Truck Stop

Big Tits

I lay in bed, alone, as usual. It was only ten p.m. on a Friday night, and I really wasn’t that tired. I wasn’t quite up to getting all dressed up and going out, so I threw on a pair of jeans, an old shirt and my sneakers, hopped in the car and headed for the truck stop for some coffee.

As I walked in, I noticed a sexy guy sitting alone at the counter. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans that hugged a perfect tight ass and a snug white t-shirt. I walked past him, and, getting a whiff of cologne I sat down in a booth near him. Lighting a cigarette, I tried to concentrate on the menu while stealing longing gazes at his back, and wishing I had thought to wear something a bit sexier than a flannel. The waitress came, I ordered coffee and some eggs and thought about moving to the counter to sit by him. Just as I was about to get up, he turned around and asked if he could join me.

“Please do” I answered nervously, gesturing to the seat across from me. His face was sexily scruffy, his eyes a warm brown that were making me wet already, and a mouth I could almost imagine kissing my nipples.

“Hi, I’m Kris. You from around here?” he asked, looking me with those beautiful eyes and a seductive smile.

“Yeah I live a few miles away. By the way I’m Amanda.”

“Pleased to meet you Amanda. I’m trying to find a place to stay tonight, the heater went out on my truck and I’m not looking forward to sleeping in this cold weather of yours by myself! I don’t suppose you could direct me to a cheap hotel or something?” Kris explained.

I wanted to say you can stay at my place AND you won’t have to sleep alone! The tight shirt outlined his hard chest and muscle-rippled stomach, and my mouth watered at the thought of running my hands across it. Instead I answered “Yeah, there’s a decent place down the road a few blocks that’s pretty reasonable,”

“Great, now if I could only take care of the sleeping alone part…” he whispered in a low voice.

I blushed and was about to reply when the waitress came with our food. Instead I smiled and started putting sugar in my coffee. Damn it I should have said something!

He and I chatted about boring stuff like the weather and where he was going while we ate, and the next thing I knew he put his feet up on my seat, and one right between my legs. The instant warm tingle down below gave me the courage to suggest he could stay at my place for free. The waitress raised an eyebrow at me as she gave us our checks. Rubbing his foot against my already drenched pussy through my jeans, he grabbed my check before I could respond.

With a mischievous grin, he winked and said “It’s the least I can do for you, and if this isn’t enough I’ll cook you breakfast in the morning. Shall we?”

I practically ran to my car and unlocked the door for him. Once on the road, my favorite song came on the radio. Without thinking, I started swaying and singing the words. I noticed that he was watching me closely and smiling. Feeling self conscious, I stopped singing and reddened in embarrassment.

“Don’t stop, you sex izle have a beautiful voice,”

“Thanks, but I should concentrate on driving,” I giggled, “I’ve got a lot on my mind as it is!”

“A lot on your mind? You mean stuff like this?” he asked and reached over and slid his hand down the front of my pants.

“Oh god yes” I sighed, trying to keep my car on the road as he lightly fingered my slit. I knew I couldn’t make it all the way home without ending up in a ditch, so I pulled into the next driveway.

“This must have been what was on your mind. God you’re so wet, I want to taste you all over. Is this your place already?”

“No, but it will do for now!”

I threw the car in park then leaned over to kiss him, one hand on his neck pulling him closer and the other frantically unbuttoning his jeans, feeling his hard cock straining against them. We kissed hard and passionately, our tongues entwined, exploring every inch of each other’s mouth. He pulled his hand free of my pants and quickly took of my shirt, then deftly unsnapped my bra, freeing my breasts.

He eagerly pulled me close and started to caress them, brushing his hands over my hard nipples before rubbing them between is fingers. Moaning loudly, I arched my back in pleasure, and finally freed his cock from his pants. It leapt from its prison, and I longed to have all 7 inches in my mouth.

I reached down and began stroking his erection, enjoying his moan of pleasure. Our breathing was fast and raspy, and he bent his head began kissing my breast.

“Stroke me harder,” he ordered, and as I complied he sighed “You have got the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen” then started sucking and nibbling on my nipple while undoing my pants.

His cock seemed to get thicker with every stroke; I couldn’t resist any longer. I wiggled out of my pants and pulled off my panties, and pulled down his pants enough to give me working room.

He immediately pulled his seat back, and I took one of his balls and sucked it into my mouth, twirling my tongue and savoring the slightly salty flavor. He ran his hands through my hair, and I began to lick his shaft, just the very tip of my tongue dancing in little circles on my way up. Kissing the head of his cock, I opened my mouth, tightly sealed it around it and sucked gently, sliding just the head in my mouth at first, then slowly inching my way down till I had all of him in my mouth and throat.

My tongue swirled and flicked his cock as I slid him in and out of my warm wet mouth, his hands gripped my hair, pulling it and bringing an involuntary moan from me. The scent and taste of him was driving me insane, I sucked him greedily while massaging his balls with one hand. I was so wet with desire I could smell my pussy. He freed his hands from my hair and pulled me over to his side of the car.

“Oh Amanda, I can’t wait to taste you any longer. You’re driving me insane…” I placed my hands on the floor of the car and continued sucking him off. He delicately licked my slit, I could feel his warm breath on my snatch, fransız porno his whiskers tickling my skin, and I moaned. He felt the vibration from my sighs and groaned; and raised his hips, shoving his thick cock in my mouth all the way to the balls. Driven crazy by lust, I sucked him in and out of my mouth at a frenzied pace, and when he suddenly closed his mouth over my clit I could feel my climax building instantly. Flicking his strong, wet tongue over and around my clit, sucking it gently into his mouth, my body began to tingle, and I ground my pussy into his face wildly, his thrusting becoming more fevered. We were both about to come, and the anticipation of tasting his sweet come drove me over the edge, screaming with his cock still in my mouth, my body quivering uncontrollably and spurting hot sweet come juice all over his face and chin.

He managed to gasp “Fuck you taste so good. Don’t stop. Your hot little mouth feels so good around my cock” and reached down and grabbed my hair again and forced me to suck him even faster and deeper than before. His breathing was harsh and fast, his hips thrusting up to meet every down stroke of my hungry mouth. With a loud groan, I felt his hot come shoot down my throat. I slurped his cock and swallowed every last drop, savoring the taste of his sweet jism, not slowing down until I felt the last of his sperm land on my tongue. Slowly swirling my tongue around him on last time to make sure I didn’t miss any of his tasty juice, I let him out of my mouth.

Climbing back into the driver’s side, I leaned over and softly kissed him on the lips. I quickly got most of my clothes back on, and just as I backed out of the driveway, a squad car pulled behind us with his blinker on, and turned into the drive we had just took our pleasure in.

With a grin, I said “Perfect timing”, and drove on to my house as he laughed and wiggled into his clothes. Watching him out of the corner of my eyes, I admired his rock hard chest and tight stomach, muscled legs and firm ass. Looking at him get dressed, I got turned on again and couldn’t wait to see if I could talk him out of his clothes again and keep me company in bed.

As we pulled into my driveway a few minutes later and got of the car we both stretched and looked at each other and grinned. I could see my desire reflected in his eyes as well. We walked into my house, and carelessly threw our shoes in a corner.

“Do you want the whole tour or are you too tired?” I asked teasingly.

“I think for now I just need to find the bedroom…although I doubt either of us will be finding sleep anytime soon,” he said, his eyes raking over my body, and reaching over he grabbed my ass and pulled me close, kissing me deeply. I could still taste my sweet juice on his lips, and still locked in his embrace we stumbled into my room. He picked me up, and set me gently on the bed.

“I want to take my time now, enjoy every inch of you”

“Mmmm sounds great”

I took off my shirt and slid out of my pants, and since my bra and panties teen porno got lost in my car I laid out on the bed naked. He smiled appreciatively, and told me to roll over.

Obeying, I rolled on my stomach and felt cold oil being poured on my back. I had left my massage oil out on my dresser, and I could see he was planning on making good use of it. The goose bumps that had popped up from the cold massage oil quickly disappeared as his warm hands ran up and down my back, kneading my sore spots and causing a wave of relaxation to spread over me. Next he massaged my feet, my calves and thighs. Kissing me behind my knees, I sighed and shivered, feeling his warm hands lightly brush my inner thighs.

Spreading my legs wider for easier access, he inched his fingers up, barely brushing my trimmed muff. He grabbed the oil again, and I felt cool oil trickle down my ass. Making sure his finger was well lubed; he slowly slid his finger into my ass, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure. I had never experienced anything anal, and the instant surge of wetness proved to me I would love it. Teasingly sliding his finger in and out, his free hand reached down and traced lazy circles over my already swollen clit with his thumb, and with two other fingers he penetrated my silky wet hole.

All this stimulation was too much for me, without warning I felt my pussy start to tingle and quiver. I screamed and my vagina clenched his fingers tightly and an orgasm hit me like an ocean wave, pouring all over my body, making my muscles spasm in pleasure.

“Kris… God…. That felt incredible” I gasped. He rolled me over and kissed me once on the lips, then delicately licked my ear, nibbling gently on my earlobe. Working his way down my neck, sucking and kissing me softly, he took a breast in his hand and massaged it while he suckled on my nipple. Moaning, I ran my hands through his soft dark hair.

“I never said I was finished Amanda,”

In one swift motion he plunged his rock hard cock into me, the thickness of it totally filling me up and stretching my pussy as far as it could go.

“Oh god you are so tight” he groaned and slowly slid in and out of my slick snatch, each thrust going deep and making me moan. We locked lips, panting and moaning together. Soon his kisses grew harder and more impassioned, I responded by raising my hips to meet his thrusts, our pace becoming faster.

“Fuck me harder Kris!” I screamed, raking my fingers across his back, my nails digging in deep. He thrust his hips wildly, driving his cock hard and deep, his balls slapping against me, and the sensation of an orgasm spread over my body yet again.

“Oh shit I’m coming!” he yelled, as I screamed the same.

My pussy clenched his throbbing cock and my juice poured all over him, and a second later he screamed my name and I felt his come shoot deep inside me.

He withdrew his cock from my still quivering cunt. Panting he collapsed on top of me, then rolled to my side.

“Amanda, you are so amazing…” he sighed, then threw his arm around me and snuggled against me.

I can’t remember saying anything, next thing I knew it was morning and he was still in bed with me, looking at me tenderly and caressing my hair.

“Last night was wonderful” he said with that sexy smile of his. “Want to go again?”

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