Turned Tables!


He didn’t want to be here. Had it not been for his wife’s insistence, he would be at the gaming tables in the casino. But a promise is a promise. Jeff stood by the side of the bar and let his eyes roam over the crowd of people. He hated these charity functions. They were the pet project of his wife, Eleanor. And since she had been called out of town on business, she had insisted that he attend in her place.

He was trying to decide when it would be timely for him to make his exit when he first saw her. She stood at the other end of the bar sipping on a glass of champagne. It was her salt and pepper hair that caught his attention first. Jeff had always had a thing for older women. Even now in his mid 30’s he still looked at women older than himself. And she looked to be about mid 60’s.

She turned toward him as if she could feel his eyes boring into her. Their eyes locked and she smiled at him. Damn! She was fine for an old bitch. And from the way she wore her clothes her body was well kept. He had to go and meet her.

Walking closer, he caught a glimpse of her shapely legs. She wore a pair of black heels with black stockings that had tiny rhinestones on them. Her legs looked strong. His eyes traveled up her legs to the hem of her skirt. She was dressed in an expensive business suit.

She had small hips and sported a nice set of tits from what he could see. When his eyes reached her face, she was staring at him. He walked next to her and ordered another drink. She turned and smiled up at him.

“Do you always undress a woman with your eyes? You were so obvious I thought your tongue was going to drop from your mouth.”

Jeff tried to recover some sense of control. “I’m sorry. It’s just that you are so obviously beautiful. I didn’t mean to show any disrespect.” She smiled at him as she sipped from her glass. Everything about her said, “class”.

“Are you trying to impress me young man?”

Jeff smiled. He had always been good at being able to win women over with his big smile and bright white teeth. “I don’t think many things would impress a woman of your obvious class. I was simply admiring the loveliest woman here.”

This time she laughed. Her laughter sounded almost musical. They exchanged greeting and introduced themselves. Her name was Nadine. At that moment, an elderly couple walked up and began to talk to the woman. Sensing that he was a bit out of his league, Jeff made a discrete exit.

He was sitting at one of the table having his third drink when she sat down next to him. “I get the feeling you would rather be somewhere else?”

Jeff smiled at her. “I was thinking that until you came and sat down. Now, I’d rather be no place other than here.”

This time when she laughed, she dropped her hand on his thigh. “I can think of a more comfortable place to be. Would you like to come to my place and join me for a drink?”

Jeff couldn’t believe his good fortune. “I’d love nothing more.”

She smiled and Jeff felt her squeeze his thigh. Her hand slid up and he was glad the tablecloth hung over the table the way it did. Her light touch was giving him a hardon.

“Why don’t you go and get your car. I’ll meet you at the gas station two miles down the road. No use in letting all these nosey people in our business.”

That suited him just fine. Considering that most of these people knew his wife, he didn’t want them seeing him leave with a woman. He said his good-byes and left. A few minutes later, sitting in the gas station, she drove up. She had a very expensive car and he whistled at what it must have cost.

She pulled up next to him. “Follow me. And pull your car into the garage with mine when we get there.”

Jeff couldn’t help but rub his dick as he followed her for the next 20 minutes. He could almost feel her soft lips wrapped around his dick. And he just knew her pussy would be hungry for a young dick like his.

When she turned into her development, Jeff was impressed. It was one of the few closed developments in the city. Arm guards patrolled the grounds and every house said “money”. She pulled up to a large house and the garage door opened. She drove in and he did also. The door slid shut.

Nadine exited her car and without a look back walked into the house. Jeff hurried to follow. They walked into a living room that cost more than his yearly salary. The carpet felt like you would sink into it if you stopped walking.

Nadine dropped her wrap on the floor and he grabbed it up. She sat in an armchair and pointed to the bar. Jeff poured them both a drink. He sat in the chair facing hers and they sipped their drinks in silence.

“How big is your dick?” Her question almost made him choke. He had never had a question directed at him so directly. He sputtered before he could answer.

“Uh, 8 inches. You sure don’t play around?”

Nadine smiled. “Sonny, at my age and with my money, I don’t have to. You wanted to fuck me the moment you saw me. I could ümraniye escort almost see your hardon from across the room. We’re not here to make small talk, are we?”

This was moving much too fast for him. Jeff had always been the one to take control of things. He took a sip from his drink as he looked at her over the rim of his glass.

“Do you like to eat pussy, Jeff? I need my pussy licked for a long time before I cum.”

She did it again. Jeff didn’t know how to answer her. He had never been with a woman who was so direct before. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I love to eat pussy. Does your pussy get very wet?”

Nadine smiled at his attempt to regain control of the situation. “Jeff, my boy, my pussy gets so wet you’ll have to swallow fast to keep up with me. And I will let you know now that I hate being disappointed. Stand up and let me see your dick.”

The hardon he had sported earlier had dwindled at her directness. Not only that, Jeff was starting to feel like just a piece of meat to her. “You sure don’t make a man feel sexy, do you?”

This time when she laughed it didn’t sound so musical to him. Then she set her glass down on the table. “Let me give you a fast lesson in rich bitches. I’ve got more money than I could spend in a few lifetimes. I don’t play around when I want something. I made up my mind at the table that I wanted you to fuck me. What I want I get. I can make it worth your while if that’s what you want?”

“I’m not some gigolo. I don’t fuck old women for money.”

Nadine looked up at him. “No Jeff, you’re not a gigolo, your Eleanor’s husband. She’s away on a business trip and you’re in my home about to pleasure my hot pussy.” Her words shocked him and it must have shown on his face. Nadine picked up her glass and sipped from it.

“What’s the matter Jeffie? Didn’t think I knew who you were? I know everything I need to know. Remember an older woman name Shelley? Well Shelley likes to talk when she drinks. I know all about how you fucked her silly. If you don’t want Eleanor to find out about Shelley or me, I’d suggest you show me your dick now.”

Tiny beads of sweat broke out on his face. Nadine sounded like the kind of woman who got her way regardless of who she had to hurt. And since she knew about Shelley, she could blackmail him to do anything. “So now you expect me to just do what you tell me to?”

Nadine stood up and walked over to him. Jeff had stood up and was facing her. “No Jeff, I don’t expect you to just do what I tell you to. I expect you to give my pussy a lot of pleasure. I expect you to let me take your 8 inches down my throat, in my cunt and maybe even up my ass. I expect you to lick my pussy until the cum runs from it like water.”

As she talked, her hands touched his zipper and slowly slid it downward. She reached her delicate hand in and he felt her cool fingers grasp his growing dick. She fished it out and slowly stroked it as she continued to look up into his face and talk to him.

“Admit it Jeff, you wanted to fuck me didn’t you? Did you think about how I would look down on my knees sucking this dick down my throat? Or maybe I would beg and cry as you stroked it deep in my pussy the way Shelley did?”

“How do you know so much about what I did with Shelley?” Nadine smiled at him. “I told you Jeff, I know all about you.” Nadine took a step back and looked down at his dick. Jeff was fully erect from her soft stroking. “Mmmm! You do have a nice dick.”

Without another word, she slipped to her knees and pulled the head of his dick in her mouth. Ordinarily, Jeff would have grabbed her by her head and pushed his dick in till she gagged. But he thought better about doing that with this woman.

Jeff looked down at her as she worked her lips back and forth over his shaft. Nadine made little whimpering sounds as she coated his dick with her hot saliva. Then she slipped her lips over his bloated dickhead. To his surprise, Nadine slid his entire dick down her throat. Jeff shuddered as he felt the tight ring of her throat muscles grab the head and squeeze. Then she pulled her head free.

Nadine lifted her hand up and Jeff helped her to her feet. Her lips were covered with both saliva and his pre-cum. She tilted her head to him. Knowing what she wanted, Jeff bent his head and his lips met hers.

As their tongues twisted against each other, Nadine pushed the big gob of his dick mixture into his mouth. Jeff sucked it in and then gave it back to her.

Nadine swallowed it and broke the kiss. “Well at least you’re not squeamish. Now come show me how much you like eating pussy.” Nadine walked toward her bedroom. As she walked, she began to shed her clothes. She let them drop to the rug as she walked. By the time she reached the big king-sized bed, she was naked.

Nadine turned around and Jeff saw her naked from the front. She had pear shaped tits that looked soft yet firm. A small tummy bulge and the hairiest cunt covering he had ever seen. pendik escort

“In this room, I am queen. You will do what I tell you and how I tell you to do it. I rule here, is that understood Jeff?”

He knew he couldn’t say no. All she had to do was tell Eleanor and he was finished. “Do I have to call you anything special, your Highness?”

Nadine’s face grew hard. “Don’t get smart with me boy!” The way she said it, he felt demeaned. And that was exactly what she wanted him to feel. “I don’t want a slave, Jeff. I just want a real good fuck. And I don’t mind telling you how I want it. Do you mind being told?” her voice had grown all sweet and syrupy.

Jeff shook his head no. Nadine smiled at him and pulled him to her. This time when she kissed him she unbuttoned his shirt. “Get naked!”

While Jeff took his clothes off, Nadine lay back on the bed and opened her legs wide. She slipped her finger in her cunt and slowly fucked herself. “Come and lick my pussy Jeff. Start right at the tiny piece of skin between my cunt and my asshole. Lick it good, and then work your way up toward my clit. Do it nice and slow.”

Jeff lay between her thighs. Pushing her legs up, Nadine’s pussy opened like the petals of a flower. The bright, ceiling lights shown down on the pink inner skin. Jeff pushed her legs up and back and soon had her totally exposed. Seeing the black round hole of her ass, Jeff could tell she was no anal virgin. It seemed to open all by itself!

Jeff brought his face closer to her cunt. She had a fresh smell, even though she had been in her dress for quite awhile. His tongue came out and he touched the tiny skin that separated her two holes. He licked it nice and slow.

“Oh Yes! Lick it just like that Jeff.”

Hesitant at first, Jeff soon let his lust take control. He did truly love to eat pussy. Before long, Nadine was twitching her tiny ass on the bed as his tongue teased her sensitive skin.

“Now Jeff, lick up into my pussy.”

Jeff used his thumbs to spread her pussy lips open. Her mass of black pussy hair was coarse on his lips and tongue. Like a dog, Jeff scooped his tongue and licked up into her slit.

Once, twice, three times he scooped out the collecting crème. Nadine was cooing and moaning as he licked. “You do know how to eat pussy. Now go back to the skin.” Jeff followed her directions and let his tongue slid back down to the tiny skin. “Oh shit! Don’t stop now. Lick it hard. Make me feel it.”

He pressed his mouth hard against her as his tongue rasped against her skin. Then he felt her pushing his head down. She wanted him to tongue her asshole. Jeff was no stranger to being freaky. He let the tip of his tongue begin to rim her asshole. Then pressing his thumbs into her skin, he pulled her cheeks open wider. Jeff jammed his tongue dead center into her asshole.

Caught up in his own passion, Jeff attacked her with his tongue. Stabbing his tongue in and out, he tongue fucked her ass with a passion. And before long Nadine was moaning out her first climax.

“Tongue fuck me Jeff. Harder! Shove it in deeper. Oh shit! It feels so good. I’m gonna cum Jeff. When I tell you cover my pussy with your mouth. Drink all my cum. Suck it from my pussy.”

Jeff was so into what he was doing, he barely heard her. But soon enough, Nadine was grabbing him by the ears and pulling him up. He covered her pussy with his lips and began to suck hard. He also pushed his middle finger up into Nadine’s asshole.

Jeff couldn’t believe the amount of thick creamy cum that flooded his mouth. Just like she had warned him, Jeff had to swallow hard and fast to keep up with her flow. Nadine locked her legs around his neck to hold him in place.

Jeff loved eating pussy and drinking cum too much to even want to stop. His tongue stabbed her open hole. Nadine bucked up against his fucking tongue. When she finally calmed down, she opened her legs and released Jeff’s head. He gulped in lung filling amounts of air.

“Damn Nadine. I’ve never had a woman cum like that. I couldn’t believe how much you made me swallow.” Nadine looked down at his cum covered face and smiled an exhausted smile.

“No man or woman ever made me cum like that! If I didn’t have good control, you would have been drinking a lot more when you shoved your finger up my ass. I sure hope your fat dick feels even better in there.”

Jeff’s dick was so hard it hurt. More than anything else, he wanted to shoot his load. But Jeff hadn’t forgotten that Nadine ran the show in her bedroom. “Get on the bed on your knees.”

Jeff assumed the position. He felt Nadine’s hands rubbing his ass. Then she was pulling his cheeks apart. Her hot breath was what he felt first. She was blowing hot air across his asshole. Then he jumped as he felt the tip of her tongue. Nadine reached around and began to stroke his hard dick. “Do you like fucking Shelley?” Her question caught him off guard.

“Uh, yea, she’s OK!”

Nadine bostancı escort stuck her tongue directly into his asshole and Jeff groaned. “Just Ok? Shelley told me you fucked her so hard she pissed down her leg as she came.” Jeff had to chuckle when he thought about it. When he fucked Shelly doggie style, she cried, screamed and pissed when she came.

“Don’t move!” suddenly, Jeff felt something hard being pushed into his ass. He shifted and twisted his ass to dislodge her probing finger. “I said don’t move damn it!” Nadine slapped Jeff across the ass hard.

Jeff whimpered as he felt Nadine pushing her finger in his ass. Then she began to slowly work it in and out. “What’s the matter Jeffie, never had a woman finger your ass the way you fuck and finger theirs? Well don’t worry! It gets better! Soon you will be begging me not to leave this sweet tight asshole.”

Jeff kept perfectly still as Nadine had her way. And to his surprise, he slowly began to feel the excitement from what she was doing to him. Jeff was soon rocking his hips moaning as he pushed back hard to bury her finger deep inside.

Nadine smiled, as she pulled her finger out and replaced it with her tongue. Jeff couldn’t help the loud moan that escaped his lips. He had never had a woman lick his asshole before. And what Nadine was doing was sending electricity thru his whole body. She soon had Jeff humping his ass.

Nadine was slowly working him to the point of no return. She would lick and tongue his asshole, then place her finger in and slowly fuck it deep and slow. Jeff knew that if he came with the intensity that was building in him, he would have a hard time getting hard again. And he knew that he did not want to disappoint this woman.

“Nadine! Please! I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop! I’m gonna cum so hard it will ruin it for both of us. Please stop?”

Nadine pulled her finger frm his ass. Then she gave it one final lick. But just as Jeff was about to try and relax, she shoved her tongue directly into his asshole. Jeff shook trying to control himself. No woman had ever treated him this way.

Nadine stood up and told him to stand also. She directed him to get her drink, as she positioned herself on the bed. Jeff came back and stood at the side of the bed. He looked down at this old woman as he watched her fingers slowly stroke her old pussy. But she had an old pussy that he now wanted more than anything.

Nadine looked up at him. She slid her finger deep in her dripping cunt, then pulled it out and held it up to him. “Suck it clean Jeffie!”

Jeff looked at the finger as she took the glass from his hands. The finger was covered with thick crème. But one look at her face let him know that she expected him to comply.

Jeff bent his head and slowly sucked the finger in his mouth. Nadine slowly fucked her finger in and out as Jeff sucked it clean. He felt her shift and her soft hands were slowly caressing his balls.

“So you say that Shelly is just OK? From the way she told me you had her crying and begging while you fucked her, I would say that you thought her pussy was better than just ok! And trust me, you have to fuck that slut good to have her peeing when she cums.”

Jeff looked surprised! How did she know what took place between him and shelly? Nadine saw the look on his face and began to laugh. “Poor Jeffie! Nadine knows more about him than he could imagine. I bet you thought that you would just come in here and fuck this old bitch silly? That you would leave me sated and thinking about the next time you would come by and fuck me with your young strong dick? Well little Jeffie, it don’t work like that with me! In my house! In my bed! I call the shots! You will fuck me like I tell you to. And you had better fuck me damn good!”

Nadine led Jeffie between her legs again. “Give me more of your delicious tongue. I want to be very wet when you slid that pole up my cunt.”

Jeff knew what was expected of him and he tried real hard not to disappoint her. Nadine was soon moaning and humping her pussy up off the bed. Just as he thought she was about to cum, she pushed his head from her soaked pussy.

“I could let you eat my pussy all night! And I bet you could do it! No wonder shelly raved so much about your bedroom skills. But now I want to feel that thick dick in my pussy. But you will fuck me exactly as I tell you. I’m too old to let some young stud run me or have me explaining to my doctor how my cunt got stretched. Start by giving me just the tip. Don’t go in any further until I say so.”

Jeff’s dick was rock hard. He climbed up on the old bitch and slipped the tip of his dick inside her. Nadine moaned at his entry. “Damn! I didn’t realize just how fat this dick was. I may not be able to take all of it. Ahhh! That’s if Jeffie! Just the tip! Tease my cunt! You like fucking old white bitches! Don’t you?”

Jeff could feel the muscles in her cunt squeezing the head of his dick. Nadine may have been old, but she sure knew how to use her pussy. She made shelly look like a teenager just learning how to fuck.

“Talk to me Jeffie! Tell me how you love to have white women drooling at the sight of your big strong black cock! Oh shit! You do know how to use that thing!”

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