a quick load, not for the pleasure of it but purely for the release. The whole time I pictured my uncle Neil in my head, teasing my hole with that big cock, saying “Do you want this? Do you want this? You sure?” The relief helped, but I still had trouble concentrating.

When I got home from work I forced myself to do anything but go on the computer. I made myself dinner, took a shower, changed into sweat pants and t-shirt, and tried to do some gaming. But I couldn’t focus and I knew I was fooling myself.

I didn’t go straight for the video, which of course I had bookmarked. Instead, I checked out that studio’s website, tried to find information about the video. That turned out to be far more frustrating than I expected; their catalog wasn’t exactly laid out in a way that was easy to browse, and their page of performers only listed the most common ones. I tried their Twitter account next, and had to scroll through several pages of junk to find what I was looking for.

There was my uncle, in an ad, standing next to Jeff the twink. He was bare-chested, in a jockstrap, posed sort of unnaturally. He was surrounded by cheesy neon fire and a starburst design with “$10.99 a month!” in the middle of it, next to his face. Underneath was a brief description of the scene I’d watched, which was not entirely accurate, like it was written by the lighting designer’s cousin who didn’t actually watch the scene. And finally, underneath that, was what I was really looking for: the names “Daryl Cole” and “Jeff Price.”

“Daryl Cole” wasn’t too hard to find on Twitter, and when his personal feed appeared on my screen I was in heaven. He posted pretty regularly, at least once a day, usually with either a pic or a short video clip. His Twitter bio described him as “Strong, rough Daddy with kinky tastes! Come drool over my cock, boy. 18+” and included a link to his fans site. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning discovering that the scene with Jeff wasn’t just a one-off thing he did. As I scrolled through, my cock gradually tenting the fabric of my sweatpants, I realized that he’d had this secret career for at least a couple of years. It finally clicked in my head that at family gatherings he didn’t really talk much about work anymore.

I’m not ashamed to admit that as I scrolled through and watched every last clip of him, sometimes jerking off solo, sometimes playing with another guy, I started teasing my cock through my pants. Part of me just tried to convince myself that I was only interested in my uncle because he was the kind of guy who turned me on- that my instant obsession would be the same if he was a stranger, that my urges weren’t incestuous. But a larger part of me just didn’t care and didn’t want to get into the analysis of it.

The video clips drove me wild and deepened the confusion between my cock and my brain. They were mostly from amateur videos, but well-made ones. He was mainly with younger guys, and often acting out some sort of domination or incest fetish. They called pornhub him sir, Daddy, or sometimes Dad, and occasionally Uncle. I loved all of it, but the ones where they called him Uncle were my favorites because I could so easily put myself into that fantasy. They were all disappointingly short clips though: I needed more like I’d seen before, full scenes with all of the tension of foreplay, where every powerful pistoning of his cock into that poor boy’s hole was shown from every angle. Eventually, despite all of the strange and conflicted feelings I was having, my craving won out and I fished my credit card from out of my sock drawer. I always felt so proud of myself for being so careful with how I used it, putting all my bills on it and paying them off right away. I had somehow kept myself from going into debt with it like so many other people my age. I tried not to use it frivolously. This purchase felt important though.

With a lump in my throat and some anxiety turning over in my stomach, I entered the numbers onto the Fans site. The page unlocked and my uncle’s big smile greeted me. I saw with delirious surprise that he had over two hundred videos up, and thousands of pics. A quick scroll through the videos showed that they were anywhere from five minutes to forty-five. I felt giddy.

Then I saw that I had a message on the site, and my heart dropped. I thought I’d been anonymous, I thought this would be safe. Surely he couldn’t see the name on my credit card? How had he messaged me so quickly?”

I laughed with relief when I read the message though. It was just some automated welcome and thank-you from him. “I hope you enjoy all of my content, thank you for being one of my fans,” etc, etc. But at the bottom, he added: “Feel free to message me here anytime! I might not always get back to you right away but I read and respond to everyone.”

Once my heart started beating normally again, my fingers hovered over my keyboard. I thought carefully about what to write, and finally typed out:

“Hi! I’m so glad I signed up. You have so much hot content, I know I’m really going to enjoy this! You kind of remind me of my uncle, and that turns me on.”

There was no response right away, which didn’t bother me. He probably wasn’t online, he would check his messages later maybe. I started digging through his archives. There was some really amazing stuff here. His Twitter feed had been a representative sample; a lot of his content was daddy/boy or uncle/nephew, or at least dominating a younger guy. Some of the guys were twinks, some otters and cubs. I felt a surge of excitement to see that one of his regular guys looked kind of like me. About the same age, early 20s, two broad to be a twink, not chunky enough to be a cub. A bit of chest hair, but mostly smooth. Actually, when he stood next to my uncle it was easy to fantasize that it was the two of us. This guy was in a few videos, where he called my uncle Daddy. I set one going and watched with my eyes glued to the screen as my uncle Neil pushed him to his knees, opened his mouth with his fingers, and slid his cock deep into the younger guy’s mouth. In moments he was brutally face-fucking the guy, grabbing him by the hair and making him gag repeatedly on that beautiful big cock. After a minute he pulled out, letting the guy catch his breath. A stream of thick drool slipped out of the younger guy’s mouth. I wasn’t usually into this kind of rough play but I was completely captivated.

“Did you like that, boy?”

The boy gurgled and looked up at him with eyes full of bliss and adoration.

‘Yes Daddy,” he said, his voice a little rough and wet.

“Good boy.” And then my uncle slapped him, spat in his face, and rammed his cock back in the boy’s mouth.

I slapped my mouse frantically to get the video to pause. It was a little intense, all at once like that. Once in a while I get into a mood where I’ll look up some kinkier stuff like that, and I didn’t mind it at all, but I hadn’t been expecting it. My uncle was always so gentle, goofy, porno 92 and easy-going. Seeing him treat a guy like that was a little shocking. Still, I mentally bookmarked that video to come back to later.

I found another video with the same guy that was more my speed; gentler, more seductive. They took their time kissing, touching and enjoying each other’s bodies. There was still passion to it, and the guy still called him “Daddy,” but it was less overtly kinky.

I could feel my blood pumping hard in my temples as I watched “Daddy Daryl” go down on that boy’s ass and eat him out. This was no studio production, just a well-shot bedroom scene, so the passion of it was even more real. The boy moaned and squirmed and begged him to keep going, and he dug his tongue into the boy’s hole voraciously. His eyes were closed with focus and enjoyment- I could tell that nobody would ever have to pay him to do this, he loved it and couldn’t get enough. When he finally pulled back to get some air, his beard was soaked. He flipped the boy over, pulled up his legs, and slid inside him with a familiarity and comfort that surely came from dozens of scenes together.

“Oh fuck, Dad,” the boy groaned. I wondered whether the “Dad” just slipped out or if their incest kink went that far.

“I knew you’d like that, kiddo.”

There it was- he’d called Jeff the twink that, too, and suddenly it clicked why that filled me with a weird conflicted lust. Uncle Neil called me that all the time. Less so now that I was grown up, but just the other night at Thanksgiving he’d winked and called me kiddo exactly the same way. Did he call all younger guys that, or was he connecting me to these guys, maybe subconsciously? I felt dizzy.

A gentle buzz sounded from my phone, and I slapped the mouse again in a panic before realizing how paranoid and tense I was. I sighed, paused the video, and checked the notification on my phone.

It was a response from Daddy Daryl on the fans site.

“Thanks boy! I hope you blow a lot of loads here. Your uncle must be a very handsome guy!”

I smirked. That was my uncle’s sense of humour; he could be either self-deprecating or mock overconfident and get a laugh out of me. I thought for a moment, and then replied.

“He is. Is it weird that I fantasize about him while I’m watching your videos?””

The response came quickly.

“Not at all! Nobody’s harmed by your fantasy life.”

“Okay… cool. Thanks, Daddy. I had paused for a bit before calling him that, but I figured it was what all his fans called him.”

“No problem, kiddo. Let me know what you like and what you want to see more of, I love keeping my fans happy and horny!”

I was about to let the conversation drop off there, but I knew that the longer I waited the more my courage would drain away, and eventually complacency would set in. I didn’t want to be sitting here a year from now, still jerking off to my uncle’s porn feed wishing I’d said something.

“Hey- I have a question for you, I hope you don’t mind. It’s about my uncle… he’s actually gay too, and I have a strong feeling that he’s in to guys like me. What do you think I should do?”

There was a long pause, and I wondered if he’d just logged off before he saw my response. But then I saw the indicator that he was typing, and I waited patiently for what seemed like a very long time.

“Hey, listen, I want to level with you. I do a lot of incest-themed stuff. I enjoy younger guys. I love being called Daddy or Uncle. I love the taboo of it. But in the real world, real incest is a very different thing. The porn we make is a total fantasy, and I think maybe it even helps some guys who struggle with their relationship to their family. But actual guys who are related, doing this kind of thing… it’s different. I would never tell you to approach your uncle, or try to seduce him. He will probably say no, and either way, you might permanently damage your relationship with him, and maybe with your whole family. That would break my heart qiqitv porno to know that I encouraged you to do that.”

I sat there, a lump in my throat, for a long minute. It was incredibly disappointing, but also very real and human and wise.

“I understand. That’s probably good advice. What do you think you would do- I mean, if you had a gay nephew, and he approached you like that?”

“Well. Fuck… I’ll be honest. I do have a nephew, and he’s pretty hot. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about spreading his cheeks and giving him a good pounding. If he actually approached me? I don’t know what I’d do. But- like I said, I really would caution you against trying to make a move on your uncle.”

My head had already been spinning, but now I was in complete chaos. I stared at that message, and finally typed out It’s me, Jackson, and my finger hovered over the send button for a while before I erased it and wrote Thank you so much for your advice.

“You’re welcome, my boy. I’m happy to help.”

As much as I felt conflicted about the whole thing, my libido ended up overriding all of it. I replicated the experience of the previous night with a nice big dildo testing my limits of what my hole could endure, as I started making my way through Daddy Daryl’s archives. Some of it hit so close to home- the kind, gentle, nurturing way he could be with his boys, and some of it was a startling new side of my uncle as I watched him slap boys across the face, piss on them, tie them up, spank them. Some of that I had to fast-forward through, but I knew I would be back to watch it all again once I worked my way up to it. I actually got through the first half of one of his fisting videos, not really because it turned me on, but because I was watching in wide-eyed amazement and curiosity. I’d never seen a bottom express such intense pleasure before, and my uncle looked mesmerized watching most of his forearm slide up into that guy’s ass. But it was just a little too far for me. As much as I wanted my uncle to stretch me open and fill me up, I was far from ready for that kind of experience.

I paused in my dildo-fucking again when I stumbled across an unexpected video that turned out to just be him cuddling with a guy. That’s all. They looked like they’d just had sex, but that wasn’t the focus of the video. I thought maybe it was foreplay, but really they just laid there nestled up together, sipping water, chatting and laughing. I had never seen anything like that in porn before and it seemed even stranger than the fisting video. I watched the whole thing, hit the like button on it, and moved on.

The video that finally did it for me was a very close and intimate point-of-view clip from the perspective of the boy, who must have been holding the camera. This one was more like lovemaking than rough porno sex. Looking up at my uncle’s beautiful, strong chest and arms as he thrust confidently in and out was so perfect, so immersive. I watched my uncle’s neck arch back, his eyes close, and his lips let out a happy sigh as he continued thrusting. Then he took the boy’s ankle gently in his hand and kissed it.

Again I’d barely touched my dick, but I’d worked my hole into that frenzied warm glow again and I lost control. My third load fantasizing about my uncle splattered in heavy shots across my chest and stomach, and I let out a long whimpering noise as I came.

I thought that would be it, that I would go clean up again with a confused heart, but after the orgasm ended I just looked up and saw his face again, looking down at me as though I was the boy he was fucking.

I couldn’t help myself, I just started pounding my hole again. The dildo slid noisily in and out of my ass, and it didn’t matter that I had just cum, I wanted more. I continued fucking myself through the next few videos, watching my uncle mount one of his boys doggy-style and give him a nice rough ride, then get sucked off by two smooth twinks, then double-penetrate one of his regular boys with another top, a bearish guy I’d seen before on Twitter.

Finally, as I watched him shoot his load all over that bear’s face and beard, I felt satisfied.

It was then that I noticed that I had another message on the site. It was sent over an hour after the last one.

“Jackson? Is that you?”

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