Tweety’s Favorite


The bathroom was an entry all to itself it the house. It was the size of a bedroom. No windows, but lit by a skylight in the center of the room. The bath was set high, with 2 steps leading to the platform on which it sat. The tub was then as deep as the inset of the steps leading up to it. The color of the room was soft yellow, huge soft body size towels lined a basket setting it the corner of the room.

Soaps, shampoos, and lotions lined the shelves beside the tub. Atop the shelves in a row were five candles. Each setting in their own votive cup adding a warm glow to the room. Even the scent of the room was different then other rooms of the house. A mixture of lavender and musk, one would think that such a smell would be an offense to the nose, but instead it gave the odor of lust.

She had just gotten out of the tub, her skin and hair still damp. He walked into the room and took the towel she had in her hands.

“Let me help you dry off” he suggested

” I know you, she smiled, and having me dry off isn’t what is on your mind.”

“You’re right about that sugar, but I’d like to shop you the reason why this room is built the way it is” he said.

“I designed it myself, with the sensual side of myself in mind. he continued, no windows for neighbors to peek into.” He began to rub the soft towel over her body, while setting her down of the bottom of the two steps. “And then there are the steps to the tub, but I think I’ll just show you what they are for, instead of talking more. He reached down and moved her to the second step. Kneeling on the bottom on himself, he placed his hands on either side of her hips to steady himself.

He kissed her lips, tongue probing to open her mouth as his prick would probe other openings after a while. The kiss was long, deep and slow, causing her to arch her body to his, her breasts rubbing against his chest. He could feel her nipples tighten and stand straight. He kissed her again, this time running his thumb in little circles on her nipples. He knew that that was a spot on her that when touched sent heat to the center gerçek porno of her being. His head lowered and he took one nipple in his mouth, gently sucking and pulling one it. His other hand giving it’s full attention to the breast he was not mouthing. He licked, kissed and sucked on the nipple until her heard her moan with excitement. Then his mouth and hands turned to the other breast, ministering to it in the same way.

He stayed there for several minutes touching and kissing her breasts. Nuzzling his face to her bosom and breathing in the fragrance of her sex. His tongue teased each nipple in turn, until the nipple strained from standing out, hard and erect. He felt himself harden at the sensations from just their kisses. He stopped for just a second to remove his clothing, freeing himself to spring from his nest.

Then he was back kneeling in front of her sucking, licking and gently squeezing each of her breasts.

“Now sugar, if you want it you are going to have to play by my rules” he breathed

“God, darlin’ you know I want you” she replied

“And before I’m through with you you are going to understand just how very much I want you as well” he said.

“Listen sweetie the rules are as follows. Your cute butt has to remain perfectly still. No grinding against me, no movement at all. If you move, I will stop” he grinned. “And you know you don’t want that to happen”

“You are kidding right” she puzzled, not understanding the game he wanted to play.

“No sugar, I’m not. No moving at all, no matter what, your butt stays perfectly still until you cum.”

“That’s not possible,” she responded, “how do you expect me to do that?”

“Self discipline, remember you move, I stop.” he stated, “that’s the game for now.”

“All right,” she agreed, “I’ll play.”

“Good”, he answered, “I think that all in all you’ll love the game.”

He spread her legs apart and kneeled on the floor in front of her. His fingers stroking the soft red hairs covering her most intimate parts. He open the lips with his fingers and gay porno found the tiny part of her that gave her the most wonderful sensations. He stroked it for a minute and then lowered his head to taste her sweetness.

“mmm you taste wonderful, right out of your bath. Freshly washed pussy, a nice midnight snack” he groaned into her.

She started to shift her hips to allow him better access to her. His tonguing stopped as he looked into her eyes, “Do you remember what the rules are?” he asked

“Good lord, don’t stop, I promise, no more moving” she responded

“it’s time you learned that in pleasuring you” he said, “I also pleasure myself, and This time sugar I’m the teacher”.

She moaned and felt him continue between her legs. It was hard to keep from moving, but she remained still. The sensations that he brought to her were unbelievable. Over and over she felt herself cumming into his mouth. Waves upon waves of sensation went throughout her body. He held her hips tightly in his hands while he licked and sucked, to assure that the only movement of her body came from her deep long lasting orgasms.

“That’s very good, sugar, that’s just what I want for you” he said, “just let go of everything, no thinking, no worrying, just feel me with you”

He allowed her to rest for a moment, until her breathing recovered somewhat. Then he began to position her body again.

“Turn around please” he said “Your knees at the bottom of the steps and then rest your hands and upper body on this towel.” He placed one of the soft folded towels on the top step inches from the side of the tub. It gave him a perfect view of her ass and pussy. He could see the moisture on her from cumming over and over in his mouth. The pink flesh opening to him, inviting him to join to her and take his pleasure.

“And remember, no moving or I stop.” he said.

He kneeled betide her, guiding his hard stiff staff into her with his hand.

Slowly inch by inch he entered her. Stopping after each penetration, to savor the delight of being inside of her. evli porno During one of the stops, when he was about halfway into her body, she began to arch toward him, to pull him in closer to her.

He swatted her ass gently with his hand. “I meant what I said before” he reminded her.

“Lord Darlin I can’t stand it, feeling you inside of me, I want to pull you deeper and deeper, To feel you fill me up”

“I know what you want”, he said “but we are still playing by my rules. “Do you want to continue or stop?”

“Don’t stop” were her only words.

He continued to put himself inside of her until the top of his shaft and balls rested against her bottom. He began to move his hips in a slight motion stirring waves of heat in her again.

She was so wet that he had no trouble at all in pulling himself almost all the way out of her, just the head of himself inside of her then plunging deep within her time after time. He held tight to her ass, both to restrict her movements and to steady himself as he entered her again and again. He could feel himself mounting pressure in his cock and straining for release. He wasn’t ready to cum just yet, he wanted to hear her scream in delight when they reached orgasm together. He slowed and was perfectly still inside of her.

“Oh Darlin’ don’t stop now, I’ll just die right here on this step” she begged. “Please no more teasing, I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

Once again he pulled out of her. Stiff and hard as a rock he entered her quickly. He could feel her muscles tighten around him. He held onto her bottom as he dove in again and again. He could feel the waves of her orgasm causing her to tremble all over, and he flooded her with his pleasure.

He heard her voice low and deep with passion as she received him. When they had both found their release he steadied himself against her backside, still inside of her, waiting to come down from the clouds he was floating on.

After a bit, he slid all the way out of her and turned her face to his. Kissing her deeply, running his hands along the body that he was beginning to know as well as his own. he stood and then put his hand out to help her stand as well. Once again he pulled her to him for sweet kisses. Neither of them able to speak a word, both spent with delight they walked to the bedroom to drift together into sleep.

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