“I have organised a new lady for you next week. She can blow you while I watch. Would you like that?,” I tease as he is slowly fucking me with his thick, eight-inch cock.

On the appointed day Trish phoned early that morning and asked if she could bring her new protege along. “Half my age, twenty, very pretty and very talented. I think you might both enjoy Honey.”

“Okay, but remember our rules, no intercourse, oral sex only, but that leaves lots of options.

I had known Trish for some time through our business network, she is a few years older than me, and had confided with her a few times about the sexual liaisons my man and I participate in. Not to be outdone Trish confided in me about her similar sexual adventures and we had agreed that one day we should make it happen together.

When Trish and her protege arrived my man and I were both naked under our short, above the knee black silk dressing gowns, me with heels, sitting on a couch facing a wall length wall mirror: the sexual tension and expectations were a turn-on for both of us.

My man and I both took great interest in Trish’s protege when they entered.

Trish exudes sex appeal in spades for a forty-year old, confident, articulate with a trim taut body, shoulder-length bond hair wearing a knee length loose dress with killer heels to showcase her good legs.

Her protege was very pretty in a butchy way, blond hair, slim and tall dressed in flat shoes, a knee length light-weight coat, and a very confident smile – a butch lesbian I mused. Though I was looking forward to finding out just how talented her twenty-year protege might be.

“Sarah told me she wants to watch me blow you Roger as a mea culpa for her blowing a man who was hung like a horse. Though she did tell me you enjoyed watching and you really enjoyed that man blowing you at the same time.

“This should be very exciting, shall we get started?,” Trish asks as her protege stands behind her and slides down the zipper on her loose knee-length dress before she shrugs out of it as it drops to the floor leaving her stark naked apart from her heels.

“Wow,” Roger whispers as he takes in her very good taut naked body, as I do also. Neatly trimmed pubic hair, flat stomach and 34B tits with sexy nipples.

“Now let me undress my protege for you both, it should be a nice surprise for you both.”

We both watch closely as she undoes her protege’s coat and flashes it open for us, exposing a taut, muscled male torso, with a very erect and large cock. Completely shaved body with no body or pubic hair.

“Ben has had an erection all the way here while I told him about you two and what we might do today.”

“Impressive don’t you think? Do you like the way I shave all his pubic hair off? Now you can understand why I made him my protege. He is an absolute sex machine, did I tell you he can get it up five times a day?”

My plans for the day are now in disarray, instead of watching my man receive a blow job while I tongue kiss him, I want to provide one to Ben. Though I can have both I muse escort karataş bayan as I ask Ben to undo the belt on my gown for me as I stand legs apart and let my gown fall open to tease him and let it drop to the floor as Trish also ogles my body before I strut around in heels so Ben and Trish can look at my naked body and good ass.

“Like my naked body Ben? Do you want it?,” I tease in my element, the exhibitionist in me enjoying flaunting my naked body for a naked male and his older than me female partner, with my legs apart, hands on hips, as I compare his erection to my man’s – about the same size, eight-inches and thick.

“Now you Roger, Sarah has told me lots about you, stand up so I can undress you,” which he does as Trish helps him shrug his gown off and drop it to the floor. “Nice body, good ass and a large rock hard cock, I am going to enjoy you.”

My man leans back on the couch at a forty-five degree angle stroking his roaring erection with a fingertip as three people watch and I position myself so I can kneel on the couch and kiss him while he has his cock sucked by Trish. Ben and Trish can also look at my ass in that position.

“Watch and enjoy Ben,” Trish whispers as she kneels and licks and kisses my man’s cock before she takes it between her lips. As she does I commence tongue kissing him and he responds very eagerly.

“So good baby, so good,” he moans as he teases my cunt lips with a fingertip as I watch Trish working on his erection and comparing her technique.

“Now Honey, now, right now, fuck me while I am blowing a cock as big as yours while his lady watches. I promised you could do that one day, today is the day,” Trish moans to Ben.

I watch extremely turned on as Ben takes Trish’s ass cheeks in his hands and slowly slides the full length of his rock hard cock into her, with our eyes locked.

“Like watching that Sarah?”

It is always very exciting for me watching another couple fucking, especially an attractive couple. Ben is like a raging bull and he is obviously very excited to have me and my man watching him perform. A bonus is the lady he is fucking is blowing my man at the same time. Even better a twenty year old stud-sex machine is fucking a forty-year old woman to her great enjoyment – and mine.

I love a sexual challenge and intend to find out if Ben can get it up ‘five times in a day’ as Trish told me for my sexual pleasure a little later.

I have never known my man to orgasm so quickly as Trish masturbates him very noisily to get there while three people watch. Ben is rapt watching.

“Now you Sarah, change places. I want to lick your cunt while Ben is fucking me. Would you like that?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and had been fantasizing about Trish licking me while Ben was fucking her.

“Having my cunt licked by a woman while her twenty-year old stud is fucking her, half her age and around half my age is wonderful,” I tell them as we get into a rhythm and I watch Ben slowly easing the full length of his escort bayan karkamış cock into Trish.

“Can I have him later? I want to blow him. I love pleasing a younger man,” I tease as I hold Ben’s gaze.

“Yes, while your man is fucking you, I want to watch.”

“Sarah wants to blow you later Honey while her man fucks her. Would you like that?

Instead of answering Trish he increases the tempo of his fucking, all the while holding and keeping eye contact with me; the growling noise he is making is turning me as well as the noise as he slaps against Trish’s ass..

“Cum with me Sarah, you too Ben, now Honey, now. Do it for Sarah.”

A short time later Ben and my man return from the showers, both looking refreshed, though I note their cocks are flaccid.

Both have a bottle of oil in their hands and both commence smearing oil over each others’ chests to their obvious enjoyment with two naked women watching.

Even before they apply oil to each others’ cock neither of them is flaccid anymore.

“Love watching that Honey, love it, keep doing it,” Trish tells Ben as he runs a closed hand along Roger’s now erect cock. “Suck it for me Honey. Make Roger’s rock hard for me and Sarah. She wants to blow you while her man fucks her just like you fucked me while I blew him. And I will tongue kiss you while Sarah blows you.

“Like that Roger? Thought you would. How about you Sarah, like watching my protege sucking your man?”

“Yes I do, wonderful foreplay before I have him.”

“Do it then Sarah, now.”

Ben positions himself on the sofa, laying back at forty-five degrees teasing his very erect cock with a fingertip.

“Make it good Sarah, really good, I wanted this as soon as I saw your naked body,” Ben whispers as I lick and kiss his cock. I am very aware of my man watching and very turned on with an full-on erection.

The moment I take Ben’s cock between my lips my man grasps my ass cheeks and eases his rock hard erection into my very wet cunt.

I love sex with an audience and the challenge of blowing a bisexual twenty-year old while his bisexual partner watches while my man is fucking me is sexual heaven.

“Are you pleased I made you my protege Ben. Two experienced older and very sexy women giving you sexual pleasure in one afternoon. Do you like watching Sarah’s man fucking her with your erection in her mouth?” Trish asks sitting in a similar position on the couch to me previously as she tongue kisses Ben as he teases her cunt lips with a fingertip.

“I love watching a sexy couple fucking in a three-way,” Trish moans as she watches me apply my blow job technique to her protege. Lick, kiss, suck, blow, slide thumb and forefinger tip along his full length with the tip of his cock between my lips, then scratch his balls. Then repeat in reverse order.

“Enjoy Honey, I love watching, Sarah is very good, so is Roger.”

“I am going to cum, nearly there, watch me,” the two men are moaning as one before they stand up finish themselves kilis escort bayan off with a hand as Trish and I smile at each other, very pleased with our abilities and prowess.

In the afterglow as we wind down I decide to up the stakes with Ben and Trish for my pleasure.

“Trish told me you can get it up five times in a day Ben, two so far, make it three and you can watch me use my vibrator while you masturbate. I love watching a hung man masturbate for me while I use my vibrator. So does my man. Would you like to do that for me? Make it really good and I will squirt for you. Does Trish squirt for you.”

“Try and stop me Sarah,” he smiles, as he strokes his no longer flaccid cock.

“Sit on the stool so we can all watch,” I tell him as I open my legs wide.still with my heels on, with one foot on the floor and the other resting on a low stool.

Before I insert my vibrator I motion for Ben to come close to me, then turn it to full speed as I hold it lengthwise against his almost erect cock using two hands to his great delight as he becomes fully erect.

“Now watch me Ben, this is for all three of you, but you especially. I am using my heavy duty model now,” I moan as I enjoy teasing my clit with it, before inserting and sliding my vibrator into my eager cunt lips.

I had almost forgotten Trish and Roger were watching as Ben and I have eyes only for each other.

I can see he wants to pleasure himself slowly and that suits me as I watch him lube his very erect cock with two hands, then slide a tight-fitting chrome cock ring onto it, then tease the full length of it using just the tip of a thumb and forefinger.

As I glance sideways I can see Roger laying back on our couch at a forty-five degree angle with a full on erection (again) as Trish applies lube to it.

“I am very good at hand jobs, very good,” she tells him as she runs her two closed hands along his erection.

“Watching your protege masturbate while you are doing that is heaven, don’t stop. Harder, harder,” Roger whispers as he alternates watching Ben and two women

“I am enjoying watching Sarah use her vibrator while Ben is masturbating for her. You are a lucky man to have her on tap. She is a pleasure machine,” Trish tells Roger.

By now Ben is is masturbating very seriously with two hands and I can hear one hand slapping into his stomach. Both men are moaning and I keep having small orgasms on my vibrator while I hold back for a huge one when the men cum.

I am surprised to discover most of the groaning noise being made by three people as they near sexual relief is being made by me and my vibrator.

“Now, now, cum with me, I can’t hold out any longer,” I moan as I have a huge orgasm with two men and a woman watching.

I am so turned on I can’t control my squirting as the two men watch, obviously very turned on, and use different techniques to masturbate to orgasm. My man with more finesse, uses the tips of his fingers and thumb along the tip and ridge of his cock. Ben wraps a hand around his erection and with a few very hard strokes blows as I continue to squirt while I tease my clit with a fingertip.

“Just you and I Sarah, soon?,” Trish whispers on the way out as she kisses me passionately and I return her kisses.

“Why not, are you free this Thursday afternoon?,” I smile in anticipation.

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